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For a fourth consecutive day, in Spain, temperatures rose above 43C on Saturday, causing two people to die from heat-related complications.

On Thursday, three children on a school trip from the nearby town of Arles were taken to hospital suffering from heat exhaustion. He was taking no chances this weekend. Fire trucks were trundling around, soaking the pathways with water. Parts of the park with steep inclines were off-limits: no lions or bears today. France remains chastened by the memory of the heatwave, in which an estimated 15, people died.

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The preparations seemed to be working this weekend. The inpatient hall was quiet; there were more security guards for the ministerial visit outside. Canicule, or heatwave, warnings were ubiquitous last week. A hot wind, which felt like it bypassed the eyelids to begin desiccating the corneas directly, licked the streets. She offered lunch advice to a student.


Even the Jardin de la Fontaine, with its ornamental canals, offered little respite. Successive heatwaves with gaps of 2 days or less are considered part of the same event. Hobday, A.

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Summer marine heatwaves vs. Marine heatwaves can be caused by a whole range of factors, and not all factors are important for each event. The most common drivers of marine heatwaves include ocean currents which can build up areas of warm water and air-sea heat flux , or warming through the ocean surface from the atmosphere.

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How have marine heatwaves changed? The oceans are warming at an unprecedented rate. Sea surface temperatures have increased at a rate of nearly 0. This warming in turn increases the likelihood of marine heatwaves from occurring.

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While marine ecosystems have evolved within a certain coping range, and can adapt to conditions slightly outside that range, marine heatwaves manifest as extreme events that lead to ecosystem vulnerabilities. In a warmer climate we are more likely to experience these vulnerability-causing extremes:.

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC 5th assessment report projects that the global ocean will continue to warm well into the 21st century. The warming in the upper ocean is projected to be between 0. We can therefore expect a future continuation, and possibly acceleration, of the historic warming-driven changes in marine heatwaves.

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What sort of impacts will we see to marine biodiversity, and to our fisheries and aquaculture industries?