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Angela Merkel’s journey from ‘Mädchen’ to ‘Mutti’

The next year, the physician Magnus Hirschfeld founded the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, the first gay-rights organization. In the nineteen-twenties, with gay films and pop songs in circulation, a mass movement seemed at hand. Why did all this happen in Germany? And why is the story not better known?


The towering legacy of German idealism and Romanticism, which helps to explain why the gay-rights movement took root in Germany, has itself become somewhat obscure, especially outside the German school system. And so we are surprised by the almost inevitable. Continue, continue! Afterward, fortified by punch, Manuela announces her love for one of her teachers, precipitating a scandal.

The episode suggests the degree to which the German cultural and intellectual tradition, particularly in the Romantic age, which stretched from Goethe and Schiller to Schopenhauer and Wagner, emboldened those who came to identify themselves as gay and lesbian. Close to the heart of the Romantic ethos was the idea that heroic individuals could attain the freedom to make their own laws, in defiance of society.

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Literary figures pursued a cult of friendship that bordered on the homoerotic, although most of the time the fervid talk of embraces and kisses remained just talk. Gay urges welled up across Europe during the Romantic era; France, in particular, became a haven, since statutes forbidding sodomy had disappeared from its books during the Revolutionary period, reflecting a distaste for law based on religious belief.

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The Germans, though, were singularly ready to utter the unspeakable. Encouraging signals from cultural giants were one thing, legal protections another. Edgar Hoover. His Department of Homosexuals, founded in , maintained a carefully annotated catalogue of Berliners who conformed to the type. The Inspector called them by their Christian names and summoned some of the most interesting among them to his table.

A week later, in a grim irony, this enigmatic protector killed himself—not on account of his homosexual associations but because he was exposed as having taken bribes from a millionaire banker accused of statutory rape.

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He felt certain that if homosexuality were understood as a biological inevitability then the prejudice against it would disappear. His scientific work blended research and advocacy to an uncomfortable degree, and some of his confederates employed suspect methodologies. Freud rejected the congenital hypothesis, believing homosexuality to be a mutation of childhood development. From May to September raumlaborberlin invites into a visionary inner city offshore- laboratory for collective, experimental learning, knowledge transfer and the formation of trans-disciplinary networks to challenge routines and habits of urban practices — the Floating University Berlin.

Situated in an unlikely pocket along a canal in Bruges—one of the few remaining industrial sites in the historical port city—the project reprograms and reactivates this factory area into a sphere of collective imagination, action, and transformation.

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The project evolves slowly over time: developed in collaboration with local youth, the House of Time enables them to work together to find solutions to social and community problems through discussions, experiments, and the act of living together. The project is part of the Bruges Triennial Liquid City, for the duration of which the place is open to all.

“das Mädchen” – why is it grammatically neutral?

Eine der Pollerfantasien wurde als Bronze realisiert und nutzbar gemacht. For the ten-day festival of the Museum Judengasse raumlaborberlin brought the kitchenmonument to Frankfurt am Main. Artistic production and the spaces available for this within the urban fabric have always played a valuable role in urbanization processes. Art City Lab takes Berlin as an example of such developments.

Barca today is a modern suburb of Torino without any significant attractions for the young people living there. The project aims at promoting youth creativity in a place where the conditions of young people are difficult.

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