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American Institute of Musicology. Shop Greenway Music Press. Custom Hymnals. Sing A New Song. Email Sign-up. For Editors and Authors. About Permissions and Rental Parts. Catalogs PDF. Frequently Asked Questions. Click for samples. German Opera Arias for Baritone and Piano. Add to Cart. Abstract Contents The arias in this collection are taken from selected German operas of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

From Claudine von Villa Bella Please fill out the following form and a representative will contact you regarding your inquery. Close Submit Request. Help Privacy Policy. Facebook Email. It sounded distant, as if someone was calling to him from across a tunnel. However, the voice was familiar. It was a warship. Get back in formation. A sentiment of raw anger shot through him as he drops his headset to the ground.

The whole bridge froze and stared at him. His fury starts to bleed away, being replaced with a raw emptiness. He could picture it now, him commanding a whole squadron of Strikers over the skies of Teiwaz, his home world. Instead here he was, crammed inside of a tin can which he was tasked with repairing. These ships were not designed with a pilot in mind. Hermann snorted. He chuckled.

It was here that he could do the most good. Outside another volley was fired from his ship, the whole structure shuddering ever so slightly. The guns were powerful but they relied upon a large frame to absorb their recoil.

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This meant that the ship barely even registered each shot. Hermann nodded. Tires, tin cans, machines. There was the hum of batteries, the sputtering of engines and the constant clattering of boots. All of which provided abundant background noise. Suddenly the ship began to move towards the shipyard.

He was exactly the opposite of what someone would expect. The voice was soft, but the tone harsh. How about on your end? Part 2The hull of the heavy cruiser Schwarzer Prinz had been laid twelve years ago in the shipyard of Teiwaz. She was a respectable ship, but also one whose age showed. Still, she was the pride and joy of her captain. He was now an old war dog with more grey in his hair than black. To be honest, there could be a pretty accurate parallel drawn between himself and his ship.

Both were antiques of a bygone era and probably should have faded into a peaceful retirement. Yet, here they both were on the frontlines of a war. He looked over. The only thing that is clear is that they're heading towards us. She may have being younger that the other members of the bridge, but in these times, any kind of help was very much welcome in his ship.

The Kriegsmarine was stretched too thin to risk sending them anything larger than that. Clearly, everyone in the bridge knew this because of the dreadful silence that overtook them. A slender man who was maybe a decade younger than himself. Commander Volkmar didn't even bother to snap off a salute as he rushed to his station.

A switch was flicked and the entire ship went to red alert. The people who were on the deck frantically ran about, heading towards their stations. It wouldn't be long before every gun, marine, fire team, and repair crew was properly manned. In the distance, a light flashed, followed soon after by two more. Seconds ticked by, feeling like hours as an oppressive tension settled amongst them. The first energy beam landed, hitting the frontal shields of the ship, while each of the other energy beams missed their target. Captain Wolf gritted his teeth.

It would seem like the Geschickt had somehow managed to fire before him. This was truly a mark against his honor. Seconds later a burst of energy was shot from the turrets of his ship. At this range, accuracy had more to do with how good the targeting systems were and how skillful the gunners are; of course, luck should not be taken out of the equation either. Especially when a ship was moving as fast as his was. Therefore, he was by no means surprised when all his and Hubert's rounds failed to hit their targets. Lieutenant Diana looked to him. He wants us to try and outrun the enemy.

Half the ships here can barely go half our speed. Part 1Stahltor was under siege. The proud frontier planet laid shattered, black plumes of smoke billowing from its ruins which, mere weeks ago, were filled with skyscrapers. Now there was nothing more than ruins. The landscapes, which at its peak, had been a beautiful sight for tourists and locals, had been turned into a wasteland filled with craters. And yet, the planet stood defiant.

Armed Dragon LV7

It may have been surrounded by a massive talaran fleet, but still she remained free. On no man's land they had marked each meter of surrendered terrain with talaran blood. When no man's land gave way to suburbs, the fighting had only grown in intensity. Combat had been fought on a street by street basis, and then from building to building.

Now, as they were threatened with complete annihilation, each room became a fortress and each ruin became a bloodbath in the grand scheme of the siege. Admiral Hubert Koch watched this atrocity in one of many holo-screens from his quarters of his flagship. He was currently getting away from this hellscape as fast as his convoy could muster.

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The convoy he was escorting was vital for the defense of Stahltor. It kept a constant supply of munition, food, and medicine flowing into the planet while evacuating what remained of its civilian and citizen population. His resources to achieve this were by no means ideal. Apart from the two heavy cruisers that the planet already had, he only had a dozen destroyers, a few light cruisers and his flagship, the battlecruiser Geschickt. While all of these had, at one point, been at the peak of naval technology, they were now antiques which were more than two decades out of date.

However, they were antiques with cannons, torpedoes, and anti-ship missiles, providing just enough firepower to keep hostile intentions at bay. A service which he took special care in providing. After all, each ship in his convoy was stuffed to the brim with refugees. The ships he was escorting were an even more ragtag bunch. Apart from the few actual military transports, most of the ships were civilian vessels, merchant ships and even mining ships had been press into service. Hubert stood up from his chair and began to walk out of his room into the corridors of the ship.

He knew what was coming, in any moment now; a red alert would come up. The air itself seemed to hold this suffocating tension. One little mistake and a torpedo was likely to plow into one of his ships. One little mistake and another thousand Imperials would become a statistic in the news. Hubert had never thought of himself as fit for service. Sure, he had been educated at the Valhalla Royal Navy Academy but back then there was never a chance that anyone could declare war on the empire. It was merely the duty of a man of his status to do his time in the academy, maybe serve his four years commanding an escort ship in the home sector, and then return to his citizen life with a new degree of prestige.

And yet here he was, called up to serve as an admiral for some third-rate fleet, tasked with protecting literally tens of thousands of lives. Fate could be a funny thing at times. He made his way heading towards the bridge. When he entered, the room was a buzzing with activity. Junior officers moved about their stations, instruments were studied and messages relayed. Hubert stopped before a holo-map in the center of the room, studying it. A line of blue ships marked his formation in the hologram. Currently there were only a few red ships present. His communications officer nodded. It wouldn't be long before the whole damned pack is before us.

His best option was to break off a portion of his fleet and try to scare them off. However, that would only leave an opening for other, cloaked, raider to slip through and exploit. It was a lose-lose proposition. Hubert looked to his communications officer. I want them to start dropping mines. Before his eyes he could see two of his ships beginning to lag behind. It was just another day in the navy.

It was thought that a ship this old and designed with a specific military doctrine in mind would not be able to hold her own on a head to head battle. These notions were left absolutely shattered when the warship performed her duties with exception, becoming known as one of the most effective vessels in the entire Kriegsmarine.

However, the warship faced her greatest challenge, when she and her task force encountered a fleet of Talaran vessels near Stahltor. A fleet which held the potential of exterminating the entire population of the planet that the Schwarzer Prinz was tasked to defend. This story follows the point of view of three separate figures involved in this skirmish; an admiral unsure of his command, a captain in desire of glory, and a mechanic disillusioned with his life in the navy The empire has faced many recent threats and prevailed with the power of its navy and armies.

However, in these changing times, Drachen Rot as to change tactics, now overextended, the fate of the empire no longer rests upon the shoulders of its armies, but politics, new military doctrines and superweapons. Drachen Rot now finds itself in a new situation with foes not only at its borders but among their numbers as well.

How will the empire approach the troubling times ahead? WarTales: Homecoming. A mountain of a man in a tightly-pressed uniform stands before me, occupying the whole center aisle of the car. Despite his size, he's insultingly young.

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You don't say! As if. We were sent to Alsergrund to help on its liberation. A pair of soldier murmur hushedly behind me, dragging their bags alongside them. My tour's over. Just look at her! The poor thing is exhausted. She'll be going back in a month, perhaps less. She doesn't want to be disturbed. But I'm making us sit here. Maybe it'll convince you to be a man for once.

Where in the Abyss were you earlier? Check it out! Fucking idiot. I'm a citizen now. Just now! These are my best pals from back home. What's your name? I nod.

Dragon Age Inquisition #59 - ERSTER DRACHE: Fereldischer Frostrücken (Let's Play German Deutsch)

I shrug. I squint at him. He winces, but hides it with a tittering smile. High Colonel heartbreaker? And the first soldier he hears so much as whispering that nickname will undoubtedly find himself digging trenches for a solid month. Our base was situated in a location where blizzards were common, and raiding parties were a constant problem. Unfortunately, that wasn't the worst part, the worst part came when we were called to escort supplies to the front lines.

As you can see everything is running smoothly, and you had a part to play in all of that. Before that, I was working at the ministry of moral just like my father before me. So, I fell into family tradition. I quit my job at the ministry; I closed my house, traveled to the capital one last time and haven't looked back since. And by that, I mean that they talk while I mostly listen and nod. Their stories and jokes make a soft soundtrack to the world streaking by my window. It feels like centuries since I've seen the earth this green It's wet, miserable and rainy. I can scarcely see the sunbeams through the thick gray clouds above.

Somehow, it doesn't seem to matter.

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The sky is in tearful release. I stare at it until I almost feel something. The train rattles, forcing a gasp out of Georg's mouth, jarring me back to the conversation that I'm supposedly taking part in. It's not just us four morons getting leaved! He clenches his jaw. All of the Burnell Family will be ready to swoop me up in their arms! Finally, a brother in arms who appreciates the work I've done for this empire!

And my sister, I guess. I gave up on that nurse an hour ago! You are going back on tour sooner than later. You won't have much time together. Face it. She'd think I'm just a freak. That's sooooo reassuring," Georg moans. Kelby shrugs. It's like one fucking thing after another each month!

We share an infectious laugh between us, and somehow the conversation melts into something else entirely.

Augmented Drachen Mail

Georg starts talking about his dad's business. For such a boring topic, he sets it all on fire with the enthusiasm brimming in his amber eyes. Kelby brings up degree programs with the imperial academy of this planet, about how he's laying out his plans to excel in architectural engineering. That's Izaak' cue to bring things back down to a simple level, and suddenly these three guys are talking about agriculture in one cohesive voice.

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Kelby and Georg get into a brief argument about the proper way to plant corn, and suddenly the topic bleeds into irrigation and seasonal planting. I've never seen a group of people so insanely passionate over farming Between the spaces of their words, I hear the rattle of the train, reminding me where we're all headed, and for the first time since I left, my insides chill over. Not on the front, not a base transfer Izaak points at him.

You're staying for the course! Georg and I will be sent back out to duty! He smirks my way. You happy to stretch your legs on your lonesome from now on? I wonder why, until I realize that I'm tracing the swishing blades of a windmill. The windmill. My lips purse and I feel a breath escape me. Thankfully, it's Izaak who says it out loud instead. Izaak's eyes are immediately glossy.

Georg's arms are trembling, and even Kelby's looks worried. Suddenly the train wheels squeal. We lurch and lurch until the train is in full stop. I feel heartbeats through the floor of the train car. At least three of them. I am so out of here! Now let's bail! How about it, Adal? He smiles.

Our families should be right outside this instant! With my bags on my hands, I run out to follow them. When I step out onto the rain, the moist smell of fresh rain is pungent in the air. I feel like I've been gone from my true post for too long. But once the fragrance of the soil and tilled earth reaches my nose from beyond, I'm reminded as to why.

The air haunts me with each breath. I stumble on my numb feets, piercing the steamy mists of the train and its engine. All I hear are the shouts and squeals of people both young and old. All around me, families reunite with long lost souls dripping one by one out of the train like blood drops. He focuses on a slender spot in the distance. Don't ruin the moment! It's like a monsoon made love to this place. I can't remember! Your boy's back in town to see ya!

Beneath a shadowy overhang, a familiar nurse in a familiar uniform is leaping tearfully in the embrace of a not so familiar guard. I watch as a smile turns into a grimace and then melts right back into a grin. His bag flaps behind him like a windsock as he runs across the platform at full speed. His charge ends on a dime just milliseconds before he might tackle a middle aged woman. He hugs her, surrendering to her embrace with giggling little sobs.