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Anson's quest for authentic confirmation would lead him on a mystical journey of love, laughter, turmoil and tears. He struggles with denial, depression and acceptance along with the inner conflicts of his own intolerant religious beliefs that embraced conformism over self-awareness. Engagingly dispenses insightful inspirations. Now, I'm sure of it. Everything in this book is terrifying and beautiful and necessary. This is a wholly original and essential book.

Cloud, Inc. Filled with dialogue, humor, and a concluding serious message, Stanley's fifth book follows a struggling Manhattan writer escaping poverty with a short book on cat care. While negotiating the bumpy publishing world, he encounters colorful characters and conducts an on-and-off romance with a handsome doctor.

Tim W. Second Acts is a comic historical novel set in s America, a time of great social upheaval and reform fervor, not unlike the s. The novel tells the story of a young man, Dan Connor, who has followed his wife Rachel and her lover Bruce Bilson, a University of Chicago physics professor and the inventor of time travel, into the past. In his journey he obtains a mystical sidekick, a Potawatomi transvestite named Listening Rabbit aka Bunny , and he befriends historical figures such as Albert Gallatin and Samuel J.

Rachel and Bilson maddeningly stay one step ahead of Connor. Second Acts refutes F. What an auspicious beginning! As they each fall in love and into trouble, their lives become more and more entwined--until one crisis binds them in friendship for life. Then she sold her first book to a major publishing house and the second edition to an academic press. In this book she shares what she's learned along the way. Paul G. Bens, Jr. Kelland appears to them all in various guises.

An enigma, a puzzle, and an almost imperceptible presence, Kelland is violence, sorrow, joy and the common thread tying five disparate strangers together. As the two embark upon a sensual game throughout the streets of Waikiki, Toshi learns that sometimes he needs to be "something more" than he has let himself be. Another insightful, penetrating look into the talents of a deep and personable writer, Soul-full is about spiritual connections, respect, admiration, and is an emotionally charged dialogue that resonates through deep truths and movements of words.

They often become unwritten rules, even lifestyles or those ever-funny true-isms for how we live, love and laugh. Lori L. Unfortunately, her kleptomaniac tendencies are intensifying and her first girlfriend has begun stalking her. Biting the Apple pokes fun at some of our dearest held postmodern ideas about the existence of a true self and humanity as product.

John F. This novel traces Philip's life and his loves, and is a triumphant testimony to a gay man's passage through life as a rice queen-partial to Asian men. Jeffrey Cooper, Alabama-raised design superstar in Americanized Germany, is 78 but looks 40 years younger due to the perks of his stressful job. Meeting an impulsive, gifted man will destroy the life he has painfully built for himself, but allow him to reclaim his own soul.

Larkin offers no false hopes, no resolutions, except to reflect, as honestly and directly as she can, the complicated, at times uncontrollable, messiness of being alive. Realistic musings of both challenges and glories … of life! Employing the careful emotion of Constantine Cavafy and the realism lying beneath Oscar Wilde's comic epigrams, Young has crafted a contemplative book of poems both wise and willing to learn. See how choices, events and decisions help shape who they become.

Jim Tushinski and Jim Van Buskirk, eds. Includes work by Perry Brass, D. Jaffe, Max Pierce, and others. This full-length play is the "Moon Children" for rebel girls and misfit boys in search of authenticity and passion. Fierce, funny, violent, and touching, written by a multi-award-winning playwright. These are not stories of little green men and space station discos but ask the question, will life be any different?

Steve Armstrong and his best friend katherine Bishop help police solve the murder of a neighbor. A number of suspects are entangled in a web of deceit and intimate relationships. This unconventional love story is sexy, literary, and extremely touching. Strings Attached transcends genre and is simply a great story. In this first installment of the children's Baby Cat book series, the adorable, precocious Lily offers a humorous and enlightening point of view on her first year in a gay beach community called Cherry Grove.

The same old merry-go-round that Kaurna talks about in the song is reflected here in mundane tasks, brushing his teeth, dressing, undressing, eating a bowl of soup, but they become inverted, playing and replaying backwards and forwards as the song goes on. It has been a gradual and constant evolution of building audiences from performing on the streets, to cafes, to venues, to festivals in most countries throughout Europe.

Z Z Top will be celebrating their 50th anniversary with a world tour this year, including extensive legs in Europe and the US. The band formed in in Houston, Texas, and following a few initial lineup tweaks, the classic trio of Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard have all been going strong in the band for 50 years. With the upcoming 50th anniversary tour ready to help ZZ Top celebrate their years in Rock, it only makes sense to help them celebrate with a career spanning collection that effectively covers all the appropriate ground. Most tracks are remastered. The Liverpool folk duo were on their 1st tour of the USA and their English accents and timeless tunes charmed and impressed the Americans.

Soon, the Hawks and Intentions were good friends. One evening in Hawks lead singer Rob Waller's Highland Park garage studio, Rob, Paul Lacques and Peter sat down with guitars and some trepidation, suddenly out of their comfort zones, but came up with the beginnings of "White Cross" and "Rolling The Boxcars", amidst much laughter and the chaos of the Waller children.

Well, that was fun! The irony of creating heartfelt folk music through cyber connection was not lost on any of us. As the email threads mushroomed, the Hawks and Good Intentions discovered the subtle and at times gaping differences between English and American musical sensibilities, phrasing and idioms, as well as quirks in their own personalities and hardened songwriting habits. Both groups shared an appreciation for nuanced shadings of words, and tiny but dire quibbles on a single word or phrase accompanied every stanza.

Publishing Triangle

The heated if wit defused discussions were a learning experience for all, including Hawks bassist Paul Marshall and drummer Victoria Jacobs. What emerged was a song crafting process more deliberative and careful than the Hawks have ever been disciplined enough to undertake. Where Paul and Rob often revel in their reckless irreverence for traditional forms, Peter employs a more careful and thoughtful process. The results were different from songs either group had written before. Many Hawks fans are familiar with the Good Intentions.

Songs Played Today

It's a deep and intricate collaboration. The song has become a new crowd favorite. We see the group smoking weed, playing ping pong and sharing ideas, Lukas shows his bandmates the title track and asks for feedback. They found a compromise. The album includes both a full band version and an acoustic version that features Neil Young on pump organ.

We want to see good music and great artists succeed, because a rising tide raises all ships. A uburn has been captivating audiences around the world with their unique blend of americana, blues and roots music. The new album was mainly written in the last few months of , in a flurry of outpouring. As always with Liz Lenten's prolific song writing themes cover the usual range of reflections of emotions and situations, focusing this album on trust, in all sorts of relationships and situations. As with Auburn's previous releases, the band's new album was recorded once again in Nashville. It has been devised and designed to compliment the songs and lyrics of the material, so that everyone can play their own "Game Of Faith", more details nearer release about this.

I found this thing and it had such a great attitude to it. This show is from the Buttrey period. It is also incomplete since they played about 20 songs most nights and this set just features I still make those decisions because I am here on the planet. I have no plans to release everything I have ever recorded. As the decade came to a close, the group renamed themselves Crazy Horse after playing with Neil Young. Although the band lineup has changed over the years, Molina and Talbot have remained as core members of Crazy Horse, recording over 30 albums.

When asked about his songwriting process, Ralph describes it as being akin to a puzzle, stating that the melodies come to him first, followed by lyrics. Molina gives credit to God for inspiring his work, and dedicates the album to departed friends Danny Whitten, David Briggs and Jack Nietzche. Much like the artist himself, the songs comprising the album are unpretentious and insightful, exploring a full range of emotions.

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Molina is accompanied by a host of musicians from a range of genres. An urban world music that draws its inspiration from dance in different forms. The soul of a tune, how it orchestrates the beat, the different worlds created by the melodies and interplay, this is what makes "Zobop" an entirely unique place to be. July 5th, Their music harkens back to a simpler time, but their lyrics have a 21st century twist. Hopefully a full length album is just around the corner. Founded by Kip Powell and Lisa Mednick Powell, the band continues to perform classic covers and original americana in and around the high desert community of Joshua Tree.

Honky tonk drinking and cheating songs soon inspired original songs like "Albuquerque" and "Promised Land". Kip and Lisa are now living in the high desert community of Joshua Tree, CA, where they have formed Arroyo Rogers, adding more originals to their classic country repertoire while keeping the dry, tongue in cheek style from their New Mexico days.

night light - music – night light

When we formed Humble Pie, the 1st material we played together was just that. We started the resulting sessions 9 days after coming off the road last year. Over a 2 week period, we recorded 23 tracks, all live in the studio. The energy of these tracks is completely different from building a track one instrument at a time. With this recording, we pay tribute to all the original artists who invented this incredible music. I hope you can hear and feel our enjoyment. But we definitely did. T he Portuguese have saudade, the Swedes have vemod. Contemplation, intricately entwined in compositions spanning jazz, folk music, experimental and the nordic, is at the heart of the new album by Anna Einarsson Ensemble, " Life In Pieces ".

Along with its lyrics of recollections and everyday stories from mid-life, the music is lyrical and melodic, experimental yet inviting, guiding the listener forward to dwell in a world within. Born in in Uppsala, Sweden, Einarsson is a working composer, vocalist and live electronic musician who received formal training from the Royal College Of Music in Stockholm. Music in between genres is notably one of her trademarks. I was the 3rd generation of my small family to live and work in the Pacific Northwest log and steel town.

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I had carved out a life recording and mixing music in a dank studio behind my longtime punk rock pals' guitar and amp shop, Centaur Guitar. My wife, Susan, owned her own hair salon just down the hill from our house near Mt Tabor Park. We had everything figured out. You can count on life to throw you some curve balls. Gentrification, with it's skyrocketing rents and cycles of demolition and construction, gave Susan and I a solid push to pick up our things and create a new reality way out in the Mojave Desert near the town of Joshua Tree, California.

So long city, indeed. We sold our house and I closed the recording studio in Portland, Oregon. We moved into a tiny homestead cabin in the desert. That cabin is off the electrical grid. We use solar panels and batteries to run our electricity. It was recorded and mixed in our cabin in the Mojave. When it rains in the desert, the water runs. The channels it follows are called washes. Most of the time, washes are dry. Coyotes, hares, roadrunners, bobcats, tortoises, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, kangaroo rats, iguanas, out here in the desert, the washes are a thoroughfare.

It's the street. It's where the actions is. Tim plays the drums too. Joe Garcia of Urban Desert Cabaret plays lead guitar. Luke Dawson from RF Shannon plays the pedal steel. Susan Kearns plays upright and electric bass. I sing and play guitar, harmonica and organ. The front cover is a painting by Susan Kearns. One painting for each song on the album. The recordings are available for download and to stream across platforms. A n amazingly accomplished live performer, songwriter and recording artist who released his 1st single at age 10, Sam Levin , now 17, is trying something new on his 3rd album, "A General Air Of Regret".

The suburban New York based singer songwriter shares this multitude of those feelings via acoustic guitar, synthesizer and piano driven songs on his latest full length album "A General Air Of Regret". His uniquely eclectic music fuses electronic sensibilities, acoustic experimentation and a varied background in rock, jazz and alternative music to create an unconventional and engaging sound like no other. The book features an introduction by its editor Dan Piepenbring which touches on his short but profound collaboration with Prince in his final months. T here are bands that go the distance.

And then there is Diesel Park West. Now, 30 years after their first album " Shakespeare Alabama ", a new chapter begins with the release of "Let It Melt", an album of savvy, street survivor, sign of the times rock'n'roll that only a band with their immense experience, resilience and know how could have written and recorded. On the first day of recording, Butler asked Morris what kind of album he thought the band should make.

This album is simply made up of new songs that we like to play and more to the point, that we like to listen to. With a title that cleaves an appropriate passage between classics by the Beatles, "Let It Be", and the Stones, "Let It Bleed", "Let It Melt" is a masterclass of wry, observational lyric writing and wiry, anglo americana riffing.

How have they done it? Diesel Park West were born in the era of music business plenty. As the 's drew to a close, the baggy scene in Manchester was sweeping all before it, and then as the 's got underway Britpop took over. But Diesel Park West never hitched themselves to any passing bandwagons.

We were the beneficiaries of some big advances, but there was a dark side to it. It made lateral thinking and innovation virtually impossible.

There was a flabbiness in the thinking. Shifting their affairs back to the more grounded world of indie labels, the band released their genius 3rd album "Diesel Park West Versus The Corporate Waltz" on Demon. As the 's wore on and the industry underwent seismic changes, Diesel Park West scaled down their operations but maintained a full touring schedule and a consistent output of great new albums, "FreakGene" in , "HIPReplacement" in , "Thought For Food" in Butler also found time to launch a solo career with his debut album "The Loyal Serpent", in , an enduring cult favourite which has just been reissued, also by Palo Santo, as a special vinyl edition.

The band carried on into the new millennium, ploughing through the MySpace era and into the brave new world of Spotify, smartphones and social media.

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In the latest twist to the story, a deal was signed with Palo Santo to release the new album, "Let it Melt". They came over and we met up at a show in Brighton. They are genuine people, and very smart. Given the rootsy, riff driven sound and freewheeling, outlaw energy of the new music, it makes perfect sense that a label in Texas should have snapped up the album which, in keeping with the hands across the ocean spirit of the project, was recorded in D Line Studios, Leicester and mixed in Pleasantry Lane, Dallas by Palo Santo co-founder Salim Nourallah.

Rough, real, full of hard earned wisdom and a broad streak of black humour, "Let It Melt" is a late blooming masterpiece by a band that has walked the walk like no other. As power drunk clowns cast a shadow of despair across the land, our people cower in tumbledown hovels. The children do not dance and the birds are silent. Hope is crushed! Where are the heroes that this world needs, the heroes that this world deserves? Cast aside despair, people, for the tide will turn! Nor shall we be cowed by the nay sayers, nor bought off by the money lenders, nor gagged by the reeking stench of pious indifference that pours from the orifices of the clown lords.

Cometh the time, cometh the band. We are The Darkness and we bring you light! This is the first day in our new world, and Easter Is Cancelled! Let us begin. Death, or glory my friends, which will it be? Upon hearing Scottish folk music up close and personal he was struck by how much country music has been influenced by gaelic folk music. They emigrated often under harsh conditions, but kept their spirits up with songs of their homeland in their hearts.

But he remained committed to his mission, and faced with the rise of streaming services that used even lower quality audio, he was determined to rise to the challenge. It takes the reader through the ups and downs and difficulties in turning an idea into a reality. An eye opening read for all fans of Neil Young, fans of great music, as well as readers interesting in going behind the scenes of a startup company and the product development process, "To Feel The Music" has an inspiring story at its heart.

Birth Chart: Cat Power (Aquarius)

One determined artist with a groundbreaking vision and the absolute refusal to give up, despite setbacks, naysayers, and skeptics. But after finally setting dates to get those projects done, the list of guest performers grew and grew and grew. Twangy two steppers stand alongside hard driving blues rockers and dusty cowboy ballads, sharing time with windblown prairie gems, quirky spoken word compositions and historically charged singalongs. J oel Rafael is repurposing his song "Strong", a collaboration with Jason Mraz, as part of his upcoming album "Rose Avenue" for all the right reasons.

He and Mraz, who live 15 minutes apart near San Diego, had previously worked together to help defeat a proposed real estate development in their hometown. We only had about two weeks but we said, 'Let's write a song'".

Rafael, Mraz and Natter wrote "Strong" via email. And when it came time to assemble "Rose Avenue", Rafael felt like "Strong" still had some legs even after the protest. We all need clean water". It wasn't something planned, 'Oh, I'm gonna make social commentary in my songs'. I just kind of ended up going down that road because of who I am as a person, and probably because of people that inspired me". It has an additional 21 bonus tracks, including 13 previously unreleased outtakes and tracks alongside singles appearing on CD for the 1st time.

The set also includes an illustrated booklet with new essay and a poster and is a fine tribute to the eccentric genius of "McGear". T here are few artists as prolific as Prince. But Prince also wrote songs for those outside his sphere, including such unlikely friends as Kenny Rogers and Joni Mitchell. He grew up listening the likes of Clash, Beatles and Elvis Costello, and soon he's involved in playing music in a band. Started writing songs in and building up his own studio in Groveland, Dallas. All albums played, recorded and mixed all by himself. The stone was thrown in the open water and the waves started to spread.

The myth creeps more and more, but mainly, people loves Faris. People declared the man and his music to be precious jewels to take care of. So, how can one possibly reach such a status without ever playing in public? How can it be possible to not love Faris' songs? Now, 8 years since the latest release, his 9th solo album sees the light of day. The remaining songs are planned to be released in the future.

These songs, sent by e-mail in and to the founder of RuthRecords , have been preserved in a basement. Rediscovered in Ron Aniello produced the album with Springsteen and plays bass, keyboard, and other instruments. The musical arrangements include strings, horns, pedal steel and contributions from more than 20 other players including Jon Brion, who plays celeste, moog, and farfisa, as well as guest appearances by David Sancious, Charlie Giordano and Soozie Tyrell. The album was mixed by Tom Elmhirst. Inspired by the melodies, sounds and rhythms of Africa.

Santana has created a truly memorable and powerful experience that also promises to be one of his most groundbreaking albums yet. Concord Records, June 7th, The boxset will be released June 7th, , while the film hits Netflix and select theaters June 12th. The film is expected to feature a rare on camera interview with Dylan, as well as other performers from the tour. The new album will include multiple originals written by Willie with Buddy Cannon, as well as a few familiar tunes.

In December they announced that they completed recording the album. At the time, it was to be self titled. The band's forthcoming tour includes many festivals and will feature new music, songs from their solo projects and classic Allman Brothers and Gregg Allman tunes in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Allman Brothers Band. In a post on his website, Young says that 11 new songs, all written recently, will be recorded.

Last October Neil indicated that the long awaited 2nd volume of the "Neil Young Archives" would be releases in May There has been no word of this since. Gone is the young Louisiana gunslinger who erupted onto the early 90's scene with his burn it down guitar solos and gut punch songcraft. As a grown man and a father, there are different thoughts and feelings that have come into focus. World class guitar playing has always been his calling card, but in his 40's, Shepherd knows when to blaze and when to breathe.

Taking a cue from his side project, The Rides, the supergroup he co-founded with Stephen Stills and Barry Goldberg, Shepherd shares more vocal responsibilities with his long time singer, Noah Hunt, than on past releases, allowing the band more versatility. W aiting for the Mudfish album due September ? T angerine Dream were one of the true pioneers of electronic and ambient music and the albums they recorded for Virgin Records between and remain classics of the genre.

Also includes 2 CD's of previously unreleased outtakes from the "Phaedra" sessions at The Manor Studios, Oxfordshire in November and the surviving 35 minute live recording from Coventry Cathedral in October The box set features 2 BluRay discs featuring the 5. Universal Music, May 31st, He knows the history of our band, coming from church and giving that fun church feeling to people". Thilo grew up in a small village in East Germany.

Once moving to the West, his self taught guitar style led very quickly to busking, then performing in local pubs and clubs. With a constant need for inspiration he travelled far and wide, playing with musicians from different backgrounds, developing his percussive and unique style. He lives and breathes music, be it classical, jazz, experimental, indie or traditional folk, as long as there is heart, and it shows.

Many comment that he plays like he and the guitar are one, moving an audience, heart and soul. Robyn was born in Sydney, Australia, and worked as an actor in the 90s, appearing in sitcoms, commercials and stage productions. A singer from an early age, she joined numerous jazz and rock bands, writing her own songs, which were well received in the bubbly Melbournian music scene.

A true performer at heart, Robyn finds inspiration from the senstive and emotive classic jazz singers to the passionate right-in-your-face authenicity of a Janis Joplin and Rickie Lee Jones. Inspired, aware and confident of her own voice, Robyn reflects a deeply moving and authentic performance. Shift it Baby, have been performing together for the last 10 years, touring Germany and Australia, as well as stints in India, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Sweden to name a few.

They also love to just rock up to a bar and play a spontaneous gig, something that is always well received and a lot of fun. Their approach, musical ability and lively, groovy, yet intimate performance makes them attractive to almost any venue. Shift it Baby are regularly accompanied by excellent, seasoned musicians, their latest album is a collabaration with some of Dresden's finest, and their latest endeavour as a full band is exciting.

Songs from the album have been played regurlarly on independent and commercial radio stations. They are currently based in Dresden, but spend most of the year travelling, combining gigging with a life style of independence as they forge new pathways. Many of the songs were recorded in the same Los Angeles studios where the originals were cut, such as Sunset Sound and Western Recorders. The film will also look at how these artists influenced the next generation of songwriters. A country wide release is slated for June.

The set is rounded out by extensive liner notes by Tim Sommer, who signed Hootie and the Blowfish in A fter recently wrapping up a series of tour dates with his Wolf Bros trio, Bob Weir has announced a new project, Vulf Bros, which will feature that group as well as members of Michigan based pop funk outfit Vulfpeck. Who could say no to that? This doc marks his last film interview. The trailer also points toward the influence these artists had on the next generation of songwriters.

In a statement about the film, Dylan expanded on this theme. Both openings will feature performances by musicians from the film all weekend. A national rollout and a soundtrack will follow in June. The Maes are currently working on their 3rd album, which is set for release in May. The band went on to pursue solo endeavours, with Winwood and Capaldi reuniting once more under the Traffic name in the 's.

They were all made for Jac Holzman's farsighted Elektra Records, a label she helped to shape in her 1st decade as a recording artist through her adventurous spirit. Her forte was imaginatively interpreting songs by her peers and, later with her own songwriting which first graced her 7th album "Wildflowers" in Most significantly among the artists whose careers she helped develop, her album "In My Life" is now celebrated as the 1st record to feature songs by Leonard Cohen.

The artwork has been put together by acknowledged Elektra collector Phil Smee. Jimmy Webb Moonlight Mile God Only Knows Accidentally Like A Martyr Marie Lullabye Goodnight, My Angel All In Love Is Fair The Long And Winding Road A Case Of You The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Pretty Ballerina Old Friends. These were, and still are, staples of the Healy family vinyl collection.

At the same time, in her native Scotland, she was listening to female artists like Sheryl Crow, Carole King, Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline, and picked up the guitar to start writing her own songs. Martha has recently played at Celtic Connections in her hometown of Glasgow and showcased officially at A. Previously unreleased content. To the delight of fans worldwide, that will soon change. The press release notes that this was her first ever performance outside the US, with the exception of a BBC taping.

In all, it serves as a snapshot of Carole King at the height of her powers, performing an energetic set of album cuts, hits, and fan favorites in a legendary venue. The gram black vinyl LP, meanwhile, will feature 16 highlights from the show. All the versions will be released on May 17th, The music for this set will be newly remastered. Then we have Adam's consort Eve [Heb. Our biblical Genesis is taken from the funerary rituals of Kemet. The parallels do not end there; the Garden of Eden [Heb. ADN], the mythical land where they are created is also represented as the great enclosure in religious motifs while in Kemetic, DEN means "enclosure".

When Adam and Eve are cast out of Eden and settle in the land of Nod. Divine synchronicity moment, when, on the way back from an epic morning at the Great Pyramid, stopped to get water and happened across these 5 young boys with a lioness! We stayed there for a while in awe. She was very calm, then we got to hear her low deep growl. Bow down. A fascinating image of the Great Sphinx of Egypt before being fully excavated. The image was taken This is important because all terms starting with Y and I - two distinctively different letters in terms of esoteric meaning - were thrown into the J-collective during the last years.

But none of the OT texts provide an open definition of the term. But they do provide hints that are rather plain to see. I would like to quote here only one selected, very telling passage from the OT, which in my view is suited to explain the term: Jeremiah " Their bodies are anointed with spices, oils, and resins to preserve the body.

The body is wrapped in bandages, placed in a coffin, the coffin is placed upright to symbolize resurrection. African people believed that the Herus Heroes or Krsts Christs would rise again to save the world as fully divine beings. Jesus was called the Christ, the Messiah; temporal kingly titles that came from "Ka - 1 year ago. Ageofleo Thegreatage Ageofman The Great Sphinx of Giza before excavation and restoration. Zep Tepi - "First Time" ———————————————————— The "Building Texts" inscribed on the walls of the Temple of Edfu in Upper Egypt contain remarkable references to the Zep Tepi, the bringers and preservers of knowledge down through the ages.

These peoples were also referred to as the "Ancestors" and the "Sages" and count amongst their kind such notables as Osiris, Thoth or Hermes, etc. They are further associated with water for they were, in Bible terms, the anteduluvian peoples whose culture predated the Great Flood. This group of people known as Zep Tepis were survivors of disaster in their former home and sought safety and a new life in the Nile valley.

It is they, according to the Egyptian records that built the Great Sphinx and the Pyramid complex at Giza. Design available. Contact me. Deskgram is a powerful tool for telling a visual story about your brand. As social media users continue to demand more visual content, brands will need a platform where they can share photos that will visually engage their target audience.