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Corpus epistolare costituito da circa lettere di 75 scriventi diversi, di varia estrazione sociale. Banca dati interrogabile contenente 89 testi, per complessive circa 2,2 milioni di occorrenze, di latino tradotto. Corpus comprendente testi in volgare variamente indicizzati, per un totale che supera i sei milioni di occorrenze. Corpus in allestimento di testi medico- scientifici antichi, nelle diverse lingue romanze o in volgarizzamenti dal latino.

Corpus costituito da nove dialoghi tra parlanti stranieri in italiano, etichettanti secondo lo schema di annotazione PraTiD. Raccolta di testi dalle prove d'esame "Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera"; consta di prove, divise secondo il genere testuale a cui appartengono. Corpus di testi, didattici e non, di italiani nativi; nato come corpus monitor di VALICO, ha assunto poi vita autonoma.

Raccolta non indicizzata di articoli dal a oggi. Archivio del materiale completo diviso in due parti: e oggi. Raccolta dell'intero materiale del quotidiano, dal a oggi; interrogabile per parole chiave, autore, argomento e non solo. Corpus di testi dal quotidiano omonimo pubblicati tra il e il ; lemmatizzato, categorizzato e indicizzato per parti del discorso. Corpus annotato di articoli dal quotidiano locale "L'Adige", per un totale di circa Corpus testuale che ammonta a circa Corpus testuale composto da una collezione di circa Corpus lessicale dinamico pensato per riflettere l'utilizzo della lingua italiana nel web in vari contesti, annotato e indicizzato.

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Corpora testuali in quattro lingue di circa due miliardi di parole ciascuno, lemmatizzati e indicizzati. Sono disponibili per il download dietro richiesta o liberalmente consultabili online a questo indirizzo. Banca dati terminologica contenente circa Corpus testuale volto all'analisi delle forme linguistiche utilizzate in ambito legislativo, giuridico e amministrativo; formato da subcorpora paralleli in lingua italiana e inglese. Corpus linguistico e terminologico che consta di circa cinque milioni di parole; comprende testi di legge italiani con le relative traduzioni in tedesco.

Corpus testuale che raccoglie gli atti del Parlamento Europeo tra il e il tradotti in 21 lingue. Banca dati semantico-lessicale attiva dal , divisa in legislazione, prassi giuridica, dottrina giuridica. Raccolta di glossari, schede terminologiche. I materiali sono disponibili per il download e liberamente consultabili online. Thesaurus dei termini del linguaggio medico inglese e banca dati parallela tradotta in italiano.

Entrambi sono liberamente consultabili online. Software per l'analisi del linguaggio medico composto da un metathesaurus, una banca dati semantica e un lessico in lingua inglese.

Corpus di trascrizioni annotate tratte dal TG2, accompagnate dalle rispettive registrazioni audio, per un confronto diacronico. Banca dati audiovisiva basata sulla struttura del LIT; consta di 40 ore di trasmissioni mandate in onda tra il e oggi. Corpus di 90 ore di parlato trasmesso quasi un milione di occorrenze , trascritto e diviso per genere radiofonico e tipologica comunicativa.

Banca dati audiovisiva interrogabile, che raccoglie ore di trasmissioni prelevate nel corso del ; dotato di trascrizioni annotate per parlante, genere, tipologia comunicativa. Coming out of Paris, the message is clear: we need more of this type of communication. The private sector has the potential to fill the gap between what has been committed by Governments, but it will depend on policy engagement.

Around the world, companies are putting in place measures to anticipate for and adapt to climate impacts, otherwise known as Adaptation. If done properly, this process brings multiple benefits to companies, such as avoiding costs and better managing liabilities, protecting employees, expanding market shares through new products and services and accessing new financing streams.

Companies view building community climate resilience as an imperative for strategic business action that must go beyond the realm of corporate philanthropy. However, we know that companies alone are not responsible for setting the adaptation agenda.

Business Leadership Criteria on Carbon Pricing

As these initiatives are set and goals are established, the private sector must play an important role in achieving them. Our new Caring for Climate report, The Business Case for Responsible Corporate Adaptation: Strengthening Private Sector and Community Resilience , shares lessons learned and highlights how companies can adapt to climate change through a collection of case examples.

Science-based targets are the key to how companies can be smart about setting goals and determining their sustainable strategy. It is a unique and approach to decarbonizing the economy — instead of setting an arbitrary target that can be easily met, a company sets a sustainability target that reflects their contribution to global emissions.

Banche dati, corpora e archivi testuali

At the conclusion of the Caring for Climate Business Forum, more than companies have signed onto the Science-Based Targets Initiative because leading businesses see this as an opportunity that will drive business innovation, provide a competitive advantage and position them as a solution-provider in the fight against climate change at no additional cost for their operations.

The status update launched yesterday has more information about what companies are doing.

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Ultimately, and importantly, such targets will help to generate profit. Setting aggressive and ambitious goals means setting up business for future success, a future that is sustainable and resilient to climate change. Unprecedented corporate engagement on key climate issues including carbon pricing, finance, responsible policy engagement and science-based targets were announced today at the conclusion of the Caring for Climate C4C Business Forum, the official avenue for business at the Conference of Parties COP event in Paris.

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  7. Read the full press release. Read the Secretary-General's remarks. And never before have we seen this level of engagement from the private sector and it is clear that the momentum is unstoppable. Read full remarks. Every year, Caring for Climate takes stock of what its signatories have achieved.

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    Check back here tomorrow to read the full report, watch the Forum livestream and see more from the event. It is clear that responsible businesses are taking action. These include more than 30 cooperative initiatives — ranging from setting science-based targets to putting a price on carbon — and individual commitments that are measureable and time-bound.

    In just a few days, the high-level meeting at the Caring for Climate Business Forum will showcase all of the commitments made by business towards COP All companies are invited to join these leaders and commit to bold climate action. Visit the UN-Business Action Hub to see how your company can make a public commitment or find partners. Day 5: 4 December As world leaders and government representatives continue negotiations to hammer out a global climate deal at COP21 in Paris, institutional investors are ratcheting up their contributions in a number of areas. The statement is a call to action that sets out the steps that investors can and will take to address climate change alongside six specific policy responses from governments that would allow investor actions, including low-carbon investments, to be scaled up even further.

    The Investor Platform for Climate Actions continues to be the home of all these initiatives and will be updated regularly throughout and beyond COP21 to reflect new announcements as they take place.