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To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. We want your feedback! Click here. Subjects Fiction Romance. A prequel to the Succubus Diaries published by Pocket Books.

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How did Jackie Brighton get turned into a succubus? She can't remember — all she knows is that she woke up in a Dumpster. This short story tells the tale of that night, and sheds a little light on her masters' motivations Fiction Romance. More about Jill Myles. After martinis who counts? And then a stranger bites her at a dark alley and gets her purse.

And then she has sex with another stranger because the first stranger told her to do it. When the morning comes Jackie is bitten again and is left at a dumpster totally disoriented. Jackie seems like a sweet funny girl. And the biting stranger is intriguing. View all 7 comments. Jan 10, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: erotica , urban-fantasy. This is a prequel to the Succubus Diaries. Fourteen whole pages of prequel on the Kindle.

Jill Myles

Please note that I am giving this book a "4" for the great writing and I'm trying not to let my pissiness get in the way. I received this eBook from the author. My Take Myles is a very good writer, and I still feel gypped on this. It's only as long as a start into a chapter, but the amazing part is how much story Myles managed to tell in this extremely short book without actually giving anything away.

Ju This is a prequel to the Succubus Diaries. Just enough to hook ya. And I have to confess that as curious as I am as to what happens next, I'm too irritated to want to pursue it with the actual start, Gentlemen Prefer Succubi. I'm suspicious that Myles will throw me 28 pages for a full-length novel.

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Why would a docent expect to get a job as a museum coordinator? Am I totally ignorant of what docents do in a museum? Myles made good use of Jackie's drunkenness to set her up for whatever is coming next. It's also a good excuse as to why she doesn't tell us what's going on. The only way I know there's a succubus involved is through the series name. At least I'm assuming there's a succubus.

Maybe by chapter 3…? The Story All her dreams are smashed.

Book Review – Foreplay: A Succubus Diaries Prequel by Jill Myles

Two years of putting up with her boss, no raise, all in the hopes of snagging her dream job as the Museum Coordinator. Nine martinis later, Jackie is still feeling the pain until she meets up with that pretty flare of light in the alley. The Characters Jacqueline has worked as a docent at the museum for two years while she's worked on her bachelor's in art history.

She already has a masters in archeological studies. Julianna is her jerk of a boss. Noah is who the man in the alley takes her to meet. The Cover Damn, she looks cold on the cover, sitting all a'tilt in that office chair in someone's dark grey basement. A pair of black panties and high-heeled shoes are her only covering besides a fall of bright red hair.

Yup, it's Foreplay all right. And both Jackie and I got screwed even though I didn't pay anything for this eBook. View 1 comment. Oct 27, Tutti Dolci rated it liked it Shelves: owned-unread , series , kindle. I read Foreplay in a quick sitting while dinner was cooking, and have to say that it is a brilliant way to get people motivated into reading the series. And, unfortunately, I ended up forgetting about the sexy-as-all-get-out guys on the Succubus Diaries covers. Sorry Jill Myles! Well, forgotten no more. Foreplay just gave me a glimpse into what I've been missing and I'm totally ready to read the series - right now.

Oh, wait. Dinner's ready. Okay, okay I'll be reading it once I'm done checking the kids' homework and loading the dishwasher after dinner.

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Damn it, don't these people know that I've got a hot series that I need to get to readin'? Slightly confusing if you've never read this series before. If the word "succubus" hadn't been in the title I might've been completely lost. I'm going to assume the man that bit her was a vampire but I'm not certain because I'm not sure if he broke the skin.

Anyway, how a vampire bite makes one a succubus, I don't know. Seems rather silly to me. There'll be hundreds of succubi around in no time. If you haven't, then it's definetely the best place to start as it gives you a bit of background information on how Jackie managed to get herself turned into a succubus while being down on her luck.

Talk about having the worst day of your life? You get passed over for a job promotion, because of your looks basically, you try to drown your sorrows away in 2 martinis or 8. And then you are bitten by a vampire! And you manage to end up having hot amazing sex with a total sexy stranger But then somehow you find yourself in a dumpster, in an alley, and you're supposed to believe that you're now a succubus, who had sex with a fallen angel. As if! Oh the tough life of a succubus who doesn't know what the hell she is! This was a short, cute and very entertaining read.

You'll want to read more about Jackie and Noah ; View all 5 comments. May 30, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: books-i-own-kindle , read-in I've been wanting to try the Succubus Diaries series for a while now so when I saw this free prequel novella was available on the Kindle I jumped at the chance to read it. Although this is described as a prequel I didn't find it made much sense to me.

I suspect I'll like it more then because I'll understand it more Nov 02, Meigan rated it really liked it Shelves: demons , succubus-or-incubus , vampires , favorites-pnr-uf-series , novellas-short-stories-or-serials , humorous , urban-fantasy , kissing-books , angels , lendable-on-kindle. Gosh, I miss Jackie and her wayward bunch : This is the prequel for the first book of the series, Gentlemen Prefer Succubi.

While the story of how Jackie became changed is explained in the first book, this novella explains the whole story, complete with how she used to look before becoming the red haired bombshell she is now and of course how she ended up in the dumpster. Naturally, both Zane and Noah are in the novella since they were instrumental in turning Jackie into a succubus. View all 4 comments. Jul 05, Jeanny rated it really liked it. This series was recommended to me by Meigan. I decided to to dip my toe reading this short 16 page prequel to the series. View 2 comments.

Jul 19, Kym rated it it was ok. Decent buildup for the first book. We get to know what type of people we a dealing with, to a very small extent. Maybe reading the series won't be so bad. However, this little snippet doesn't give enough to allow me to judge my feelings on it.

There is no base, nothing to tell me what the story may be about. Oct 06, Sara Kate rated it liked it. Short and sweet. I'm curious now to start this series. Jun 03, Kelly Russell rated it liked it. Jun 05, Adael Sumner rated it liked it. Not a complete story Technically, the story is well written.

The Succu-Bundle – Stories in the Succubus Diaries World · Jill Myles · Könyv · Moly

This is more of an attention grabbing intro than anything remotely resembling a complete book. Another lovely free read for my NOOK App today, short novella prequel to Too short to really say much about this Novella which takes place prior to "Gentlemen Prefer Succubi" but it details the night Jackie Brighton is turned from a rather geeky, overly plump human female into a totally flamboyant and lusciously sexy femme fatale! Hot vampire Zane happens to be outside the bar where Jackie was busy getting smashed after being passed over for a longed for and much needed promotion at work Wh Another lovely free read for my NOOK App today, short novella prequel to Too short to really say much about this Novella which takes place prior to "Gentlemen Prefer Succubi" but it details the night Jackie Brighton is turned from a rather geeky, overly plump human female into a totally flamboyant and lusciously sexy femme fatale!

When he helps her to her feet after she drunkenly sprawls on the ground at his the die is set, he drinks her blood setting her afire with lust and then he takes her to another bar where he points her towards Noah. Jackie and Noah spend the day having very steamy sex and when she wakes up that evening she returns to the alley where she met Zane fully intending to pick up her purse from him Once again he drinks her blood and then as she passes out puts her in a trash Dumpster and closes the lid This prequel was both illuminating and at the same time in my mind raised more questions Foreplay , however, was not what I imagined.

I mean it was definitely a prequel. So we get to see Noah and…Zane! That made me very happy. So why am I not super satisfied with this short piece? She came off as self-righteous straight from the get-go. Not that I could breathe anyway — not when my life was ending. I forgot how much of a beyotch this succubus could be. As for the sex, I was expecting more from the first Jackie-Noah encounter.

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