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YIKES! Quilled by a Porcupine!

The pet store is a no go. Secondly, buying a hedgehog is not the same as buying an IKEA kitchen table.

Hedgehog Care | Hugs For Hogs

Craigslist is not the answer. Your best option: HedgehogBreeders. This site will point you in the direction of the closest, USDA certified hedgehog breeder in your state. These are the people who have been trained to raise hedgehogs and give them the kind of care that makes them happy, healthy animals.

They need to be properly acclimated to certain climates from birth, and breeders have got this down to a science. An ideal hedgehog home contains the following:. Make sure the cage is located near a window that gets enough sunlight. Although hedgehogs are nocturnal and sleep all day, they need to know the sun is out. It lets them know that they should be tucked into their snuggle sack.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Hedgehogs (But Were Afraid to Ask)

One thing that tends to scare new owners is the fact that, at first, it will appear that your hedgehog hates you. One thing you can do when you first get your hedgehog is place an old shirt of yours —preferable one that reeks of you, say a gym shirt— and place it in their cage. It should help your hedgehog get used to your smell. Oh, and if your hedgehog starts spazzing out one day, frothing at the mouth, and compulsively licking something?

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It can be a bloodbath at first. If you have a particularly grouchy hedgehog like I did, she will associate bath time with pure torture. Symptoms of salmonella infection include fever, diarrhea and stomach cramps, which can last four to seven days.

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Most people recover without treatment. Among patients who experience severe illness, the infection can, in rare cases, cause death if not treated promptly with antibiotics.

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  • The CDC Is Urging People To Stop Snuggling Hedgehogs Because They Can Spread Salmonella!
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  • Stop snuggling salmonella-laden hedgehogs, CDC says - CNN.
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Is your pet going to make you ill? There are an estimated 1.

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Even hedgehogs that look clean and healthy can carry salmonella germs, which show up in their droppings. You may keep their habitat clean, but the bacteria can easily spread to toys, bedding and nearly anywhere they roam.

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  7. They may be cute — if prickly — but lab tests in an ongoing investigation show that pet hedgehogs are probably to blame for a multi-state salmonella outbreak. Eleven people are infected in eight states , according to the CDC. There have been no reported deaths, but one person has been hospitalized.

    Stop snuggling hedgehogs, CDC urges amid salmonella outbreak

    The illnesses started in October. Ten of the eleven infected patients said they had contact with a pet hedgehog before becoming sick. Flickr midiman. Symptoms of salmonella infection include fever, diarrhea and stomach cramps, which can last four to seven days.