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And not just any book, but a young-adult sci-fi novel. The genre in Japan is "Japanese Military sci-fi light" novel.

A graphic novel adaptation was released in North America in May So, the story started out life as a fast, light read for adolescent, geeky sci-fi fans in Japan. It's safe to assume that in order to produce a blockbuster sci-fi film with all the requisite special effects, Hollywood needed a major star in order to generate the requisite marketing. Brad Pitt turned the role down, but Tom Cruise accepted, and his films Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow were shot back-to-back. In the book, All You Need is Kill , the hero is Keiji Kiriya, newly enlisted to serve in a war against the Mimics that has already been going on for twenty years and has already taken the lives of most of the world's able soldiers.

Keiji is emotionally and physically unprepared for the D-Day style battle that he faces on the morrow.

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He enlisted because a librarian back home broke his heart when she married someone else, but now he's starting to realize he's made a terrible mistake. The novel begins with him waking up, preparing for the next day's battle, going to battle, and getting killed within 45 minutes.

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To his credit, he takes out a Mimic with him, and not just any mimic: a special one that has antennas. And then he wakes up again. It's the day before the battle… he goes through his day with only moderate changes… he thinks his sense of deja vu is because he had some vivid dreams…he goes into battle and gets killed within the first 48 minutes.

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Once he figures out that each time he dies his life is reset, as if he were in a computer game, he starts doing what gamers do: learning from each experience to get a little further into the loop before getting killed again, in the hopes of eventually getting out of the loop altogether. In the book, and in an early script adaptation by D. Harper, Cage the transliteration for Keiji in English finds out that the great war hero, Rita Vrataski, was also caught in a loop for some time, but managed to escape it.

She recognizes his problem and tries to help him use his curse?

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Of course, a love story develops, though courting a woman that forgets all about you every 48 hours has all the tragedy and none of the comedy of movies like 50 First Dates. That's the part that's the same in book and movie. To make this work, the film actually makes some improvements on the book: it combines a slimey American journalist whose got a thing for Vrataski with the Cage character, and it has Vrataski train Cage, instead of Ferrell, Cage's military superior.

Cage's platoon of misfits are given more rounded personalities, which is properly paid off. The movie has a better logic for what causes the time loop to begin and end: the Mimics in the book really are robots sent from the aliens that will invade after the Earth is terraformed for them, but the movie makes the Mimics the aliens and institutes an alien hierarchy.

This makes possible the idea of alien blood, which confers time-looping powers on those who are drenched in it. This article is from the archive of our partner. Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best blockbusters of the summer so far, but why did it have to have a fake love story grafted onto its plot?

These Are The Best Parts Of 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

Beware spoiler-phobes. Rita is a woman with one goal—winning the war against the Mimics—and a unique connection to Cage. She knows why he is repeating days, because she has been through the same thing, having also been infected with the enemy alien's blood. Being able to live out the same day multiple times allowed her to win the battle that turned her into a propaganda piece, and it makes her the only person who understands what Cage is going through.

She is much better at combat and strategy than Cage, and is the clear leader in the situation.

1. Oblivion

Her main weakness, as the movie goes on, is that she doesn't know what's coming whereas Cage does. He can develop an attachment to her, but she can't develop one to him. The movie wants to give her an inner life—she lies to Cage to keep her distance, clearly knows the sting of death, is feared and taunted as "Full Metal Bitch" by other soldiers—but no one really gets much of a backstory here. Rita and Cage's relationship is, from the beginning, not about romance.