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However it is not only Mr. Kapasi who comes across as foreign. The rather unflattering portrait of the Das couple in this story Mrs. Let us take as an example the following dialogue:.

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Das reached the car. Kapasi replied. At this Mrs. Das gave an impatient sigh as though she had been traveling her whole life without a pause. She fanned herself with a folded Bombay film magazine written in English. Das said tapping on the tour book. Kapasi explained Lahiri, Das are college educated, we note that Mrs. Das is reading a film magazine.

The indirect speech syntax of Mr. Das is incorrect according to the prescriptive grammar of Standard English. As the introductory verb in the main clause is in the preterit, the verb in the subordinate should also be in the preterit, and not in the present. Kapasi systematically uses the full forms. This also concords to what we find in Pingali — in all the examples of spoken forms given in her book, there are no contracted forms.

It is perhaps for this reason that Mr. He is speaking like a foreign text. His syntax and lexical terms are more complex than necessary. This too concords with Pingali. In chosen samples of Indian English, she explains that one way Indian authors have of Indianizing English is to complexify the syntax. Pingali, , When Bobby asks why the driver is sitting on the wrong side, Mr. If Mr. Das are portrayed as nearly a caricature of the American tourist, the fact that the only cultural reference that Mr. Kapasi can refer to is the defunct TV series is yet another indication that his cultural references are not developed or current enough to be able to fully grasp everything the Das family says or does.

Kapasi does not fully understand, to the stilted Standard Indian English of M. The remainder, according to Lecercle is that dimension of language that is there beneath the surface and resists the prescriptive rules of grammar. Lecercle, Venuti reminds translators that the intrinsic foreignness of the text must remain in the final translation so that readers be made constantly aware that they are reading a translation. How words both possess and not possess their ordinary meanings is a dominant trait of the story.

The metatext of culture Tymoczoko explains is:. The culture or tradition of a post- colonial writer acts as a metatext which is rewritten — explicitly and implicitly, as both background and foreground in the act of literary creation. Our knowledge of India, if it is summed up so scantly, is as caricatured as Mr. In fact the cultural information mentioned above is scattered throughout her text, but with an interesting twist in that it is not only Mr. Kapasi and India that emerge as foreign, but also the Das, not to mention the reader. Just as the Englishes seem the same but are not, Mr.

Das look Indian but are not. They are as foreign to India as India is to them. Kapasi explains his regular job to Mr. Why does Lahiri put a word that makes no sense in the mouth of her protagonist? Das continues:. The other day a man came in with a pain in his throat. It was very curious. He complained that he felt as if there were long pieces of straw in his throat. When I told the doctor he was able to prescribe the proper medication.

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Kapasi agreed after some hesitation. Das said. She spoke slowly, as if she were thinking aloud. Das who makes the mistake and not Mr. Kapasi hesitates when Mrs. What Mrs. Kapasi imagines a continuing epistolary relationship with the woman.

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Kapasi becomes exotic in his own eyes, when seen through the eyes of Mrs. As for Mrs. Das, her fantasy is only poetic. And when Mr. Das is furious, her rushing off in anger suggests that Mr. This is the English of the predominant narrative voice. It is through this narrative voice that Lahiri portrays what Tymoczko refers to as the translational dimension of postcolonial writing:. As background to their literary works, they are transposing a culture — to be understood as a language, a cognitive system, a literature comprised of a system of texts, genres, tale types and so on , a material culture, a social system and legal framework, a history and so forth.

Tymoczko , At the tea stall Mr.

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Das bickered about who should take Tina to the toilet. Eventually Mrs. Das relented when Mr.

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Das pointed out that he had given the girl her bath the night before. In the rearview mirror Mr. Kapasi watched as Mrs. Das emerged slowly from his bulky Ambassador, dragging her shaved largely bare legs across the back seat. One paragraph further down mentions the abortive first greeting; the traditional namaste Indian greeting, Mr. Kapasi pressing his palms together in greeting, and Mr. Das squeezing hands like an American, so Mr.

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For Mr. Kapasi,the fact that a father might be called upon to take his daughter to the toilet let alone give her a bath are surely causes for surprise, or again the shaved, largely bare legs of Mrs. Das as they slip into the car. All this indicates culturally loaded notions that invite interpretation.

Bare legs on hot summer days are par for the course in the Western English world. But here there is an added sexual connotation which is obvious, to the reader, but not to Mrs. Skip to content. You decide to answer it and take the game to the next level… It was a fine afternoon on August 30th, , when Anita found me. So, filled with hope and anticipation, I deployed a similar version of english and wrote my answer… Usually, after something like that, if the scammer has even the lowest IQ possible, they stop sending. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. She wrote her first poem aged five but on hitting adolescence her poetry became so morose that for a number of decades she concentrated on comedy instead and with rather more success. She took the plunge back into poetry as a performance poet to take the art of the morose to a whole new level. She is co-founder of Desperate Poets Inc. This is her first published collection. Love and Other Maladies by Debby Klein. Formats Softcover. Book Details.