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Apr 09, Eve Culley rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical. I found this book to be very interesting and can safely include ending of this story as it is one that almost everyone has heard before. However, the twist is that this is a fictionalized account of the lives of Noah and his family following the Bible story. The story begins before the flood with the procuring of materials for the building of the ark, the arrival of the animals God sent and ends with the family in the ark waiting for the waters to recede.

At the end of the book is a thought-prov I found this book to be very interesting and can safely include ending of this story as it is one that almost everyone has heard before. Overall Ms. Neal has, in my humble opinion, done justice to Noah and his family. I would encourage you to read this book. A wonderful story This is a well written story about Noah and his children. Jepheth, his first born turned from God when he questioned his existence, so Noah made Shem his successor.

There was a third son, Ham. Denah was given by her father as the bride of Jepheth, but she did not know if he would accept her. After there marriage she was not accepted by the women of the family and, because of this, her life, which was very different from how she grew up, was very hard for her. She wanted a child A wonderful story This is a well written story about Noah and his children. She wanted a child but none of the wives of Noah's children became pregnant.

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She decided to go to the temple of her people and became pregnant thereafter, but whose baby was it? She was banished from the home of Noah but did she make it back before the great flood? This is a wonderful story with many twists and turns which I know you will enjoy. I ordered this book because it is set in antediluvian prehistory, and promised a good read.

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I was not disappointed. It started out like a romance, which is not what I usually read, but it hooked me quickly with the depth of characters, pacing, and fascinating setting. I expected I would read on and it would fizzle. It never did. Instead the tension grew, subplots tracked well with the main plot, and danger was multifaceted: emotional, physical, reputational, ethical, spiritual, and more.

Given t I ordered this book because it is set in antediluvian prehistory, and promised a good read. Given that it is a Christian novel dealing with a period which is not taught adequately in the Church Genesis and consequences and little known by most of my Church friends, I was surprised to find the author shaped the plot around the biblical history very well.

Christian young adults and older will likely find the story as captivating as I did. May 13, Cherei rated it it was amazing. I absolutely fell in love with the story! Denah and the rest of Noah's family became so real. The author spent a great deal of time researching and introduces so many of her own ideas of how Noah and his family lived in the decades as they prepared the Ark to save the critters and son's of Adam's family. It's not a preachy book at all. It's a lovely love story filled with mystery!

I highly recommend reading this novel! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it in my TBR pile. Hard to believe, I purchased i I absolutely fell in love with the story! Hard to believe, I purchased it five years ago I could not put the book down. So inventive and creative. I really enjoyed this book. I liked that it dealt with sin and forgiveness.

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I also found the ideas on what life may have been like back then fascinating. Of course, the sin nature of mankind has not changed, but the depiction of how evil it grew was well done. A lot of lies, misunderstanding, betrayal, etc. I wish I could afford to read the next in the series. I certainly recommend this book. Well written, ke I really enjoyed this book.

Well written, kept my interest throughout. I very much appreciated that it was a true Christian fiction novel. I have read some that claimed to be and there was almost no mention of God, no scripture etc. This novel however, had both and a great story as well.

I love this author. I really like the way she depicted the animals coming to the ark in the end. Jan 21, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , historical-fiction , free-on-kindle , biblical-fiction , romance , mature-themes , bc-fiction. I picked this up for free because there were a lot of positive reviews. I didn't think any book about Noah's day could come close to The Heavens Before While that book remains my favorite, this story was just as good in its one way. I have to give Neal a lot of credit because she did a fantastic job of not white-washing some hard topics arrange marriage, pervasive immorality, violence, and idol worship yet she wasn't overly graphic or make me feel dirty.

I look forward to reading the rest of t I picked this up for free because there were a lot of positive reviews. I look forward to reading the rest of this series. The great mercy of God, is evident in the characters heart, as is their sinful human nature. We have free will to choose to believe. Father God weaves the events of our lives to provide opportunities for us to see His great love for each of us. Will we choose the light of truth, or the blindness of pride?

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord And because he believed, he and his family are saved from the great flood. Not as simple as it sounds. We know about Noah's son's, but what about his daughter s in law? Did they believe in the One God or was it Noah's faith that saved them? Neal writes from the perspective of Japheth's wife. We see her struggles with belief and with her relationships with her new family. Will she survive her difficulties to be able to survive the flood?

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Interesting As a work of fiction this book is engaging. I am not sure if the fact it incorporates a biblical storyline is good or bad. The author has I believe followed the account in Genesis,and there are questions answered at the end to explain where her storyline came from. All biblical portrayals in media have some creative licence,but it is important to know what the source says. I look forward to reading the 2nd book. I expected to struggle with a book in such an ancient setting.

Instead I loved it. The characters captured me quickly. Neal put enough relationship difficulties in that needed solving and some that could never be solved. There we unexpected outcomes and historical accuracy. Much need to be fictionalized because the account in the scriptures is very short. This Ms. Neal did in an engaging way. Flood and forgiveness I choose the rating of five stars on this book because I thought it ewas that good. There was so much to like it was wonderfully written. I can't wait to read the next two books. This author is a good story teller believable characters and I can imagine the attitude of the day.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read. Intriguing This was my first book by Ms. Neal, and it won't be my last. I often wonder about the everyday lives of people in mentioned in the Bible This book helps my imagination flow. Though not Biblically correct because we simply can't know with certainty, the author weaves an intriguing tale around the facts we do know.

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Sweet, warm and fuzzy! A very sweet romance based around a true Biblical account. Rachel was entirely true to Scripture and added a substantial dose of human interest and romance. Some historical details were slightly wrong, and a number of assumptions made were quite different to expectations, but not displeasing!

The story was very interesting and memorable.

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I do not agree with the author that no matter what the Bible is infallible, however. Adam was not created 6, years ago. And it doesn't matter. Faith is alive despite that. Fantastic book! Definitely recommend! Fantastic book. Definitely brings the characters and time period alive. Had me turning towards the Most High for grace while reading, and thanking Him for all my blessings.

Thumbs up! Entertaining I enjoyed the book. Been reading some non fiction books that I decided to give this a go to change a bit. One of those books that you want to read to find how it all end. Learning to Believe Dana is sold to become Josh's son's wife. This story takes a girl who was raised to worship pagan gods and teaches her about the one true God. Timelines of religion. Muslim history Jerusalem Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula. Adam and Eve. Genesis creation narrative in the Book of Genesis Adam Eve. Mama's Affair Good Morning, Eve!

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