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Bewitched Tabitha's Very Own Samantha Aunt Hagatha babysits in this episode, but she is incorrectly listed as "Agatha" in the closing credits! Bewitched Super Arthur In one scene, Uncle Arthur is "inside" the mirror on the foyer wall adjacent to the front door and the hallway, he does an arm-gesture and causes the mirror to break.

While he is doing this within the mirror, you can see a shadow of the real Uncle Arthur doing the same arm-gesture just off-camera to the left! His shadow is in the lower-left corner of this image. Bewitched Super Arthur When Darrin and Larry arrive at , surprised, they leave their cars parked haphazardly on the sidewalk and in the middle of the street.

After Uncle Arthur comes back to earth and they all go inside, the cars are still in the street! And furthermore, the 2 policemen who showed up never even noticed or gave Darrin or Larry a ticket! In the next shot in the living room and for the rest of the episode, he is wearing a dark blue striped tie! Bewitched Serena Stops the Show This is not technically a blooper, but it is probably one of the only times you see a full face shot of Melody Thomas playing the role of Samantha while Elizabeth Montgomery plays Serena.

Bewitched The Generation Zap Sam and Durwood are sitting on the couch and one of the rear patio doors is open. Darwin leaves and Samantha goes near the kitchen to contact Serena. When she walks back to the couch, the door is closed. Dusty's father shows up and the door is open again!

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Conveniently, as this is the first time in the episode that anyone actually uses the door Bewitched Mona Sammy When the Stephenses are having dinner at with Endora and the Tates, Sam is wearing a double strand of long pearls, as well as a double strand around her neck, choker-style.

They later married and had four children. In the mids, Rogers began working on television.

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She then retired from acting, appearing in only a few guest television spots and making appearances on the Bewitched edition of E! True Hollywood Story. Twice-married and the mother of four and a grandmother , Rogers had in recent years turned her talents to writing and development, including a proposed new television series, Son of a Witch.

After battling throat cancer for many years, Rogers went into cardiac arrest.

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She then suffered a stroke, and died in Los Angeles, California, on July 6, , aged In the s, she became involved with motorcycles after her son began riding and then racing at the age of 9. Rogers became involved in the world of motocross racing. The tension between the mortal and supernatural worlds, and Samantha's precarious balancing act between the two, formed the backbone of all the episodes. On any given episode, Samantha might try to keep the peace with her father when he discovered Darrin was a mortal, or Endora might decide Darrin needed a sense of humor and put a hex on him to make him crack jokes uncontrollably.

These premises might have seemed simple on the surface, but they quickly achieved complexity when worked through the show's intricate web of character relationships, and just about always ended on a lesson about accepting one's family, no matter how bizarre or embarrassing they may be. The show's scripts were always solid and utilized a consistently high level of imagination when working the supernatural elements into the story.

In one show, Esmerelda was asked to make a Caesar salad and accidentally conjured up Julius Caesar himself.

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  5. The show's ensemble was tight and funny, and their across-the-board chemistry both brought the stories to life and made the material believable. The show also had a rare consistency of style and tone, thanks to the fact that the show had one regular producer and director, William Asher, to guide the actors through their paces. It is interesting to note that Mr. Asher was the real-life husband of Elizabeth Montgomery, Samantha Stephens herself. Bewitched experienced many casting changes during its long run. Tabitha was played by no fewer than three sets of twins: Heidi and Laura Gentry and Tamar and Julie Young all played Tabitha throughout much of , but were replaced permanently by the duo of Erin and Diane Murphy.

    Eventually Erin Murphy took over the role entirely.

    Bewitched and Beyond

    But the most noticeable replacement and one of the most famous in TV history occurred in when Dick Sargent replaced an ailing Dick York as Darrin. Usually having multiple changes like these are detrimental to a show's quality, but Bewitched managed to weather all the changes with nary a hair out of place. The show ended its run in July after eight seasons, having won Emmys for Asher's direction and Marion Lorne's performance as Aunt Clara.

    Montgomery was nominated five times for her work as Samantha, but never won.

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    Just the same, she will always be remembered fondly by television viewers for the role of Samantha Stephens. Tabitha , a Spin-Off series built around the now-grown daughter character played by Lisa Hartman Black; Liberty Williams in the first pilot episode , was aired on ABC during the season, bringing supernatural comedy back to the small screen, at least for a while.

    Bombay, Abner Kravitz, and Gladys Kravitz's actors reprised their roles as guest stars here, but Samantha and Darrin did not appear as their actors declined. In a movie adaptation hit the big screen, and approached the subject matter from a direction never before tried: instead of merely adapting the series for the big screen, it was a comedy about adapting the series for the big screen.

    The twist?


    Daddy said it was racist. Bewitched has been dubbed into dozens of languages for distribution all around the world. Finally, the rights to Bewitched have been owned since by Sony , a Japanese company; this is coincidental it was a side effect of their purchase of Columbia Pictures , but certainly fits, given the series' popularity in Japan. Community Showcase More.