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The buildings were crumbling, the colors were fading and the rooms were mostly filled with emptiness, but — human nature abhorring a vacuum — the emptiness was alive with spicy dances, raucous songs, dirty and seditious jokes, impossible rumors Castro was being airlifted to Washington by his secret friends in the C. Nothing stood to reason in the island of easy curves.

Fidel — his fellow Cubans always referred to him by his first name, as if they were grown-up children grounded for almost 50 years by an all too immortal father — filled the emptiness with more slogans, and the very tourists and prostitutes he had come to power to scourge. Perhaps every revolution becomes an image of what it came to disrupt, as every rebellious son comes to resemble his father.

Certainly, Cuba under Fidel became a kind of looking glass in which everyone saw a reflection of his wishes or his fears.

Beginning of a revolutionary

As many others do over the years, Kennerly remembers a long discussion. So long that it would become difficult to take pictures of Castro. He would engage his brain before his lips started moving.

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He was deliberate. He definitely was a guy in control of his message.

Bodyguard reveals lifestyle of Fidel Castro - Newsnight archives

He knew he was a bigger-than-life character and he played it up. The photographer, who died in , described the scene in the book Regarding Heroes. I cannot play myself.

Fidel Castro: Inside Life in Cuba | Time

In , veteran conflict photographer Eddie Adams went to Cuba to photograph Castro for an interview appearing in Parade , the Sunday supplement. But two weeks passed with no Castro, so the reporter and Adams went back to New York. The photographer made his disdain clear before he boarded the flight home. In the days that followed, they were urged to return to Havana. Here, they are shown together. Castro walked up to the artwork, his back toward his guests.

How Fidel Castro rose to power and ruled Cuba for 5 decades

Castro then launched into a short tale about how the painting came to be situated there. Finding Home. The Influencers. Longevity Next Generation Leaders. Person of the Year. Space Top of the World.

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