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The fragmented reminder that we are always flesh filtered through the shadowy screen between priest and penitent, and such a reminder could not have been allowed to distract. Now my parish opts for the face-to-sheet-to-face confession in a lighted room, and we are given printed Acts of Contrition, columned in the center on a pink sheet. I agree with Bonomo, that something has been lost, or at least transferred, in this coming to light.

One Saturday afternoon, while using the bathroom, Dray falls, smacking his skull on the porcelain. Their epistles are layered and lyric, documents of friendship that are as intimate as they are inviting. Reflection leads to regret. Christian Wiman, the former editor of Poetry magazine, is the perfect poet for this time. His memoir, My Bright Abyss , documents his unlikely journey back to Christian belief after being diagnosed with incurable cancer. But I think there are a ton of people out there who are what you might call unbelieving believers, people whose consciousness is completely modern and yet who have this strong spiritual hunger in them.

I would like to say something helpful to those people. Why would an unbeliever care about God? Designations of believer and atheist, pious and heretic are only useful as generalizations. Yeats , so it is not surprising to see that language extend to his own narrators. This allows Merton to place the miracle along a continuum, to place the weight of an ancient tale on the shoulder of modern humanity, the crowd.

His more recent content has moved out West, capturing the spirit of breeding and raising cutting horses in Montana, but his prose retains its Celtic rhythms. What does a child staring out of a window think about? Deliver us from distraction…And grant us only what we fear. My poem about fishing was in the bunch. Jones read the poem aloud to the class, and then went on to praise my lines. Jake would not take in his parents at his own home.

An early audience of friends said he should burn the book and never speak of it. To his mind, God was a rushing river, God was an alligator, God was to be chosen over self-murder and over nothing else. He was afraid that what he prayed to was nothing, only this limitless absence. If they have an intense spiritual life, we are not shown it…[and yet] no matter how commonplace or compromised the priest there is still are relation between him and the Christian vision he has acknowledged.

It is hard, slow work. A priest is a counselor, writer, politician. Powers capture this splendid service like no other writer. An unnamed priest has been stung twice by bees attracted to a mulberry tree near the rectory porch. Despite the pleading of a nun, he takes an axe to the tree. Their shared home is not quite the picture of joy.

The parish has bills to pay. Not all the sisters find humor in this work; some wish Sundays were days of rest. It is a day of rest for the priest — he is off to a round of golf. She asks him to inspect the stove, which has been smoking. I was devastated by it. I missed being able to say words in my head that I believed could be heard by a being, a consciousness outside me. That is when I turned to poetry. This might not be the annunciation, but it is an annunciation.

That leveling of experience is not meant to devalue the precedent — Szybist might be lapsed, but she is certainly not spiteful — but to rather raise the contemporary moment. The colleague merely expects a downward gaze, a smirk. Just the same, we name our storms to lessen them — not a tropical cyclone, but Arabella, with ballet shoes and bun…Not hair loss, but deep conditioning. This is to misunderstand and neuter the power of faith.

Sometimes they are enough. Young, modern Monica is imperfect. She fails. She decides to take the boy to the river, where a preacher has been healing believers. The boy smirks his way through the story, and takes on the name of the preacher — Bevel — before the sitter learns his real name. She feels it is her Christian duty to right the wrongs of his upbringing.

Before he had thought it had been a doctor named Sladewall, a fat man with a yellow mustache who gave him shots and thought his name was Herbert. Her skepticism can easily be misread as cynicism. Yet that is not why she is appropriate to Lent. In fact, those who think they know the route — who might even deny it from others in word or deed — are due the severest rebuke. If I ever get too sentimental about faith, reading Greene keeps me in check. He was the first to admit he was no saint he would probably admit to being the antithesis , but novels like The Power and the Glory capture the tension between belief and sin.

Be very careful. Keep well within your depth. Take off work on Holy Thursday, get this book, and read it cover to cover. Just the women stuck by him. The uncomfortably comedic play ends with a sting. Doyle asks us to think about the physicality of Christ, a man who died at his physical peak. Exit West by Mohsin Hamid: In an unnamed city, two young people fall in love as a civil war breaks out. This March, her debut novel samples Fyodor Dostoevsky in a Bildungsroman featuring the New Jersey-bred daughter of Turkish immigrants who discovers that Harvard is absurd, Europe disturbed, and love positively barking.

White Tears by Hari Kunzru: A fascinating-sounding novel about musical gentrification, and two white men whose shared obsession with hard-to-find blues recordings leads them to perdition. In California we did not believe that history could bloody the land, or even touch it. Ill Will by Dan Chaon: Dustin Tillman was a child when his parents and aunt and uncle were murdered in his home, and it was his testimony that sent his older, adopted brother, Rusty, to jail for the crime.

Forty years later, he learns that Rusty is getting out based on new DNA evidence. Bandi is of course a pseudonym: according to the French edition, the author was born in , lived in China, and is now an official writer for the North Korean government. The stories, written between and , were smuggled out by a friend — and will be available to us via Grove Press. Lovecraft and a gay teenage admirer, disappears while attempting to solve the mystery.

Dubois for portraying black people i. A collaboration between Cloutier and Brent Hayes Edwards, a long-awaited, edited, scholarly edition of the novel will be released by Penguin in February. The Schooldays of Jesus by J. Childhood was a sometimes thin-feeling allegory of immigration that found Coetzee meditating with some of his perennial concerns — cultural memory, language, naming, and state violence — at the expense of his characters. This one was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

Kirstin B. Lower Ed by Tressie McMillan Cottom: Academic and Twitter eminence McMillan Cottom tackles a subject that, given a recent spate of lawsuits, investigations, and closings, was front-page news for a good part of Drawing on interviews with students, activists, and executives at for-profit colleges and universities, Lower Ed aims to connect the rise of such institutions with ballooning levels of debt and larger trends of income inequality across the U.

But this year! Coetzee, Rachel Cusk, Jesmyn Ward? A lost manuscript by Claude McKay? A novel by Elif Batuman? Short stories by Penelope Lively? A memoir by Yiyun Li? Books from no fewer than four Millions staffers? We hope the following list of something upcoming books peps you up for the first half of the new year.

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If you are a big fan of our bi-annual Previews and find yourself referring to them year-round, please consider supporting our efforts by becoming a member! Difficult Women by Roxane Gay: Gay has had an enormously successful few years. In , her novel, An Untamed State , and an essay collection, Bad Feminist , met with wide acclaim, and in the wake of unrest over anti-black police violence, hers was one of the clearest voices in the national conversation.

In his latest, four timelines branch off the moment the main character is born, introducing four separate Archibald Isaac Fergusons that grow more different as the plot wears on. Collected Stories by E. Doctorow: Doctorow is known for historical novels like Ragtime and The Book of Daniel , but he also wrote some terrific stories, and shortly before his death in he selected and revised 15 of his best. Michael B. The magazine is no longer online, but this anthology includes many of those memorable conversations as well as some new ones.

Set in a dusty, stagnating town in Argentina, the novel cautiously circles around a decades-old murder, a vanished wife, and past political crimes. Adiga — a Man Booker laureate who won the prize in for his epic The White Tiger — follows the lives of Radha and Manju, two brothers whose father raised them to be master batsmen. It was almost like there was something wicked about growing up.

Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin. Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson. Clarke is hailed as an essential writer whose collection challenges and transforms the reader. It has two parts, which can be read in any order. Fair warning: these stories really will scare you. Universal Harvester by John Darnielle. Darnielle is best known for the The Mountain Goats, a band in which he has often been the only member.

Abandon Me by Melissa Febos. A bloom of desert roses the size of my arm, a freckled ostrich egg, true pirate stories. My biological father, on the other hand, had given me nothing of use but life…and my native blood. The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti: This new novel by the editor of One Story magazine follows a career criminal who goes straight to give his daughter a chance at a normal life. Wait Till You See Me Dance by Deb Olin Unferth: Unferth is an author about whom many overused litspeak cliches are true: she is incisive, bitingly funny, and — here it comes—— whipsmart.

This is the original translation from the Gikuyu language, now being rereleased as part of the Penguin Classics African Writers Series. His brilliant and supremely disquieting debut novel opens in , at the outbreak of the Second American Civil War, and follows a young Louisiana girl, Sarat Chestnut, as time and conflict gradually transform her from a child into a weapon.

Those surviving are sexless, hairless, pale-white creatures who write stories on their skin, but a group of rebels rally behind a cult leader named Jean de Men. How these two stories echo and resonate with one another will be just one of its delights. Startup by Doree Shafrir: Probably you know Shafrir by her byline at Buzzfeed — her culture writing always whipsmart, current, and grounded. Hilarity, a mindfulness app, and an errant text message are also involved. Looking forward to this one. These stories explore the ties that bind us together, but in magical, even subversive forms.

Both a speculative thriller and a meditation on memory and mortality. Besides having her own career as a writer and illustrator, she is the managing editor of Sarabande Books where she not only published Thrown by Kerry Howley — one of my favorite books of the last 5 years — but designed its killer cover.

Ray Gordon

The title story draws on reliably entertaining source material: the meretricious lives of Roman rulers. Robert Graves turned to a stammering Claudius for his narrator, Lively to a less exalted personage: a purple swamp hen. Other stories involve trouble: a husband and wife working their way out of it, and a betrayed wife doing her best to cause some for her husband. Woman No. Her sophomore effort is more grounded in reality but equally cutting. Lady is a writer struggling to raise her two kids and finish her memoir when she hires S.

Tess M. No matter. Readers can still count on Russo to deliver deeply human stories of heartbreak leavened by gently black humor. The Leavers by Lisa Ko. The novel is the story of Deming Gao, the son of a Chinese-American immigrant mother who, one day, never returns home from work. Adopted by white college professors, Deming is renamed and remade in their image — but his past haunts him. Isadora by Amelia Gray. Chemistry by Weike Wang: In this debut novel, a graduate student in chemistry learns the meaning of explosive when the rigors of the hard sciences clash with the chronic instability of the heart.

If the science bits ring true, in her diabolical hours, the author doubles as a real-life organic chemist. These two characters form a friendship amidst grief and self-discovery in a novel that is both heartfelt and funny. This heartbreaking and important story examines displacement, belonging, and family in a lyrical style.

The Accomplished Guest by Ann Beattie: was a good year for Beattie: she published her first story collection, Distortions , as well as her debut novel, Chilly Scenes of Winter. Now she may be a household name, but her second nonfiction book delves into the long-running topic of the role food plays in her family, societal, and personal outlook with the same candor and empathy.

Davies, and Lim himself, are remarkable for their unique voices, their attention to language and experimentation. Together they make a significant if lesser-known body of work.

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The Gypsy Moth Summer by Julia Fierro: In this follow-up to Cutting Teeth , about a zeitgeisty group portrait of Brooklyn hipster moms, Fierro turns back the clock to the summer of when a plague of gypsy moths infests Avalon, an islet off the coast of Long Island, setting in motion a complex tale of interracial love, class conflict, and possible industrial poisoning at the local aircraft factory. Perhaps nothing. Words are things we made up. A week later the story changes. Maybe July. Perhaps December. With McCarthy, the calculus remains inscrutable but the wait worth it.

Playing with comedy, Afro-futurist shit and horror. It sounds bonkers. Things are complicated, though. Thandi loses her South African mother and navigates the process of grieving and growing up in Pennsylvania. Jerkins writes reportage, personal essays, fiction, profiles, interviews, literary criticism, and sports and pop culture pieces.

Her work often focuses on the intersection of crime, culture, and literature. Last week, we previewed 93 works of fiction due out in the second half of Break out the beach umbrellas and the sun block. This collection includes new material as well as previously published fan favorites. Bush by Jean Edward Smith: He did it his way.

According to Smith, author of previous bios of Dwight D. Eisenhower and F. Others admired it as an endurance feat of reporting. Talese spent decades corresponding and visiting a voyeuristic motel owner, Gerald Foos, who constructed a motel that allowed him to secretly spy on his guests.

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After 35 years, Foos agreed to let Talese reveal his identity and lifelong obsession with voyeurism. In an era when presidential candidates are routinely excoriated for decades-old policy positions, it can be instructive to recall that the would-be savior of the urban poor began his public life just 15 years earlier as counsel to red-baiting Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey. Gopnik, a developmental psychologist, and the author of The Philosophical Baby , argues that parents should adopt a looser style, one that is more akin to gardening than building a particular structure.

Her metaphor is backed up by years of research and observation. Scream by Tama Janowitz: A memoir from the author of Slaves of New York , the acclaimed short story collection about young people trying to make it in downtown Manhattan in the s. Scream reflects on that time, as well as the more universal life experiences that followed as Janowitz became a wife, mother, and caregiver to her aging mother.

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  • Drawing on interviews and a trove of previously unreleased records, Toobin, a New Yorker staff writer, tries to make sense of one of the weirdest and most violent episodes in recent American history. The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolfe: The maximalist novelist returns to his nonfiction roots with a book that argues speech is what divides humans from animals, above all else.

    Tell that to Dr. Wolfe delves into controversial debates about what role speech has played in our evolution as a technological species. After 1, prisoners seized control of the upstate New York prison, holding guards and other employees hostage for four days, the state sent in troopers to take the prison back by force, leaving 39 people dead and more severely injured.

    In one essay, Cole, an art historian and photographer, looks at how African-American photographer Roy DeCarava, forced to shoot with film designed for white skin tones, depicted his black subjects. Avid Reader: A Life by Robert Gottlieb: Legendary editor and dance aficionado Gottlieb has had a career that could fill several memoirs. Calhoun and U. Secretary of War Jefferson Davis modernized the U. When she and her husband moved to Geneva, Collins decided to learn French from the Swiss. Many of these women were black math teachers recruited from segregated schools in the South to fill spots in the aeronautics industry created by wartime labor shortages.

    American Prophets by Albert J. Raboteau: This fascinating social history profiles seven religious leaders whose collective efforts helped to fight war, racism, and poverty and bring about massive social change in midcentury America. Martin Luther King, Jr. Raboteau finds new connections between these figures and delves into the ideas and theologies that inspired them. Boggs continues to focus her gaze outward in these essays as she reports on families who have chosen to adopt, LBGT couples considering surrogacy and assisted reproduction, and the financial and legal complications accompanying these alternative means of fertility.

    Time Travel: A History by James Gleick: The tech-savvy author of The Information and Chaos shows how time travel as a literary conceit is intimately intertwined with the modern understanding of time that arose from technological innovations like the telegraph, train travel, and advances in clock-making.

    Beginning with H. Strangers in Their Own Land by Arlie Russell Hochschild: Perfectly timed for the start of the last lap of the presidential campaign, this book endeavors to see red-state voters as they see themselves — not as dupes of right-wing media, but as ordinary, patriotic Americans trying to do the best for their families and themselves.

    There, as in so much of working-class America, she finds lives riven by stagnant wages, the loss of homes, and an exhausting chase after an ever-elusive American dream. Eyes on the Street by Robert Kanigel: Anyone who has window-shopped in SoHo or marveled at the walkability of their neighborhood can thank activist Jane Jacobs who forever changed how planners thought about and designed urban spaces with her landmark book The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Hajdu highlights overlooked performers like blues singer Bessie Smith and Jimmie Rodgers, a country singer who incorporated yodeling into his music.

    Future Sex by Emily Witt: In her first book, journalist and critic Witt writes about the intersection between sex and technology, otherwise known as online dating. Witt reports on internet pornography, polyamory, and other sexual subcultures, giving an honest and open-minded account of how people pursue pleasure and connection in a changing sexual landscape. Truevine by Beth Macy: One day in , a white man offered a piece of candy to George and Willie Muse, the children of black sharecroppers in Truevine, Va.

    In later years, he fought in Wounded Knee, became an activist for the Lakota people, and converted to Catholicism. Known to many through his spiritual testimony, Black Elk Speaks , this biography brings the man to life, as well as the turbulent times he lived through. In his memoir, Noah recalls eating caterpillars to stave off hunger and being thrown by his eccentric mother from a speeding car driven by murderous gangsters.

    If you survived a childhood like that, you might not be so intimated at the prospect of replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, either. My Lost Poets by Philip Levine: In this posthumous essay collection from one of our pre-eminent poets, Levine writes about composing poems as a child, studying with John Berryman, the influence of Spanish poets on his work, his idols and mentors, and his many inspirations: jazz, Spain, Detroit, and masters of the form like William Wordsworth and John Keats.

    Wideman, who was the same age as Emmett Till, just 14, the year he was murdered, mixes memoir and historical research in his exploration of the eerily twinned executions of the two Till men. Diamond commemorates this journey through a memoir and cultural history of a brief, vanished moment in the Chicagoland suburbs. December The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis: Why do people go with their guts, even when their guts so often steer them wrong?

    A brief reference in a review of Moneyball in The New Republic led Lewis to two psychologists, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, whose work explores why humans follow their intuition. Abandon Me by Melissa Febos: Following on the success of her debut memoir, Whip Smart , about her years as a professional dominatrix and junkie, Febos turns back the clock to examine her relationship with her birth father, whose legacy includes his Native American heritage and a tendency toward addiction. Abandon Me is slated for February Lower Ed by Tressie McMillan Cottom: A much-needed examination of the recent expansion of for-profit universities, which have put millions of young people into serious debt at the beginning of their careers.

    Cottom links the rise of for-profit universities to rising inequality, drawing on her own experience as an admissions counselor at two for-profit universities, and interviewing students, activists, and senior executives in the industry. She also wanted its release to follow a book of short stories, Difficult Women, which will be published in January This year is already proving to be an excellent one for book lovers. We see no evidence the tide of great books is ebbing. Scroll down and get reading. When their village is threatened by plans for a new resort, Margot sees an opportunity to change her life.

    What starts as an idyllic trip camping out of an RV dubbed Chateau turns into a harrowing personal journey as Josie confronts her regrets. The correct answer is d. The witty follow-up questions suggest that the true beauty of fiction is that it has no use for pat answers. In the world of Joy Williams, we can expect to meet a God who is odd, whip-smart, exuberant, surprising, funny, sad, broken, perplexed, and mysterious. I look awfully forward. Dean and his three children, ages eight to 18, must now forge ahead while also grappling with the past that led to the tragedy.

    How to Set a Fire and Why takes place in a normal-enough town peopled by characters who have names like Lucia and Hal. His death leaves Ada with a tantalizing puzzle to solve in this smart, riddling novel. A decade later, a disenchanted Bea returns to find her daughter being taken care of by a strong Irish Catholic woman named Emma, and the two woman must grapple with what it means to raise a child in a rapidly changing post-war America in the middle of the Prohibition. With poetic prose but a larger understanding of the precarious world of s New England, Solomon proves herself as one of the most striking novelists of the day.

    The riot followed the horrific lynching of Will Brown. A legal reporter covering the Nebraska civil courts, Wheeler brings much authenticity to the tale. Pond by Claire Louise-Bennett: Published in Ireland last year, a linked series of vignettes and meditations by a hermitess. An Innocent Fashion by R. My Name Is Leon by Kit de Waal: A former magistrate who has spent years doing family law and social work in England, de Waal publishes her debut novel at the respectable age of 55, bringing experiences from a long career working with adoption services to a novel about a mixed family navigating the foster care system in the s.

    Night of the Animals by Bill Broun: A strangely prophetic novel set in London, Night of the Animals takes place in a very near, very grim future — a class-divided surveillance state that looks a little too much like our own. A homeless drug addict named Cuthbert hears the voices of animals who convince him to liberate them from the London Zoo, joining with a rag-tag group of supporters to usher in a sort of momentary peaceable kingdom in dystopian London. The book is difficult to describe and difficult to put down. Hill tackles politics more headlong than Pynchon in this well-timed release.

    The writing life of college professor Samuel Andresen-Andersen is stalled.

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    Now Woodson has written her first adult novel in two decades, a coming-of-age tale set in s Bushwick, where four girls discover the boundaries of their friendship when faced with the dark realities of growing up. As Tracy K. A meditation on family, the long shadow of war over generations, and myth-making. The novel follows three characters who meet across the border in China: two North Koreans, one from a prominent and privileged family, the other raised in poverty, and a Chinese-American teen who is an outcast at school.

    Here, readers track the daily struggles of ordinary residents trying to get ahead — or just to get by. By turns heartbreaking, darkly funny, and overall compelling, Insurrections delivers a panorama of modern life within a close-knit community, and the way the present day can be influenced by past histories, past generations. Scott, a lecturer at Bowie State, is a writer you should be reading, and this book serves as a nice entry point for first-timers. Her village and her in-laws turn against her, accusing her of the crime.

    Overcome with shock, she cannot remember her whereabouts when her husband was killed, and the police imprison her. It could make a fortune, but is there anyone — other than Ted Williams or an inventive novelist — who could seriously believe that Virtual Grave is a good idea? The novel, translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell, becomes an unapologetic exploration of memory, nostalgia, and how love ends.

    September The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead: In , Whitehead appeared out of nowhere with The Intuitionist , a brilliant and deliciously strange racial allegory about, of all things, elevator repair. Early word is that he has recaptured that elusive magic in The Underground Railroad, in which the Underground Railroad slaves used to escape is not a metaphor, but a secret network of actual tracks and stations under the Southern landscape. His first two — both emotional, brilliant, and, I have to say it, quirky — established him as a literary wunderkind that some loved, and others loved to hate.

    I love him, FWIW. Here I Am follows five members of a nuclear family through four weeks of personal and political crisis in Washington D. Trudy has betrayed her husband, John, and is hatching a plan with his brother. Commonwealth by Ann Patchett: A new novel by the bestselling author of gems like Bel Canto and State of Wonder is certainly a noteworthy publishing event. Commonwealth begins in the s, in California, and moves to Virginia and beyond, spanning many decades. Beach readers beware; gloom lies ahead.

    Her second book, Intimations, is a collection of 12 stories sure to please any reader who reveled in the heady strangeness of her novel.

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    These stories examine the course life in stages, from the initial shock of birth into a pre-formed world on through to the existential confusion of the life in the middle and ending with the hesitant resignation of a death that we barely understand. With this collection, Kleeman continues to establish herself as one of the most brilliant chroniclers of our 21st-century anxieties. Dear Mr. M — his eighth novel to date, but just the third to be translated into English. A writer, M, has had much critical success, but only one bestseller, and his career seems to be fading.

    When a mysterious letter writer moves into the apartment below, he seems to be stalking M. Through shifting perspectives, we slowly learn how a troubled teacher, a pair of young lovers, their classmates, and M himself are intertwined. The book follows a man named Jean as he begins an affair with Dannie, a woman who may or may not be implicated in a local murder. As their relationship progresses, Jean begins to keep a diary, which he then uses decades later in a quest to piece together her story. Umami by Laia Jufresa: A shared courtyard between five homes in Mexico City is frequently visited by a year-old girl, Ana.

    In the summer, she passes time reading mystery novels, trying to forget the mysterious death of her sister several years earlier. Panoramic, affecting, and funny, these narratives entwine to weave a unique portrait of present-day Mexico. It asks the big questions about identity and history that every American needs to ask in the 21st century. What could go wrong? Quite a bit, apparently.

    The book, which takes place at the turn of the 20th century in an unnamed country, centers on a girl named Pavla, a dwarf who is rejected by her family. Silver also weaves in the story of Danilo, a young man in love with Pavla. After Disasters by Viet Dinh: Four protagonists, one natural disaster: Ted and Piotr are disaster relief workers, Andy is a firefighter, and Dev is a doctor — all of them do-gooders navigating the after-effects of a major earthquake in India.

    Their journeys begin as outward ones — saving others in a ravaged and dangerous place — but inevitably become internal and self-transforming more than anything. When the husband, Robert, finds out that his father is dying, he gets a chance to confront the mistakes of his past. Again the novel concerns a young woman, an actress who moves to London to launch her career, and who falls in with an older, troubled actor.

    If it sounds complicated, well, it is, but behind all the potential melodrama is a story that takes a serious look at race, class, sexuality, and loyalty — in short, at the new American family. Charles Lee, the African-American patriarch of a biracial family, searches for meaning after a fatherless childhood. The protagonist of her latest is a less colorful type: a struggling novelist suffocated by her husband, also a struggling novelist.

    I have never really loved anything as much as that red car. Hag-Seed, a prose adaptation of The Tempest , follows the story of Felix, a stage director who puts on a production of The Tempest in a prison. If Felix finds success in his show, he will get his job back as artistic director of the Makeshiweg Festival. Now, the British writer adds to his published novels, stories, poems, travelogue, memoir, and film! His newest novel, The Boat Rocker, follows in the same vein. And it goes great! Just kidding. As of this year, the U.

    Refugee Agency estimates there to be Mister Monkey by Francine Prose: Widely known and respected for her best-selling fiction, Prose has had novels adapted for the stage and the screen. When they manage to get a place on the ocean liner St. The passengers, who are now a liability, get their visas revoked by the government, which forces the Rosenthals to quickly abandon ship.

    The Explosion Chronicles was first published in , and will be published in translation by Duke professor Carlos Rojas this fall. In The Trespasser, tough-minded detective Antoinette Conway battles scabrous office politics as she tries to close the case of a beautiful young woman murdered as she sat down to a table set for a romantic dinner. The Wangs vs. In the title story originally published in Guernica in , a woman whose father has recently died goes to Cairo to scatter his ashes.

    In accompanying stories, we meet an ibex-human hybrid named Zelwa, as well as an Egyptian feminist and the women of a matriarchal society. The Terranauts by T. Boyle: In , a group of eight scientists move into EC2, a bio-dome-like enclosure meant to serve as a prototype for a space colony. Not much time passes before things begin to go wrong, which forces the crew to ask themselves a difficult, all-important question — can they really survive without help from the outside world?

    Set in North West London and West Africa, the book is about two girls who dream of being dancers, the meaning of talent, and blackness. Chabon was 26 years old, already author of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh , when he went to see his grandfather for the last time only to hear the dying man reveal buried family stories.

    A nearly page epic, Moonglow explores the war, sex, and technology of mid-century America in all its glory and folly. Fish in Exile by Vi Khi Nao: A staggering tale of the death of a child, this novel is a poetic meditation on loss, the fluidity of boundaries, and feeling like a fish out of water. Currently the chair of the creative writing department at UMass Amherst, Murray has also received fellowships from the Radcliffe Institute, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Guggenheim Foundation.

    Her sixth book seventh, including her screenplay , Valiant Gentlemen follows a friendship across four decades and four continents. Doctorow: Written between the s to the early years of this century, the 15 stories in this collection were selected, revised, and placed in order by the masterly Doctorow shortly before he died in at age The stories feature a mother whose plan for financial independence might include murder; a teenager who escapes home for Hollywood; a man who starts a cult using subterfuge and seduction; and the denizens of the underbelly of s New York City, which grew into the novel The Waterworks.

    In this, his 14th novel, personal assistant Juan de Vere watches helplessly as his life becomes tangled in the affairs of his boss, a producer of B-movies and general sleaze. December Whatever Happened to Interracial Love? The Private Life of Mrs.

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    This, her second, chronicles a changing India in which the titular Mrs. Sharma, a traditional wife and mother living in Delhi, has a conversation with a stranger that will shift her worldview. Her new story collection was recently announced along with an announcement about the delay on the memoir Hunger, which was slated to be her next title and will now be published after this one.

    Transit by Rachel Cusk: In this second novel of the trilogy that began with Outline , a woman and her two sons move to London in search of a new reality. Taut and lucid, the book delves into the anxieties of responsibility, childhood, and fate. Homesick for Another World by Ottessa Moshfegh: This first collection of stories from Moshfegh, author of the noir novel Eileen , centers around unsteady characters who yearn for things they cannot have. Aciman follows up with Enigma Variations, a sort of sentimental education of a young man across time and borders. Last week, we previewed 93 works of fiction due out in the first half of Set aside some space on those bookshelves, Millions readers.

    This is looking to be a very, very good year for nonfiction. Faragher, a Yale historian, follows L. Why the Right Went Wrong by E. Dionne Jr. Leonard by William Shatner, with David Fisher: Anyone with fond memories of the original Star Trek has to be rooting for this book to be good. With his music and photography, Leonard Nimoy always came off as a fascinating, multi-faceted man.

    Shatner, on the other hand, often came off as a serious cheeseball. Written in Italian and translated by Ann Goldstein who also translated the Elena Ferrante novels , Lahiri explores what it means to think and write in another language, and how a new language can give a writer a new voice. Pandemic by Sonia Shah: Beware germophobes! This book may stoke your fears as Shah describes how vibro cholerae, a marine bacteria in the Bay of Bengal, caused a global outbreak of cholera in the lateth century.

    He promptly escaped and turned up in America, where he led the New York-based Irish Brigade in some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War and later won a post as territorial governor of Montana. Based on interviews with academics, social scientists, and, of course, single ladies, this book shows how unmarried women have historically brought about great social change — and will continue to do so in the future. This page primer was a bestseller in Italy, and came from a series of popular newspaper articles.

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    There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback. Absolutley amazing I have read many of this authors books and one really never has any idea of what you are going to get. His works are like a box of chocolates but full of only chocolates you really really love and others that you'll really really hate As an example of special interest are readers that may enjoy sex with food articles, which certainly seems to be a specialy of the kitchen in this hotel.

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