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It's best to get professional help before something bad happens.


Stay well! Anonymous May 11th, pm. Maybe because you think you deserve it, maybe because you just need something, a reason to be sad because sadness is so addicting, you want a cause because simply being sad when nothing has happened seems pointless and pathetic. Maybe because you feel like you deserve it? Or maybe you feel like your life is boring and nothing interesting ever happens? There are some reasons for that. But first, I wonder what do you get from having bad things in your life?

Second, when was the last time a good thing happened to you? How did you react? A lot of time we want bad things to happen to us since we are used to the bad things probably we experienced bad things repeatedly as we grow up. It is the challenge, though, to learn to live and find meaning beside the bad things that happen. Because you don't want to befriend yourself. Talk to yourself, befriend yourself and everything will flow from there. When want bad things to happen to you it becomes a connection to others.

The loneliness in today's world of technology has created a void within humanity. Regular people in our society aren't noticed.

We are pack animals and if isolated we desire attention. When you realize that it is not that you want bad things to happen, it is just that you require attention to create meaning in life. People come together in a crisis. It depends on you. For example the reason I did, is because I was subconsciously punishing myself.

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It takes some soul searching, but it will become clear if you desire it to be. Anonymous May 15th, am. I wanted bad things to happen to me because I felt bad for the people who had it worse than me, I just wanted to feel how the other people in the world were feeling I guess. Most likely, you feel guilt and as if you deserve pain. This is not true, but is just a part of depression. When it comes to me, I felt like this a lot in my depressed state!


I used to feel like this, like someone beating me up or firing at me continuously, and me doing nothing but just lying there and taking those beatings! It was that part of my life when I gave up, when I decided that I wouldn't fight my situations and give up! We except the pain we think we deserve. I know this is always the answer I use but it's true. The sooner you realize that you don't deserve it, the sooner it will get better. Well according to some psychologists, when someone wants bad things to happen to them it's because they feel some kind of guilt, and therefore by feeling pain the subconsciously feel relived, because "they've gotten what they deserve".

The problem is that guilt is generally "irrational" and it's not actually caused because someone did something wrong unpurpose, so it isn't actually their fault. Anonymous September 22nd, am. You seem to have low self-esteem.

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Start believing that you deserve the good things, and you may begin to want them. Most of the time it's a case of a person being upset at themself, So they wish bad things would happen to them to punish them, or because they believe they do not deserve good things. A couple of friends I used to have would not be happy with good times for whatever reason, that it made them anxious, because If I remember right, it was that good things normally didn't happen to them, so they freaked out whenever good things did happen.

Ask yourself if you're angry at yourself, hate yourself, seek punishment out of these negative feelings, etc. Might help narrow some of the possibilities down.

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That's all I've heard of, though. In most cases, wanting bad things to happen to you is a learned behavior. Perhaps you grew up in an environment where discord is normal and good things happening isn't 'normal' for you. A Million Dreams. The Greatest Showman. Send in the Clowns. A Little Night Music. Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Fleetwood Mac. Kool and the Gang. This Is Me. I Love Life.

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