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To find out how Net4Society handles your data and the purpose of processing your data please refer to our statement on data protection. The Policy Review takes stock of the results, findings and recommendations, and assesses the needs, gaps and pertinent foci for future European research on democracy. These should enrich future steps in the design and implementation of Horizon Europe.

The new regime is meant to make banks safer. And, in the event of another crisis, it is designed to limit the risk that taxpayers will be asked to help bailout the banks.

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But there is still so much more to do. We cannot stand in place, we must continue to be ambitious.

Europe: Past, present and future

We need to look ahead to what I describe as euro 2. Of course, progress will not be easy and it will take time to reach agreement on many thorny issues, but I want to outline each area briefly. I know these topics will be addressed in depth over the next two days.

All of these reforms can make a difference, but they are only part of the solution. More fiscal integration and true banking and capital markets unions will not address the structural weaknesses holding back growth in many countries. Policymakers must continue the difficult work of making their own economies more resilient and productive by implementing structural reforms.

This moment — with solid growth and steadily declining unemployment across the euro area — is the time to tackle the tough challenges.

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There is no doubt that securing the euro area for the next twenty years will take patience, creative thinking, and increased cooperation. But this has always been the case.

Table of contents

Bringing countries together under difficult circumstances has been the mission of the euro area since its creation. And as I have said before, to be truly effective, the euro area cannot just be a union of convenience in calm waters. It needs to be a strong shield amidst storms. Now today I have quoted Edgeworth, Bono, and Kennedy, but let me close with a more traditional Irish poet. A dream, but one that requires each country taking on responsibility for that dream to be realized.

European Union Institutions and Policies Past, Present and Future

As I look around this room, I see so many talented scholars and policymakers. And it gives me confidence that you will each do your part to identify the existing problems and make progress toward finding solutions.

1. Introduction

The Spinelli Project Chapter 3. The Maastricht Process Chapter 5.

Europe: Commemorating the past

Post-Maastricht Discourse on Citizenship Chapter 6. The Convention on the Future of Europe Chapter 7. Collections SPS Books. Login Register.

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