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Editorial team. Submit an article. Receive notifications. Across the world, millions of women unintentionally become pregnant and decide to terminate the pregnancy. Despite progressive abortion laws in South Africa SA , evidence suggests that many women of all ages still resort to unsafe terminations outside legal, designated facilities.

Unwanted Evidence

Media reports alert the public to an increase in the illegal dumping of fetuses and abandoned babies, suggesting an increase in unsafe termination practices as well as concealed births. To examine mortality data to identify trends in the dumping of aborted fetuses and abandoned babies in SA. A total sample of mortality data was used to analyse trends associated with this phenomenon from to Fudan U.

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The body of evidence for the relative efficacy or effectiveness of a variety of contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancy in developing countries was generally rated as low or moderate. There was however a number of comparisons between different derivatives of same contraceptive methods for which the evidence was rated as high or moderate quality.

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  7. There was no systematic review on the impact of contraceptive methods and mixes of methods on unmet need for family planning in developing countries. Limitations and conclusions : This Overview of Reviews could not identify any systematic reviews that could answer all the questions set out in the protocol, particularly those related to outcomes such as contraceptive prevalence and unmet need for contraception. This indicates lack of evidence either in the form of systematic reviews or in primary research. The Overview of Reviews, however, did provide an opportunity to compare effectiveness of various contraceptive methods on the outcome measures such as pregnancy and continuation.

    However much of the available evidence in this area is based on a limited number of poorly conducted studies comparing different formulations of the same type of contraceptive; there is a lack of evidence from well designed studies comparing different types of contraceptives in developing country settings across a wider range of outcomes e.

    It was not possible to present evidence on the included outcomes for a number of types of contraception: male condoms, female condoms, diaphragms, vasectomy, skin patches and vaginal rings. The evidence examining traditional methods was particularly weak.

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    There is a protocol for this systematic review. Mackenzie, H.

    Unwanted pregnancy, mental health and abortion: untangling the evidence.

    What is the impact of contraceptive methods and mixes of contraceptive methods on contraceptive prevalence, unmet need for family planning, and unwanted and unintended pregnancies? An overview of systematic reviews.

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    • Cannabis sativa: the plant that can induce unwanted effects and also treat them.

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