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Er scheint in der Tat auf deutschem Boden gewachsen zu sein, denn der entsprechende, offenbar mehr oder weniger offizielle englische Ausdrucksweise lautet:. Dass die Medien immer wieder negative Vorkommnisse in den Vordergrund stellen kann als recht deprimierend bzw. Read all about German words adopted by English.

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The only sign that the car was running out of fuel was when the engine started sputtering. That was the driver's cue to find a gas station, and fast.

The meeting in Anklam isn't just host to regular Trabis. The iconic car was turned into this firefighter version by Trabant enthusiasts themselves. No word on whether it has ever been used in an actual emergency. The convention isn't the only place you can spot unusual Trabis. Excited Trabant fans, however, were soon disappointed when it turned out the cute crime fighter was nothing but an April Fools' joke. This Trabi convertible on the other hand is real.

What would you call the color — Panama-green or Capri-green perhaps?

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While the Trabant was built in the GDR, which famously restricted where its residents could travel, the names of the nuances it came in were rather exotic. In addition to the greens, you could also get the car in Bali-yellow or Persian-orange, for example. The Trabant wasn't exactly known for its comfort. Passengers in the backseat had very little room. That's different in this deluxe version. For friends of the cult car, it's the best of both worlds: They can revel in nostalgia while also stretching out their legs.

A Trabi dream come true! In the former prison where the East German secret police locked up dissidents, a museum has painstakingly mapped the vast web of locations through which the Stasi carried out social control — and planned coups. In Bulgaria, parts of the former Eastern Bloc barrier are still standing, now weathered and overgrown. Many Germans still remember Berlin's demolished Palace of the Republic, but the draft for a new East German constitution from is widely forgotten.

An art event revisits the symbolic charge of the two phantoms. The true story of two families' spectacular escape from East Germany during the Cold War, "Balloon" is a big screen adventure set on the border of a divided nation.

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DW looks at other acrobatic attempts to flee the GDR. The German drama series Deutschland 83, which gained a global cult following, returns for a new season set three years later. Undercover spy Martin Rauch, who's been banished to Africa, is called back to the field. East Berlin was the center of power in communist East Germany, but it was also a city where subversive currents thrived. The exhibition "East Berlin. Half a Capital" looks at everyday life in the s and 80s. It was the most famous fashion magazine in the GDR. An exhibition in Berlin shows how the imagery in "Sibylle" subtly reflected the evolution of the political system until it failed in For the 25th International Trabant Meeting, fans of the cult car traveled to Germany from all across Europe.

Der totale Rausch: Drogen im Dritten Reich

A comprehensive collection of movie posters created in East Germany from to shows that graphic designers in the former East Germany retained greater creative freedom than those in the West. The Story of Food in Photography," celebrates the idea that we are what we eat. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that sparked the gay pride movement. Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" remains a children's classic 50 years after it was published. Berlin is considered the mecca of free, untamed techno. But for how long?

The clubs are taking a beating from big investors, gentrification and techno tourists.

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Politicians appear powerless to stop it. Here are some of the favorites. Who is YOUR favourite? More info OK. Wrong language?

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Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Lifestyle Rediscover East Germany's top fashion magazine, 'Sibylle' An exhibition in Berlin showcases "Sibylle," an East German fashion and culture magazine that for decades offered women in the communist state more than dress patterns. Showcasing East Germany's best photographers When working for Sibylle in the s, Arno Fischer brought the models out of the studios and onto the streets of Berlin.

Lounging in a cafe in Budapest in The East German working woman was featured in many articles over the years. Stasi's pervasive footprint across two Berlins revealed In the former prison where the East German secret police locked up dissidents, a museum has painstakingly mapped the vast web of locations through which the Stasi carried out social control — and planned coups.