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Many spring from historic estates belonging to families including the Rockefellers and Gimbels. Eventually, the vast properties were broken up and subdivided. Belle Haven ranked second only to Milbrook by number of property sales among 12 of these secluded neighborhoods in the last decade. Along with Belle Haven, other private neighborhoods have benefited from that trend. Within gated Mead Point is Windrose Way, another private neighborhood.

For Harbor Point residents, a 1,foot, crescent-shaped private beach offers enthralling vistas. Susan Kaupie, of Centric Property Group, led a tour to its upper point, where the chatter of seagulls and crunch of seashells are the only noises at low tide. In central Greenwich, across the Post Road from Greenwich High School, Milbrook offers security, gated entrances and Tudor-style homes balanced on sloping rock ledges. With its access to downtown, Milbrook has grown in popularity, McElwreath said. It is comprised of 97 acres, 28 homes and provides almost any amenity a homeowner could want, according to Chieftans resident Valerie Yanni.

For a monthly common charge, homeowners receive services for their lawns, gutters, trash pick-up, snow removal and more. Immediately behind the gated entrance, a road lined with precisely spaced trees leads into the close-knit neighborhood. Without appearing uniform, most homes are designed in the style of English manors with slate roofs and large mahogany doors. Up in the far corner of backcountry Greenwich, Conyers Farm rambles across 1, acres. Furthermore, apocryphal texts in Christianity also detail that Jesus passed through this same gate on Palm Sunday, giving the gate messianic importance.

Because all three religions place such high importance on the Golden Gate in reference to messianic occurrences past and future, this site remains one of the most history-rich and controversial sites in Jerusalem. As mentioned previously, the Eastern gate was ultimately sealed shut in by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman. However, prior to this time, the gate was closed in also by the Muslims , then reopened in by the Crusaders, and then walled up again by Saladin the first sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty after defeating the Crusaders in and gaining control of Palestine and the city of Jerusalem.

The final sealing shut of the gate as completed by Suleiman is said to have been a defensive move by the sultan. As derived from the Jewish literature, the gate is said to be the point at which the Jewish Messiah will enter the city of Jerusalem, and therefore, in order to prevent this from occurring, the sultan sealed the gate.

Rebecca Gomby. Save to wishlist. Jerusalem is an ancient city which holds endless history, stories, and incredible importance to many people. A call to aid brings home old warriors to fight in vain, but some calls lay unheeded by those who have long left that life of death. Death, as always, has other plans. By the end, blood will flow thick and fast but so will love and courage. They go hand in hand, it appears, with one preceding the other in an endless loop. If the legendary Druss was an atomic bomb who decimated all at ground zero in Legend , then the protagonists in TKBtGate are shockwaves rippling from the core.

Their heroism is no less powerful, but their heroics a softer thunder. He had created the mighty Druss, whose invincibility became a mantra of hope over hopelessness.

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The kind of character who fights and inspires until death, but till then, he keeps fighting and keeps inspiring. These protagonists, perhaps each as a facet of Druss, develop more individually here. One of my chief dissatisfaction with Legend was in how Druss is presented wholesale, whereas TKBtGate allows us to examine each person slightly more thoroughly as we learn a bit more of each one. And because we do that, we see their naivete, their vanity, their ambitions more clearly. We get to reconsider if our heroes are truly heroes, or just heroic at that point in time. Those are not the only heroes, as there seem to be many more in this novel.

The Thirty and Earl of Bronze resurrect in spirit if not in form, with a barbaric King joining the fray. Redemption is sometimes earned by death, which is not only brave of these characters to embrace, but also of the author. Kill them all, if not today, then another day but die they all will. For me, reading Gemmell is like witnessing a battlefield grave. I am moved in a philosophical way by the cause and the massive casualty, but unmoved emotionally for lack of a personal connection. In a sense, you read stories like Legend and TKBtGate for those big moments of valor and sacrifice, the kinds that stab you in the heart and make you cry because you know people have to die in order for others or themselves to be free.

But my feelings, though, never soared. So far, based on my two Gemmells, neither depth nor nuance is a forte. The formidable Dragon Army is a cursory mention only to introduce certain warriors, and the mysterious Machines that morph beasts with men seemed sufficient to explain the legionnaire of evil Joinings.

Pivotal events happen in quick time, particularly with relationships where easily love surrenders, friendship forgives and faith submits. If you can ignore these nagging holes and economical characterization, then boy oh boy, what a thrilling read this is. The story appears to move in concentric circle from afar and purposefully spirals faster and closer to the climactic battle at the end, where magic and magical beings, foes and friends, must once again clash for victory, but this time not of territory but of souls.

I love the epilogues at the end of each novel, for they give me closure. The conclusion of TKBtGate is satisfying enough to move on without ever needing a re-read but also tantalizing enough for a return to this world with a sense of continuation, of knowing exactly what to expect from Gemmell. TKBtGate is not a better or worse novel than Legend , but it is complementary where it should be and supplemental where it can.

The same 3. Spillover thoughts here. View all 6 comments. Jun 08, Tejus rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The story takes place around years after the events of Legend. The books main focus is the character, Tenaka Khan. In "Legend", 2 main nations had been established, The Drenai, an almost western medieval society, and the Nadir.

The Nadir were a bunch of individual tribes based loosely on Mongolian culture, who were united by one man - Ulric Khan. The Drenai were led by Regnak - the 2nd Earl of Bronze. Tenaka Khan is the great-grandson of both Regnak and Ulric. Because of his heritage, he is neither accepted by his Nadir tribesman or his Drenai Kinsmen.

He eventually joins an elite Drenai mercenary force called 'The Dragon'. The rest of the story deals with Tenaka after leaving the army, and having to deal with an Emperor gone mad.

Its a book about self-discovery and about Tenaka finally finding peace within himself. The character of Tenaka is extrememly well-written, and you find yourself rooting for this character regardless of the choices he makes. There are some great action sequences as well as some comical moments. Both Legend and King Beyond the Gate are well worth checking out Feb 20, Joshua Simon rated it really liked it Shelves: sword-and-sorcery , fantasy , military-fantasy.

Good installment in the series.

Memorable quotes, great action, larger than life characters, and description that isn't overdone makes the book worth the read. However, it was a bit of a step down from Legend. Mainly, the ending and several character arcs felt rushed, especially in the last third. Feb 26, Timelord Iain rated it liked it Shelves: buddy-read , audiobook-listen , genre-sf-fantasy , reads.

I loved the book I thought this was going to be in the first chapter, with it's talk of dragons and a journey to kill a tyrant View all 3 comments. May 19, Twerking To Beethoven rated it liked it. Started off great, but went slowly down the drain as the story progressed in the sense that it's a bit too similar to Legend. Three stars because I find Gemmell's style to be superb.

Shame though. It captivated me. I pinpointed some shortcomings of that book but I really hoped that they would be addressed by The King Beyond the Gate. Well, they weren't. It's a good book, not an awesome one. The World 2,50 is the same of the first book and it lacks too many details about its history, its geografy, and its languages.

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They can't all simply speak the same language, you can't tell me of some machines they found of a lost past. What past?

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Why lost? How they were discovered? And so on.

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The characters 3. They will win you. Some others are a bit too shallow. The plot 3,00 is almost good. The only thing is that it seems an episode disconnected from the story of the World: it didn't leave anything behind. The style 4. Overall you can say: a good fantasy book, if you don't know what to read, you can read it but do not expect anything extraordinary. Jun 03, Quintin Zimmermann rated it it was amazing. The journey down memory lane continues with the re-reading of David Gemmell's second instalment.

It was fortold that there were three: Gold, Ice and Shadow. Reading this many years later makes me realise how memorable some of these characters were. For me, Decado, known as the Ice Killer shone brightest. I was no longer a warrior, but a murderer. Classic Gemmell, need I say more? Its David Gemmell so his writing and plotting are as good as ever. All his books are incredibly readable, incredibly full and never milk their history. As ever there are hundreds of tales within this you would like to know more about but never will. Read any of my other reviews of his books and most of the comments apply.

In this book special mention goes to the ending. Both for its clarity of thought and the underpinning darkness within. We have no idea what was going to happen next but the it i Its David Gemmell so his writing and plotting are as good as ever. We have no idea what was going to happen next but the it is clear there could have been so many more books in this series. I thought the ending was well realised and very interesting and yet rang true. Magnificently done. If you like fantasy and have never read a David Gemmell book then you are missing a treat.

Try any of them now. Nov 13, Todd rated it it was amazing. This is mightily similar to the Legend, although, there are some interesting characters thrown in. Overall, the book is a fun and easy read. View 1 comment. Jan 31, Pallav rated it really liked it. The story about how the Drenai books came to be is pretty interesting. Gemmell was diagnosed with cancer and he wrote the first book Legend as a way to deal with his own mortality, to come to terms with it.

But, as he finished the book, his cancer went into remission. He'd already published the book or maybe sent it for publishing, so he decided to write book 2. The rest is history! This book goes way in future as compared to the first book. There are descendants of the dudes from the first book The story about how the Drenai books came to be is pretty interesting. There are descendants of the dudes from the first book in this one and there is the similar premise of a small group facing impossible odds. I liked a few things about this book such as the pacing, the cast of varied characters, the last stands, the evil dude was a paper-thin character, and I was not really clear about his motivations till the end, but the efforts, the bravery, and the sacrifice of the characters in the book were all amazing and more than amazing.

A simple book, won't leave you with much food for thought, a linear story, but you can get done in a few hours, so there is that. Mar 18, Sean Helms rated it really liked it. Another good story by a great author. The master of creating the kind of hero people wish they could be. I only withheld a fifth star because part of the end was too rushed didn't give any explanation about how Scaler captured Dros Delnoch after entering the fortress alone. This is a story about the overthrow Ceska, a tyrant emperor, by Tenaka Khan, Ananious, and brave mountain folk.

Fine heroic fantasy in the face of impossible odds, especially against a special kind of monster called: Joining Another good story by a great author. Fine heroic fantasy in the face of impossible odds, especially against a special kind of monster called: Joinings part human and part animal. Jan 05, Nick rated it liked it. Reviews of this book would have it seem that it is a carbon copy of the first? I certainly saw similarities, but for me it was unique enough to hold its own. Mar 29, Marsha Ramnanan rated it really liked it.

Pretty excellent follow-up to Legend. Characters you live, even if they are so so flawed Mar 23, Campbell rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , read-a-long-time-ago , fiction. Enjoyable follow-up to Legend, but ultimately fails to be as satisfying. May 05, Fredrik rated it really liked it.

Another great book by the amazing David Gemmell! Great story, fast-paced action and fun characters made this a very pleasant read. Apr 08, Rob Thompson rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed , challenge , fantasy , audio. Many years have passed and all the previous characters are long since dead. My first impression was that this decision to set the novel so far into the future helped to give the book more of an epic feel.

It was a tale that spanned generations. I also felt that Gemmells writing had improved.

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The plot is like Legend, as are the characters. Especially as they are all past their physical prime. They are each haunted by their past. Gemmell does a fine job in familiarising the reader with the details of their own internal conflicts, hopes and fears. Being a Gemmell book you get the obligatory gore and blood.

And of course these are always against overwhelming odds. He also weaves in misfortune, heartbreak, friendship, love and sorcery too. Mentioning sorcery, one of my minor criticisms with The King Beyond The Gate is that it uses magic more than other instalments in the series. I would have also preferred to hear about how the Dragon had fallen and Ceska rose to power at the start of the book too.