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It means rather that the Father has allowed Him to be tormented. His divine nature and His human nature were never separated for a single moment or a wink of the eye. That is what we firmly believe in and what we recite in the Holy Mass If ever His divine nature deserted Him, His redemption could never have been considered as infinite, rendering infinite salvation, capable of atoning for the sins of all humanity throughout the ages.

Thus, there was no rupture between His divine and human nature. As for His relationship with the Father, the Father did not forsake Him. What is the meaning then of, "Why have You forsaken Me? That goes for the 43 emotional torment He underwent.

“Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?”

As for the physical pain; God allowed that He should suffer physically though God, in His omnipotence, could have made Him insensible to pain. But, if that had happened, the Crucifixion would have been null and void - for pain would never have been experienced and consequently, no penalty has been inflicted, no acquittal effected and no redemption accomplished Thus, the Father allowed that the Son should suffer, and the Son accepted that ordinance and was also afflicted by it.

In fact Christ came to the world for that particular reason.. It was a rupture that both parties preconceived and agreed to God allowed that Jesus should suffer, sacrifice Himself and be tortured but did not break away from Him It was not a separation but rather a dispensation. An example that may make the meaning easy to grasp: Suppose a parent accompanied his child to the hospital for an operation, let us say for the removal of an abscess; that the parent was holding the child's hand while the surgeon went on with his incision.

What people are talking about . . .

The child would then start to cry and plead with his father not to let that happen to him saying to him, "Why did you forsake me? This incident, I would say, demonstrates how that could be considered abandonment without actual severance of ties.

Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani? | Benighted in Sodom

The word "Forsaken " means that the torment of Crucifixion was actual and that God's wrath was excruciating The act of abandonment was the climax of all torment on the Cross; all torment of redemption Here Christ resembles a burnt sacrifice. An offering to God for the atonement of sin - to be consumed by the divine fire until it turns to ashes and satisfies fully the Divine Justice.. A great number of theologians do believe that the Lord when saying, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me" was reminding the Jews of the Twenty-second Psalm which starts with the same verse.

They were referred to as those who, Do not knowing the Scriptures Matt. So the Lord Christ chose to remind them of this particular Psalm. Actually the system of numbering the Psalms was not known to the Jews.

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They used to identify each Psalm by its opening verse, as it is the custom among the Egyptian monks nowadays What does this Psalm tell us about Jesus Christ? It is all evident that David the Prophet, who composed this Psalm, had nobody pierce his hands or feet. Nobody parted his garments or cast lots upon his vesture.

Eloi Eloi, lama sabakhtani

You will see also that the following has been said about Me: "A reproach of men, and despised of the people. All they, that see Me, laugh Me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying: He trusted in the Lord that He would deliver Him, let Him deliver Him, seeing He delighted in Him " Ps 6 8. To analyze this entire Psalm would require more space than we have It illustrates Christ's sufferings on the Cross. All that the Psalm described began to be realised. Thus, He was able to say shortly after: "It is finished.

Eloi, Eloi is moderately challenging to and suitable for most advanced high school symphonic bands, wind ensembles and small college bands. I had to write to tell you how powerfully the performance of Eloi, Eloi went yesterday. There was such resounding silence at the end. I had directors tell me that many people were in tears. The students in the ensemble were also moved greatly. It is really very stunning!

Bethlehem Kohhran Zaipawl - Eloi

Cramer, conductor. According to tradition Mark is said to have recorded the preaching of Peter. Greek linguists will be quick to observe that Mark is shorter than the other gospels and uses rapid, dramatic, almost graphic novel style to draw the reader in and whip him along for the ride. Drama is everywhere.

In keeping with this, scholars have observed that Mark uses a brand of thaumaturgical language — miracle-working language — in several places, for dramatic effect. To phrase it differently, Mark used a technique that is familiar to us from literature of his time. So which was it originally? This interesting suggestion runs into two problems. This is a topic for another time. Likewise these facts, coupled with our knowledge of Markan style and thaumaturgical miracle working language, suggest that Mark in fact presented Yeshua as speaking in Aramaic for his own stylistic purposes.

He did so rather than recording what Yeshua literally said verbatim as Matthew did.