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Jules , D'Auriac, J. Thomas William en. David, William K. Volume 1 of 2. Volume 2 of 2. Davis, Esq. Georgina A. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi; delivered during the summer of English as Author Davis, J. Lawrence Herbert See: Lawrence, D. David Herbert , Davison, Robert J. English as Illustrator The Girls of St.

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Time, B. English as Author "God Wills It! Susanne Rouviere , ? July, Part 3. Deane, David J. By which the meanest capacity may perform the whole without the help of a teacher. Together with the Use of all the Instruments belonging thereto. John L. Alcide See: Beauchesne, A. Henri Louis See: Beaufort, H. Tjitze J. See: Boer, T.

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Ausone See: Chancel, A. Hector St. John See: St. Richard Savage Who was Condemn'd with Mr. From the Year to the Year An Essay. Henry See: Graffigny, H. Douwes See: Douwes Dekker, E. English as Author A Primer of the Art of Illumination for the Use of Beginners With a rudimentary treatise on the art, practical directions for its exercise, and examples taken from illuminated mss.

Lucy Ann , ? Pasture, Henry De La, Mrs. See: Lemos, Pedro J. Spanish as Author De Liefde, J. Jacob B. See: Liefde, J. George S. English as Translator Walladmor, Vol. Edward G. Smith en. Gailly See: Gailly de Taurines, Ch. Willem See: Veer, W. Adelaide de Vendel Deveneau, Margaret H. English as Translator De Vere, M. A bilinguall production brought to life through physical theatre and puppetry. Free and open to the public. Time: PM Harland Cinema. Immediately following the performance, the actors will be hosting a directed reading workshop at pm.

The performance is open to the public but it is asked that interested participants RSVP for the directed reading workshop as space is limited: to Margaret Keneman, mkenema emory. Both the film and discussion will be in French. Please join us for refreshements in the White Hall Lobby before the presentation. April 19 A discussion with faculty members and students interested in his work from various graduate and undergraduate programs.

In French. Time: pm Location: C Callaway Center.

See below for parking and directions to White Hall. Denis will introduce a screening of her most recent film, "White Material" White Hall PM. For additional information about the programs, write to ahall03 emory. You can also access this Deck by driving through the Emory main entrance at the Haygood-Hopkins Gates, and bearing left at the roundabout. Directions to White Hall: From the Oxford Road Deck, take the elevator or stairs to Level 3, exit the building, walk across the plaza and up the stairs between the B. Jones Building and the Mathematics and Science Center; at the top of the stairs turn left, walk a few yards, and cross the street Dowman Drive to enter White Hall.

There will be ample signage. In four episodes, drawn from historic texts and folktales of the Umbrian countryside, Pirovano embodies a range of characters from 13c. Italy including popes and cardinals, dukes and duchesses, soldiers, traders, and, most importantly, the humble and passionate Saint Francis of Assisi himself. October 29, C Callaway Memorial Center pm. This presentation will go across translation, postcolonial and trauma studies, francophone and anglophone. A handout will be provided for the quotations in French, with a translation. Une histoire de nos oreilles.

He is the author of Prosthesis , Matchbook , and Dorsality , and he is currently completing a book dealing with forms of life that could be called artificial or inanimate. Politics and aesthetics, he argues, are inextricably linked to each other. Both arts and politics redistribute each in their own way what can be seen, said, and done. Poster Please feel free to download and distribute. You can also access this Deck by driving through the Emory main entrance at the Haygood-Hopkins Gates , and bearing left at the roundabout.

From the Oxford Road Deck, it is a short distance: walk through the plaza and up the stairs between the B.

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Jones Building and the Mathematics and Science Center. Walk across Dowman Drive, turn left on the sidewalk, and White Hall is almost directly on your right. There is something almost mythical about this scene, in the ways in which it seems to have existed before it was ever written, and the ways it continues to expand through the volume of critical attention it has received.

Most notably, its smell and her pilosity constantly evoke that part of the body we do not see. But surprisingly, through the smallest of details printed on her skin, through a beauty mark actually, portions of her genitalia, albeit displaced, do begin to appear.

The power of vulnerability - Brené Brown

Preux and Julie, attempts to describe the young couple's relationship. The analogy he chooses compares them to the extremely rare, almost theoretical, perfect print of an engraving. Interposed between constrained and silenced bodies, objects often initiate a secret relay between subjects and speak when one cannot. In turn, subjects often take possession of an object in order to decipher and mobilize their relation to others. This presentation aims to explore how this kind of integrated approach to foreign language instruction influences the learning of grammar in the elementary-level French college classroom setting.

FERA is also dedicated to promoting and to supporting artistic and academic functions that take place in and around Atlanta. Please see poster for participants and paper topics. She will also address her own position as female Algerian Francophone author. This competition is open to all undergraduate students studying French at Emory. Awards will be presented for the best essays written in French in two categories: students enrolled in beginning level French classes, and advanced students enrolled in upper lever French classes. All essays must be original.

We are also dedicated to promoting and to supporting artistic and academic functions that take place in and around Atlanta. Events are sponsored by the Graduate Student Council. Callaway From the War Memoirs to A Memoir of the Future, we intend to follow Wilfred Bion's personal path from the experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to the articulation of theoretical and practical formulas capable of opening the field of trauma and madness to the psychoanalytic transference and its handling.

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Both Bion and Cervantes developed a theory of madness after experiencing war traumas. White Hall Trauma -- war traumas or domestic traumas -- can be defined by betrayal: one is betrayed either by those in position of command see Jonathan Shay Achilles in Vietnam or by one's people. All trustworthy otherness is in jeopardy, a condition that fosters the destruction of the dimension of the subject.

As an outcome, psychotic symptoms develop as an attempt to fight distorted perverse social links. Examples will be taken from our clinical practice to show how one can get out of this dead-end. A forthcoming book Stock on Don Quixote is devoted to this question: A bon entendeur, salut!

D'Abbadie, Arnauld

In addition, Monsieur Boulay will be the driving force for a series of readings, screenings, roundtable discussions, and opportunities for on-stage participation--all open to actors, students, faculty, and members of the public. The workshop is open to students, faculty, artists, and members of the public wishing to work on stage to understand the fundamentals of theater from a French perspective.

No acting experience required. Dates: Monday Feb. For more information on the 3-day theater workshop, click here. For a schedule of the entire 10 day event, click here. Please address all questions to Amin Erfani at aerfani emory. See article in Emory Report. Using poetic language, he tells the story of his friend's origins, his own, their adventures, and their view of humanity, while engaging in a heated discussion with his creator. Click here for poster PDF. Lecture, "Surrealist Ghostliness. Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

Friday, lunch with graduate students. His first album at 21 was with the legendary band, Mighty Flames. Deluxe hand-numbered edition, limited to , includes a bonus track never released on vinyl before! Each record comes with an insert that includes exclusive pictures and very detailed biographies in both English and French languages, an HQ Digital Download Card and a A2 format 40 x 60cm poster! Limited edition, high quality remastered sound, includes a very detailed biography in both English and French languages with exclusive pictures for a better comprehension of the work of the musician, and a voucher to download the album in a HQ digital format.

During this 10 years period, Wakhevitch was close to Jean-Michel Jarre, the Pink Floyd, the Soft-Machine, and legendary choreographer Maurice Bejart having with him many conversations around dance and music, human body and soul, spiritual path, collective life, new society, human evolution. After spending almost 30 years in India, Igor Wakhevitch dug in his archives this unreleased work recorded in A must!

On the A side, the rising Sicilian producer Clafrica - based in Edinburgh - delivers 2 top notch bangers, that your mums will def move their heads on. Trax and gets out of his comfort zone, offering a Rave gem that might blow your speakers. The B2 rounds off the vibe of this EP with acid flavors: the German producer Colkin composed this track while living in Paris. Def a wax to have on your shelves! New roads and new stories, to a same destination: the land of perpetual dance.

Now sold-out for quite a while and still on demand, The Empire Strikes Back is finally reissued. Uptown Funk Empire is an exciting and ambitious project, worthy of its name. Beware, The Empire Strikes Back and is kicking For this new 12inch release, Yan Tregger has done us the honor of reworking two unpublished tracks from the M. T project.

You will have a bliss listening to two originals tracks, slightly transformed, and two reworks that will make you travel through Balearic and Dub atmospheres, preserving to the maximum the soul of the original grooves. This second volume still focus on the Britfunk genre - or British Jazz-Funk - mainly produced in London between the end of the seventies and the eighties. Parisian DJ, activist and producer Saint-James has again selected the most exciting, rare and powerful tracks from that era Almost four decades later on these powerful tracks are again ready to burn up dancefloors.

The compilation features an insert with pictures and a few more words about the selection. The compilation is also available as digital download and CD along with Volume 1. It is a unique sound, an original recipe, using French wordplay with a universal message. With massive support from national radios and prestigious international DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Aimez ces airs could be one of the Top funky albums of ! Limited press on a deluxe double vinyl cover designed by the artist Felix, mastered by Dj Vas. She began her career in the 70s, and was the girlfriend of genius composer Michel Berger.

One Day, during a recording session in Paris, she left the studio pretending to go buy cigarettes, but never came back Music in Twelve Parts is a set of twelve pieces written between and This performance in France includes part 1, 2, 3, 11 and 12 on a double LP. Also included a very rare Philip Glass interview from in his NYC loft during the rehearsals of this piece, produced for the French radio by Daniel Caux - musicologist and co-founder of Shandar Records. Guadeloupe The song will gain cult status from then on. Max self-releases his first solo album on vinyl in , enrolling some of the best musicians the scene has to offer.

In a new solo album follows. By then computers have arrived and the sound has gone full-on digital. Reducing Max Rambhojan to a zouk artist would be a mistake. Secousse and Hot Mule are proud to present those 4 lost gems on wax and digital, carefully restored and remastered. Soul Power is the result. A real tool for house and techno DJ's to pump the energy to the top. This techno track is a trip in the urban jungle, when the city sounds are coming out of nowhere, the melody of the steel tongue drum live played by DJ GSD is bringing the human vibration to heal the soul. Since the collective of Parisian partygoers, Pardonnez-Nous , have decided to launch their own label.

Just like their parties, their goal is to shine a light on dancing music. For its 1st release, the label strike hard and unearthed a quite surprising hidden track by one of the most famous band from the French Islands. Amongst all those classics one stands out: A. A mix not released, which remained relatively unknown up to this point. Marrrtin is back on vinyl with some new and some unreleased tracks on vinyl before.

If you don't know "Tango Hustle", you have to know it!!! Marrrtin took time to totally replay it, cause it's one of his favorite funk track EVER!!!!! On B side 2 two b-boys tracks never released on vinyl. Favorite Recording s and Charles Maurice proudly present the 4th edition of the AOR Global Sounds compilations series: 14 rare and hidden tracks, produced between and in various parts of the world. In this 4th volume, he selected again highly forgotten productions, deeply infused with Disco and Soul flavors.