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NoSQL and cloud computing were made for each other.

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Dig in to the types of database offerings that are available from cloud major Google's recent outages show that AZs aren't a panacea for high availability. See how differences in cloud vendors' approaches to Don't count out Oracle IaaS before knowing what it has to offer. Learn where Oracle Cloud Infrastructure excels and what to Visa is modernising cross-border business-to-business payments, with blockchain used to connect participating corporate.

An industry group aimed at improving cyber security by tackling enduring challenges has called for collaboration in the fight UK police are gearing up to make it easier for business to report cyber crime, saying that under-reporting continues to be a This was last updated in January Related Terms digital certificate A digital certificate, also known as a public key certificate, is used to cryptographically link ownership of a public key with Login Forgot your password? Forgot your password? No problem!

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Read Trusted Computing (Professional Applications Of Computing)

Please create a username to comment. Powered by:. Search Cloud Security Another Amazon S3 leak exposes Attunity data, credentials UpGuard security researchers found publicly exposed Amazon S3 buckets from data management firm Attunity, which included company AWS, customers tackle cloud misconfigurations and data exposures AWS re:Inforce, the cloud provider's inaugural security conference, addressed the problems of misconfigurations and data Everything you need to know about multi-cloud security Make multi-cloud security a reality in your organization with these tips and strategies from industry experts as you implement Search Networking Open networking switch market extends focus to campus edge Factors such as cost and flexibility, which make open switches attractive to data centers, will eventually extend to edge Discover 3 real-world network automation use cases The real benefits of network automation are managing multiple network devices at once.

How to improve network visibility and regain control Gaining visibility into the network has never been easy; technology like cloud and IoT makes it even tougher.

Read Trusted Computing (Professional Applications Of Computing)

AI's carbon footprint will be an issue for enterprises AI is touted as the tech that will help us combat global warming, but training AI models requires a shocking amount of energy. Enterprises need to plan for deepfake technology Politicians and Hollywood stars aren't the only ones at risk: Enterprises need to understand the dangers deepfakes pose to their Search Enterprise Desktop IT pros discuss challenges of a workspace platform deployment The benefits of workspace platforms are well established, but the process of deploying a workspace can lead to logistical issues IT takes the good with the bad in Windows 10 update Windows 10 updates have never been easy, but Microsoft is finally listening to its customers' woes.

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CS CD Cyber Dystopia : focuses on the downsides of technical progress, including prediction of the future and steps that might avoid the most undesirable outcomes. CS SM Principles of Safe Autonomy : introduces key algorithms and techniques for building powerful autonomous systems. CS Advanced Data Management : addresses concepts in data management and information system design and implementation, and recent developments in the field.

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CS Data Mining Principles : addresses data cleaning and integration; descriptive and predictive mining, mining frequent, sequential, and structured patterns; clustering, outlier analysis and fraud detection; stream data, web, text, and biomedical data mining; security and privacy in data mining. CS Advanced Operating Systems : addresses non-repudiation, authentication, delegation, and confidentiality. CS AB Computer Security in the Physical World : examines recent work in security that influences a wide variety of physical world phenomena.

CS BL Adversarial Machine Learning : surveys vulnerabilities in machine learning algorithms and algorithmic techniques that yield more robust learning.

Trusted Computing (Professional Applications of Computing)

CS CLF Secure Processor Design : examines the interplay among hardware, software, and applied cryptography in secure processor architectures. CS MAN Applied Cryptography : provides theoretically sound foundation in applied cryptography to see fundamental crypographic notions and how crytographic primitives can be used to create applications with security guarantees. Click through to information on currently available ECE sections. ECE NB Privacy Enhancing Technologies : reviews foundational and recent research results in the field of privacy-enhancing technologies.

ECE Ethics and Engineering : studies ethical issues in the practice of engineering. IS Information Assurance : provides an introduction to the concepts, technologies, practices and challenges of information assurance.