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To break up with the indestructible girl I thought I was. We started staying at the Villa Carlotta , she and I. A beautiful building in Hollywood, a hotel with a magical history, where artists have been taking refuge for ages. From here, I can see the city stretching out in front of me, immense and flat. And very far in the distance, the ocean, the West. My house. My house, so far away but so near to my heart, which after being demolished inside, is now starting to take shape again and come back to life. In a few weeks, it will be finished, clean and bright. Far from home, the little things become huge and make me feel at home.

Things like my dog Lulu sleeping next to me. A Sex and the City marathon. A conversation with a friend. Rereading a passage from Sagan or Ephron. Ten minutes of meditation. A nice hot tea. Getting cozy in my bed, writing, and turning my life into a novel. Because I can count on life to keep giving me stories to write. Dear Garance, Wow! How precious all those little things that bring us comfort and help us to feel at home in ourselves.

Ah Garance, your essays are so satisfying, uplifting, relatable, inspiring. Thank you, thank you. Quelle transformation, disparaitre pour renaitre! Wish you blissful fulfillment! You have intelligence and talent but above all of this you have to be brave and face your emotions. I mean since now both venus and mercury are direct, things are going to flow better, but of course, only the things that are meant to stay will flow better.

A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice. Love your work and writing. Truly a joy to be a part of the Dore tribe here. Life is interesting. For awhile, I felt we were following a similar path — three years ago, I met a man sitting next to me at the theater in NY.

We clicked, fell in love, traveled back and forth for a couple years, got engaged in March, he moved in with me in SC in August and in late October, we got married.

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My house was originally my parents, I inherited it when my Mom died 9 years ago and over the years I had been transforming it from their house to mine, learning how to get rid of their furniture and artwork without feeling like I was betraying them. I want him to feel like this is our home, not just mine and as a result, things of mine have been sold, given away or put into storage. Please note, the noisy terrier is no longer with us. We now have an adorable but naughty look-alike named Charlie Parker. With a tender smile on my face, I appreciate and relate to how you feel alive and connected through that symbolism of yours.

No words can do justice to how many of us deeply understand what that means. Thank you for being a strong link to a global sisterhood. Merci Garance. Merci, merci… Je me sens tellement proche de tout ce que tu vis en ce moment que de te lire me mets en joie!!! Je ne devrais pas commenter en public.

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Je viens de relire un de tes textes. Mais pas toi, vraiment pas toi! Awww Garance : huggies! I feel the same sometimes. I think it is all right to be alone. It is all right to be happy and alone than be unhappy and in a relationship. Hang in there girl! Love you!! Life is complicated, interesting at times, annoying at times, painful at times but, also joyful at times. Enjoy your new home — for a home it will be complete with subtly nosey neighbors apparently! Have cozy blankets and always keep cool stuff in your refrigerator.

Find a florist! You def need a florist. That wine shop on Rose is pretty good too. Dog walker critical. Beautifully written as always Garance. I miss your posts and look forward to seeing more. Good luck with the reno. Best wishes for Christmas and for Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Garance!

Maybe you mean it figuratively when you say turning your life into a novel but I would really love to read it if you do write a novel! Je vous lis depuis environ. Oui oui! En Mais finalement tout comme vous je fais avec. Je fais avec! Ca fait partie de moi. Ca doit certainement exprimer quelque chose de moi? Vive les Late boomers!

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Bises FLorence. Bonjour Garance, Comme beaucoup je te suis depuis des lustres avec toujours autant de plaisir. Pourquoi vous quittez vous? It took a long time but now so many dreams came true! We are just getting in touch with contractors to open up walls and lighten the Victorian we bought in April. Please share more about your renovations in the future! I was so unhappy and thought we bought the wrong house until I realized we could bring our home into the 21st century while honoring the past, and make it work for us and look beautiful.

Hi Garance, It is beautifully written! Hope you and Lulu are well. Biggest hugs to you! Tina :. You actually kind of are my heroine. Reading about other people struggling too makes me feel less… weird? Thanks for your inspiring and beautiful blog posts! Thank you for this post. I enjoyed it! And of Lulu in the new house with new you! My daughter is 12 years old now and she is following you too. After so many years, I can say that reading your posts are for me one of the things that make me feel at home :.

Nous avons eu un coup de foudre. My husband and I moved in there right out of college, and kept our apartment as an office after we moved out — a total of 15 years of our history. A huge studio on the 4th floor, with views of the Hollywood hills, and the best people-watching on the side street below. The perfect place to be starving artists!! So many great milestones and memories, including umpteen parties on the roof and in the lobby and courtyard. Hugs and love!!! So beautiful! Wish you so much love, you deserve it!

I was gonna say: get out of there, darling Garance.!

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But if the city suits you.. Passa a trovarmi VeryFP. Bonne chance les filles! Pourquoi savoir avec qui on est en concurrence, cela fausse le jeu. Mon dieu, tu as si bien decrit la follie americaine. Merci Garance …. Garance, I love this post. As a 31 year old woman with a laundry list of awesomeness to her, you hit the nail on the head for not only the dating part but why this damn city produces so much anxiety. Merci beaucoup!! Surtout pour une femme. Et Encore plus quand on est de couleur aka pas causasien.

Il est mal vu de chercher un homme parfait et surtout riche. I find they are thwarted in France. I agreed with everything except for this, haha. Just because Brooks Brothers makes it does not mean you have to wear it! Not saying that the troubled, skinny-jeaned hipster dudes are much better, but at least I can stand to be in the same room as them.

Omg best comment ever, so funny, and from what i hear from my girlfriends, pretty true!!! But I do see a lot of other guys around. Dating in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta is even more complicated! Family matters the most! So confusing! Time to move to Paris. Or New York. Or get into some awkward dating tv shows. It really looks slightly sick to me — the whole dating thing — where are the emotions in there? Yep, I feel the same. This NY way sounds super strange and sad…maybe anyone that comes to NYC dreams big and these dreams include the personal life.

What you said is mostly true…. I appreciate that it is clearly your perception and experiences and even people you have spoken to… however, NY is a diverse place and I think if someone has not lived there this post would be scary for them….. For me? For me what you have described are folks who choose to be part of the rat race….

I have friends from billionaires to circumstantial public assisted…. I say this as someone who lives in Los Angeles and hears a lot of stereotypes about that city, like all the women are plastic, people are fake, health nuts, etc. While there is truth to that stereotype, it only applies to a segment of the city. I imagine the same is true for New York City.

Also, I met my husband in L. We met, hit it off and only dated each other. I can think of other couples who met and dated in the same way. The dating rituals you describe sound as if they apply to a select group of elite, social climbing New Yorkers. I agree. Garance, your post is awesome and perfectly reflects a lot of the things that are typical in certain social categories in NY and other big cities in the US.

However, I agree with the above. This is true in certain cliques, social categories, etc. Not all New Yorkers are like that. I never dated. I would just hit it off with a guy, or not. No particular ritual. Just like in France. Rest assured, not all Americans are as complicated as what you describe. Thank god! I was never bothered by this pressure. Oddly enough, I felt more pressure when I moved to Paris.

So, tu sum up, just stay true to yourself. Merci donc encore de temporiser tout cela. Chapeau bas! Comment les new-yorkais font pour rester serein. I have been dating my Parisian boyfriend for two years now and travel between Amsterdam and Paris almost every weekend. Nobody talks about the fact that she is accomplished having a great job in Paris as a woman seems to give you minus points in male eyes , fun and most importantly, makes their friend very happy. My conclusion: French men are just as demanding as all the others, the main difference is they absolutely refuse to do sports themselves and to quit smoking ….

Ahahahah : Okay this seems like a real personal thing, even though i find it pretty charming to eat croissants like there is no tomorrow!!! Un mot: Flippant! Surtout que je vais sur ma vingtaine 20 ans dans 10 jours!! The women must be especially wonderful, the men…they can be just fine. I am, however, fully in support of saying no to all of these things, as often as I can. I think it makes possible to play a lower stakes game, but it is as if you must insist.

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Not so easy, but perhaps a bit gentler on the soul. So many rules and labels; that is frustrating. I moved out of San Francisco for similar reasons, but things are a bit too free there, nobody seemed real.

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I feel like there must be a way — to enjoy the incredible life in NYC without getting tangled up in all these rules and expectations. There just has to be… in Brooklyn perhaps :. Cynicism is exactly wht we practice. I am from Hong kong. Ca devient dingue! Take it easy Garance! Life will take care of you if you stay authentic, loose and playful. This perfection obsession is quite scary though. Like what even are those criteria? Did someone test them or something? Such a weird thing this perfection myth. Garance for president!

Would there be this kind of writing in your book? But dating usually leads directly to relationship. OK, Garance! But this against your yearning for Paris post of yesterday made me feel something for you! And you know, you can bring drinks outside with you to enjoy- just put in a discreet container. Enjoy life wherever you are is the most important, and you are winning at that I believe. I was that woman you describe when I arrived in New York 17 years ago, although I never achieved that gym-rat perfection.

I have great friends, frequent little local restaurants and theaters, wear admittedly cool flats and enjoy a sea-salt chocolate much more than I ever did barre class! Au moins les new-yorkais annoncent la couleur, alors que nous, on est plus hypocrites, non? This is Garance at her best!

Thanks for putting an effort into equally honest and hilarious writing. So much truth in this! Just after reading the first line, I knew I was going to love this post. So I cozied up with my cup of coffee okay fine, frcking perfection-inducing green juice , and proceeded to read. My perfect single friends talk about this all the time — the pursuit of impossible thinness, the pressure to be married, the audacious moves of barely-passable NY guys!

Thank you thank you thank you for validating the impossibility of this lifestyle. I love the French mindset. Are you stuck with the merchandise?? Au secours!!! Excellent post Garance!! But man…it was an uphill battle and I still fight it everyday! When I lived in New York, the whole dating thing blew my mind. I expecially could not get over how normal it seemed for people to just randonly ask you out on the street or in a cafe.

I know people who live in NY and what you wrote in this post captures the big picture of what they have been telling me over the years. It must be hard coping with that pressure. Plus, it almost feels that relations are dehumanised. Remember to write us about how fashion week has changed, this year especially! I am looking forward to hearing about that! Also will you ever do a more detailed piece on your home Corsica, i remember seeing a really beautiful woman on your blog who was from there? I think you said you looked up to her when you was young on the island!

You always seem very emotional when you write about it though, so no pressure. Also can not wait for Pardon My French! Gonna have a cup of tea now and read some other posts! London Love not at all complicated — Nadia. Ah aha ha, merci beaucoup Garance!!! Like you, Garance. Je te souhaite de te trouver le mec le plus cool du monde mais le vrai cool pas le faux A post to make me smile and wince in equal measure. Garance, thank-you! It was a different time. We are more than all of this. Love your insight. Wonderfully TRUE post.

My very best friend fell in love in Paris with a French man and that is exactly how it played out. In my opinion, the French do everything right ;. I adore this post! It has to be worst in N. Y times worst but most of societies have an elite that can be like that. And we can always survive all the nonsense and even be happy there.

Just look for the right people, the ones with soul and rational thinking! Oh come on, Garance! Plus, who wants to be with a guy or be friends with a girl that needs you to fulfill all of these requirements just to have a relationship with them? There is just so much wrong with this post! It reduces every human interaction whether it be for love or friendship to what we have — i. I say this as someone who loves looking beautiful, having nice things, but at the same time I just cannot comprehend this crowd!

What about being funny? I would never want a man who judges me purely on a tick list of material items. I liked this post until I got to the paragraph saying that women have to be skinny and muscular in order to be considered perfect. NO no no! Sad perception of perfect. I spent a year in the States no, not in NYC, but it was equally weird experience as regards romance and could not understand a single thing about dating rules.

OMG, how can people complicate the simplest things like romance? So thankful to live in Europe : Once again: congratulations on a wonderful post! Bravo pr ce post hillarant!!!! Xxx soph. Superbe edito Garance, merci. Reste cool Garance tu es par-faite! Hum moi je suis francaise et mariee a un vrai new yokais, genre ne a Brooklyn, depuis 10 ans. On a fait plein de changements dans sa vie et maintenant il est super heureux!

I also believe that everyone has their story, no one is perfect, thatS an illusion!!! Alors vis ta vie Garance!!! Sois heureuse!

On two wheels...

Je suis bien decue que le Bhutan abandonne sa poursuite du bonheur comme objectif! I love this city, love love love it. But dating here ughhh not so much. Everyone has their own agenda. As if success was measured buy the level of perfectness, when it comes to fulfilling every. Well, I lived there a couple years so, been there done that. I am not french but I have always felt instinctual when it comes to men and potential relationships and if it feels right, you click and enjoy each others company then you really have something that is at least worth exploring.

That said, my boyfriend was patiently persistent with me over a course of a year. It wasnt instinctual for me but once I opened by heart to the opportunity I could suddenly see him in a whole new light that allowed for something amazing to grow! Loved reading this…. Thankyou for a beautifully written article. Great writing, dear Garance! My life has nothing in common with yours in NYC. But, I can relate, really!

I realize that visiting and living there are two different things, but despite everything bizarre you mentioned in your post, I can tell how much you are intrigued by the City. The dating part you described is happening right now everywhere in America, if you live in a somewhat bigger city. But this country is very diverse and despite all the classifications and generalizations , you notice those , who stay true to themselves : honest, curious, witty and open to everything new.

And you are one of them, Stay cool and not perfect and enjoy your NYC, the way you see it and love it. Il y a un dosage parfait entre photos de mode et de lifestyle, articles de racontage de vie avec humour, descriptifs de tendances etc. American Psycho bonjour! I love this post. And I think this is why I should have been French. Could be interesting. Ahh how I wish dating were as simple in Canada as in France! And now you have to guess who belongs in which category and act appropriately! I believe in you, Garance. All you can do is be authentic, be yourself, and I know everything will fall in line.

Great post, Garance!! O M G this post gives me so much anxiety!!! Good luck! I loved this post — especially the boxed non-box section at the bottom. Actually, I still kind of am. It seems like North-Americans like to play this weird game where they refuse to commit and give things truly a go, and instead just keep their options wiiide open. Either you want to commit, or not! I have been a silent reader of yours for yeeears but this is by far my favorite article you ever wrote!!! Pace e Salute! New York is a great place but it is not without its flaws…. The measure of a successful life has to be more than bagging a rich husband, living in the right apartment and having a small, muscular body………..

Garance, your blog is very insightful and does capture the nonsense that goes on……but it is also a cautionary tale…. Chere Garance, merci beaucoup de tes jolis mots. La vie est belle et il faut en profiter!!! Good post. Sad too. Along with a lot of good times, — came mistakes, ups and downs, divorce, and more mistakes! Hang in there all you young women and men who are worried to death about having the right apartment, the right lover, the best job, the coolest friends, the most money, etc..

I agree, I love and appreciate that Garance is so totally real here, but the whole situation makes me feel a little sad for all those people. Ca explique beaucoup de choses, en fait. During my first few years in the states when I was in my early 20s I unintentionally gained myself an unfavorable reputation, simply because I had several short-term relationships for which I wholeheartedly committed to and enjoyed and by every single one of which I was utterly heart broken.

Although I did not understand nor make concord with this twisted perception by others of me, I had felt extremely wary of the criticism. When I expressed that I am in no hurry, they started to suspect that there is problem in my relationship. As you said, it is NOT a job! And, life — life is also not a job. In a modern society of a modern civilization — no matter how Utopian-isque it sounds like — a failed relationship or a failed marriage is NOT the end of the world! The question comes down to : why is it that one thinks everyone else wants the same thing in life?

Or : why is it that so many people think they want the same thing? Is there one, especially concerning such personal subject as romantic relationship? You have told us about the beginning of a relationship in France, but I am curious to know how a relationship ends? Do relationships in France end as simply and casually, from an American perspective, as they started?

In the US beginnings may be complicated, but endings always seem to be messy and filled with drama. Garance, here in Brazil the dating thing goes equal as the US one. Also, the brazilian women are getting more and more obsessed for the perfection: body, work and heart issues. And I think the same as you, like all the people around me are getting a little obsessed with all this coolness and perfectionism.

Garance, welcome to Noo Yawk! I love the city as much as you do, but there are enough pressures here like paying the rent! Thanks for a much-needed laugh today. Garance, you nailed this French vs. American dating thing. Aside from the transatlantic differences in dating, though, this is one of my favorite posts you have ever written! I love your style, humor, honesty.

I lived in NYC for few years. So, I h. But in my opinion, if you feel you must be perfect, then do this:. Be yourself follow no one Make mistakes and learn from them Eat the damn food! And so did you dear G. I think the best thing about your posts is this: you have created a lovely community where witty and clever ladies from all over the world share their thoughts …and hopes…and dreams! Keep up! I for one am happy I got off and hopped over the big blue ocean for a more peaceful and somehow even more perfect life. Il manque la maison et les vacances dans les Hamptons!

Pas faux. Oh Garance. Just when I thought maybe her blog has become to mainstream, too much stuff is promoted,too many boring fashion posts…. There you go. You hit the nail on the head: what a great post. Nobody can just let loose. NYC is the worst. But it is everywhere in the US.

Really, so spot on. Thanks for the post. I will be reading on!! Keep those posts coming, that you write like totally from a gut feeling. I have a couple of friends who gave up and had kids alone, thanks to artificial insemination. They were tired of the rat race, being extremely intelligent, successful women who were pretty but not drop-dead gorgeous enough to make any guy stay. I have a lot of NY friends who are single, sometimes by choice, sometimes less so. They find themselves, in their 40s, being compared physically with women much younger.

The guys seem fine. Pushing 50 or well past it, my exes and a bunch of other guys I know from work are all still single and still dating somethings. You want a nice guy? Go somewhere else. You want a good time in the sack with no tomorrow? Go out in NY. I used to live in NY and while I agree with many of the points you make party why I left! You just want an equally impossible to maintain! French women work very hard to make things look easy. This is not to discredit French women, but to acknowledge that women in many cultures are putting in overtime! I just think it is the goal that is different.

In France, it is to appear very natural whereas in the US it is to look polished. Awesome post as always, Garance! Missed your writing for some time but happy to see you are wise as ever! LA is similar — but that everyone is an actress in process. The men are always looking over their shoulder for someone better that may be walking in the room.

This is so true. Why do women grovel? Even Nicki Minaj! I was so disappointed in the Anaconda video. Here she is celebrating her body type, and then it cuts to her crawling on all fours toward a fully clothed guy who sits there, with his arms crossed, like a judge. HE should be the one crawling to beg to worship before the goddess that is Nicki Minaj!

What happened? It makes me think of what Lena Dunham said in an interview about guys getting their sex education from porn, and wanting to do a bunch of weird stuff that has nothing to do with feeling good but a lot about power. The pressure for perfection is all part of it. Women are supposed to be perfect. Men can be themselves. To counter this, women need to be more demanding of men and easier on themselves. Anyhow, this is such a great post. Another reason not that I need another to love you as I do.

Les hommes consomment et se lassent vite…. As a very new mum I walk around my neighborhood noho and sometimes feel inadequate in the presence of soooo many perfect New York girls. But then I realize that I like wearing sneakers and no makeup and eating croissants and having my little business. I did win at the marriage, baby, sweet apt and country house part of life I guess so I really cannot complain as I do not have to use tinder or pay rent.

No doorman tho! Anyway, Please let me know when you would like to go eat pastries at the Smile in sweatpants on a girl date. After skipping soul cycle and blowing off work for the morning! I will be carrying my baby in a Celine bag to prove I am cool ;. Et la spontaneite dans tout cela? I love this post! It reminded me both of what amused me and daunted me about dating in the city when I lived there a while ago.

I was a shrinking but still heavy woman in that city. I felt like no size would ever be small enough. The irony is that I did meet men who were interested in me there but I was too self-conscious to let it go anywhere. When I went back to visit the city after leaving, I had two men ask for my number in a weekend.

Anyway, thanks for the post! The men in NYC are spoiled brats and do not care about anything but appearances. So glad that I do not live there any more! Interesting post so everything I ever thought about New York is true sounds scary and fascinating at the same time. Super article!!! And even in the most sarcastic of ways it sounds accurate! Good luck new york ladies! I think perhaps the reason the screening process of dating in America is so intense because heartbreak is what they would all like to avoid. Because…hey, everything was laid out on the table!

You knew what you were getting into! I think the downfall of American society and subcultures is that they are strangely difficult and unadaptable when it comes to change. You might as well be a stranger. They forget that there is continuous growing to be done in life, and it must be done together with acceptance and support. That, I believe, is the hard part. How is heartbreak viewed in France? Maybe almost befriend it? Or pretend it never happened? Very curious! Thank you for the laughes and inspiration really great post. Perfection is no fun. I love personal stories like this, you are so good at writing, I love your style which is funny and relatable.

I think that what you are best at is your writing, as well as your photos and illustrations — and it is not so much the fashion aspect which interests me, but your love for beauty and your ability to create an atmosphere — when you do that, with your writing, your photos or your illustrations you make me feel very happy. Thank you for that.

Lots of love from Germany, Hamburg. I do so love when you do posts like this. They are always make me laugh and ring so true. I also really really love the illustration at the beginning. I hope you will make it available as a print in your shop. Keep up the good work and never stop being you! Well put. Very accurately captures the madness that is dating in NYC. Even when they have amazingly accomplished women by their side. And arrival of Tinder and other similar apps is only making it worse, shortening attention spans and breeding bad behaviors and lack of communication.

I think you are right, there is enough material in this to write a whole book! Columbus, Ohio is great! All you New Yorkers are welcome to move here, leaving the perfect life baggage behind! The rents are much more reasonable. I laughed out loud reading this post!!! I am living in Buenos Aires for more than now and feel so much happier just being who I really am and living as I please, which is what I think life should be like. Get real, relax and enjoy life as it is!!! This was a funny post…… As a native New Yorker i have to say some of it is true… but only for a small portion of people… the truth is , you are pretty perfect; Maybe with some imperfections, just like NYC!

Well written and true. Perfection is an impossibly elusive set of ever-evolving rules requiring endless tasks and superhuman feats that only serve to distract us from really enjoying our lives and figuring out who we really are. I simply love this post. Merci pour cet amusant article. Garance, thank you for this post! The honesty and insight has reminded me of all of the reasons I love your blog.

Also, frequent weekend trips are great to get away from the insanity, but by the end of the weekend you miss the city and are ready to throw yourself back into the routine. Courage Garance! Oh my Garance, this post made me laugh hard!!!!! I love your sense of humor and reading your point of view, I think you are totally right!

Donc on voit un peu de tout. LOVE this! And it explains why I felt a bit weirded out by all the neurosis I saw in New Yorkers when I visited! Wow you hit the nail on the head… I took my own path, a very unconventional one, and the result was that now I get to be with the love of my life.

To hell with these crazy rules…fall in love your own way! Juste la pollution en plus et les pres en moins. New York dating is pretty much how dating is also in Manila. Super post, Garance! Merci beaucoup! Sounds really exhausting…. I absolutely loved reading this post! Quel bel article! Quelle tendre ironie! Beaucoup dont je suis … un peu! Avoir 10 kg de trop selon mon auto-norme parisienne, ce qui doit vouloir dire 20 de trop selon la norme NYaise ET avoir encore des hommes qui tombent amoureux de vous… VIVA le romantisme!

After all, I think living in a small town in Europe is not that bad. Garance, such a great post. Sometimes I just wonder how you can deal with the pressure! Ici Bari, bisou! This is a great post, Garance. To deconstruct and analyze every single aspect of life is reneging instinct.

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And love, thanks god, is pure unreason. So I find this to be spot on…but especially true of the little bubble of Manhattan Life. And my end to the dating story? I found a great French guy and moved to Provence! Much, much less game playing involved and thirteen years later…well, I may not be as thin as I used to be frooomaaage! Comme dirait Asterix — Ils sont fous ces ricains…. Laisse tomber. Vive la mediterranee! Si importante.. Bienvenue dans la Matrice.. A seldom item for a fashionblog, but the discussion is interesting thanks to your candor, Garance.

Maybe the NYs are dating straighter like there is no time to lose and handle love from the very beginning as a part of what I call life-business: do the best you can to get the best. Romantic love happens in the college-years that is what Garance called innocent and also in between, but ends not often in marriage. Marriage is a social item all over the world in times past and now. Overall in former times and todays conservative circles family clans play the rule of a jury.

In modern societies our cliques take this part. I call NYs dating not cynical but naive. At the end? It is not so different in NY westside from elsewhere. Bien que ton post soit cynico-sarcastique comme on aime tous , il fait mal. Article excellentissime, es-tu en train de devenir Carrie? Moi qui trouvais que nos hommes ont vraiment le melon ces temps -ci. Thank you so much Garance! Enfin, merci pour cet article, ce souffle salavateur! Tu dis tout haut ce que beaucoup penses tout bas! Tu sais croquer les choses! My marriage should have been great — all of the conditions were met.

Alas, after 12 years it ended. I met my current man at work as a friend, but one day it clicked for us.