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Tabletop Games. The Aether in Magic: The Gathering , the nothing-space between planes that only planeswalkers can navigate those without the planeswalker spark die really horrific deaths upon any exposure at all. It's also known as the Blind Eternities. The Eldrazi are apparently natives; their true forms reside there while they project physical bodies into the planes they devour.

It can be visited on purpose, but more often visitors arrive because dimension-traveling or teleportation magic failed. It's not particularly terrible by the standards of this trope: just a timeless, infinite expanse of silvery mist. In Planescape , it was rumoured to have spontaneously come into existence when a planar teleport malfunctioned midway through; in 4th edition, the Astral Sea is the realm of thought and the home of the gods' territories.

In Spelljammer , the Flow is an aether-like medium in which solar systems are suspended in enormous crystal spheres. It is filled with a luminous, massless substance named phlogiston after the old Greek theory. It's also full of things which are anathema to existence, who are just waiting for the chance to get out. Nobilis has the Lands Beyond Creation. From there arise the Excrucians , who venture into our world, seeking to end it, piece by piece. Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine used to have this being a spin-off of Nobilis , until the newly killed sun boiled the void, making it into the chaos-matter that now covers the majority of the world.

Exalted has the Well of Udr, a strange location where potential universes crash and grind against each other into nothingness, producing horrible things from beyond reality. It causes madness if you get too close to it without proper protection, and it produced the Great Contagion. However much later a true "Void" did appear in the form of an inter-dimensional space Takanuva got sent into thanks to a malfunctioning Mask of Dimensional Gates.

Video Games. Destroy them, and the true Expanse will be revealed - a barren plane of red soil, named specifically as the origin of all gods and demons. The Void in RuneScape , the emptiness between all other planes of existence, where everything is pure white and portals from it are known to spew out annoying pests that are only stopped by the Void Knights. The Abyss serves a similar role as linking various portals and dimensions, but is itself more of a Womb Level.

It first appears in Final Fantasy V and it or a very similar dimension have popped up in several games since. Dissidia Final Fantasy heavily implies the games of the series take place in the same multiverse with The Void acting as the space between worlds via which beings can travel between them, in turn implying it is indeed the same concept in each appearance. In Shadow of Destiny , there is a "place outside of time" where people are free from being erased from time due to paradox.

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Homunculus hangs out there and "rescues" Eike whenever he dies by dragging him there so he can try and undo his death. Xen from Half-Life is referred to as a "border world" by the scientists; it's mostly composed of asteroids floating in a void and is probably not a world unto itself but a place between proper dimensions.

The Void in League of Legends lore is actually home of a great many Eldritch Abominations dying to break through to the rest of reality. Several of these monsters are playable champions in the game. Two other champions, Malzahar and Kassadin, got their powers by embracing the Void, but while Malzahar works to bring the horrors into the world, Kassadin is trying to stop them.

In Dungeon Siege 3 , the Causeways are described by Odo as passing through "worlds that are forgetting to be". Needless to say it's a strange place and its mutable nature allows the Legion to travel thousands of miles within minutes, which is a great aid to military logistics. In the Warcraft cosmology, this is referred to as "The Great Dark Beyond" In World of Warcraft 's first expansion, you can even fly into it, and there's no reachable endpoint.

Of course, this is somewhat limited by your fatigue bar. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion is in the void between the knowable worlds. While Oblivion itself is said to be infinite, it contains the 16 known "planes" of Oblivion, each belonging to one of the Daedric Prices , as well as over 37, "pocket realities" and "chaos realms". In addition to the Daedric Princes, these planes and realms are home to all manner of lesser Daedra as well.

As the Daedra are the et'Ada "original spirits" who did not make any sacrifices to create Mundus, the mortal realm, they retain their Complete Immortality. While their physical bodies can be slain within Oblivion or manifested on Mundus , their spirits simply return to Oblivion to reform.

Of the Daedric Princes, Namira represents the Ancient Darkness , and is associated with all things revolting , decay , disfiguring diseases , and cannibalism. In Khajiiti mythology, she is known as Namiira and is associated with Lorkhan Lorkhaj. She is said to be a part of the Void which became self-aware after the birth of Lorkhaj. Her realm is also called the Scuttling Void, of which very little is known to mortals. Likewise, Nocturnal, the Daedric Prince of Darkness and the Night , who is also associated with Thieves and Luck, claims to be an aspect of the original Void itself.

This has earned her the title of "Ur-Dra" among the other Princes. Surrounding the totality of creation Oblivion, Mundus, and Aetherius, the realm of magic is the Void. The primordial forces of stasis and change , anthropomorphized as Anu and Padomay , respectively, were said to have come from the Void. Sithis, the embodiment of the force of chaos , is believed to be a representation of the Void. The Dark Brotherhood a combination assassin's guild and Religion of Evil worships Sithis, and their members claim to serve him in the Void after death.

Also, you sometimes fall into it, which is annoying. In Minecraft , anywhere above and below the spaces you can place blocks on the map is called The Void. Normally you can't get to the Void below the map because of "unbreakable" bedrock, but if you manage to find a gap in the bedrock, you'll find that the void is rather plain-looking, and that if you jump into it, you'll die within seconds. And once you go in, there's no way to leave.

Terraria Calamity has the Ceaseless Void boss, which is uniquely a living version of this. Created by the Devourer of Gods by accident while he was practicing dimension-jumping, the Ceaseless Void is a semi-sentient void between realities which is driven to absorb any life force in the vicinity , turning anything it absorbs into masses of life-draining Dark Energy.

It had to be contained in a super-durable cosmic steel shell for it to be stabilized, and if said shell is ever broken it could either dissolve or expand infinitely, turning the entire universe into a void between the worlds fortunately, when you kill it, it seems to be the former. This is implied to be the Dragon Age universe's equivalent of Hell , according to Chantry teaching; souls not called to the Maker's side wander here instead. Whether or not this is true is unclear.

It's most likely that Middens shows what happens to the lands that are absorbed by the Rift. While only being part of normal space, Mass Effect often references dark space, the open space between galaxies where there are no stars or planets or anything for millions of lightyears in any direction. It's also where the Reapers spend their time when not currently annihilating all advanced life in the galaxy.

The Time Eater from Sonic Generations is an Eldritch Abomination that erases timelines and dumps them perhaps literally into a white void outside of normal space-time. When the monster is defeated, the timelines return to their proper places while Classic Eggman and Modern Eggman are left stranded in the void. Convexity in Legend of Spyro.

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Designed as a prison for the Dark Master or perhaps was always there , serves pretty much as a Xen World. Stars and nebulae in the background, floating aliens that double as platforms, disconnected rock structures, and all circling around one central spire of light. The Void in Dishonored is a timeless dream realm which contains pieces of the normal world drifting in endless sky-blue absence and the home of the Outsider. Much suggests the Void has a consciousness of its own that observes and meddles in the physical world through as?

The Abyss in Super Robot Wars Z , a rupture in the dimensional boundary lines connecting the various worlds. Although it only opens at specific times and conditions, it allows safe passage between worlds with correct timing. Though there is a place called the Void in Lusternia , it's at the outer limits of existence, and no mortal can survive there; exiled Gods and more than a few omnicidal monsters roam through it. The actual role of the Void Between The Worlds is served by aetherspace, a vast and monster-infested gap between the known planes.

Players can navigate it with the help of aetherships. Myst has the Star Fissure which is claimed to be a passage between Ages. It looks just like outer space, but there is breathable oxygen, and instead of planets, black blobs moving through space represent the Ages. It's first seen in the opening of the original game where Atrus uses the Myst Linking Book, and he sends you through it after the Fissure is reopened in the Age of Riven, in the hopes that you'll be led back to Earth as the Myst book did to begin with. Chrono Trigger has The End of Time, a featureless black void that serves as an access point for the various time periods you visit.

The only features in the void are two small floating courtyards surrounded by a metal fence. Its only inhabitants are Gaspar, a survivor from the Kingdom of Zeal who was stranded in the End of Time when Lavos arose, and Spekkio, a shapeshifting creature that teaches the player characters magic. Imscared , due to being a Game Maker video game starring a sentient glitch, intentionally features several that would normally seem like walking outside the game, like the darkness where you confront HER after leaving the train. Most notably is White Face's room, which consists of White Face, a chair, and a noose.

It is cold, dark and seems to have no walls. In Tattered Weave , the eponymous tattered weave is a chaotic pink void of unreality that surrounds remnants of worlds that have managed to survive a multiversal Apocalypse How. Up until kith emerged from it mysteriously, anything or anyone that entered would simply be removed from existence. Even after the kith appeared, entering safely can only be done if one forms an alliance with a kith.

It's also how the Ascians are able to avoid truly being killed off when their physical bodies die. Reality in Awful Hospital is Outside all that is the Abyss. The prologue of Explorers of Souls takes place "somewhere in the void". The Mew silhouette, whilst travelling in it, finds a portal to the human world. The pantheon section in the website talks about it a bit more than the comic. Homestuck ; The Furthest Ring in a nutshell. Described by Feferi Peixes without using her typing quirk as "the infinite space which divides all sessions, completely unnavigable and unfathomable, untouched by the time or space of any universe in existence.

Its lords are our slumberbuddies now. In Sluggy Freelance , each dimension is surrounded by Timeless Space, which acts as a kind of buffer to keep the dimension from being damaged. Normally, these are not empty, but containing some geography and populated by people who ended up there by magic or time travel accidents, and who desperately fight against their personal time running out, since every object and living being carries an aura of time that slowly dwindles but can be strengthened by grouping up with others.

However, a crisis caused by a particular course of events more or less duplicated in different parallel dimensions because that's what their being parallel means in the future of the comic's timeline will involve abuse of interdimensional rift technology threatening the stability of the dimension where it's used — and turn the local Timeless Space into a true void of nothing that's in danger of collapsing and taking out the universe with it.

The White Space from Bob and George. It was not mentioned again, until the end of the Helmeted Author arc, when the Author sends himself, Fistandantilus , George and Proto Man there. When Fistandantilus is defeated, everyone returns to Mega Man Universe.

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He does find a way to entertain himself however Wily brings him back. It's actually possible that Fistandantilus possessed Bob during that time. In Nebula , the void is the light-years of empty space that surrounds every star system, and is what keeps the small groups of living beings all separate. Sun is the only one of the solar system who has any knowledge about it, describing it as a cold, empty void that he forbids them from venturing into, and it's inhabited by Black Hole, a malicious Humanoid Abomination who tries to lure people out to join her so that she can consume them.

Some of it is close enough to the Wheel to be a navigable, if mutable, Eldritch Location , where angels and devils exist unbound and strong-willed mortals can project shades ; the rest is formless nothingness that causes any traveler to flicker out of existence. He is able to escape when another time machine is used in a test with no actual date set to it that opens a portal to the void he's in.

Unfortunately, the test occurrs many years into the future where all of his friends are either elderly or dead, with the exception of Zeke. Web Originals. A Foundation researcher was trapped in it for almost six years, unable to die and his physical body slowly decaying, after a Freak Lab Accident. When his death was eventually coming close, another experiment by the Foundation created waves that sent half of his body back to the real world as a pile of rotting flesh and grey matter.

The other half left behind?

It stabilized again and he's still alive. SCP expands upon this further. This sort of void, or one that is somehow even further below it, is what lays underneath every last layer of reality, like a foundation. Strip away every last trace of existence, and it's what you get: a void so complete it doesn't even have shape or dimension.

The SCP in question is precisely that, a patch of complete non-existence where something once stood, and now it's just there. On its own, it's completely harmless. When humanity's tendency to make up patterns and things where there's nothing enters the equation, however, the patterns and things will gladly make matters worse. In The Gamer's Alliance , the Void, or the ghost paths, is a dimension located between other planes of reality which is populated by proto-elementals, revenants, some stray ghosts and other eldritch creatures.

The Sinlarine ghost whisperers and shamans have a native ability to access it and travel unhindered, but non-Sinlarine often have to use mind-altering substances like magic mushrooms to travel through the Void without going insane. While in the Void, the traveller can see spiritual, glowing representations of people and cities whose physical forms are located in the Land of the Living. Several characters have been lost to it since then, most notably after the Trial To End All Days, and others spat back out. In Receiver of Many ether appears to be a space between different worlds and places, ruled by Hecate.

Gods can travel through ether to move faster from place to place. Zoe's teleportation in Void Domain routes her through a frigid, dead-white nothingness that everyone but her finds extremely unsettling. By comparison, one of her students prefers a teleport spell that sucks her piece-by-piece through Hell. Western Animation. In this dimension, both ghosts and humans are powerless and anyone who finds themself in this dimension is trapped there forever.

The only known way to access this place is to make highly inaccurate calculations when trying to open a ghost portal. Shows up in the first season finale of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero as a consequence of the multiverse going out of balance. Presented as holes into a black void appearing in all worlds, growing until they suck in everything and extinguish all life. Squidward ends up in this in one episode of Spongebob Squarepants. At first he was actually happy since he could play his clarinet without being interrupted.

But eventually, even he was scared by the place and tried to escape. In Yellow Submarine , the Nowhere in which the Nowhere Man lives probably counts, until The Beatles start singing and it gets all psychedelic. The Quintessence Field in Voltron: Legendary Defender is a white void that exists between realities, filled with a potentially unlimited amount of Quintessence. Published first published July 14th More Details Original Title.

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  • Be the first to ask a question about The Space Between Worlds. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 18, L. Thomsen rated it really liked it. What a tragic misfortune. The choice Iltani is given is not really a choice at all and you completely feel for the three of characters as harsh rules and laws decide their fate.

    Space Between Worlds

    This is a great YA. I specifically enjoyed the second half and was a little 'What? So why not 5 stars? In truth I wanted it to blow me away and it didn't quite manage that, but I know that others would not hesitate to give this one full marks. Nov 04, Cyrene Olson rated it really liked it. Uncaged Review: This was an interesting take on Time Travel, and the tale of two friends that adventure into different times. Bridget loses her pendant, which helps her to get back to her time, and is stuck in time. But changing outcomes in the time travels, can affect their real time.

    I liked the friendship with the girls, this is book 2 in a series, and I think I would have gotten more out of the books if I had read the first, but it held up okay. Reviewed by Cyrene Jan 12, alice Tileston rated it it was amazing.

    Dawn DeDeaux: The Space Between Worlds | New Orleans Museum of Art

    Recieved free for review: Multiple Worlds or parallel universes? Whichever u believe or neither, this is a great read! Jaime Conrad has done it again with Bridget and Celena. This is a sequel to her first book "Lake Caerwych" so in order to fully understand this story, I highly suggest that you read "Lake Caerwych" first. In "The Space Between Worlds", Bridget and Celena return from Wales along with an artifact that could be worth not just a lot but worth many lives.

    They try to keep them away from Paul, the mysterious man who was helpful in the first book but As they try to keep their celebrity statuses at a low profile, they try to use their knowledge of Wales not only to their advantage but to aide people in the best way they can. But the friendship between the two women may not last once one of them realizes that there's a connection between the other and Paul.

    There is a third book in this series and I know that it will be just as good as the first two. When you have two great books, how can the third one be bad? I know that anything is possible but not in this case; where you have the imagination of J. Conrad involved. This sequel to the book Lake Caerwych is a continuation of the adventures of Bridget and Celena.

    The curator from the Welsh museum lets Bridget know that the chests they turned in had many valuable things but there was one box that held nothing besides a piece of common shale. As the two protagonists discover more of their inherited power and past life history a vengeful being from the past keeps them on their toes.

    All the stress leads to a journey even This sequel to the book Lake Caerwych is a continuation of the adventures of Bridget and Celena. All the stress leads to a journey even further back than that of book one. The story is fast paced and fun even when for several chapters they live another life.

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    So far both books I have read in this series have entertained and been high quality products. The Space Between Worlds gets four stars out of five from me. Dawn Walker rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Colleen rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Paisley rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Laura Phillips rated it really liked it Jan 10, Beth Galloway rated it it was amazing May 27, Amanda Lawson rated it really liked it Aug 23, Joanna Mazurkiewicz rated it it was amazing Apr 27, Nina Jiron rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Kerry rated it it was amazing Aug 29, Erin Gunderson rated it liked it May 10,