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Plus, I really liked Nash and Kaylee. They are a good couple and they simply fit and work well together. But by the end of the book, it was really nice and easy to see them as a girlfriend and boyfriend without any major angst. The Bottom line is this: My Soul to Take is very, very good with a protagonist with unique powers and I am looking forward to following Kaylee in her journey of self-discovery. The description of the horrible feelings of grief and melancholy and then the scream she would let lose made for very powerful reading.

Additional Thoughts: make sure to pop back later when Rachel Vincent will be blogging with us about her inspiration for writing Kaylee and for a chance to win a copy of My Soul to Take! Verdict: A sympathetic protagonist with unique powers in a genre awash with witches, werewolves and vampires and a nice romance storyline to boot. Ana Grilo is a Brazilian who moved to the UK because of the weather. No, seriously.

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The book is on the way to me via mail. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the review, Ana. I listed to the prequel audiobook last week and am looking forward to continuing the story with My Soul to Take. Thanks for the review. I also like Tod as a Reaper. And this was my first Rachel Vincent book.

Oooh, I do like the sound of this one. Have banshee urban fantasies been done before? She seems to be one of the big UF names out today and I hear so many good things. Definitely will read this one. I have read several interviews with Rachel about this book. I am excited to read it, I am wondering when the next one in the series will be out-waiting is so hard! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Review: Kaylee Cavanaugh is, on the surface, just you regular teenage girl: the kind that sneaks out of the house to go clubbing with her best friend Emma, for example. By Ana.


Christine August 13, at am Thanks for the review, Ana. Ali Pixie August 13, at am Interesting. KMont August 13, at pm Oooh, I do like the sound of this one. And so while whites built and dreamed, people of color were subjugated and exploited by a rising nation that prided itself on the expansion of liberty. Those twin tragedies shaped us then and ever after.

Soul Screamers Special – Book Review: My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

As did basic facts of geography. There was a breathtaking amount of room to run in the New World. The vastness of the continent, the wondrous frontier, the staggering natural resources: These, combined with a formidable American work ethic, made the pursuit of wealth and happiness more than a full-time proposition. It was a consuming, all-enveloping one.

For many, birth mattered less than it ever had before. Entitled aristocracies crumbled before natural ones. His rise from frontier origins became both fable and staple in the American narrative. Lincoln understood the power of his story, for he knew that he embodied broad American hopes. Sundry economic, geographic, and demographic forces, of course, shape the nation. Among these is an unspoken commerce involving the most ancient of institutions, a powerful chief, and the more modern of realities, a free, disputatious populace.

What can the presidency be, at its best? In the beginning, at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in , the presidency was a work in progress. Ambivalent about executive authority, many of the framers were nevertheless anxious to rescue the tottering American nation. For as in absolute governments the king is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king, and there ought to be no other. Physically diminutive but intellectually powerful, James Madison, who laid out a plan for the new government with care, admitted the proper executive structure was a perplexing problem.

There were competing schools of thought. On the floor of the convention, Alexander Hamilton of New York proposed a president to be elected for life; others favored plans by which the legislative branch would select the executive, effectively creating a parliamentary system. Even when the drafting was done, the precise nature of the presidency—of its powers and relative role in guiding the nation—was an open mystery to the framers. Yet they were willing to live with ambiguity.

Because of George Washington.

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It was generally assumed that General Washington, a man with Cincinnatus-like standing who had voluntarily surrendered military power at the close of the Revolutionary War, would be the first to hold the post. All in all, given the expectation of a President Washington, the creation of the office was an act of faith in the future and an educated wager on human character. From the start Americans recognized the elasticity of the presidency—and hoped for the best.

Such hopes have not always been realized. My strength as President was then tenuous—I had no strong mandate from the people; I had not been elected to that office. But I recognized that the moral force of the Presidency is often stronger than the political force.

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I knew that a President can appeal to the best in our people or the worst; he can call for action or live with inaction. Hamilton defended article 2, the establishment of the executive, with characteristic eloquence. It is essential to. Before Andrew Jackson, for example, power tended toward the few, whether political or financial. After Jackson, government, for better and for worse, was more attuned to the popular will.

In the American experiment, Jackson proved that a leader who could inspire the masses could change the world. He was the most contradictory of men—but then, America was, and is, among the most contradictory of nations. He had massacred Indians in combat, executed enemy soldiers, fought duels, and imposed martial law on New Orleans. A champion of even the poorest of whites, Jackson was an unrepentant slaveholder.

A sentimental man who adopted an Indian orphan, he was one of a line of leaders who drove Native American tribes from their homelands. An enemy of the Second Bank of the United States, Jackson would have given his life to preserve the central government.

Illuminating the obscure

A self-made man who had risen to the highest levels of a slaveholding society, he wanted to open the doors of opportunity for men like him. Today we find many of his views morally shortsighted, but in his time he was a figure of democratic aspiration. In the presidency, compromise was a little-remarked Jacksonian virtue. No other president fulminated more passionately or threatened his foes more forcefully, but Jackson believed in the union with all his heart.

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