Manual Beginners Guide To Public Speaking

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As well, reading your speech aloud is not the same thing as practicing it in person. This way you can re-watch yourself, look at your eye contact, really listen to your pacing, and tweak how you deliver your speech from there. This is one step above practicing in the mirror, and there is no better way to truly hone your skills so you can get better. If you want to change your attitude about public speaking and change your approach, then you need to be realistic with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. Know what your strengths are, and accentuate and highlight those strengths when you deliver your speech.


If you are great at stories—use them! If you having great comedic timing—use it! You also need to be realistic about your weaknesses and do your best to avoid the things that take away from your speech.

10 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

There is nothing as powerful as a smile and nothing as simple either. Smile before you head on stage. Smile as your audience filters into the room and smile during your speech.

When you take a moment to smile, it naturally brings a feeling of confidence and relaxation over your entire body. Smiling at someone in your audience can help you feel calmer, and less nervous, while helping you feel more connected to the audience that you are speaking to.

It is really that simple—so give it a try. One of the biggest reasons people get disappointed with their public speaking engagements is because they are unrealistic about how it will go. Before you ever step in front of an audience, you need to be realistic about what to expect from your crowd and what your crowd expects from you. This will help you be more confident after your speech ends and you can use this for your next engagement. You may not even get a clap, and that is alright.

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Know what to expect so that you can feel better about the outcome in the end. Mindvalley is creating a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages.

3. Practice with distractions.

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Focus More on The Voice Instead of the Message There are so many public speakers that focus all of their attention on crafting the right message and making certain they are delivering new, fresh, and exciting content to their audience. Keep It Simple There are so many public speakers that attempt to cram so much into each individual presentation.

Study Great Speeches If you have ever heard a speech that moved you before or if you have heard of someone else enjoying a particular speech, get the transcript. Not even the professionals. Just Smile There is nothing as powerful as a smile and nothing as simple either. It is really that simple—so give it a try 9. Be Realistic About Your Expectations One of the biggest reasons people get disappointed with their public speaking engagements is because they are unrealistic about how it will go.

Public speaking is tough.

Let us know in the comments below! Mindvalley Mindvalley is creating a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages. January 16, If you have a talent for describing or sharing your story through visuals, do so. Never underestimate the power of visual content in your presentations. Visuals speak volumes. If you have the resources to buy images from third-party providers, do so. Never compromise the effectiveness of your presentation with low-quality content.

Make sure that the information you include in your presentation is well-founded and backed up by facts.

A Learning Guide for Public Speaking

As much as possible, prepare two to three references for every fact or key point you're presenting so that if a question should arise, you will be well prepared to answer. Today, every piece of information is transferred through digital and electronic technology. Offer your presentation in a format that is easily accessible and shareable.

Provide a link so that your listeners can download your presentation. Optimize your presentation with high mobility and shareability so that your audience will have access to it anytime they need it.

9 Best Public Speaking Tips That Will Make You A Superstar - Mindvalley Blog

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Back when I was still taking part in speech contests, I would spend hours aside from memorizing my piece practicing my pauses, working on my intonation. Don't expect everything to go as planned. Expect hard questions and even interruptions from hecklers. Once you have prepared your presentation, remember to put yourself in your audience's shoes. Ask yourself what questions could arise about this particular topic.

Once you have outlined and prepared, practice the delivery of your answers. This will greatly impact your conviction when you actually do answer. So much has been said about body language , and yes, it is a key element when delivering a speech or making a presentation. The audience relies heavily on your face when they are gauging the depth of the meaning of your message. Make sure that what comes out in your speech is reflected on your face. Saying something that is factual while your face is communicating skepticism creates confusion in the audience.

What you are saying must be supported by your expressions. Smile when you say something funny. Show empathy if your message or presentation points out something we should be doing. Project success if you are sharing performance indicators about your company, brand or product. Every speaker or presenter is allotted a fair amount of space on the stage.

Own that spotlight. Occupy the platform in a way that declares your authority and confidence. The way you stand in front of your audience shows how confident and competent you are.

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  • Like your facial expressions, should support what you are presenting. It should be audible enough that even the person at the back of the room can hear you. If you are using a microphone, learn how to modulate your voice in a way that the electromagnetic feedback will not interfere with the clarity of your voice. Again, an effective presentation has two key components: the content of the presentation and the presenter. These are two simple steps, but if you follow them in a balanced manner, you can be sure you will make an impact and will make it worth your audience's time to listen to your presentation.