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She raised the money in 3 weeks. Another woman, depressed after the suicide of her husband, came because a friend brought her. Whoever you are, wherever you are, regardless of the circumstances of your life today, if you are reading this and you hear the call or feel the pull, make a commitment to get into the room. Then, watch how the universe aligns itself to make your dreams a reality. If you are a woman who is ready to heal — — — if you are willing to do what is required to grow — — — if you know there is more for you to be, do and have in your life — — — start packing!

This is the most commonly asked question; unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer we can give you so we asked some participants how they would describe the experience. Here are some of the responses we received…. Bring an Open Mind. An Open Heart. And, a Willing Spirit. You Must Be Willing! You will be sent a list of all other materials required once you register.

The environment of our workshop is very casual. You should bring loose fitting comfortable clothing. Please wear light colored clothing. Also, we will conduct a mandatory exercise each morning. For that, you will need tennis shoes, sweat pants or workout clothing. All workshop participants are required and expected to participate in all sessions. The workshop begins on Friday with registration at pm, followed by dinner and the workshop.

We will end on Sunday between pm. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly and allow for travel time to and from the airport. Everyone is required to stay on campus. There is no special rate or discount for those who wish to commute. Workshop tuition includes the workshop, lodging, and meals. Neither partial nor full payments will be considered as registration for the workshop if we do not receive a completed Registration Form. All incomplete forms will be returned. Bolger Conference Center Newbridge Drive Potomac, MD All meals and lodging costs are included in the workshop registration fee.

Additional charges for a single room are also included. Take 95 South toward Washington, D. Exit Old Georgetown Road, turn right at the end of the ramp. Turn left on Democracy Boulevard. The Bolger Center is on the left-hand side, approximately 2 miles. I'm In!! Six years later, I was healed from my brokeness, restored and forgiving. I understand how to love others now and strive every day to walk in humility.

The workshop has help me to develop my spiritual practice and be in Alignment with God. A change has come over me. My life is not my own and I understand my purpose. I journal every day now, and pray throughout the day. Wonder Woman Graduate. I prayed for financial resources and. I was blessed with the money to attend Wonder Woman Weekend where I spent three days with God in the form of unconditional love, human connection and in the essence of my authentic self!

I learned how to access God at all times and stand in the fullness of my femininity claiming and expecting all that God has for me!

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This sacred and divine experience has forever changed my life! Do you ever long for a hugely profound spiritual experience? Maybe you have yearned to feel a divine presence and want to tap into all that power? When I was first told I was an Empath, a psychic, and spiritually gifted I thought the people who told me this were insane; even though I had experiences my entire life to prove otherwise. I was also annoyed when they told me the road to unlocking my spiritual potential was through meditation and connecting with universal source energy. Way too much work. Besides, I was busy. I discovered all the short cuts to unlock divine power.

These simple tips are gathered from my own experiences as well as those from two experts in the etheric realms who rely on the divine to serve and assist them in their work as healers, professional mediums, intuitives, and channelers. Thanks dearly. Declare Your Sacred Space. Declare a room, a corner, any space in your dwelling as sacred.

Keep it clutter free, tidy and clean.

- gathered in person & virtually -

This space is yours to connect, reflect, and get still. This is your bubble. Come here for insight and inspiration. Keep a few things in your space: incense, sage, Palo Santo, a cushion or meditation pillow, images of deities that best resonate with you, and art that reminds you of unconditional love and peace.

Some people use sound, such as singing bowls, to clear their space. Upon entering this area, a sound of some type could be the signal your nervous system needs to relax, wind down and fall easier into a state of meditation. Build an altar or shrine.

Get creative. The possibilities are endless when we consider who the altar is for; could be for deities, religions, ancestors, a departed pet, animals, your higher self, your child self, your inner genius, your guides or unseen friends. Sit in Quiet. I cannot tell you the gifts that will open up to you once you have mastered the art of meditation. Who would spend seven years of …. A cosmically arranged episode of two women in the midst of their Saturn return. Raquelle received a download to spontaneously ask Jordan Younger of the Balanced Blonde to share her insights, changes of perspective, ….

Allie interviews one of her dearest friends, Jade Alectra. A powerhouse yoga teacher, healer and empowered goddess who holds nothing back, and is not ….

London Divine Feminine Event - Grace Under Pressure with Arylo

Not only will you have an eternally joyous journey, but everything you have ever imagined will flow effortlessly into …. One of our most powerful episodes to date! Moments before this recording, Allie and Raquelle decided this podcast should be directed by the soul tribe.

10 Real Superpowers You Can Teach Yourself

Seems like the majority of the tribe, …. Seems impossible for us to deliberately attract what we want, right? Where's the proof? Raquelle breaks down the science behind LoA and our we consciously create our …. Jenna Zoe expands on the unique Human Design types to help the soul tribe discover more about our own genetic makeup. Who we all came here in to be, …. An episode dedicated to our 'anxious voices'. Because we all love her nuggets of mystic wisdom soul much On this episode, divine goddess, Emma Mildon, sips tea in her New Zealand ….

It's time to step into another dimension this episode, as highly celebrated spiritual medium and psychic, Bree Melanson, shares her nuggets of …. Making a declaration to …. Allie and Raquelle decided to spice things up, to invite the soul tribe into their lives more as the podcast evolves. A spontaneous recording with no notes.

And we get into topics that are most relevant and prominent at this time in our lives.

How the …. Hey YOMies! Jim Kwik was known as, "the boy with the broken brain" Jim is a world-class expert in memory, speed-reading, and optimal brain performance. He is the CEO and founder of Kwik …. The moonbeams shine on Allie Michelle as Raquelle asks her Qs from the soul tribe about her poetry book, 'Explorations of a Cosmic Soul' - releasing ….

We are honored to interview the highly celebrated astrologist, Debra Silverman for her cosmic wisdom. We're excited to bring you the mystic wisdom of one of our favorite authors and empowering Goddesses, Emma Mildon. We're grateful to have Koi Fresco back on the show to answer some of your meditation Qs. Hello, Merry holidays! Do crystals really work? So we brought on one of the top Hypnotherapist, James Borelli.

We must never fear the outcome of any experience, because if we …. Light shares with us the pivotal events …. You've heard Trevor Hall in yoga. Trevor chats with us about the healing power of writing music, finding his …. We felt called to spontaneously record this episode to invite you into our typical chats over coffee.

We discuss reclaiming your inner power, how your voice is the key to unlocking your limitless potential, letting go ….

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Koi Fresco is one of the leading spiritual educators in the social media. In this episode, Koi shares his wisdom on meditation, the ego, astral ….

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There is not one hero or savior in this world, it is all of us. We all hold within us the potential to change the world, but first we must come to …. You may know her as, the balanced blonde. Today we are ecstatic to chat with Jordan Younger, a well-renowned blogger and podcaster extraordinaire.

Letting go of unhealthy relationships How to deal with the grief of losing someone. In part one we get personal answering your Qs: How to maintain mindfulness with a busy lifestyle Our spiritual journeys Our yoga story Finding …. Jill Wintersteen, Spirit Daughter, is an incredible astrologist, spiritual leader, and writer. She is the intuitive mind behind Spirit Daughter, a ….

Grace Under Pressure UK

Kathy Eldon is a writer, motivational speaker, filmmaker, journalist, and creative activist. She is the founder of Creative Visions, a foundation for artists, dreamers, visionaries, and doers: activists who want to …. In our first episode, we get very personal Start listening. Is this your podcast? Episode description "Transform the world, by transforming yourself More Episodes.