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By Elaine Viets. All Murders Final! Garage Sale Mystery Mass Market. By Sherry Harris. By Charlaine Harris. By John Rowland. Published: Poisoned Pen Press - May 3rd, The Golden Age of Murder Paperback. They said it was frequently found in the religious section of bookstores because it has a bad cover with a woman who looks like a madonna. Bill Pronzini is a tireless short story writer, however the market for anthologies is not good.

So, they don't do anthologies anymore, just collections of their own works. Bill said he finds short stories fun. He likes locked room mysteries and whodunnits, and writes those about his s detective, Quincannon. Marcia likes novels better because she can rattle on. Short stories have to be tightly constructed and well-planned. She writes long, and edits. He writes the endings first for his short stories because he knows where he's going. With a novel, he develops it as it goes along because the ending comes out of the character.

He doesn't know where novels are going. Pronzini's new book, Fever , is about gambling addiction. It refers to a fever, an altered state of mind. He said he researched internet gambling for the book. There's a fever aspect for those people hooked on it. There are people who prey on problem gamblers, who turn women who have this addiction into prostitutes. Also in the book, Jake Runyon meets a disfigured woman and becomes obsessed with her; he develops a kind of fever.

Nameless and his agency are hired by a husband to find his wife, a woman who periodically disappears. She is a problem gambler. They find her, but she doesn't want to go home. They tell the husband that.

Sharon McCone Series

Pronzini won't reveal twists, but the woman goes home, and then disappears under mysterious circumstances. He was asked how he kept his character nameless over the course of the series. He sais it wasn't too hard. When he and Marcia brougt their characters together, Sharon referred to him as "Wolf" for lone wolf. Now that he's changed the format, and the focus is on the agency, he had to have the employees refer to him by name.

His name is Bill. With a grin, he said, you don't know his last name, but you can probably guess. It was a convention for "pulp nerds" who collect early pulp magazines. Bill Pronzini is a god to them.

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He has a world-class collection of pulp magazines and digests. Muller shares the addiction. They have one room in their house devoted to pulp magazines.

Sharon McCone Series by Marcia Muller

He doesn't buy as many now because e-Bay and collectors have driven the prices out of sight. Nameless has 6, or 7, in his collection; Bill has 4, Half of his collections are western pulps and the other half crime. He said the pulp style was definitely an influence on his short stories. He devoured them uncritically when he was younger. As he grew older, he started to read them critically, and, with the pulps, that's not good.

However, there were lots of gems buried in the pulps. When he was doing anthologies, he combed through the pulps looking for good stories to bring back in print. Muller said she didn't grow up with the pulps. Pronzini said the cover art was gorgeous on them.

Legacy Libraries

The more lurid the cover, the more valuable the pulp was to collectors. He was after the stories, though. Both authors were asked about upcoming projects. Muller's next Sharon McCone book will be out in October. In Burn Out , Sharon is suffering from burn out, and she retreats to Hy's ranch in the high desert to work out her future.

She's working on the following book, due out in October When asked why the publication dates switched from summer to October, she said her publisher, Warner Books, was sold to a French company, Grand Central, and the regular months had to be switched because they had more authors under contract. Pronzini's next book is called The Other Side of Silence. It's a road novel that goes from Death Valley to Las Vegas, and all over. It's a standalone. The next Nameless book is Schemer , due out in April , and then, Betrayal. Someone asked about the scheduled book, Phanton, and he said that became another book; he changed the title.

They were asked if their backlist mysteries would be reprinted. Muller said since she's with a new publisher, she has no idea. Pronzini just said no. He said he's written about 70 novels, or around 90 books, including anthologies. He gets slower as he gets older. David Morrell. Midnight Come Again. Dana Stabenow. Y is for Yesterday. Sue Grafton. Blood Shot. Ring In the Dead. Deadly Stakes. Guardian Angel.

Burn Marks. In the Midst of Death. Lawrence Block. To Dwell in Darkness.

Listen to Trophies and Dead Things: A Sharon McCone Mystery - Audiobook - Marcia Muller

Deborah Crombie. Time to Murder and Create. The Old Blue Line.

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Bone Box. Cold Betrayal. Aim to Kill. Allison Brennan. Vertigo Martha Grimes. Dead Man's Chest. Kerry Greenwood. Heartbreak Hotel. Jonathan Kellerman. A Darkness of the Heart. The Alpine Quilt. Mary Daheim. Garden of Lamentations. Body Work. Six Geese A-Slaying. Donna Andrews. Eight Million Ways to Die. Take Out. Fatal Error. The Moth Catcher.

Ann Cleeves. Critical Mass. Christmas Caramel Murder.

Joanne Fluke. The Gifted. Justice Denied.