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More of a con man story than a spy story. A natural follow-on to the preceding novel in this series. Despite the summarizing of its predecessor in this book, I'd recommend reading it if for no other reason than to savor its ending. And, as with that one, I'm hard pressed to figure how the series continues after this entry A terrific, if tragic sequel to the excellent first Charlie Muffin book. Feb 18, Bob Collins rated it really liked it.

Charlie and his wife are in hiding, but a desire to see his mentor's burial place puts Charlie back in the line of site for his former employers who haven't forgotten how he turned the tables on them as he left the service. It's Charlie against the intelligence community again. May 22, iain finlayson rated it really liked it Shelves: spy. Charlie M is on the run and his enemies believe they have got him cornered.

A great book and it leaves you wanting more Charlie Muffin is an amoral, intelligent, ruthless, and vindictive agent.

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He is not a man of action, and selects his causes. He is fascinating. This second novel is a direct sequel to Carlie M. It can be read independently, but is better appreciated if read sequentially.

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Nov 05, Diogenes rated it really liked it. More of the tragic and ironic saga of the gross incompetence and arrogance of the top officials of the British Secret Service and the CIA, all in an attempt to get even with Charlie Muffin. Things constantly go awry - with tragic consequences to all, including Charlie.

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Aug 05, Ted Biggs rated it really liked it. Glad to find a new series to read. Interesting with it's realism, no one is James Bond. Sometimes drags a little with close study of small intranet-departmental political maneuverings, but usually comes back to fit into the story. Thrilling stuff - of how one crafty man, even when cornered, can hit back when pushed too far Len rated it it was ok Apr 11, Joe Niedzielski rated it really liked it Feb 23, Tom rated it liked it May 27, Lou Kahle rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Gary L. Hill rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Sam rated it liked it Apr 07, Gego rated it it was amazing Nov 08, Melodius rated it really liked it May 22, Jim Kerns rated it really liked it Jul 12, Lesley Keech rated it liked it Dec 07, Mark Castrique rated it really liked it Apr 05, Ddracup rated it liked it Jun 11, Jeffrey Westhoff rated it really liked it Oct 21, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


About Brian Freemantle. Brian Freemantle. Brian Freemantle [b. His novels have sold over ten million copies worldwide. Born in Southampton, Freemantle entered his career as a journalist, and began writing espionage thrillers in the late s. Charlie M introduced the world to Charlie Muffin and won Freemantle international recognition—he would go on to publish fourteen titles in the series.

Freemantle has written dozens of other novels, including two featuring Sebastian Holmes, an illegitimate son of Sherlock Holmes, and the Cowley and Danilov series, about an American FBI agent and a Russian militia detective who work together to comabt organized crime in the post-Cold War world. I'm Charlie Muffin.

Which he was. Up until that moment I knew how Charlie Muffin thought and how he'd react and what he physically looked like. But I didn't have his facial features.

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Could it be jealousy? A lot of people have asked me over the years if I based Charlie on any of the real life spies whom I've encountered. The answer's no, although I've taken mannerisms and behavior from them. My wife, Maureen, insists that I'm Charlie Muffin and that the books are autobiographical.

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