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Periodically new content will be made available and can be delivered to your mobile device for an ongoing learning experience. The reason why my church got so involved is because prop 8 was a moral issue. We push for anything that betters the community morally. But what we do not get involved in is political parties. The reason why we are against gay marriage and gay acts in general is because we believe that marriage is a very sacred covenant towards god and the between the spouses.

And should only be done between a man and a woman. We also believe in a pre-mortal life and when were spirits we had a gender already with us. Thus a man acting like woman or woman acting like man is wrong and is a mockery to god. I cannot over state how sacred marriage is to our religion. We do not hate gays we hate the sin not the person. For more information try this website. This would be true if the organization itself wanted to be identified as unique entity. Yes they are like a Chameleon changing colors based upon who they are talking to.

If The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints please note the real name of the Mormon Church were to present itself as Christian, and not actually be Christian, how many converts do you think would stay in the Church, after finding out they were duped into thinking the Church is Christian? I am a convert of many years, and I can guarantee any and all that this church is a Christian Church. If it were not, I simply would not be a member.

Yes, you should absolutely talk to ex-catholics and ex-baptists. Your distorted representation of the faith I believe appears designed to discount the merits of the individual without considering their actual position on a given issue. You should know better. On this basis, honest people from any political persuasion should be anxious to see a Mormon candidate from their party elected.

10 Charity Quotes From the Book of Mormon

Mormons are absolutely Christians. A Christian, by definition, is someone who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ, believes that Christ is their Savior and the Redeemer of mankind. They stand with conviction to declare the Jesus is the Christ and give a lot of attention to spreading His gospel throughout the world.

Furthermore, they provide humanitarian efforts throughout the world that are unparalleled by other large service organizations and non-profits. Service is a central concept of the Mormon belief system that stems from Christs teachings. The church does nothing to hurt humanity or individuals. In other words, I am a Mormon.

I have learned many things about Jesus Christ while attending meetings there, and one day after partaking the emblems of the Sacrament I wrote the following. I hope you like it, and that you and all others who read this will realize that Mormons are indeed Christians. Sacred are the things of Christ; so great the price he paid. Reverently I ponder how his life he freely gave.

I promise to remember him; my Savior ever more. Sacred are the things of Christ; I eat the broken bread. I recall his body bruised; to the cross how he was led. I promise to forsake my sins; I plead forgiveness now. I feel my burdens lift from me; I make this holy vow.

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Sacred are the things of Christ; I take and drink the cup. In Gethsemane he bled; On the cross they raised him up. He is my Covenant Father now; Oh, praise his saving grace. Justin, the Bible calls Jesus the Son of God. The Bible also says that all humans are children of God, and therefore heirs and jonit heirs with Christ.

That makes Jesus and all humans brothers and sisters, unless you want to add or take away from the words of the Bible. Furthermore, many of the early Christian fathers wrote that God became man to teach man how to become god. You are right that most western Christian sects do not believe these things. I understand that as LDS you want to take pieces of scripture and twist them to fit Josephs theology. This is not Christian theology at all and is not a correct understanding of the passage if you study it.

Romans is Paul telling the Jews they were not part of gods new order John They had not been born again with regenerated eyes. To be part of this family you have to be in Christ, associated and identified with even His sufferings that you may share in His glory. We are joint heirs if we are born again. We will inherit the kingdom of heaven. I do not respond to belittle you. In fact I have a great amount of love for you and I want you to find freedom in a world without legalism. Don take my word for it. I will name a few of your own. You also mention that many of the early christian fathers wrote that god became a man to teach… You are correct it was called Arianism and it was abolished and swept off the face off the earth because it was a heresy.

Last, you are telling me that god almighty could not preserve the words of his prophets and Jesus so he had to have a court documented occult treasure hunter lead a restoration that still has only 10 million members 4 million active. Please study and research your faith and its history. The Joseph Smith quote about God once being like us and we having the potential to become like him is being misused.

God is perfected in his attributes and character. Jesus asks his disciples to be perfect like God is. Thus through Grace, we too will become perfect. Romans The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: 17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

Ok Ken, so you listed a bunch of weird things Mormons believe. He hates when I do that stuff! Compare these standard mainstream Christian beliefs with any of the alleged Mormon beliefs on the list provided by Ken Dahl. Romney and Mormons want to be considered Christian to gain the right wing Christian vote. They cannot do that if they are show for what they really are which is no different than the branch dividiens.

Justin, you have missed the entire point.

Scripture Study

You are not a Christian. You do not live the Christian gospel. You repeat something you heard your two-bit pastor say. Thomas you may be right. I may not be a christian in your eyes. I am a Jesus follower and Jesus called a viper a viper. I also might add that we are commanded to defend the faith.

I have no anger with you or any other but will defend the faith. I am not sure what a two-bit pastor is, but please study the Bible and research any faith that takes away from the bible and you will see that they just dont hold any weight. The apostle Paul understood the importance of apologetics in his ministry to the Gentiles. Paul was not only ready to preach the gospel, but he was ready to defend the gospel as well Phil.

In this context, Paul is in effect saying that he is ready to stand up for the true gospel amid some who were preaching Christ with selfish, insincere motives. Like Paul, it is incumbent on us as Christians to be ready, willing, and able to defend the true gospel of Christ albeit many have embraced a distorted gospel of Christ that cannot save Gal. If you believe in Buddha, you are a Buddhist.

If you believe in Vishnu, you are a Hindu. If you believe in the prophet Mohammed, you are a Muslim. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you are a Christian. Harry Reed is a Mormon. Should he be allowed to continue as Senate President? Does his religion allow him to think for himself. He is a Mormon. Shame on him…….

This is ridiculous. Nice red herring to keep bringing up….. What is at mormon. But what you are talking about is extremely sacred and you are ruining how sacred such things are but I will address them. Garden of Eden in Independence, Missouri Independence, Missouri is probably the least understood topics in my church. Prophets have even said that it is one of the least understood topics. Right here are some very deep stuff that most members do not understand. Temple complex at Independence Missouri: All god has done he has just specified place.

Adam Ondi Ahmin is place that is kept ready at all times the missionaries that maintain this huge amounts of acreage report directly to the prophet. Polygamy: Here is the short answer. Long answer Your sealed to your first wife when she dies and you fall in love and get remarried and you die.

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According to what you believe to be right the man would have to choose between to do. If that happened to me I would have a hard time choosing because I would probably love them both. But we do not pratice it on the earth today. Blacks being cursed: No we do not believe that either.

I do not know why blacks did not get the priesthood and other prophets before blacks got the priesthood did not understand either. It is just like in the bible with Jews being taught first then the gentiles. We do not know why the gentiles did not get the gospel only that they could not get the gospel.

In fact Mormons when we were getting kicked out one of the main reason why we kicked out of Missouri was because we would unbalance the vote and support and abolitionist. We respect Native Americans to one of the earliest missions of the church was mission to the Native Americans and to this day they are still able to receive the priesthood as long as they live worthy for it.

I mean what boy would lie about what at the time sounded absurd. I mean if he wanted more followers he could have told them that the trinity showed up. Why would a man die for a lie? Why would a man lead his pepole through some of the most horrible trials for a lie? Why would a man suffer such adversity for a lie?

A liar would realize it is not worth the trouble and try to worm himself out of the situation. But Joseph Smith stood tall and took on the adversities he was given. One time some men burst into his room took him from his wife and children. Left the door open and killed one of his babies through exposure. He had hot tar painted all over him and feathers on him to further humiliate him. They also attempted to poison him when they tried to stuff it in his mouth he clenched his teeth and they broke the vial but no poison made it into his system. When he walked in his house his wife tried to remove the tar.

But tar when it cools does not easily come off so while it came off it took painful chunks of flesh off of him. When morning came he walked outside and preached of Jesus recognizing the men who did this act to him in the audience. A liar would not do that. A liar would not have walked out and preached knowing he and his family would suffer. How could a man who barely knew how to form a sentence let alone a book produce a book that has way more writing styles than any book ever written?

How could a man who could only write his name write a book that added more words to the English language than Shakespeare. How could a man who had the education of a 5th grader write a dual history of two distinct cultures that the world did not even know about. I mean if it is fake it is some pretty darn elaborate fiction way beyond the capacity of a 5th grader.

How could a man who was alive at the time that medical science was so primitive that no one knew about germs and if you washed your hands after every patient you would be able to double their chances of living. Reveal a lifestyle which is now the suggested lifestyle by modern science. This man was not delusional or liar because a liar would have gave in a long time ago. All that we know is in the pearl of great price. It is like the Quantum physics and very advanced science except this is religous quantum physics. The Masonic handshake is a very sacred part of the Endowment.

The Endowment is to give pepole knowledge of the past i. The present Gods plan for us. The future Second coming. This stuff is so sacred that we do not mention this stuff outside the temple. It is not secret we urge every member to live worthy to receive a temple recommend and pull out their endowments. And as God is Man will become. I mean does a lion cub turn into a zebra no it becomes into an adult lion.

The Three Nephites were taken up because God wanted an apostasy for his children. Latter God decided it was time for prophets so thus came Joseph Smith. Either you are an ex-member who is trying to be Korihor like and trying to bring down the church if you are one of these people. Keep this quote in mind this quote. The Lord Almighty so orders it. Also keep in mind that it is never to late to come back and any ward would welcome you back like family. If you showed up in my ward me and my ward would. If your a person who does not fully understand what your talking about or you do not know where to find the truth and you keep on running into hateful ex Mormon sites.

Try Mormon. Jonathan, I suspect you will one day better understand your religion. Many of your comments hold errors. For starters Joseph Smith, in his own words, says he was 16 years old when this supposed visitation occurred. Mormons were breaking the law, not honoring their agreement with the state and harboring fugitives. That is why they were expelled from Missouri.

The Mormon church has put lipstick on a pig with their sanitized and rewritten history. Just know. Some are good and true.

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Some, however, are evil and filled with lies. There are quite a few people who think that to get both sides of the story they should go to Exmormon sites. Heck even some of the things are hidden in lies. The Mountain Meadow Massacre. Everyone knows about this. One it was not organized by the top leadership and two not everyone was killed or so to say brutally murdered. It was actually caused by this said group passing through one of the Mormon towns in Utah.

They were so pissed with the mormons that they said when they made it to California they would bring back an army to make them trade and stuff like that. They spared them and eventually returned them to their families. This is just one of many examples I can choose from.

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And even though this is actually the true account of what happened I bet there will still be people who see this and will disagree with me. But if you are a religious person who writes the evil lies on this and other articles I only have one thing to say for you. For every time you do you get that much closer to sring Satan rather then Jesus. As Ken Dahl noted in his comments, traditionally, Mormons excluded Black people because they were considered descendants of Ham and cursed with dark skin.

In more recent times, Mormons, perhaps to increase their membership, began reaching out and recruiting Black people. Most African Americans remain uncomfortable with this history. I thought the article was very good and a significant contribution even though this concern was omitted. Going to exmormon. Is this depiction fair?

Please stop calling us Mormons, says leader of church | World news | The Guardian

I gave some accurate info but that a lot of misleading info as well. The mix in false ino with some truth and those without knowledge of true LDS doctrine and practice are deceived. They lie in wait to deceive Eph. I like your post Ken. I see where everyone is coming from who has replied to your post. So now I am going to give my opinion. I do not vote for a politician based on their religion preference, I vote for what they stand for in helping this country.

I do not like Obama, never have and never will. I think this man has led America in to the depths of hell and if he is re-elected will just continue that journey. I feel he is the better candidate for presidency. We have had Christian presidents in our history and I am pretty sure not every American voting for them were thrilled about that, but they probably voted for that person because of the stand that person took for America; and that is what is important. I wish people would quit focusing on a candidates religion and the negative media the opposite candidate puts out there on them.

I want to know what a candidate is going to do to help this country, especially now. Read and Learn what The Mormon religion is all about! Before you all making any remarks about it…. Thank you for this remarkably perceptive analysis. The basis for prejudice against Mormons is ignorance. Most people regard the Mormons as a blank slate on which they project their favorite fears about religious minorities.

Liberals think that any dedicated religioys believers are mindless robots. Conservative Evangelicals think Mormons are faux Christians conducting a vast conspiracy to drag real Christians to hell. Neither group gives Mormons credit for individual intelligence or moral reflection, and assume Mormon animosity toward themselves. The fact that Mormons are a bit betterneducated than average, that they are overrepresented in academia, that Mormons with more education tend to be even more loyal to their religion, that Mormons have a more positive view toward people of other faiths—that is, are less religioysly prejudiced—than any other denomination, are simple facts of which their critics are totally ignorant.

The criticsnat both extremes of the religioys spectrum only know one or two things about Mormons, and then extrapolate an entire bogeyman out of that. The most severe anti-Mormons at both ends are willing to invest vast amounts of time and rhetoric attacking Mormonism, but very little actually learning how Mormons themselves think. Their shared rationale is, this one thing I know about Mormons is so hateful to me, I do not want to waste any of my time gaining a sympathetic understanding of them.

And the bottom line at both extremes is the determination to obliterate Mormons and their beliefs from society, to deny them the opportunity to participate in discussions about religion or public polucy in any forum controlled by the critics, and thus create a vicioys circle of prejudice reinforcing ignorance, which feeds prejudice.

I know very little about Mormonism but if people are discussing their beliefs and practices and how they have or have not evolved over time we would be remiss not to mention one of their recent practices that has lately emerged, namely that the Mormons have been obtaining lists of deceased Jews and posthumously baptising them. Specifically, the practice has been discouraged, condemned, and can even lead to negative consequences for the members involved. Church officials also said the church would remove the names of Holocaust victims placed on the lists before Michel evidence that the Mormon lists still included the names of at least 20, Jews, many of them Holocaust victims and prominent figures like the philosopher Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel.

Radkey also provided Mr. Michel with evidence that many of these Jews had been baptized after the agreement. But Mormon officials say they remain in full compliance with the agreement. Ken, this is the first thing I thought of after reading this article. Regardless of the official policy, it seems to have still gone on after the agreement. Seems like Ken did check his facts Carl. In terms of history and religion, 17 years ago would still be recent. Are we supposed to discount an event just because it happened 15, 20, or 50 years ago? It still reflects on the organization. Todd Christofferson, a church official involved with the negotiations.

The church removed the names of Holocaust victims listed before and continues to instruct its members to avoid baptizing Jews who are not directly related to living Mormons or whose immediate family has not given written consent, Mr. Christofferson said. And the official response to Mr. There appears to be some disagreement on the interpretation of the agreement between the Mormons and the Jews. Perhaps an additional agreement is needed to clarify.

One thing, however, is clear. The church does not condone such actions and can and does revoke database rights from those who violate the policies. Should the church do more to prevent it? Probably yes. There could be some form of filter that detects prohibitted names and at a minimum flags them for review before they are allowed to proceed. Is the church obligated to do such? There is no honest way I could say yes or no, but it appears to me that the answer is no. A clarifying agreement would be needed to make it certain one way or the other.

As a member, I would not be against the idea of a filter like I described. Did they check to make sure there was or was not consent from the those who have decended from them? If there was relational consent, then they were in agreement…. OMG, maybe some day thay will baptise Baptists as well…. Oh yeah, they already are. The Mormon practice of proxy ordinances for deceased individuals is keeping with their desire and value to see all of humanity receive every blessing God has in store for them.

They are not closing doors on the past identities of those they do proxy work for, they open the door of opportunity to others. It is a selfless kindness that is unbelievably being used as a political pawn of contention to drive a wedge where none should exist. If anyone from any religion wants to go out of their way to perform some rite on my behalf so that I can get access to all that God has for me, I would never complain!

Even if that website were sincere, I think most Mormons would feel that it could have no impact on them. There are several reasons for this:. Power: Again, most people would contend that they have no power to actually cause a change even if they somehow had the authority. The power behind Mormon baptisms is also questioned.

Agency: Even with both authority and power, Mormons believe strongly in agency i. The same idea applies to Mormon proxy baptisms. The same three ideas apply to any group attempting to postumously convert any other group. If they are trying to help you reach heaven or send you to a significantly hotter place, it will make no difference.

This is one reason why the church has any agreement at all with any Jews. If you think about it, the church is under no legal or other obligations to care about offending anyone. If they wanted to, they could simply continue without caring what anyone else thinks of them.

However, they work out agreements like the one in instead. John and Carl- first of all Carl whether the Mormon church has followed its agreement with Jewish organizations is bad enough—the point is that they baptized deceased jews who of course could not defend themselves and they baptized Holocaust jewish victims who were destroyed for being jewish, many of whom enjoyed and believed in their religion and culture and you would imagine after suffering horrible atrocities for their identities and beliefs and paying the ultimate price for them, do not want to be listed in some Mormon genealogy as baptized Mormons.

The point is that as recently as jewish organizations had to point out to the Mormon church that this practice was wrong and offensive otherwise they never would have got it or stopped it or even thought about it. I have to agree with Carl about this topic. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has no legal obligation to change its policies about baptism for the dead but do so out of respect and at the request of those who feel their rights of religion are being imposed upon.

There are two practices of the church that should be made aware to those who are having a problem with baptisms for the dead. Before a baptism for the dead is to be submitted. A deceased person is supposed to have been deceased for more than 90 years, or the submitter should get permission from kin before a baptism is submitted.

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The Church practices a policy that it teaches the members the rules that they should follow and then let the people mostly govern themselves. This means that rule 1 is in place, members of the church have been told about it, and should follow it. So I think we need to clear something up here. Baptisms for the dead are indeed a service, and a service that is not considered by anyone to be binding upon an unwilling individual.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that baptisms for the dead, just like baptisms of the living, are only of force when the individual in question accepts the ordinance. The record that is kept simply shows that their work has been done. That is, as a church. The church is made of individuals. And the individuals conduct the work of temple ordinances, including baptism for the dead, on a very personal basis. I say again that we as a Church have done nothing wrong.

Consider the fact that automatically assigning nonbelievers to hell after this life with no reprieve has been the general Christian, Islamic, Jewish, etc, tradition for millennia. Given the reasoned analysis of modern mormonism given by Dr. Hutchison-Jones, the opening tone of the article is puzzling. Opening with a flippent remark about Mormon cultural practices is pretty much an ethnic slur.

Hutchison-Jones specifically refutes that very ignorance. Any practicing Mormon who embraces polygamy is excommunicated. These polygamists belong to an entirely separate religion that is generally disliked by LDS. Even a simple google search could have easily revealed this fact. Sound familiar? Just like mainstream LDS want to be called Christians while others object , you have no right to define others religious identification.

That Catholics cannot say that someone who calls himself catholic but who in actuality is not a member of the Roman Catholic Church, is not catholic? Your comment is nonsensical. Jews are by matter of lineage and birth always Jews. If you understood anything about the Jewish heritage you would know that.

Steve, people can convert to Judaism. This is especially true in an organization like the Catholic Church which has so much structure. Your statements about Mormon polygamy are misleading. It is true that polygamy is not allowed to be practiced by living Mormons, but it is very much still a believed practice my fellow Mormons who attend the temple and have had a spouse die can confirm , and polygamy is still included in official Mormon doctrine Doctrine and Covenants section I think both Mormons and non Mormons should look at why Polygamy was started.

Joesph Smith the Mormon Profit practice polygamy and took on wives at the age of 15 and while his friends were away he would tell their wives God wants you to marry me. Joesph Smith was a horn dog. That is why polygamy is in the Mormon church to begin with. It was also a means of providing for those women at a time when marriage was a highly valued institution in our society. Proof again, that racism is not the problem it used to be, rather religious intolerance is still the number one issue as it has always been. After all, our country was founded because of religious intolerance. As a minority, I can tell you that Racism is still a problem.

Religious intolerance is a problem too. There are lots of problems. Maybe in some parts of the country, and maybe in small circumstances, but I BEG to differ. This country has come a long way—look at Powell and Sec. Soon, whites will be the minority and Hispanics the majority…will whites be given an advantage in college admissions? How will this be perceived?? Jackson, are you trying to start an argument? But Kathy is right that it still exists.

I think especially in a city like Boston you might not see it as much as other cities or parts of the country. According to Wikipedia, So how soon exactly is this happening? Asian Americans make up 4. The reason is because if you look at average education levels and household incomes they are higher for whites and Asians Americans than for Latinos and African Americans. This is obviously way off topic from the article. Other minorities at BU will say the same. Only those who are on the receiving end of racism get to decide that.

Not off topic; KathyBates brought up racism after all. A race base policy. Go beyond wikipedia, which is not a great source anyways. The birthrate of minorities has surpassed those of whites. And by Hispanics or Hispanic whites, if you wish are expected to surpass non-Hispanic whites in the population. Interesting article.. Instead, they persecute those who believe what they once believed themselves; in Biblical terms they are like Esau in the 25th chapter of Genesis; but they bought into American citizenship that way — and are as immoral as Jacob in denying basic life or liberty without payment.

Mormons in Utah do not prosecute polygamists at all. That is the fact. They excommunicate practicing polygamists. I am unaware of them actively seeking out polygamists, but it is considered a punishable offense within the modern church. John, I appreciate your comment more than most. I am a Mormon, happy and unashamed. Two of my best friends are Wiccans. They are some of the brightest people I have ever known but just as your comment illustrates, there are many who make judgments about my faith because they simply do not know any better.

Please allow me to edify you on the historical issue of polygamy as it relates to the Mormon faith. Polygamy was instituted in a time of dire need. Many families had lost their fathers, husbands and older brothers to any of thousands of uncontrolled factors. The Mormon leadership instituted the practice of polygamy as a means of assigning responsibility for the well-being of these families to men who remained alive.

They were tasked with leading and providing for people who were not originally theirs to care for. We often think of the benefits of polygamy as being without cost, and so immoral, but fail to consider the enormous cost and responsibility that gave rise to this practice among Mormons, so long ago. When Mormons finally arrived and settled the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, the practice was continued for only about one or two generations before it was terminated. You are correct that one of many reasons for the discontinuation of the practice was that it was not generally approved of by the leaders of the US; and the Mormon leadership of the Utah territory wanted to be incorporated into the US.

However, make no mistake that it was not the primary reason for the cessation of polygamy. Mormons were finally settled. The population balance of male-to-female was being restored. Therefore, polygamy was no longer necessary. You have to eliminate the excess number of males in order to assign multiple females to one male.

This creates an extreme abuse that anyone can see as wrong. I once questioned the issue of polygamy, like you and many others. After much study, I discovered that my historical perspective of the practice of polygamy is much clarified. It was never an issue of Core Mormon Belief to utilize polygamy; but a practice that had specific purpose based on the needs of the time and place in which it was utilized. After the need had passed, the practice was correctly closed.

Those who use the practice beyond the need succeed only in abusing the practice for their own selfish benefit. To your post I would add the following: Plural marriage goes back to Old Testament times, when Abraham, Jacob, David and Moses where commanded by God to have more than one wife that God might raise up a people unto himself.

The doctrine that made it ok then is the same doctrine that made it ok for a short time when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was first being established. That doctrine is laid out in the Book of Mormon. Jacob reads as follows:. And whoredoms are an abomination before me; thus saith the Lord of Hosts. As you can see, verse 30 explains that under certain circumstances the Lord has commanded plural marriage and gives his reason for doing so. If polygamy was a legal and accepted practice today, the LDS would be practicing it.

The simple reason the Salt Lake City branch of Mormonism abandoned the practice was to get church assets back from the U. With church assets seized by the government and the corporate entity dissolved, there was no church. The main reason for plural marriage being done away with was that the Lord had accomplished his purpose, and had raised up a people in these latter days to preach the everlasting gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. See Revelations Please note when you read this scripture that there would be no need for God to send this angel to preach the everlasting gospel to those who dwell on the earth if the gospel was still on the earth in its purity.

The real reason Brother French is that Joseph got caught and thus got lynched for committing polygamy and polyandry. They have several podcasts on the subject. Joe and his sexual appetite for new partners creating a convenient revelation. You are being sucked in if this is what you believe. I know, because my great grandfather, and his parents were there right from the start. Anyone who has attended our Gospel Doctrine classes and studied the revelations that Jesus Christ has given to the Church in these latter days should know that the New and Everlasting Covenant applies first and foremost to the covenant of marriage between a man, and a women.

Naturally, that would include plural marriages authorized by God but would not be limited to those marriages. Perhaps the following information will help you to become more familiar with our doctrine.

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Plural marriage goes back to Old Testament times, when Abraham, Jacob, etc. As you can see, this doctrine is very clear, and verse 30 explains that under certain circumstances the Lord has commanded plural marriage and gives his reason for doing so. Please show me the text in the OT that states god commanded old testament prophets to participate in Polygamy. Joseph took polygamy and turned it into a commandment from the lord that one had to follow to be saved. That is the major difference. Also you are supporting your argument with the BOM!

Please support it with biblical passages not your own doctrine. Last, I have re-read my comments on here and I want to say that I share my research and hope with you in love. I have not hate towards you or any LDS. I would recommend reading a book by one of your own. A temple going faithful latter day saint named Todd Compton.

After the manifesto, Woodruff, the 12 and many others still practiced and took wives for years afterwards. As I see it you are only using a portion of the scriptures the Bible and therefore your situation is like a Jury that has reached a verdict without hearing the defense witnesses latter-day scriptures. To get that witness directly from God a person must seek to know the truth in the way that God has prescribed.

It is my opinion that to switch from being a detractor of the Church to being a believer is very difficult. It requires a lot more effort on their part than someone who has not first staked out such a position. However, over the years I have heard many members say that they did succeed in doing so.

The following is how I personally think it must be approached. First and foremost a person must have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ or at least be willing to do those things that will develop that faith. See James Second, a person must read and ponder the Book of Mormon, giving special attention to those chapters and verses concerning the atonement of Christ. See the list below. Third, he must ponder and be willing to apply the principles of the gospel as taught by the BOM into his life.

See John Five, he must attend all our church meetings each and every Sunday to observe and understand how we apply the teachings of Jesus Christ into our lives. Seven, he must be ready and willing to join the Church when he receives his witness from God that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. By doing these things he will show the Lord that he has a sincere heart and real intent.

It is similar to listen to the radio. There are certain steps that must first be taken. I recommend this approach because it is exactly what my wife and I did, and we both received the promised witness from the Holy Ghost. In addition, during the forty years or so that I have spent in missionary work for the Church I have never once seen this approach fail.

See Matt , Moroni Enos — Enos experiences the power of the Atonement.

Being Friends First

Mosiah 2—5 — King Benjamin teaches of Christ. Mosiah 12—16 — Abinadi gives his life in testifying of Jesus Christ. Alma 5, 7 — Alma testifies of the Savior. Alma 17—22 — Lamanites receive the testimony of Jesus Christ. Alma 34 — Amulek testifies of the Atonement. Alma 36 — Alma experiences the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Alma 40—42 — Alma testifies of the resurrection and Atonement. Ether 3 — The brother of Jared sees the Savior. Moroni 7—8 — Mormon teaches of the pure love of Christ and His Atonement.

Moroni 10 — Moroni invites all to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him. I happen to know them. Barack O. I can guarantee that when it comes time to get this current president out, conservatives all around will bound together in unison. Being Mormon will not affect Mitt Romney, specially if he has the backing of ministers and other important political figures, which he will!

Mitt has already exceed B. If recent gubernatorial and house elections are any indication of what is to come and I mean any sign of the political shift in this country, get ready for some real change you will be able to count on! One only has to look at local elections. Most members of polygamous groups, whether in Utah or not, have never been members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In reality, those that still practice polygamy would denounce the modern LDS church as being the true church.

This is not entirely true. Although they may not have been baptized into the modern organization, they follow almost all of the same beliefs and use the same set of set of scriptures. In the rest of the country, it is much less likely that people are acquainted with someone who is Mormon. There is also that competition thing—apparently Baptists and Evangelicals are mad when members of their church leave to become Mormons.

This has given rise to some of the most inaccurate, un-Christian, crazy anti-Mormon propaganda. The goal of such drivel seems to be to keep people as far away from Mormons as possible. Sooner or later, when people figure out their church, however well-meaning, was lying to them about what Mormons believe, they start to wonder what else their church was lying to them about. Interesting article, but did it really have to begin by talking about underwear?

Cristine Hutchison-Jones seems to be very well informed about Mormons, but the poor journalist illustrates the problems of how hard it is for normal people to sort out the misinformation they learn for popular media. I do appreciate the good intentions and respectful tone of the article. Perhaps it will help to set that record straight. Yes, Mormons are Christians. For a deeper examination, you may want to explore Mormon. One who does not believe the same things Christians do can recite a prayer in his name with little comprehension of its meaning or just complete lack of faith. A lot of people follow MLK Jr.

Nicean Creed, very important! Be proud of your faith. Why must Mormons be so anxious to bust into Christianity? Be strong on your own! Own it! Correction: The Trinity is not 3 independent beings but 1 being made up of 3 parts. Kind of tricky I know, but very important in Christianity. If you believe they are 3 seperate deities then no dice.

The dictionary definition of a Christian is a believer and follower of Christ, and this is what a Christian is at its most core level. Tim was pointing out that Mormons have Christ as the center of their religion, and therefore, are Christians. Mormons are Christians because they believe in and follow the doctrine of Christ as they believe the Gospel was taught and revealed through the scriptures and modern-day Prophets. We Mormons believe the Holy Bible is the word of God insofar as it is translated correctly , and we use the King James version. Here ar some scriptures from The Book of Mormon that will help you to know that Mormons are Christians.

Also, the Bible contains a prophacy relative to the coming forth of The Book of Mormon in these latter days. About B. God commanded the tribes of Israel to keep two scriptural histories rather than one as they had done in the past. This new record was soon hidden from world when the Prophet Lehi and a small group from the tribe of Joseph were led by God to the Western Hemisphere. However, God declared to the Prophet Ezekiel that he would bring it forth to be joined with the Stick of Judah prior to the gathering of the twelve tribes of Israel in the latter days.

Also see 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Today, we know the Stick of Joseph as the Book of Mormon. It covers a period of history from B. As a companion book to the Bible the Stick of Judah it provides another Testament, and a second sure witness to both Jew and gentile that Jesus is the Christ! We believe that the perception that an unbaptized infant is somehow damned, limited or punished in any way is a evil belief.

He became man through the process described the bible. They are united in purpose, but separate entities. We believe that the creeds were uninspired, man-made documents that redefined God in a way that the Apostles and early Christians would not recognize. They were Christians before conversion and after. Tom — if you truly believe that Jesus prayed to himself… and not to his Father in heaven… then you would also not be able to believe that Jesus Christ was a separate, divine entity from his Father….

The Apostle Stephen saw two 2 , divine and separate beings, Jesus Christ standing on the right hand of God…. Mormon beliefs:. Number two is incorrect. Mormons most certainly believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. This is quite clear and easily verifiable see the Book of Mormon — almost any page — or mormon. With regard to defining the boundaries of Christianity, its not as simple as picking a couple of beliefs that some faiths hold to but another does not.

For example, Roman Catholics have many distinctive beliefs. Does that make catholics not Christian because they are the only church that believes in transubstantiation or praying to saints? Who decides what these criteria are? The fact of the matter is that Mormons believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he is divine, that the Bible including the New Testament is the word of God, and that our salvation is dependent on him. This is at the very core and center of Mormon belief. There is absolutely no parallel between Mormon beliefs about Jesus and that of Judaism or Islam.

To them assuming they know something about Mormon beliefs , the question of whether Mormons are Christian is painfully obvious. Of course we are Christians. We believe in Jesus Christ! In addition, every good member of our church strives to follow Jesus Christ by keeping his commandments and doing the will of their Heavenly Father.

We are Latter-day Christians. There are also Nicene Christians. Both are followers of Jesus Christ even though they differ in doctrine as to what God is like. I refer you to the following if you want to know more on the subject:. The two bottom line differences are that we Latter-day Christians teach that Jesus Christ is a separate person from his Heavenly Father and from the Holy Ghost.

See Hebrews , Revelations. Therefore, there is no doubt in our mind that our doctrine concerning the nature of the Godhead is true. You can also refer to John , , Luke , Acts These scriptures, and scores of others, show that Christ is a separate person from his father.

The issue is you did something against christian law. Having another book the Book of Mormon and the fact that you claim Jesus came to America after he was in the middle east. You give a different image of Jesus than christian have been given. Speak the truth. Lying is a sin and your works are filthy rags to god. Everybody knows this thing of the first vision being revised multiple times is used as a straw man.

Everyone who was there from the beginning of the Church knows that Joseph Smith saw two personages just like Stephen the Martyr did before they stoned him for saying so. As to Mitt Romney — you have no worry whatsoever as proven by his four years as the Governor of Mass. He is the focus of our beliefs and everything we do in our church.

There are so many people that misunderstand us and what we believe. I know we do see eye to eye on everything with all of Christendom, which is fine. We are happy to talk with people about what we have in common and where we differ we have more in common that you think. A very simple and inclusive definition. Dictionary defines it as follows: Adjective: Of, relating to, or professing Christianity or its teachings. Noun: A person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.