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But I cannot accept that the numerous Britons who hold these views are all racists.

Large-scale immigration necessarily has a far-reaching effect on that which many people value, namely the character of their society. It is an instrument of profound change. Whatever you may think of the concept of national identity, there is undoubtedly a bond that exists between people who share history, geography, culture and language. Clearly I cannot properly evaluate my fellow bus passengers without knowing them individually, but I sometimes feel that we are just disparate people inhabiting the same space.

It is not that I prefer English people to other people. Frequently I do not. It is that, in order to have a functioning, cohesive society, there needs to be some shared sense of what that society is. National identity resides in memories, myths and traditions. A confident sense of national identity, interestingly, is an essential prerequisite for successful integration. People settling in a new land need to feel they are becoming part of something positive. Our own sense of national identity took a battering post-empire: everything that Britain had been was largely discredited, at least in liberal and educated circles, and there was little of substance to take its place.

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And when the original population begins to lose touch with that identity, it makes it difficult for any immigrant to adopt, maintain and perhaps adapt those national traditions. But there are many who believe in Europe, are well travelled, educated and hospitable, people who do not hate foreigners, but simply feel quietly unnerved at the scale of the changes afoot. People like me. Forgotten password?

12 amazing photos of London’s lost landmarks – Time Out London

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Lost London: Buildings Destroyed In The 21st Century

It is an area of community spirit, of good people that I know and greet, of greengrocers whose fresh fruit and vegetables are piled high in affordable excellence, and restaurants of such quality that people come from far and wide to sample their wares. The evidence-free origins of the hostile environment. There is no concrete proof that the policy actually works. Only that it harms vulnerable Public attitudes to immigration are more nuanced than you think.

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Share with friends Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email. Comments No comments yet. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. Barton Hardback. Author:Philip Davies. Lost London, Book Binding:Hardback. Each month we recycle over 2. Author:Guard, Richard. Lost London. All of our paper waste is recycled ISBN: Author: Paul Talling. Title: London's Lost Rivers. Format: Paperback. Browse Open in a new tab. Images of Lost London.

First edition published by Atlantic Publishing. Of interest to the local historian and genealogist, the book Author:Welbourn, Nigel.

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Book Binding:Paperback. Author:Fiona Rule.

We appreciate the impact a good book can have. We all like the idea of saving a bit of cash, so when we found out how many good qu Lost in London. Len Goodmans Lost London.

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Title : Len Goodmans Lost London. Authors : Len Goodman. Binding : Hardcover. Product Category : Books.

Lost London

Condition : Very Good. Signed : False. Authors : Watson, Bruce. Old London Bridge: Lost and Found. Publisher : Museum of London Archaeology Ser. Binding : Paperback. About 84 Charing Cross Books.