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I would like to make some of my own on specific things that were are working on in school. I was wondering if you use a template for making these books and if so, if you would be willing to share it with me so I can create some of my own? I create them in MS Publisher using text boxes. You could do the same in Powerpoint or another similar program.

I do not recommend MS Word.


I pay a small fee for commercial use. I think this is what is happening anyways…. Do you want me to send you an e-mail giving you permission to print them? I LOVE your phonics readers. Do you have a qu- words book? Thanks for the great resources! Click on the brown link to get the blog post which tells about the set. Then scroll down to the bottom of the post, where you can download it. These books are amazing and wonderful. They help me a lot. I am a teacher from Malaysia. Your book are a great addition to our school in Turkey. I hope you get a lot of use out of them, Jordyn!

I am not getting from where I get the book to print. Hi Vineeta! If you want to get to the post to print a book, click on the brown link on this page. Then scroll down once you get to the post. Such an amazing resources to use at home. I also plan on using these to tutor a little girl. I love that each book focuses on a particular digraph allowing the child to achieve real success in learning to identify it within words. Thank you so much for making this freely available.

Thank you so much for providing such good materials to support emergent readers. It is very effective too! I tried to make some thing easy and simple to read like this for my son. Hi Laura! My students love your books and so do I. Hi Courtney! This set of books is complete, but I do hope to create separate printables for reinforcing beginning digraphs in the coming months.

Hi Rebecca! Tie 2. Lie 3. Pie 4.

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Cries 5. Spied 7. Fries 8.

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Tied 9. Dried They were made to use alongside the Reading the Alphabet […]. I absolutely love these books, particularly because of their large text. A […]. Theses both will set your child up for success in reading past these […]. These will both set your child up for success in reading past these […]. This page contains affiliate links. My phonics books Each phonics book is a collection of sentences highlighting a particular phonics pattern. Even the later sets do not advance too quickly, making these a great resource for early and struggling readers alike. These readers are designed to use by themselves or alongside Reading the Alphabet , a wonderful hands-on preschool reading curriculum that our family loves.

How to assemble Print the pages front to back, starting on page 2. Fit the pages together in their proper order. Get the books!

How to teach your child phonics | tips and tricks for parents

Set 1: -an, -at, -ap, -ab, -an, -ag, -ack Set 2: -ip, -it-, -ick, -ill, -ick, -id, -in Set 3: -op, -ock, -ot, -og, -ob Set 4: -ed, -ell, -en, -eck, -et Set 5: -ub, -ug, -un, -uck, -um Set 6: er, ar, ur, ir, or Set 7: Silent e Set 8: ee, oo. Set 9: ai, ay, igh, -y Set ea, oa, ow, ie Set ush, unch, ump, ust, ung, unk Set and, ash, amp, ang, atch, ank Set ind, ent, est, old, itch, ink, ing Set aw, all, oi, oy, ou, ue, ui, ew, dge, ow Set -s ,-es endings Set -ed, -ing suffixes Set Compound words Set Contractions Set VCCV words Set VCV words Set -el, -le, -er, -ar, -or Set -ie, -ey, -y Set -ture, -age, -on Set Prefixes and Suffixes.

Join , readers and get access to our exclusive subscriber library. It's free! Comments Thank you for all these books so invaluable for starter reading. I hope she enjoys them! These are the great books I could ever get. Thanks a ton. Keep up great work. God bless.

Hello, Noura! Hello, I just wanted to thank you so much for these books!!! These will be perfect for my son! Do you have digraph books? I love your printables! Hi Tracy! Thank so much for such wonderful materials. You are such a generous soul! So glad you and your students can use them, LaMareshia! Thank you very much sir. Your resources are very useful for me and my son. Thank you so much for such an amazing resource. This is just what my daughter needed:. Thanks again for all the wonderful books!

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Stay bless. I am sure this is gonna help my daughters a lot. Thank you so so much!! Could you please tell me how I can download all your magic books?

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  6. Hi Monica! Thank you so much for your good heart for people. You have done a great job. This is wonderful. In fact, you have a big heart. Thanks so much How can I get the books? Thank you so much, The students are going to love these! So glad to hear you and your students can use them, Courtney! These are so great! Hi Anna I am not getting from where I get the book to print. Well done, Anna! Let me know what you think! Trackbacks […] you plan on using this curriculum, you will want to check out these phonics books from The Measured Mom. Spread the word!

    Stay in touch! Subscribe by email! First Name E-Mail Address. Thank you so much for creating these. I had a question about purchasing the Bob books. I am not just not sure where to start. We are going through your curriculum for reviewing letter sounds and learning sight words. Can you maybe tell me what set of bob books I should buy? I would love to use your affiliate link to thank you for all you have given to your readers. This is certainly one of the best literacy websites ever in my opinion!

    Thank you for your kind words. How far are you through Reading the Alphabet now? I just now saw this reply! I must have missed in my email somehow. We are only on week 4 of your curriculum we are taking about a week and half to go through each one so I think i will go for set 1. Thanks for your advice! Knowing first hand all the time, work, and effort it takes to run a classroom, I appreciate all the more the extra time you ladies have taken to make these resources available to us.

    Thank you so very much!!! This answered a few prayers as to where to start with reading for my son and our homeschooling program. Thank you for sharing. All your hard work was worth it and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am homeschooling my daughter and am inspired by your work. My kids learned how to read with Bob Books and Starfall. I am so pleased to see some hands-on activities to compliment them. Thank you for your sweet comment. One of my main goals was hands-on when creating these.

    Glad to be used as an inspiration. My just turned 5 year old just started kindergarten. They are doing the letter of the week, but she also did that in Pre-K. I think it is a good review for her, but I she is showing more interest in learning to read on her own. You can also view all the free printables I offer for Elementary […]. I do not own them personally, but they sound […]. Be sure to click on the link under each image to download the pack for each […]. Most of these work well even without using the BOB […].

    They look so […].