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He loves YouTube, although sometimes finds it strange when people use his meme in their videos. I'm also really happy that I still have a dad. Check out the rest in the series here.

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Forums Quick Links. We would like to hear your feedback about Unity and our products. Click here for more information. Joined: Jul 25, Posts: 1, I think they use a super-cool theory to create the sand as it looks amazing with all the reflections and splitting etc.

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Sykoo , Oct 21, Joined: Nov 29, Posts: Fist of all, Whooo new forum! As for your question: Why wouldn't it be possible with Unity? The sand in journey is not handled via particles. The sand emits particles every now and then to make it look more like sand but at it's core it's just some real time height map deformation. The sand is mapped to a gray scale texture that deforms the mesh.

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Then using this 2d height map they use all sorts of algorithms to simulate flowing sand. And while this sure is not a trivial task, especially while also making it look as gorgeous as in Journey, it's no magic and can definitely be done with unity just as well.

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Joined: Jun 29, Posts: 6, LaneFox , Oct 21, It's amazing, thanks for the easy to understand describing guys I will try sometime later after my two ongoing projects to create something like that in Unity. I'll see if I can find any sort of tutorials for deformations.

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Joined: Nov 19, Posts: 3, Since we're talking game design, I have to ask: what does this sand system do for the player's experience with the game? Are there mechanics that revolve around rearranging the sand into shapes to help players solve puzzles, get to inaccessible areas, or defend themselves from hostile agents? AndrewGrayGames , Oct 21, AndrewGrayGames likes this.

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Sykoo likes this. Joined: Jun 29, Posts: Are you really questioning the deeper purpose of sand? Sometimes peope just put awesome stuff into games because they are awesome. Kinda like this gif.

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Joined: Jan 14, Posts: 7, OK, I'll pipe in and suggest that this is not the forum for discussing visual effects. That's visual design, not game design. Asvarduil was on the right track, asking how this sand impacts gameplay