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From roasted sides drizzled with maple syrup, to an impressive standing rib roast, to a delicate vanilla cake garnished with sugared cranberries, we've lined up the ultimate feast. Type keyword s to search. By Amanda Garrity and Kerry Faber. By Caroline Picard and Amanda Garrity. Christmas Ideas Dec 5, Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.


Christmas Ideas Dec 3, By Amanda Garrity. Throughout her television career the Cradocks also worked for the British Gas Council, appearing at trade shows such as the Ideal Home Exhibition and making many "infomercials," instructing cooks, usually newlywed women, on how to use gas cookers for basic dishes. The BBC filmed the result as part of a series called The Big Time , and asked Fanny Cradock, by then a tax exile in Ireland, as one of a number of experts who would advise Troake as to the menu.

The result brought the end of Fanny Cradock's television career. Cradock, grimacing and acting as if on the verge of retching, claimed not to know what a bramble was, told Troake that her menu was too rich, and, though accepting that the dessert was delicious, insisted that it was not suitable.

She scorned Troake's use of an ingredient for being too "English", and insisted that the English have never had their own cuisine, and erroneously claimed that "even the good old Yorkshire pudding comes from Burgundy ".

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Fanny suggested that Troake use a small pastry boat filled with fruit sorbet and covered with spun sugar, decorated with an orange slice and a cherry through a cocktail stick to give the dish the look of a small boat, suitable, Fanny thought, for the naval guests. In the event, the dessert was a disaster and could not be served properly. Robert Morley had also been consulted on the menu and said he felt that Troake's original coffee pudding was perfect.

When the dessert failed to impress, the public was annoyed that Fanny Cradock had seemingly ruined Troake's special day.

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The Daily Telegraph wrote "Not since can the people of England have risen in such unified wrath She would never again present a cookery programme for the BBC. Troake, by contrast, published A Country Cookbook the following year. They became regulars on the chat show circuit, and also appeared on programmes such as The Generation Game and Blankety Blank. Fanny appeared alone on Wogan , Parkinson and TV-am.

When she appeared on the television chat show Parkinson with Danny La Rue and it was revealed to her that La Rue was actually a female impersonator, she stormed off the set. Cradock married four times, twice bigamously. First she married Sidney A. Vernon Evans on 10 October , she was 17, he was Sidney Evans died in a plane crash on 4 February , [30] leaving her pregnant with their son Peter Vernon Evans, [31] who was adopted by his grandparents.

By July of the following year Cradock had become pregnant again, and was obliged to marry the baby's father Arthur William Chapman on 23 July. The couple had a son Christopher, [33] but their marriage lasted less than a year before they separated.

Cradock left her son Christopher and husband Arthur for a new life in Central London. Christopher was brought up in Norfolk by his father, an aunt and grandmother, although he made contact with Fanny in his adult life. Arthur Chapman became a Catholic and so would not give Fanny the divorce she later requested, as it was against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Cradock later concluded that as Arthur Chapman had not granted her a divorce, her marriage to Gregory was not lawful, and so never publicised it.

John Whitby Cradock was a major in the Royal Artillery who was already married with four children. He soon left his wife, Ethel, and children to be with Fanny. Unable to marry Johnnie, because of Arthur's refusal to get divorced, she changed her surname to Cradock by deed poll in When she was misinformed that Arthur had died, she married Johnnie on 7 May For this marriage Cradock went with a pared down version of her name "Phyllis Chapman" , and the then year-old recorded her age as 55 on the marriage certificate, even though she had a son who was nearly fifty.

She died following a stroke on 27 December ; the cause of death was cited as 'cerebrovascular atherosclerosis'. There is a memorial plaque and a rosebush in the grounds of the crematorium for both of them. Fanny Cradock came to the attention of the public in the postwar-utility years, trying to inspire the average housewife with an exotic approach to cooking. She and Johnny worked together on a touring cookery show, sponsored by the Gas Council, to show how gas could be used easily in the kitchen and, as their fame increased, Fanny's shows transferred to television, where she enjoyed 20 years of success.

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