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For example, did Farragut's boats break the chain across the Mississippi River below Near Orleans on April 20, caption, , or April 24 text, There are also questionable assertions that Nebraska was admitted as a free state, 6 , and countless careless errors. For example, in the maps of the second and third days at Gettysburg Lee's army is indicated by a U.

The map captions are so small as to be almost unreadable. It is a shame that this book has so many careless errors, because the general Civil War enthusiast for whom this book is intended is often a person who is interested in the minute details of the Civil War. He will really want to know whether Gettysburg's citizen hero John Bums was sixty-nine when he fought in that battle or seventy But he will not find out from this book.

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By James R. Grant Wins the War is a compelling account of the Vicksburg campaign, which combines the best elements of popular and scholarly history. Prolific military historian James R. Arnold writes with verve and style, explains matters such as the vast distances, geographical obstacles, and resultant logistical nightmares that plagued armies and navies in the west that generally have been ignored or slighted by previous popular writers, and moves the complicated story along at a brisk pace. The result is the best one-volume history of the struggle for Vicksburg yet published.

Arnold depicts the triumvirate of Union leaders—Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, and David D. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Vicksburg is the key. Let us get Vicksburg, and all that country is ours. In a brilliantly constructed and powerfully rendered new account, James R. Arnold offers a penetrating analysis of Grant's strategies and actions leading to the Union victory at Vicksburg. Approaching these epic events from a unique and well-rounded perspective, and based on careful research, Grant Wins the War is fascinating reading for all Civil War and military history buffs.

Nicely details the coordination of Union military and naval operations and the boldness and genius of General U. Grant that brought Union victory, and he offers an excellent discussion of the technology and tactics of siege warfare. A particular strength of this work is its demonstration that modern weapons left no shortcuts to victory, and little room for command virtuosity. Throughout, Arnold backs up his assessments with solid facts and sound reasoning, engagingly presented. He has produced a useful and enjoyable brief history of the Vicksburg campaign, helpful to scholars and general readers alike.

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Powerfully and persuasively argues that the Union victory at Vicksburg in was in fact the actual turning point of the Civil War. Independent Record. Allen C. Civil War, A to Z. Clifford L. Brigades of Gettysburg. Bradley M. Stephen W. Grant: The Civil War Years.

Bruce Catton. Dixie Victorious.

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Peter G. Noah Andre Trudeau. Grant Moves South. Shiloh, Winston Groom. The Maps of Gettysburg. Shon Powers. Shenandoah Peter Cozzens. Progressive Management. Shiloh And The Western Campaign. Cunningham O. Shrouds of Glory.

Vicksburg Campaign: The Civil War in Four Minutes

Nothing but Victory. Steven E. Landscape Turned Red. Receding Tide. Edwin C. Amazing Women of the Civil War. Webb Garrison. The Confederacy's Last Hurrah. Wiley Sword. The Words Of War. Donagh Bracken. Grant Takes Command. Ulysses S. Grant: A Victor, Not a Butcher. Edward H. Bonekemper III.

Battle at Bull Run. William C. Champion Hill. Timothy B. The Longest Night. David J Eicher.

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Not War But Murder. Ernest B. A Pocket History of the Civil War. Martin Graham. Lincoln's Lieutenants. General A. The New Tycoons: John D. The New Tycoons: J. Politics of the Gilded Age Labor vs. Eugene V. Debs and American Socialism Artistic and Literary Trends The Print Revolution The Wounded Knee Massacre The Election of Booker T. DuBois Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom The Panama Canal The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations Fads and Heroes Old Values vs. Domestic and International Politics Social and Cultural Effects of the Depression An Evaluation of the New Deal Pearl Harbor The Decision to Drop the Bomb Domestic Challenges Voices against Conformity Separate No Longer?

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Black Power Years of Withdrawal Triangular Diplomacy: U. Roe v. Flower Power The New Right The End of the Cold War Republicans vs. The End of the American Century. One week after Abraham Lincoln's reelection in , William Tecumseh Sherman above began his merciless march through Georgia, leaving nothing behind but civilian sorrow and scorched earth.

Both Atlanta and Savannah would fall back to Union control during this campaign. William T. Sherman's ruthless march through the South to the sea drove a stake into the heart of the Confederacy. He left nothing in his wake, destroying everything in sight in an attempt to crush the rebellion once and for all. Ulysses S. Grant homepage Everything you could possibly want to know about Grant is found at this award-winning webpage featured in Time magazine.

Was he a good general? What kind of relationship did he have with his wife, Julie? Did he drink too much?