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Hej Ursula, thanks for the Oostende railway station - I like the waiting figures sitting there so rigidly waiting for 'customers'. Last month's titles were not so good for making up stories, but I like playing with words You know, I'm disappointed I didn't actually notice the statues when I was in Oostende! I guess I'll have to check them out the next time I'm there. I always like your pictures, and your book title story is great!

Happy reading! Okay, Ursula, just pack and go to Oostende and sit in their lap : Hej Terri, welcome, I am glad you like them. Happy start into the new working week. An elderly lady and her brother want to adopt an orphan boy - but then comes Anne spelled with an e and there lives are changed with Annes' imaginations and dreams and outspokenness. A lovely book. When working at the Pilgermission St. No packing required! It's a day trip, 45 minutes by train.

I just may sit on their laps next time. Hej Ursula, send us picture of you sitting there reading Read Anne of Green Gables. It's so 'romantic' and 'gives you thrills' - but not much space left for imagining things, since the author spells these imaginations out so well, that you may see and smell her descriptions and don't have to use up much of your own imaginations. But the coming of age of Anne is really worthwhile reading. Swiss literature, a mystery which stays a mystery.

The start off is a newspaper message: 18 years after a gruesome murder on a school teacher of history, the Chinese teacher turns up in Peking again. But the murderer was two years after the murder executed. Then we read the murderer's confession in which he tells all the details of his actions. Then 4 other people tell the story from their view - but which one is 'true'? An interesting story and approach to mystery. A bored millionaire looks for a new kick and finds it in the 'perfect crime': Robbing the National Gallery of Scotland and getting some nice paintings.

But something goes terribly wrong. A woman from Manchester travels to meet her boyfriend in Asheville NC and tells her story of love and friendship. Riley got the Somerset Maugham Award for that. But I wasn't so impressed. Hi Paul- Just checking in! Congrats on the new thread. I see you are busy adding more books.

Are you trying to catch up with Paul C?

German Films in the Department

Good luck with that. Hej Mark, welcome over here. I guess Paul C is trying to catch up for this year A children's book I loved as a kid. The dwarves in fairyland have a problem as other stories go as well : There are not so many kids coming into their fairyland anymore. But two kids arrive, one became queen and the other general.

Then the bad sorcerer started to attack the dwarves' city. What to do? There were two more parts to follow the first volume. Halbblut: A Mestizo, half European, half Comanche hires as scout by a railway station. He declares himself half Apache. But then Winnetou and Old Shatterhand show up and see through his scheme, and save them all. Typically Wild West by Karl May. A young man sees the weakness of the French navy, but gets no recognition by the French Consulat nor by Colonel Napoleon Bonaparte.

So he seizes a British ship under the nose of Napoleon and henceforth hijacks British ships in the indian Ocean. One of the best historical novels by May. He then gets attacked in the desert south of the Ozark Plateau. He later finds his attacker again who fled to Mexico, with the help of an other German trapper. He saves an American from Bedouins who hijacked him. He is the son of above mentioned Forster from Arkansas.

Then the beaten Bedouin hijacks the daughter of a Jewish merchant. Kara ben Nemsi comes to the rescue in Kerouan, one of the most holy cities of the Muslims in Africa This story has some affinities to Lessing's Nathan der Weise. When seeing on challenge 19 an uncatalogued book, I was intrigued and checked the Zurich edition and put it into LT - and read it.

An officer one day finds a baby girl in his room and raises her himself well, he pays a woman to look after the child, but she is always near him. Really a comfort read. The bad sorcerer from Tansibor escaped into our world. The kids hunt him until they find his hideout in the castel of Kyburg near Zurich. A great adventure story for kids. I think she travelled from place to place based on the variety of locations, but she could have used a hub from which to travel to those spots.

Hej Lori, I hope she enjoyed her travels in Switzerland. Basel is not central, so, not the best place using as a base for visits to other places - but definitely worthwhile to stop here :. So he tracks her down and she tells him her story in the few last days of WW II and the first few weeks after the capitulation of Hamburg. Does she ever answer his question about the currywurst?

An interesting novella with pages about a life of a woman at the end of an era and the beginning of a new life. Switzerland beat Brasil!! It was only a friendship game, but the Swiss soccer team is on a very good way. A quick read after Switzerland won and I watched the comments Hi Paul, Snoopy brings back long lost memories :- I find it quite interesting that the Belgian king made place to a younger one. Actually, we have to see how that goes, because as a prince, Philippe had a way of offending or at least annoying the Flemish who are the majority in Belgium while it was thanks to the Flemish that Belgium remained a kingdom after the War the French-speaking part wanted a republic.

Most politicians were hoping that king Albert would not abdicate before the general elections aka "the mother of all elections" that are due in and the difficult formation of a government afterwards, because he's old and wise enough to play a reconciling role. They fear Philippe may not have the same qualities for this enormous challenge. But, we'll see, some people rise to the occasion Belgian politics They are supposed to symbolize the wives of fishermen having a chat while waiting for their husbands to come home.

Ursula, it may be possible that these statues are temporarily removed because the station is being renovated, I think. I have to check next time and if I go to Oostende. Hej Monica, you're right, Belgian politics is a thing I don't understand. I hope he will learn and grow into it I mean when Albert became king, weren't there also some rumors about he not being a matching figure of a king?

Thanks for the explanation of the Oostende statues, that is interesting. Well, re. However, he had the wisdom not interfere too much with politics at least not openly , but politicians and other Belgians fear that might not be the case with king Philippe. He already caused a row because he had announced he would only sign with his French name and not with the Dutch version something he had to withdraw after all the commotion. How would you feel if the president of Switzerland would speak German with a heavy accent like a 6-year old :-?

But Belgians the Flemish incl. Or otherwise, they are indifferent as long as it does not interfere with their personal life. Berset and Burkhalter speak a good German. You're right: signing only in one language makes him to a petty person. Let's hope that your king will prove himself worthy of his job But he will need the aid of every single politician - everyone should look to further the country's interest and not just one language part of it.

When dealing with a murder of a dwarf what's the 'proper' term in english? I usually like Cornwell but this time there almost too many characters involved - still, a fascinating story. Ardinburgh, Hurley, Ulster County, N. A descendant of the Ottoman ruling family escapes his home in Beirut from his despoic father and travels to France in order to study.

But he can't escape the deterioration of his life and the whole area. Some very good parts about the situation in the Middle East living together with different races and religions and the growing up with the demands of a father on his children. Wonderful trip through the Alps - and tiring watching everything. Hej Diana, welcome - there are some very nice places here. This is a short apologetic testimony by a former Swiss gardist in Rome. When serving there he became some insights into the Catholic Church which started his doubts about the Catholic doctrines and he came to faith into Christ alone.

Now he works as a driving teacher and gives lectures on fitness and nutrition. We take part in a course with him here in Beatenberg and learn some practical exercises in order to help with pains in our muscles, joints etc. Gorgeous mountains! That's definitely something I used to see a lot in Colorado and now never do in Belgium.

Oh, I nothing about Colorado - I better go and check out some pix from there :. Well, I don't have a lot of snowy pictures, but here's one taken from about 13, feet, looking down on some of the other Rockies.

  • Kinder- und Haus-Märchen Band 1 (1850)?
  • Sue, A Little Heroine.
  • Summer With My Sister.
  • Wegweiser ins Paradies;
  • A Proper Companion (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Historical) (Ladies in Waiting, Book 1)!

Are there hiking paths one can go? Did you hike? There are lots and lots of hiking trails. Some people have a thing to try to hike as many of the "fourteeners" as possible mountains over 14k feet, of which Colorado has something like Cabins exist, there are a lot of little mountain towns scattered around although some of the mountains are pretty far removed from civilization. But there was a lot of mining out there at one time so there tend to be small little towns that have hung on. Plus there are ski resort towns big and small. We didn't hike on that particular outing - that was Mt.

Evans, which has the highest paved road in the US. The road goes all the way up to the summit,, which is over 14k. It's kind of a vomit-inducing drive if you're at all prone to carsickness. Our dog was looking a little green around the gills. But hiking is difficult for the not-acclimated, and even living in Denver at feet only acclimates you so much. My husband and I did a hike with my kids another time at about feet, and my son didn't think he needed to take it all that easy. He ended up suffering from altitude sickness, although he did recover as he drank water, rested, and got some protein in him.

That sounds very intersting. I like to hike in the mountains, we did often hike in the Alps, but since Suki's illness we can't go so often anymore. We are pretty used to the change of altitudes. But we sometimes see tourists coming in by plane through Geneva or Zurich and want to take the funicular up to the Jungfraujoch m feet in one day Yesterday we didn't go high up, but we took the postbus to Griesalp which has the steepest public transport road in Europe.

We sat behind the driver and involuntarily moved away from the windows whenever the rocks on one side or the abyss on the other came so close They have special buses which are smaller and have a smaller wheelbase? At certain times the road is free to travel up, and then at another time to go down.

A fantastic drive and then a fantastic little hike up there. A short story. A wife loves her husband but can't live with him. She stays in the South during the winter and comes home every spring. Then she realizes how good the relationship between her husband and his secretary is. Now what to do? Some thoughts about men and women "How nice would the men be, if there were no other women around. Monica justjoey mentioned Erik Vlaminck in her thread and so I came across this painting by Maurice de Vlaminck - , a French painter. Toppit comes, and he comes not for you, or for me, but for all of us.

Do I understand that you added books to your collection this year!!! Way to go! I'm taking stock and noting all book purchases thus far in alpha order. I'm near and have more to add, but will be no where near your impressive Also, I want to thank you for posting such wonderful photos.

I feel as though I'm transported to your lovely country. My partner enjoys the photos as well. I may have mentioned he lived in Germany for a number of years and traveled extensively. Thanks Paul!!! Hej Linda, you're very welcome to enjoy my pictures. I feel privileged living here and it's a pleasure with you to share what I see and enjoy. Oh, I added more than these to my collections, but here I only list those which I possess; those I come across here in the library, I add to my collections as a reference. Hi Paul- How are you, sir? Haven't been by in awhile.

Hope all is well. I LOVE the mountain photos. I have not seen a nice mountain range in far to long. Hej Mark, I am so pleased that you come over here, I am especially pleased that you enjoy my pictures. If there ever will be an LT meeting here I'd show you the mountains I so very much like.

A weary wanderer comes home from the quest his love sent him in order to get a treasure she likes. But she doesn't fulfill his longing for a kiss and sends him out again on the next quest. The book starts with a Why? A mystical quest-adventure story. But why is this lady on the throne so cool, almost cruel towards her lover? Why is this men so in love that he feels no regret, no doubt about going out again? And why, oh, why did I read that book? Well, this last question meseems has an easy answer: I wanted to read it for the Y challenge If thou likest the old English verb forms - thou readest it with pleasure.

Marie is came from Edinburgh and becomes of her mother's wishes she married a foreign noble man and so became the queen of Romania. The book was published in Stockholm. A 19th century comedy, premiered in Paris. Anne, Queen of Great Britain, is a weak ruler. The Duchess of Marlborough would like to let the war go on, but Lord Bolingbroke wishes peace and he intrigues against the Marlboroughs.

An easy read. Paul - Like Mark I am enamoured of your mountain photos and your Vlaminck painting. Have a great weekend. Hej Paul, glad you enjoy my pictures. My son in law came back from Singapore - but never visited Kuala Lumpur, they mainly stayed in Penang and made a trip to Java. His friend seems to be living near KL and didn't want to go there.

But they enjoyed the trip anyway. Have a blessed weekend yourself. Hi Paul, I love the painting by Maurice de Vlaminck but he's not related to Erik Vlaminck since the latter is Flemish and their names are spelled differently. I love the mountain-pictures too. I'm not so sure about the quote in 56 though Hej Monica, Lawrence also writes 'Ach, die Frauen! A Jewish and a Catholic archaeologist find the remnant of crucified body under the temple mount in Jerusalem. The bones of Jesus or not?

An interesting storyline but a bit constructed, mixed with a lot of Catholicisms and general observations about faith. I read 17 books with pages in August, two books by the same Swiss author, 5 by female, 11 by male authors, 9 were already dead at time of reading one died in May of this year , 7 are still alive as far as I know. Real life stories from the Amazon put together into one tale. A man gets bitten by a poisonous snake. A sawmill owner illegally cuts expensive trees on the friend's land and so finances his political career.

How do the friends get along? Jonny also helps out as a lay preacher, the Prodigal Son being his favourite story. They bought a boat and travel from Portel to small villages and single cottages along the river. They take along a preacher for Christian services and prayer meetings, a doctor and nurse for the sick, some specialists for agricultural and fishing projects.

I love coming to this thread and looking at your pictures. They are so beautiful! I climbed on this single standing rock and descovered that cross and a great view:. Looks beautiful, Paul! Did you go up that trail? Oh, I forgot to count the steps - it was pretty steep, and the logs were not all square, some more rounded. They have a Gipfelbuch summit register up there in which can wrote a note. I think this work is more than just a translation of Henryson's poem. It tells the story of Cresseid, a daughter of Troy, who left her first love despite her voews and loved another one.

She then complained about Cupid's doings and so the Greek gods came together to sentence her to end her life as a leper. I read or at least gave my best to read the poem aloud so to get the feel for it. I stacked the fire and got warm at the hearth, Then took a drink to soothe and lift my spirit And arm myself against the bitter north.

To pass the time and kill the winter night I choose a book - and was soon absorbed in it - Written by Chaucer, the great, the glorious, About fair Cresseid and worthy Troilus. Cresseid: Bitterly weeping, 'Lo, what it means,' said she, 'To contradict and aggravate and rouse Our ill-set gods. Look and take note of me. My blasphemy is paid for now, alas, I leave behind all earthly happiness. Alas the day! Alas the time and tide I ever remonstrated with a god!

Beware in time, the end draws close, attend And in your mind a mirror make of me. Remember well what I am now, for ye For all your strength may come to the same end Or worse again, if any worse may be. Now, worthy women, in this short narration Made in your honour and for your instruction, For charity, I urge you and I caution: do not pollute your love with false deception. Bear in mind the final quick declension Of fair Cresseid, as I have told it here.

Since she is dead, I speak of her no more. The Disappearing Island Once we presumed to found ourselves for good Between its blue hills and those sandless shores Where we spent our desperate night in prayer and vigil, Once we had gathered driftwood, made a hearth And hung our cauldron like a firmament, The island broke beneath us like a wave. The land sustaining us seemed to hold firm Only when we embraced it in extremis.

All I believe that happened there was vision. A collection of rather abstract poems by Heaney. The poems deal with loss and hope. The longest is 'Clearances', written in memory of his mother M. The pony jerks and the riot's on. She's crouched low in the trap Running the gauntlet that first Sunday Down the brae to Mass at a panicked gallop. He whips on through the town to cries of 'Lundy!

Have a great weekend in beautiful Switzerland. I have a layover in Zurich tomorrow; I'll wave as I fly in and out of your country. Hej Paul, yes, I liked the intro to 'Clearances', too. But maybe I should have started with another collection of Heaney's poems after Cresseid. Wish you a good weekend, too. I'll be on the look-out for you, Ursula I will be at church, taking care of the youngest 6 months - 2 years till noon, so, please fly over after twelve - thanks :. Most of these stories were rewritten and show up in other magazines or as chapters in other works like Old Firehand is integrated and expanded in Winnetou II.

Inn-nu-who: A beastmaster loaded all his animals on a steamboat on the Mississippi and then was dared to enter the cage of the tiger. An Indian was also on board who was laughed by the whites. But then the beastmaster was bitten by the tiger and only the Indian was brave enough to stay cool.

Old Firehand: The hero was alone on his way in the Wild West and suddenly encounters a young lady riding and shooting like the best cowboy. Later he saved her life when an oil drilling place caught fire. But what was her relationship to Winnetou and Old Firehand?

Die 'Both Shatters': The hero comes upon two cowboys who were followed by Indians. The kill these, but then had to hide in the stronghold of the Two Shatters two westmen who 'shatter' the heads of there enemies. Die Gum: The hero rides along through the Sahara with a carawan who first are attacked by a lion and then by bandits. He promises to enlarge diamonds and an elixir of life Ein Selfmademan: Tim meets his old love and is told that some slave-dealer has stolen her children. By chance Tim meets Abraham Lincoln and together they follow the dealers and rescue the children. The story happens before Lincoln became President Some Englishman hijacks the girl, but the Boer's son has been promised the girl as his wife Ibn el'Amm: A carawan in the desert is attacked by a lion.

Sklavenrache: Some Africans are taken by Arabs as slaves and are on their way to be sold. A sad story. Maghreb-el-aksa: A description of Marokko in the s. Die beiden Kulledschi: A jug dealer in Kairo wants to outdo his rival at the market. But the market overseer gets suspicious and gets a plan how to find the dealer's guilt.

A good story. A young girl comes back home to her family after the war, pregnant. Her father was never happy about her doings and was found blood-spoiled in the kitchen where she was murdered, so he was found guilty. Very interesting German mystery, based on a true case. What a rainy day it was in Zurich! I didn't get to see the Alps at all as we flew over.

Oh, Ursula, what a shame. Yes, it was rainy in the afternoon here as well. But I hope that the trip otherwise was more pleasurable. The LT answer: Thanks: we're working on it: the images should not be lost, we're having image serving problems. More soon. Kalle, a thirteen-year-old by and his two friends help to find the trio who stole diamonds, worth a fortune.

Entertainign reread of an old favourite. Moominpappa tells about his adventures in his youth. Good story. I read that story already in August. Chrysanthemenduft: A coal miner's wife waits for her husband to return from the pit. Then there was an accident and she and his mother are washing the corpse. Both women seem to want to take over 'possession' of his body. Das letzte Lachen: An almost surrealistic story.

„Song Contest goes c/o pop“

Three people walk into a wintry night, one always hears or sees things the others can't. He somehow can't resist to smile Die Frau aus dem Volke: A literary agent receives a poem by miner's wife and is so intrigued by it and the accompanying letter that he decides to get this woman and take her as his wife An interesting plot. Nichts dergleichen: An American woman and a Spanish bullfighter meet in Mexico and fall for each other - a strange mixture of love and rejection begins.

Der Fuchs: Two women in the late twenties live together on a farm. Both seem to be too old for marriage now and so live a quiet, undisturbed but also boring life - only disturbed by a fox which hunts their chicken. One day a young man shows up who hunts the fox - or the woman? I think this is the best story within this collection. Seid ihr da? Jack Coldren is playing the US Open and in a comfortable lead when his only son is kidnapped.

What and who is behind that? A mystery with many twists and turns along the way. Not the best language, but a good plot. A young couple in Holland takes on a Jew to hide in their house - everyday life during world war II. Yes, they played very well. But Basel is often playing good against stronger teams but then get a show down by a weaker team. Well, let's see what they achieve in the next matches. Yesterday evening we took part in the Paris Forum, a meeting of Korean pastors working in French-speaking countries mainly Africa.

They usually meet in Paris but this year they met near Basel on the Bienenberg. The main conference was on prayer. But after the meeting they showed films from a relief outreach into North Korea. A team of Koreans from Canada were able to bring rice and clothes to an orphanage. They showed pictures of andyear-olds who looked like 10year-olds - because of malnutrition - shocking. And these kids joined the army just after becoming The kids were smaller than their leader Kim Jong-un and he is pretty small anyway Paul It is a crisp, very cool fall morning. I'd love to stay in pjs and not go to work and simply read.

Normally, I enjoy going to work, today I'm low energy. As I contemplated on that thought, I knew that if I visited your thread, I would be cheered! As always, such wonderful photos! One of my dear friends is a wonderful photographer like you , I'm going to show her your images when I see her this weekend.

I know she will ask the type of camera and lens you use. Can you tell me so that I can pass this along?

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  • Theoretical Numerical Analysis: A Functional Analysis Framework: 39 (Texts in Applied Mathematics).
  • 4th Symphony in the Key of E & B, A Concerto from the Soul (Symphonies in the Key of E & B).
  • Music and Literature in German Romanticism (Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture);
  • Tarmac.
  • EL ÚLTIMO MONO (Spanish Edition)?

Happy day to you! And, thanks, as always. Oh, Linda, whispering sweet compliments into the space I started out making pictures for relatives and friends in other parts of the world to show them places here in Switzerland - well, I am still doing that. I am not into sports or people. And I never did a course or anything, but I feel it would do be some good What kind of pictures is your friend doing? Does she have a homepage where she shows them?

Or can you post a few in your thread? Have a pleasant day, too. The Bodleian Library has a tremendous collection of rare books and manuscripts and this book gives 75 examples out of their thousands. There is a manuscript by Jane Austin and J. I just share Shakespeare's folio and Tolkien's 'Bilbo woke up with the early sun in his eyes'. Guiditta and her Jewish father are travelling to Venice, the same goal have a young trickster and his friends.

In Venice people want to destroy the Jews and so get the government to arrange a Jewish ghetto where the Jews have to stay overnight behind closed walls. The father, as a healer, starts to treat prostitutes who suffering from the French disease. The young trickster fells in love to Giuditta, but his travelling friend gets jealous Hi Paul, I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Apparently, you've done some diverse reading, lately. Luca Di Fulvio caught my eye, but it's not available in Belgium yet other books of him are, though. Hej Monica, Fulvio's book just came out in German and I think the Italian original was also published this year. It also contains some sex and violence. The story as such is fascinating and has some interesting twists - some of the expressions people use sound pretty 20th century - but that's maybe the translator's fault.

Coben has a kind of superficial, foul language, which is okay for reading on the way to or from work Superficial, foul language on the way to and from work Paul? The mind boggles but I have to agree thinking about my driving through the dense Kuala Lumpur traffic. Have a lovely Sunday. I travel by tram, now I am another mystery by Sue Grafton with which I am more at ease.

I just came back from the Korean church, teaching Korean letters hangul there, they gave me Korean food to take home - lovely, because they celebrate chuseok, the harvest festival. Hope you some lovely food, too. A millionaire wins a winter holiday in a competition and he decides to go there incognito as a pauper. There he meets the other winner of the competition. A good story of mix-ups, hilarious.

Kino finds the Pearl of the World and sees in it his and his son's future. But such a magnificent find also brings along jealousy, greed, and hatred. A telling story what sudden riches can do to man and everybody around. I like the way he was doing these two older works. The pearl was also my first Steinbeck - in high school, and I didn't like it then, but that's basically because I had to read it for school and not for myself and I wasn't any good at English in school.

Now, I liked it and. It's about time to publish another picture. The 'Seven Stallions', the entrance to the Beatus Cave, and a butterfly. Preis Dir! Du wirkest auf Pauken und Harfen. My daughter has been up to Scotland and when she visited one of these highland games, she saw the British queen climbing out of a black car and joining the spectators for these funny sports like rope pulling or throwing logs.

But she was more interested in the bag pipers and kilt wearers. She had a great time in Scotland - three windy weeks. Instead of Nessie she sighted the queen Little stories of different people living in Corduroy Mansions. Interesting characters, all living their own lives, and getting to know each other. Originally a newspaper serial. Full of humour. Hi Paul, I am usually just a fly through visitor but your review of Corduroy Mansions really caught my eye to make me slow down and delurk.

I haven't read any of McCall Smith's books but this looks like a good starting place for me. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. Hej Lori, welcome to delurk. So some of the chapters don't so easily connect - but there are interesting characters with everyday problems sometimes dealt with in a strange way. Go ahead, I hope you will enjoy it.

Wendell went missing five years ago - with many people left behind who lost everything they invested in Wendell's scheme. Now he comes back. And Kinsey Millhone finds some family. A bit complicated, the whole thing. September statistics: I read 16 books by 15 different authors 2 books by Seamus Heaney , 7 of them are still alive, 8 are already dead.

One book was published by an institution Bodleian Library , of the others 10 were male, 4 female. I added books to my catalog this month and 42' items to the CK since with LT. Originally published in Rumantsch. An old liquor burner climbs the Alps every year, collects gentian roots, and burns liquor from them. One year he takes his son along and the girl of a widowed drunkard. It's tough work, especially bringing the roots back to the hut. The old man wants to make peace with his son, he wants to make a confession the first evening up in the Alps, but he doesn't find the right words.

The book shows the hard life of the mountain people, their heavy work and there being caught in circumstances. A good representative for Rumantsch literature. This volume is a small collection of these stories. It starts off with the king of Olten, a black and white tomcat named Toulouse, but then he changes the subject and writes about different people.

A police man once put a parking ticket on a car, but when he saw that a poorly clad lady with children just went into a shop to get second clothes for her kids, he removed the ticket again and paid it himself. Or he tells about the elephant which once escaped from the circus and went to a public swimmingpool in order to get a drink, or he complains about old hooligan ladies, about one such lady who pierced his thigh because she couldn't wait to enter the train and then he got hundreds of complaints that he shouldn't rant about these poor old ladies so much.

A light read with local flavour. Paul your thread must be one of the most visually appealing - thanks for the latest offerings; have a lovely Sunday. Hej Lori and Paul, you are very welcome to come again to enjoy some pictures. I am pleased about your comments. Last Thursday I made a mountain tour with a friend. Coming out of the fog at Attinghausen Reuss valley. Fresh water for the cows in the mountains: they push the blue flap with their nose and the cup is filled again. The White Rose becomes a new member: the child of a chemist who invented an unbreakable plastic who gets kidnapped Fun detective story.

Both parts in an old, unchanged version. Heidi comes as a an orphan to her grandfather, who at first was not so keen on getting her, but starts to love her and show her a good life on the alp. But then Heidi has to go to Frankfurt in Germany. In the second part Klara, a German girl in a wheel chair comes to live with Heidi and her grandfather on the alp. Great children's story - also well readable for adults. The later versions often leave out the Christian parts where the german grandmother and later Heidi talk about prayer and reading the hymn book, a pity.

Stine is living high up in the Alps with her goats and hates coming down into the valley during winter time. But one day her power set explodes and she has no money to buy a new one. So she decides to become a barmaid in the hotel. A story about the stubborn life of an Alpine herdswoman, a life between freedom and love, a life between the alp and the valley. Another Kinsey mystery. She is about to track down a insurance fraud when she get 'kidnapped' by the initiator of the frauds. Entertaining but pretty self centered on her own well being and giving a bad example about law abiding citizens.

A collection of 9 addresses. A fascinating and deeply thought provoking book. Very much recommended. The weight of glory: Sermon, preached in June What is our desire in life? Are we easily satisfied with what the world offers us? Lewis presents the glory which is offered by God to every single believer which will last into eternity. We want to 'please' God in order to live in eternity in the presence of God himself with a new body. The un-Christian hope of building heaven on earth is shattered.

Why I am not a pacifist: Talk, given in The New Testament doesn't object to the soldiers because they are soldier but only tells them not to be violent and to be satisfied with their pay. A pacifist opts out of his responsibility in wartimes for society and state and takes on an easier life and can concentrate on his own career while others are giving their lives in protecting him. We live in a fallen world and pacifism is not an option in the long run.

Transposition: Sermon, preached in May The Holy Spirit came down and changed the disciples of Christ - how can we understand something outside our understanding and 'dimension'? If we only know two-dimensional drawings of trees and mountains, how could we understand these things? We know the 'real' thing and therefore can understand a drawing of it. With the heavenly things it is the same: We only have the images of the Bible but we do not the real heaven. Whenever God speaks of his realm, he has to 'draw pictures', explain things in terms we can understand - but the reality is totally other.

Is theology poetry: Paper, read in November Because theology uses language and images some people think it is 'merely' literature and therefore not truth. Wrong, says Lewis. He believes in Christianity because that is sun in which light he can see everything clearly. The Inner Ring: Paper, read in December We all want to belong the 'inner circle', to those people who in the knowing and are the in-people.

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Its interest spans the period from the earliest times to the present Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary organization, the Association welcomes as members all those whose interests involve spe- cific or broad aspects of history, literature, culture studies, politics and gov- ernment, relating to German-speaking Europe. Members of the Association receive the German Studies Review, the electronic Newsletter, the Confer- ence Program, and all other publications except for books published in the Spektrum series, which are available from Berghahn Books.

Further information about the Association and its activities can be found on the website at www. Membership Membership is available for purchase on the Association website.

German Films in the Department • German Colorado College

There is also a printable form for those who prefer to register by mail. Members are encouraged to review and update their membership record regularly. Changes of address or affiliation must be entered online. The GSR con- tains articles and book reviews in history, literature, culture studies, politics and government, or interdisciplinary topics. Publication is in the language of submission, English or German. Members of the Association are the pri- mary book reviewers. Louis Sabine Lang Henry M. Published by Berghahn Books, the series represents the culmi- nation of four long-standing trends within the association.

The third is the increasing collaboration at the GSA among scholars from around the world who share interests in the society, politics, and culture of the German-speaking peoples, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Our hope is that the volumes of Spektrum, taken as a whole, will reflect the dizzying variety of GSA mem- bers in terms of scholarly discipline — cultural anthropology, musicology, sociology, art, theology, film studies, philosophy, art history, literary criti- cism, history, and political science — as well as methodology, subject matter, and historical period.

Luebke Department of History, University of Oregon dluebke uoregon. Many of our members will be familiar with the hotel, as this will be our fourth meeting there since For those members from outside North America who may be visiting the area for the first time, Arlington is directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D. The hotel is located on a Metro line that is very convenient both to the Ronald Reagan National Airport and to downtown Washington. The Thirty-Ninth Annual Conference again promises to be one of the larger gatherings in our history.

Following two years of successful experi- ments with a series of intensive, three-day seminars, this year we are offering twenty-five seminars on a wide range of issues in German Studies. As was the case last year, the seminars will run concurrently on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the a. See the seminar descriptions below. Once again we are scheduling three Sunday time slots in order to ac- commodate the large number of excellent sessions reviewed by the Program Committee; the entire conference will end by p.

Many sessions and roundtables will highlight the events that we will be commemorating this year, including the twenty-fifth anniversary of Ger- man unification in , the bicentennial of the Congress of Vienna, the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II, the sixtieth anniversary of the Austrian Staatsvertrag, and the five hundredth anniversary of the battle of Marignano. Jonathan Osborne, and Walter H.

As in previous years, many sessions and roundtables in will be spon- sored by the GSA Interdisciplinary Networks. Please plan to arrive early and to schedule your dinner so that you can attend one or both of the time slots for performances. If this is a success, we plan to repeat and expand Arts Night in future years. To reserve a room at the conference rate, you must first register for the conference.

You will receive an email from Johns Hopkins University Press with a link to a special Marriott reservation page. You can only get the conference rate by reserving your room through this link, so please do not discard the email. However, in past years, our hotel block has sold out by early August. We will attempt to make arrangements with an overflow hotel, but the best guarantee is to make your reservations early.

Rail and Bus Transportation: Washington, D. At Rosslyn, transfer to the Blue line and continue to Crystal City. For information on the Washington Metro, visit www. Shuttles: The hotel has a free shuttle from Reagan National Airport. Charges for extra baggage may apply. For assistance in online registration, please e-mail Ms.

Ursula Gray at UG press. The Registration Desk can also process payments for on-site registration and provide information and assistance. Please enter your name and institutional affiliation if any in your GSA online profile exactly as you wish it to appear on your badge, including capitalization and punctuation. Multiple institutional affiliations, titles, and department affiliations will be discarded. These meal tick- ets will be included with your name badge.

Vegetarian options are available. Additional meal tickets may be available at the GSA Registration Desk on a first-come, first-served basis. You may not attend a lecture without paying for a meal. Meal tickets are refundable online before September 7. No refunds for meal tickets will be issued at the Registration Desk. Participants may resell tickets to fellow conference-goers. Receipts Once you have registered online, you will receive an automatic e-mail confir- mation. Please do not delete this e-mail.

Save it and print it out, as it will constitute your official GSA receipt. If you misplace your online receipt, you may request a new one from Ms. Refunds You may cancel your conference registration before 1 July for a full refund. No refunds are available for cancel- lations after 24 September For more information, contact helpdesk thegsa. The Printed Program The printed program of the conference is mailed to all GSA members of re- cord when we go to press. Receipt of a program is not confirmation of your conference registration.

Non-members who register for the conference may pick up a copy of the printed program without charge at the GSA Registra- tion Desk. Par- ticipants will need their own laptops. Mac users will need to bring the cor- rect adapter, which varies by model, to connect to VGA equipment.

Addi- tional sound equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some banks will make an exception for a fee. Experienced travelers rely on credit cards. Cards with Visa and MasterCard logos are accepted nearly everywhere. American Express and Discover cards are less popular but still useful. Like most American scholastic organizations, we are self-supporting through our own contributions; all members, includ- ing the officers of the organization, pay conference fees. All GSA members are invit- ed to attend.

This is the opportunity for members to learn about the GSA, to ask questions of officers, to volunteer suggestions and proposals, and to become involved in the Association. This year, we will hold four events in two time slots 7—pm and 8—pm on Thursday, October 1.

Roland Steiner, 30 min. In this film Fried, one of the most impor- tant poets of the 20th century, reflects on his personal experiences and political engagement, discussing philosophical questions of concern to humankind and reciting his own works. Wissen Sie nicht, wo Herr Kisch ist? Eduard Schreiber, 19 min. He wrote from a communist point of view, in language that sparkled with humor.

Eisler was an enormously intelligent and en- tertaining conversationalist: witty, incisive, and lively, with a stimulating breadth of knowledge and a profound understanding of historical process- es. What would a show about a composer be without his music? Rare photographs of Eisler and others il- lustrate the show.

Based on Brecht, Music and Culture. Hanns Eisler in Conversation with Hans Bunge. She studied piano at the West and East Berlin conservatories and then philoso- phy at the Universities of Leipzig and East Berlin, completing a doctoral dissertation on Hegel. Volker Koepp, 34 min.

Bernd Boehm, 26 min. Ralf Kirsten, 58 min. Grass himself welcomed this de- velopment enthusiastically, as it fulfilled one of his longtime wishes. His sudden death earlier this year has made it an important part of his legacy. With this special presentation of Freipass in the USA, the editors hope to call American scholarly attention to the journal and to attract potential contributors.

Future volumes will contain a useful bibliography of current Grass research worldwide. Bibliographical details for the first issue: Dieter Stolz, ed. Berlin: Ch. Links Verlag, Conference Speakers Once again we have an exceptional group of luncheon and banquet speak- ers. We hope that as many of you as possible will attend these important events! As Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations, he represented his coun- try in the Security Council during its membership in — Louis, where she teaches comparative politics, Professor Mushaben is a long-time member of the German Studies Association.

Professor Mushaben has also received a number of awards and fellowships, including three from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Since she has worked actively with such groups as the Salzburger Autorengruppe, the Salzburger Literaturwerkstatt, and the literary journal erostepost. Her published texts make use of a wide and often experimental range of media techniques. Receptions and Cocktail Parties The GSA hosts a number of groups which will hold receptions and cocktail parties during the Conference. Some of these events are open to all Con- ference participants, and some are restricted to invitees only.

The GSA salutes the most recent cohorts of Berlin Fellows, and is pleased to announce that all the members of these groups will receive a free one-year membership in the Association. Their names, affiliations, and research top- ics follow below. The GSA will continue to provide one-year complimentary memberships to each cohort of Berlin Fellows. The jointly funded guest professorship program — the German share of which is provided by the Foreign Office — was inaugurated in at the University of Minnesota. The program was initially designed with a view to fostering curricular innovation in the field of German Studies and sup- porting a multi-faceted approach to the study of things German in Ameri- can and Canadian higher education.

Over the years, more than German guest professors in a variety of disciplines have contributed an authentic and up-to-date perspective from a contemporary German point of view to the study of Germany, its recent history and its current political, social, and economic reality. There are currently 21 German scholars in the North American guest pro- fessorship program as well as two Sponsored Chairs for German and Euro- pean Studies. Candidates for these positions are selected by a bi-national academic committee in an open and rigorous multi-step recruiting process.

The predominant aim of the continued support for the Centers is to provide a young generation of academics with expert knowledge on Germany and Europe in order to prop- agate expertise and to ensure continued cooperation between Germany and its international partners. Beginning in , six Centers for German and European Studies were suc- cessively established at American universities, followed by four Centers at Canadian universities as of The Centers emphasize collaboration in the humanities and social sciences in order to promote the academic study of Germany in a European con- text by way of an interdisciplinary approach.

At the same time they help to further develop networks of political, economic, and cultural ties between Europe and North America. Parente, Jr. In this film Fried, who was always politically engaged, reflects on very personal experiences and discusses philosophical questions of concern to humankind. It also documents Fried, one of the most important poets of the 20th century, reciting his own works. Figurations of the Fantastic Since Madison I Vernon Making Democratic Subjectivities Seminar Suite Seminar Suite Adultery as a Reason for a Divorce?

Luis Trenker: Heimat and Beyond Lee Literature and Architecture, — Alexandria Towards a New Politics of Memory? Why Work? Mushaben University of Missouri — St. In Honor of Hartmut Lehmann 2 : Secularization? Grand Salon A Childhood from German and Global Perspectives Suite Jahrhundert 2 : Intermediality Grand Salon D Declassification and the Archives Grand Salon H Dance — Text — Media 1 Lee Vernon N Kafka and Calasso Suite Germans in the World 2 : Africa Suite Grand Salon F Area Studies: Crisis or Opportunity?

Germans in the World 3 : Asia Suite German Labor in Three Regimes Suite Vernon O What is a Prize? Grand Salon E Dance — Text — Media 2 Jackson Interactive Fictions: Fictions of Interactivity Jefferson Reconsidering the Hohenzollerns Suite Divided Heaven? Sexual Metaphor Mt.

Seminar meeting locations are shown below, followed by a detailed description and list of E participants. Through a collective engagement with key theoretical texts from the last ten years, participants will intensify their critical knowledge and make connections to their own research on a diverse range of topics within German Studies. Because the feminist and queer work we propose to study and discuss comes from a variety of disciplines, we also hope to stimulate richly interdisciplinary conversations.

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For both socioeconomic and theoretical reasons, feminism has disappeared from the agenda in humanities fields in recent years. The mainstreaming of feminism in neoliberal societies, sometimes referred to as postfeminism, means that feminist politics have been taken into account, making new ap- proaches appear redundant. At the same time, academic feminism has en- countered both theoretical and institutional stumbling blocks. In response to widespread debates about essentialism, universalism, and representa- tional claims, feminist theory in many ways dismantled itself over the last two decades.

The downsizing of the humanities during the same period has contributed to a re-centering of disciplines that has at times marginalized feminist and queer studies. The decline of feminist and queer approaches is evident in some of the top German Studies journals; since the inception of GSA seminars two years ago, none has yet focused on a feminist or queer topic. To be sure, individual scholars have continued to pursue feminist re- search, and work in feminist geography, queer affect theory, transnational feminism, and feminist media studies has trickled into German Studies.

However, a sustained, collective engagement with new theoretical develop- ments is lacking. This seminar aims to redress this absence by foreground- ing discussions and practical applications of important current publica- tions in feminist and queer theory. A theoretical engagement with feminist and queer studies is especially time- ly in The so-called demography debates of the mids blamed women and feminism for the declining birthrate in Ger- many.

In response, a specific, transnationally inflected German popfemi- nism emerged, engaging both digital formats and conventional publishing platforms to renew conversations about feminism in the German main- stream. Since , transnational and local protest movements inspired by the Russian feminist art collective Pussy Riot have kept feminism on the S public agenda in Germany.

While these developments have captured the attention of feminist researchers, new theoretical models for considering E them have been slow to emerge. Each day of the seminar will be devoted to one of these R topics. As the current and former presidents of the Coalition of Women in Ger- man, we have presided over intensive discussions at recent WiG conferences about feminist theory, aesthetics, and politics, and about the place of femi- nist and queer studies in the neoliberal academy. Originally conceived as a result of these discussions, this seminar ultimately aims to broaden and deepen critical engagements with gender and sexuality at the GSA.

Yet this Herderian, and also deeply Ro- E mantic, conception of language as a prepossession of the nation would ap- M pear to have a long afterlife in research methodology and disciplinary re- constitution. It continues to provide the ballast for a range of institutional I structures: from the primacy of the native speaker in language instruction N to the study of nation-based literatures. Does monolingualism even hold up as an onto logical category? What are its histories and its local ecologies?

Is monolingualism indeed a bygone paradigm, and are our contemporary experiences therefore indelibly imprinted with a post-monolingual condition as Yasemin Yildiz has stated? Or are certain structures and intensities of monolingualism actually on the rise in the 21st century? German Studies in North America, however, often maintains an exclusive procedural allegiance to German-language frames of reference — often, paradoxically, in order to promote a progres- sive and pan-ethnic politics of recognition toward multicultural literature in German among immigrants and post-migrants.

Here too this seminar is poised to propose methodological recalibrations. Are there ever natural languages, and what is at stake in disarticulating language from embodiment? What work has the term Natursprache accomplished, and in what con- texts? What is its relationship to Muttersprache? Scholars working in vari- ous spheres of German, Austrian, Swiss, Germanophone, and multilingual contexts, from the medieval to the posthumanist, are welcome to join this conversation.

Empirical and theoretical explorations, as well as reflections on methodology, are wel- come. The recommended development of coherent lan- R guage studies programs toward the attainment of multiple literacies over the four years of undergraduate study would eliminate the existing divi- S sion between skills and higher-order analytical thinking. Despite generat- ing considerable interest, the two-tiered language-literature configuration remains essentially intact and is sustained through curricular structures, institutional culture, and hiring practices.

Faculty members seem at a loss at how they might reform their curriculum. In order to provide guidance, the AATG funded two curriculum development seminars at Georgetown University in and , but the overwhelming number of applications from all types of institutions indicates that the need has not been met. This seminar is intended to respond to this demand by offering German faculty another opportunity to examine and understand frameworks to ef- fect changes in their curriculum by linking content and language learning in a principled fashion.

Participants will discuss the overall shift in thinking and the types of changes needed that enable faculty members to create a well-articulated, literacy-oriented German language and literature curricu- lum that could address the mandates that were so eloquently stated in the MLA reports. Faculty will gain the tools to develop curricular frameworks and methodologies that integrate language and content learning and en- hance educational opportunities for their students, position the study of German at the forefront of innovative teaching, learning and assessment practices, and enable them to contribute to the educational mission of their institutions.

The seminar will focus on establishing learning goals, examining approach- es to selecting topics and texts for an articulated collegiate German cur- riculum that bridges the gap between the lower-level language courses and upper-level content courses, and designing pedagogic tasks and assessment practices that facilitate and support German literacy development from the beginning to the most advanced levels of the curriculum. Consisting of identifiable stages and conventions and realized through specific linguistic features, genres can serve as the basis for several key elements of an integrated, co- herent four-year undergraduate curriculum: an articulated curricular tra- jectory, a curriculum-wide text-based pedagogy, writing and speaking tasks that link language and content learning, and meaning-based curriculum- embedded assessment tools.

Participants will consider these curricular and pedagogical principles in terms of their own institutional contexts and stu- S dent learning outcomes. Attention will also be placed on how such an ap- proach can allow for linkages to other disciplinary areas and enable German E programs to reach across the campus in order to attract diverse student M populations and make strategic alliances with other programs.

Struggling to comprehend why religion did not simply wither away, as both Marxist- and Weberian-inflect- ed social history foretold, historians not only began to see political conflicts like the Kulturkampf differently, but also revealed that religion and confes- sion were intrinsic to understanding the course of German history since , even in supposedly secular domains as law, economics and science.

To this end, the seminar will focus on exploring three thematic areas. That is, to what extent have historians succeeded in bridging the confessional N divide s? In addition, by bringing together individuals whose research has A tended to focus on specific confessional groups, it hopes to promote a con- R versation about the analytic and explanatory objectives as well as the poten- tial gains of cross-confessional approaches to the 19th century.

In this context, we are especially interested in discuss- ing how historians have defined religious practice and the methods they have employed to discern and examine it. Among the questions we hope to explore: How helpful are quantitative methods? To what extent are the differences between official and popular religion, between public and private religion salient?

Where does gender fit in the picture? Similarly, we wish to examine here how religion in- forms wider areas of social practice, notably in the construction and main- tenance of religious identities. How did re- ligious communities, broadly considered, respond to the cultural, political, social and technological changes that characterized 19th-century moder- nity? Did they engage in a defensive modernization, as Wilfried Loth once opined?

Or does it make more sense to highlight the variety of religious responses to modernity, viewing the long 19th century as an era of both secularization and sacralization? In addition to promoting dialogue and exchange among specialists in the field, we hope that this gathering will lay the foundations for a future con- ference on religion in 19th-century German Europe and, in time, a collec- tion of essays on the topic that would be published in either book form or as a special issue of a journal like Central European History or German History.

These texts have served an equally wide array of purposes, from providing entertainment and inspiring Abenteuerlust and Fernweh to shaping popular conceptions of far-away regions and civiliza- tions. Travel narratives thus provide a rich tapestry of exchanges in terms of mo- dalities of travel and sightseeing. As travel texts became a staple on the liter- ary market, travel experiences increasingly built on pre-formed notions of what there is to see and in turn shaped and influenced what others were to see.

More than other forms of literature, travel narratives are marked by in- tertextuality, particularly in the way the experience of the journey is filtered through pre-existing textual traditions. In addition, travel writing, as well as other media forms such as blogs, travel reports in newspapers, the public presentation of pictures, geographic almanacs, and reports to geographic societies allow for an engagement with the travel experience without actu- ally requiring travel. Even though scholarly interest in travel texts is currently very strong, there is as yet no unified discourse nor are there established theoretical underpin- nings to the various discussions.

In fact, travel texts are still difficult to clas- sify since they straddle various areas such a geography, history and fiction, as well as a whole host of different textual genres. Issues of gender, colonial power, multiculturalism, but also notions of aesthetics and narratology can be traced through recent scholarly discussions of travel texts. Therefore, some of the discussion threads concern the construction of the modern self through travel, espe- S cially the various ways in which real and imaginary travel liberate the in- dividual to construct new social conventions.

I Focusing on the particular travel destinations can yield insights into how travel writing traditions get established and also change over time. Another N set of questions relates to the influence of technology and social media in- A ventions on the process of traveling as well as the reception of travel.