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After developing a bad reputation for customer service, Comcast has tried to improve its reputation in part by alerting people when the cable goes out in a certain area.

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Comcast shares this message on multiple social media channels as well as email, text, and phone. YouTube is a great channel for how-to videos and answering frequently asked questions. YouTube videos offer phenomenal SEO and marketing because they show you offer answers online and demonstrate great uses of your product.

One reason Shep uses Salesforce is that both the company and its customers created YouTube videos that explain how to do exactly what he wanted to do.

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Shep recommends turning your top customer inquiries into a YouTube playlist on your channel. On his own YouTube channel , he addresses questions people ask all the time through Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn. Each week, he shares a blog post and a YouTube video that explain how to address some aspect of customer service.

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How-to videos are especially important for technical equipment or products that require assembly because they give customers a self-service option. When Shep bought a ping-pong table, all of the instructions were in German. After typing the manufacturer and model number into Google, he found a YouTube video that explained the whole setup process and saved him hours of work. Self-service is important because customers often prefer getting immediate help with a video and fixing the issue themselves. A self-service option can also save your business money because you invest once in the online video instead of helping customers with the same question over and over again.

You can use the camera on your smartphone. People will forgive mediocre video. Just make sure the audio quality is excellent.

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LinkedIn and Facebook groups are another way to offer proactive customer service. Your advocates will be a part of the group, and they love to support and interact with other customers. Groups also help people share ideas. In social media marketing, Facebook seems to be a key platform for groups because people are showing up to engage there. With these groups, people can interact and connect around our product, but I also think these groups will provide some amazing insights.

Shep says the idea behind these groups highlights the way social customer service is an extended interaction with your customers. Similarly, Shep provides support both before and after the speeches he gives for clients. Apps can also provide a proactive and positive customer service experience. Shep offers a free app that features his latest blog posts and videos.

The app also allows him to share his speaking schedule. If the user allows it, the app can send a push notification when new content is available on the app. As social marketing strategies go, this price makes an app accessible to solopreneurs. Listen to the show to hear my thoughts about answering common questions on your website. Humor done well can endear your brand to customers and it can go viral. In fact, the success of Dollar Shave Club got a tremendous boost when the company made a humorous video that went viral.

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  • Smart Car USA is another good example. Someone tweeted that a bird pooped on a Smart Car and totaled it. Smart Car USA responded with calculations about how many birds would need to poop on the car to damage it. More than 18 million people have watched this video. Shep wrote his latest book, The Convenience Revolution, after he realized he tended to continue working with companies when doing business with them was easy. Amazon one-click ordering and its Dash button are great examples of a total experience designed for convenience.

    Uber tried to eliminate all of the friction of calling for a cab if you live in the suburbs. With Uber, you use the app to request a ride and to see how far away the driver is.

    The Customer Isn't Always Right And Why It Doesn't Matter

    Reducing Friction : Like Amazon and Uber, any company can look at the points where they interact with customers and ask whether they can make those interactions easier. Although reducing friction is an element of all of the principles, some companies make it their total value proposition. Self-help solution : This allows customers to do their homework and take control of their needs. Panera Bread has kiosks off to the side so you can avoid the line. Before, you picked up your food at the counter. With their new system, a pager on the table tells a server where to bring the food to you.

    With the new kiosks and pagers, customers can have a faster experience and interact with employees at the table where they can build a relationship. Add a comment. Switch to the mobile version of this page. What's happening today What's happening this week Staff Picks. Find Live Music Find Restaurants. Holy Cinema. Presumably riffing on the trailer for the Fast spin-off Hobbs and Shaw starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham, Shep's light burn on the super-popular dude franchise earned him an from Hobbs himself, who was just apparently trolling Twitter searching for "fast and furious" tweets.

    We won't even get into this hate on Guy Fieri, a guy who has drawn hordes of critics for his over-the-top and many times embarrassing snapshots of local communities on national television. Customer service and experience expert Shep Hyken reminds us that happy employees are more likely to go the distance to help and delight customers.

    There's a lot of information out there around customer service and customer experience, however these Tweets are especially focused on some of the most important aspects of the business. Do you think we missed any great customer service or customer experience Tweets? Let us know in the comments below! Skip to main content. Written by Seon Barbera. Topics Call Center Outsourcing. Contact Us. Published March 25, Chip Bell chiprbell Customer service and the experience are an incredible differentiator. Sean Ellis seanellis The power of positivity can go a long way in customer service as growth expert Sean Ellis points out.