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Related articles. La diferencia entre "to", "two" y "too". A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word e. He ran through the door. Voy a tu casa. Solo vine a saludar. Todos estos libros eran de mi abuelo.

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I'm really looking forward to the holidays estoy deseando que lleguen las vacaciones. Originally founded in as St. Also offered is an array of extracurricular activities, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, cross country, archery, gold, yearbook, and music. Notre Dame opened and staffed the school, with the pastor, Fr.

Vincent Wolf serving as superintendent. Students who attend Bishop Gorman Catholic School are challenged academically and are prepared for college and career training programs. For those in middle school, there is the opportunity to participate in academic competition through Private Schools Interscholastic Association PSIA ,.

Stacey Trasancos is a scientist, a theologian, an expert on the relationship of faith and reason, a staff apologist for Catholic Answers, a published author, teaching fellow at the St. Philip Institute, and now the head of the Bishop Gorman Online education program. We talked to her about her conversion to Catholicism and why she joined the teaching mission of the Diocese of Tyler.

Things got pretty bad for me. So I prayed for the first time in years. We were there with different companies but made a connection. That was really the beginning. We moved back here to be near my family, and coming home was a wonderful thing to be near my parents. When I was studying theology in school, we discussed the idea of ecumenism quite a bit. The definition of ecumenism is the promotion of unity among the Christian Churches of the world. Think of it this way: ecumenism is like my mom wanting all her children to be home for Christmas and to stop fighting, for the sake of unity in Christ.

I think that Mary probably feels like that with all of us fighting over religion here. On one hand, there is a natural affection between brothers and sisters in Christ who are in different denominations. You have to stand for the truth and articulate it. Enrolling Now for the school year! Call now for a tour and see what exciting things are in store for your child! We teach that whoever receives the Eucharist in a worthy manner is. Our hearts should burn within us, like the pilgrims on the way to Emmaus, as the Gospel of Luke tells us. After we receive.

Whoever receives Jesus Christ in. Messiah, they particularly ask about the manna. The goal should be going to Mass as a family, even if it takes some time to get there. The noise of babies crying and little ones squealing means that the Church is not dead!

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Even when our kids seem to be at their worst behavior, we still receive the graces for making the effort. We are planting the seed of faith in our children, and God will help it to grow. For those who do not have small children at Mass, please be merciful and affirming to the young families around you. I can tell you from personal experience getting. The Eucharist is the Source and Summit of our Catholic faith. If we really and truly believe that it. Yo estoy muy preocupado por lo que veo. Seremos juzgados por Jesucristo. Cuando recibimos el Cuerpo de Cristo, si lo recibimos en la mano, debemos ser extremadamente cuidadosos al asegurarnos.

No dude en pedirle a un sacerdote o diacono que le explique la forma apropiada para. Debemos agradecer a Dios por el regalo de su Hijo. El efecto de lo que simbolizan. Es por eso que el Catecismo continua diciendo,. Nos llena de gracia es decir, la vida de Dios y es una. Algo importante para aprender es que. Cuando entramos en la Misa, entramos al cielo. Esto es donde el cielo y la tierra se juntan. Citando el Concilio de Trento, el Catecismo. Es por eso que no necesariamente se necesita siempre confesar los pecados veniales. Usted debe. Como un ejemplo, si un hombre se come una manzana, toda la substancia es cambiada en otra.

Al leerlo, comprometa su mente y siga junto con las Escrituras. De esta manera usted puede practicar a amar a Dios con todo su ser. El pasaje es muy largo para. Juan Fue la primera fiesta autorizada por un papa para el uso universal. Canta lengua jubilosa el misterio del altar, de la sangre generosa y del cuerpo que es manjar. Los dio el Rey de las naciones para el mundo rescatar. En su lugar, significa decir sin pena lo que Jesucristo es, y lo que significa. Amar a alguien significa que hay cosas que nunca hare para ofender a esa persona.

Los maestros y personal de St. Para aquellos en la secundaria,. Ejemplos incluyen voluntarios en San Vicente de Paul, dando. Algunas veces. Una de mis paginas favoritas es. This means, however, that it is of the utmost importance that the Church teaches clearly, and that Catholics know and understand the truth. That is not always the case in this time and place.

The last several generations have endured an era of confusion in Church teaching. I endured it, and I see clearly how it has affected our Catholic life and culture. This era of confusion has not come upon us out of nowhere. There were. God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who know good and evil.

So she took some of its fruit and ate it; and she also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. These documents are good and faithful and expound Catholic truth, and if read honestly, confirm the historic Catholic Faith. So much of what was, basically, Catholic life was swept away in those days. No Catholic teaching on Faith or Morals was changed by the Second Vatican Council, but all of the untruths told about the Council added to the confusion. So many Catholics, caught up in the confusion, gave in to this temptation.

Even some priests and. Buckle up. This is liable to be a bumpy ride to heaven. At so many times in history, the Church has been. There was a clear sense that what I heard in my heart was no human voice, nor was it just an idea of my own. Christ was calling me to serve him as a priest.

Read Story. In this article, Bishop Strickland highlights the centrality of the Eucharist for the Catholic faith, and for all Catholics. He calls for us to "rekindle our amazement" at the Blessed Sacrament. Family conference ad With faith, I am looking forward to a new body at the resurrection. Strickland, Obispo de Tyler an interview with Dr.

And week after week, I am fed calms down as soon as they are given something with the precious Body and Blood of our Lord. This is true in our physical bodies and also in our T spiritual lives. O young son, I get weary and easily distracted from the task at hand. It is the same when I go too feels like and how they can solve it.

Read it, live it, and share it, so that we can bring Jesus to the ne of the biggest reasons that I was drawn hungry. I have gotten same, that we may all be fed by our Lord through his a basket of food from my local parish when body and blood, soul and divinity, in the Eucharist. As I write this, we are everyone to come and see the goodness of God. However, I think the word demand also has a place journeying through Lent, anticipating the passion, in our discourse in the Church. As Bishop, I demand death, and resurrection of the Lord at the Triduum.

This is vital for every one of us. Within In this special section of the Catholic East Texas a month of this issue being published, ordinary are several excellent resources to teach us and time begins again in the liturgical calendar, strengthen us to know exactly what the Church and we can all slip back into our routines. We also must live in such a way as to strengthen Church. We must ALL work to combat unbelief in our own lives, and to help others to come to out faith in the Real Presence. When Pope understanding of and belief in this great truth.

Sacrament Church's entire spiritual wealth: Christ himself, our passover and living bread. So, why are we not always amazed? I think we do not always live as if we are amazed. Our actions and choices must receiving communion at Mass? Hypocrisy is not refrain, and receive at every single Mass, is it compatible with Life in Christ.

Therefore, we because we are really faithful about avoiding must all strive, and strive hard, to make our serious sin and confessing our sins every lives match our belief in the Real Presence. In fact, to receive the Eucharist without first confessing the complaint: Few confession, but on any serious sins, is to add another serious sin.


Sacrament for only a blessing instead of the Eucharist. Am I more concerned with what sins frequently enough? We are required to other people think about me or my obedience confess at least once per year, just as we are to God? After we die, we will not be judged by required to receive Communion at least once other people.

We will be judged by Jesus Christ. A single tiny drop spilled from the chalice, in your life, abstain from receiving the Eucharist or a single crumb from a host, is still the Body and get to confession soon. If you live this way, and Blood of Christ and must be treated as such. Even the residue is consumed reverently, W and never just thrown away. So, when we work. The Eucharist does not work this way.

When we receive the Body, if we receive on the e live in a fast-paced world. We tend to eat our regular meals quickly, receive the Body and Blood, we must be aware that we are not to lose even a tiny part of it. We taken out of the world. We should, as individuals to this, and many people have not been trained and as a community, take the time and care to do this properly. However, this is a good and necessary to show proper respect to Jesus Christ, present in the Mass in so many ways.

Do not hesitate to ask a priest or deacon want rush. When receive Jesus tongue. If you are moved by your conscience to choose this option, learn how to do it correctly. We must think about what we are doing. We must ask ourselves: A s a priest who has given communion to tens of thousands of Catholics, I have How can I receive communion more reverently, given the options the Church offers me? Some of these Likewise, when we receive the Blood, we variations are not good.

They are not fitting should handle the chalice slowly and carefully, for receiving the amazing gift of the Body and taking great pains not to spill. If any of the Blood of the Son of God. This is a primary way precious Blood is spilled, there is a specific that we live out our faith in the Real Presence. We should always treat the elements of the Body or Blood of Jesus is still that Body or of the Eucharist with the utmost respect. S You health reasons. Sometimes, this causes people tabernacle, there is a red light or candle ometimes, the chalice of the Blood of Christ may not be available at a given can sometimes Mass.

This is often true during flu season, for In distress, and some people feel as if they are every and should to talk to Church which Catholic drop by Him. It remains lit whenever missing out on something vital in these cases. Jesus Christ is present in that tabernacle. That small, quiet light is a reminder that However, the Church teaches that whether Jesus it is the Body or the Blood, in fact, it is the whole of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity Christ is waiting there for you. Many of our parishes have Eucharistic Adoration of Jesus Christ. We should not worry if we on a schedule for people to come and pray in the receive only under one kind at Mass.

Either presence of Jesus Christ, and this is wonderful. I the Body or the Blood is the entire Jesus. Go back to our pew and stop by the Church and say hello to Jesus. Say a short prayer. Ask for help with some daydream? We should thank God for problem of the day. But, also, acknowledge the gift of His Son. We should spend time His presence there with you. We should ask in prayer and reflection about the Body and ourselves this question: When was the last Blood of Christ we just received. We should time I prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament be amazed at just how much God loves us.

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It is for this reason that many of our parishes give If we live our lives amazed at the great gift us some quiet time after communion. Our lives will become a With the Body and Blood of His Son within us, we can and should feel a special connection to witness, not just to others, but to ourselves. Use this time for prayer and thanksgiving. YES, you can see it in how we act and how we worship. If we believe that we have just received valuable, What can I do to personally re-kindle my and important, then we will give thanks. Still In teacher. Read it, highlight entrusted to the Church, by which it, divine life is dispensed to us.

The Catechism is an amazing work. It is scripture, the the the saints, official saturated centuries. It talk briefly can be a bit difficult to understand, so let me break it down: of Efficacious signs of grace: This means that the sacraments are throughout symbols of grace we receive. But can seem they are not merely symbols. My confirmation of courage and open it up, the something.

It was bountiful. It too thick for a young immature to summarize what the Catechism merely points to the company. The boy like myself to understand the has to say on the Holy Eucharist. They By which divine life is dispensed cross effect what they symbolize. This means that we get our strength to live as Christians from the CCC n The was introductory the Catechism teaches us that the Eucharist Eucharist, and the Eucharist is the high point of our lives.

Jesus initiation. Every time we receive instituted the Eucharist at his Holy Communion, we are more last supper, on the night before fully initiated into the Church. We he died. In every mass we recall participate with the whole church this fact. By uniting Testament symbols in his miracles, most especially us to Christ, it actually strengthens our faith in Him. Let us never be in that second group. P aragraph of Holy Mass: This refers to the whole liturgy in which the Catechism gives we receive the Eucharist.

Compare strengthens us as we are sent forth into the world. The Church cites a story in Genesis 14, where the The rest of this section details the specific order priest-king Melchizedek offers a sacrifice of bread of the Mass. One important take-away is that the and wine. In other parts of the Old Testament, liturgy is divided into two main parts: the Liturgy bread and wine are offered as a sign of thanksgiving of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

In to the God who created us. The Catechism teaches that the death the mass looked just like it looks to this day. In this sacrament, our own lives, our praises, Both of these parts form one single act of worship, sufferings, prayer, and work are united to those of according to the Catechism. Similarly, in Luke Christ. Our lives and works take on new and greater 35, Jesus explains scripture to his disciples, and then value in that they are united to the life of Christ. Rather, he brings the heaven with him. When the priest celebrates the Catechism, the Church teaches us Mass, even if he is alone, he is never alone.

The Holy that the Eucharist is three things: Trinity and all of heaven is there with him. At every n these paragraphs of Mass, the saints and angels are there worshiping Thanksgiving and praise to the with us. When we enter into the Mass, we enter Father into heaven. This is where heaven and earth meet. The sacrificial memorial of Since Jesus is God, he has the Divine nature. Since Christ and his Body he is fully man, he also has a body and soul. In the The presence of Christ by Eucharist, all those facets of him are present: Body, the power of his word and Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

That means that even though true God. Since it is truly his body it looks, feels, and tastes like normal bread, it is and blood, it also serves as a reminder not bread at all. It is Christ himself. Because of of his sacrifice on the cross. As a reminder, though. It reminds us of his sacrifice Catholics, we worship God alone.

We hold no other by actually making his sacrifice present here and gods or idols before him. The Catechism cites Hebrews , saying, saints! The Catechism cites St. The Catechism teaches that Holy W Communion separates us from sin. It also helps us to e are invited by Christ himself to come to love. Holy Communion helps us to love both God and communion Jn , and in order to respond neighbor better.

The Eucharist also binds us to one to this invitation, we must prepare ourselves. As I said receiving. If we have committed any mortal sin, we above, we receive all of heaven when we receive must not receive communion. Receiving is no surer pledge or clearer sign of this great communion while in a state of mortal sin is a sin! Paul explains this in 1 Corinthians When we Days of Obligation, but only requires us to receive once of the you The Eucharist is Christ himself. It is the living requires us to go to mass every Sunday and on Holy communion reading If eat it, we have eternal life and communion in the Easter Holy Trinity.

It is the heart and summit of the season. The celebration of this sacrament includes reading scripture, thanksgiving and praise of God, the consecration of bread and CCC wine, and communion. These different elements form one single act of worship. In reality, there Christ gives us in the Eucharist the pledge is of nothing with him more personal than receiving in our Holy relationship Communion! Participation in the Holy Sacrifice identifies us with his Heart, sustains our strength along the pilgrimage of In our natural lives, we eat food to stay alive.

It gives this life, makes us long for eternal life, and us life. The Eucharist does this for our spiritual lives. Just as natural food strengthens us to do things with our bodies, this spiritual food The Catechism is a fantastic source for the teachings of strengthens us to avoid sin.

It also wipes away any God and his Church. For us in the Diocese of Tyler, the venial sins from our souls. The Eucharist takes care to love God more deeply. Our lives depend on it! Christ is mysteriously present substantially in the person of an ordained priest, Eucharist during the Holy Sacrifice present in the in the Word of God proclaimed in of the Mass.

Only in the Eucharist is Jesus consecration, Catholics believe Christ present in the fullest sense. Christ sacramentally present in Christ is 15 really, the Eucharist. If only we had a visual to assist us, it a storm, multiplied a few loaves and a few fish to feed would look something like a lightning bolt striking thousands, and rose from the dead, could without a the host of bread and chalice of wine at the words doubt exercise that same divine power to work through of consecration changing them immediately into the priest to transform bread and wine into the the body and blood, soul and divinity, of our Lord Eucharist.

That Christ could do this is unassailable. Jesus Christ. But God asks more of us than that: He But how does it happen? As St. Christ by the power of God makes use of are from God. Iudae 1, 6. The the real presence. Ambrose, De Mysteriorum Christ transformation. Moreover, says St. Thomas, even though the cause the bread and wine to change into the body and substance of bread and wine is converted into blood of Christ. By the thirteenth presence. In the thirteenth century, for example, St.

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  • Christ in the Eucharist. This is the most common view Thomas Aquinas in his theological masterpiece, the most Protestants have today. It is false with respect to Summa theologiae, offered a classic formulation the Eucharist, but it is actually true for them in their of the doctrine of transubstantiation in terms of own worship services since they do not have validly the Aristotelian categories of being: substance and ordained priests who can consecrate the Eucharist.

    According to St. A dog, for example, is essentially Because Christ our Redeemer said that it was the same thing, whether it is brown or black, small truly his body that he was offering under or large, standing or sitting. The dog exists in its own the species of bread, there has always been right and does not exist in something else.

    Color, size, weight, shape, and of the body of Christ our Lord, and of the position are all accidental categories of being found whole substance of the wine into the substance in substances. XIII, cap. Substance and accidents go together. Every dog, for instance, wine remains Sess. XIII, can. Moreover, Trent has some color, size, shape, place, etc. XIII, shape. The substance then is manifested to us can. The Council of Trent adopts St. In an accidental change, the teaching summarizes the constant faith of the Church substance remains unchanged but there is a change in the doctrine of transubstantiation CCC It changes into red-colored skin without there being should first be noted that reality can be divided any kind of substantial change in the man himself.

    With a substantial change, Catholics believe in this miraculous conversion of because all the accidents inhere in the substance, bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ by when the substance changes so do the accidents. This is a supernatural mystery beyond what shape, taste, and texture also change, on account our reason could grasp on its own, but it is not opposed of the change of the substance in which they inhere.

    But, this is not the case believe that the whole Christ is fully present in both with the utterly unique case of transubstantiation. This The doctrine of transubstantiation teaches that at can be explained by the closely related doctrine of the consecration the whole substance of the bread concomitance. Christ is one indivisible being, so that is changed into the substance of the body of Christ, when the bread is converted into his body, the rest and the whole substance of the wine is changed into of his being follows including his blood, soul, and the substance of the blood of Christ, but that the divinity, so that the whole Christ becomes present.

    The consecration changes the rest of his being follows, including his body, soul, only the substance, but our senses still perceive the accidents of bread and wine. What this means is that and divinity. While transubstantiation only refers to the Eucharist still appears to our senses as bread and the change of the bread into the body of Christ and the wine, even though by faith we believe it is the body and wine into the blood of Christ, concomitance rounds blood of Christ.

    Since the accidents of bread remain, out our understanding by showing how the rest of the Eucharistic body of Christ still appears to be white, Christ follows, so that the whole Christ is really, truly, round, and thin, and it tastes like bread. As you read, engage your mind and follow along with Scripture.

    In this way, you can practice loving God with your whole mind. In this article, paramount for our understanding it. Is it merely a filled with the W I used to teach at my home teenagers Bible and follow along as you read. The following happened a symbol? In John , we find John telling them that he himself is the true I shall give for the life of the the story of the multiplication bread from heaven Jn In John fed by Christ, the bread of life. The Old Testament teaches that only God can When the Jews doubt his heavenly origin in verses , Jesus responds by saying that they must At this point, Jesus changes his rhetoric.

    Belief is now required to comprehend the rest of his sermon. They cite the story in the wilderness, and they died. I am New Testament. He repeats this They were Jesus the living bread which came teaching five times back to back in will give them another miracle down from heaven; if any one just a few verses. Jesus is telling us and perhaps some more free eats of this bread, he will live that this is an important teaching.

    Jesus allows them to leave, and then turns to his word change indicates that he is no longer speaking in closest disciples and asks if they were going to leave as metaphor. We have to really eat his flesh. Peter responds, not by saying that he understands the teaching, since it is mysterious and controversial, In verses , Jesus then clarifies that it will be but that he believes because of who Jesus is.

    Through For the next year, Jesus had far fewer followers, the power of the Spirit, we can eat his crucified, and perhaps the few he retained were more than a resurrected, and little confused. Exactly one year after this sermon, entirely without him having to die again. It was on the night before he died.

    Instead, he lives in us. They all contain the same thanksgiving. It was usually offered as a preemptive basic story: Jesus identified unleavened bread and thanks to God for bringing the person out of some kind a chalice of wine as his body and blood. Scripture is of trouble. The only other place in the Bible it is a thanksgiving meal. The Miracle of the Multiplication Matthew Mark Then he ordered the crowds to sit down on the grass; and taking the five loaves and the two fish he looked up to heaven, and blessed, and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds.

    The Eucharist. That is obvious multiplied. So what makes these two similar? In ; Mark ; Luke In Passover the meals, the Jews would ritually drink four cups of multiplication, Jesus multiplies only a few loaves to feed thousands. Then on the cross, we find in what the food is! This is no metaphor. This is a great miracle! We remember Jesus on the Cross! Jesus instituted it on the night before he died as a new kind Jesus is pointing us to a story from Exodus 24, where of Passover for Christians. It is the one sacrifice of Moses establishes a covenant between God and the Jesus on the cross.

    Jesus is not killed over and over Israelites. Moses splashes blood on the altar the altar again on our altars. The once and for all sacrifice of symbolizes God and on the people of Israel, which the cross is made present, really present, through the indicates that they share a blood bond. God and Israel power of the Holy Spirit on our altars at every Mass. It have become one family. This is what a covenant is: is the miraculous meal which is shared intimately by establishing family bonds between two parties who are not biologically related.

    Two examples family. As Moses splashes the blood, he meal. God and the Israelites then share an meal intimate just heavenly after this covenant ceremony Exodus Jesus is mystically but truly and literally present on our altars, in our and in us when we receive the establishes where God and his The people Christians this family sharing blood by and a meal communion.

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    The Eucharist is the source of the Christian life: it is disciples the great gift of his real presence. It is This is how he remains with us even after also the summit, or the highest point of he ascended into heaven Matt This our lives. It is the place where heaven and is his solution to the confusion at the end earth meet, where God and man meet, when of John 6. Finally, Jesus tells his apostles to man and God sit at table for the family meal. One of the most famous theologians of the of the first years of Christianity was Augustine of Hippo, who wrote: AD AD In the early 20th century, Pope Pius X delivered a series of teachings encouraging frequent and even daily communion for those in a state of grace: St.

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    • The sales proceeds appreciated real estate, stocks, mutual funds and are then reinvested for a higher rate of return, other assets. These forms of assets have created great providing wealth, on paper, for many individuals. However, You receive a tax-saving charitable income tax many people are not tangibly benefiting from their deduction, which will also produce additional cash appreciated investments since they may be receiving flow.

      This is because our organization benefits relatively little income from their holdings. Often later on from the remaining trust value after all times, people are interested in selling their appreciated payments have been made to the beneficiaries. However, for parents a solution to this problem while simultaneously who are concerned about their children misspending generating charitable gifts for Catholic nonprofits. The CRT has become way to pass on an inheritance to their heirs. This is very are because statistics show that when a child receives concerned about protecting the large gains they a lump-sum inheritance, the inheritance is often have made in this volatile stock market.

      Against entirely gone within one 1 year. With a CRT, you this unsettled backdrop of a roller-coaster stock can designate a child or other heir as the income market, many investors are becoming interested beneficiary and provide them a secure lifetime income in financial strategies that can insulate them from instead of a lump-sum to possibly be squandered.

      A CRT can be an Because of the CRT's importance as an effective excellent strategy to help Catholics protect their planning strategy, Catholics should become familiar investment gains and generate increased cash flow with situations where a CRT can work. CRT's work well during their lifetimes. With all of these benefits, it is for a person who: 1 is 55 or older, 2 has an appreciated no wonder that many Catholics feel that the CRT is one asset like a rental property, stock or other investment of the best ways to advance their personal financial goals while also supporting Catholic which they would like to sell, 3 is interested in charities.

      You donate an appreciated their income tax and estate tax, and 5 is interested asset into a charitable remainder trust. Since the in making a planned gift to a Catholic nonprofit trust is tax-exempt, it can sell the asset tax-free using funds that may otherwise be lost to taxes. The more we know about in the Diocese of Tyler the most concise mission statement he the physical universe, the more we can love its creator. The could possibly write.

      ‎Como vivir y comprender la eucaristía on Apple Books

      The cycle of knowing and loving continues infinitely. For this reason, no one would If we know, but we do not love, we are a clanging symbol according argue that proselytizing, deprecating, or trivializing others who to St. To love someone means that there are things I will are not in full communion with our faith is a part of this definition. Rather, it means to say without shame who Jesus Christ is and never do to offend that person.

      If we do not know someone, how can we love them? For students, the bulk of any day at school consists of time do we receive the divine assistance necessary to love Jesus spent getting to know Jesus Christ through the classes they take, and through a virtuous life. Of course, in the Holy Eucharist we for this reason our schools must always be academically excellent.