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The Rick A. Ross Institute This site contains a very large collection of court records and newspaper articles pertaining to the Chapel's end in the "move" of "spiritual connections. Cult Awareness Information Center This site, which besides providing information on many different kinds of cults and fringe religious movements also has resources for help in dealing with the psychological issues that come from involvement in such movements, has a somewhat smaller archive of articles about the Chapel, most of which also date from the time of the Chapel's collapse because of the scandals that resulted from "spiritual connections.

Christian Research Institute statement An excellent short statement on Community Chapel, explaining why CRI regarded it as a heretical organization, based both on the Chapel's practices and its doctrine. This link is now to a copy of the document I saved on my own site. CRI has recently revamped and updated its site and in the process they must have removed this document as being too old - it was written in One search I did for it turned up a comment saying "CRI no longer maintains information pertaining to this topic.

The Bible Answer Stand Ministry Created by an ex-Chapel member, the late Craig Bluemel, this site exemplifies the most radical of the anti-church and anti-Trinitarian theologies many Chapelites developed in the years after the collapse of the Chapel, and it has links to many others like it. The people who have created these theologies still venerate most things in the Chapel experience, but they now claim it did have a few blind spots, problems they think they have remedied by their own theologies - systems of teaching that are even more hostile to historical Christian doctrine than the Chapel's was, and which have moved beyond its already weird enough version of "Oneness" theology which its pastor, Don Barnett, created out of the UPC and "Latter Rain" theologies with which he grew up into bizarre new depths, eschewing membership in any church and openly denying the deity of Christ.

Chapel-Related Book Links at Amazon. I think that's too bad, because it brought together and very graphically illustrated many of the undercurrents that flow beneath the surface of Christian faith in America today. It is well worth a good book, one that would cover not only the spiritual and theological aspects of the Chapel story, but also the historical, cultural, sociological, and psychological.

Personal Perspectives The personal perspectives on the Chapel that have been written are all rather limited.

To my Jewish friends: L'shana tovah tik-ah-tey-vu!?

Each, in my opinion, is rather poorly written and organized; and each, more seriously, falls short in its own way of doing justice to the real issues at the Chapel. Their marriage ended in divorce because of the Chapel's practice of "spiritual connections. This is her story of Community Chapel, culminating in the end of not only the Chapel, but also in the end of her marriage as a result of the "spiritual connections" that, as this book reveals, her husband was enjoying long before they appeared at Community Chapel by that name. I've read only excerpts of this book, knowing of its contents mainly through the Web review by the International Cultic Studies Association.

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I remember it was at Ijora church that i left my passport at the altar overnight in obedience to instruction by the pastor. S citizen now. Pastor Tunde and his lovely wife, Ebun Victoria and the whole Christ Chapel family back then will forever hold a special place in my heart and in my Christian walk. Thank you Pastor Tunde!

Post a Comment. A year during which among other surprises, they were hosted to a reunion evening titled The Home-Coming by a large number of men and women who styled themselves as alumni of the Voice of Faith Ministries. I am indeed blessed to be under the spiritual tutelage of such an icon of faith.

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