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In one of the most entertaining segments, Rowdy Roddy Piper voices Bolphunga, who wants to throw down with the mightiest Green Lantern, Mogo. The ensuing story is the most humorous of the film, and a welcome addition.

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Hal Jordan's predecessor, Abin Sur tracks down the criminal Atrocitus in a decent tale before the finale. I especially liked the relationship between him and Sinestro as the two have always been portrayed as great friends. It really shows here. Finally, the overarching plot of the movie pays off as the entire Corps defends the universe against Krona, who is emerging from the sun. Andrea Romano assembled a great cast for this one, with the exception of Henry Rollins as Kilowog. Nathan Fillion who voiced Steve Trevor in the excellent "Wonder Woman" movie steps into the boots of Hal Jordan, a role many hoped he would play on the big screen, but doesn't really get a chance to shine as he mostly narrates the stories.

I understand the need to have this come out at the same time as the live action Green Lantern movie.

It's a big deal for Warners and DC to promote the heck out of it. Why would you not have your main character as the highlight of this film, then?


Again, a sequel to "First Flight" would have been more beneficial to the franchise. I'm guessing a lot of parents will probably buy this for their children. There's an awful lot of death in it for something that will likely be picked up for a younger audience. Aside from character situations, every story save the overarching plot was pretty much the same; Some planet is being attacked by a hostile force. The sheer amount of carnage and death caused by the Green Lanterns themselves makes me wonder if they're any better than the beings they fought.

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The Green Lanterns are an intergalactic police force. They do not deal out vigilante justice as they seem to in this film. Griever , Jun 9, Joined: Jun 4, Location: I-L. I enjoyed it. I thought it'd be good for my daughter to watch before we saw the movie next week.

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Corran Horn , Jun 9, Joined: Dec 26, It is good I just dont get why Sinestro is still a Green Lantern, is it due to the movie coming out?? Joined: Mar 8, Sinestro pops up as a GL in an awful lot of other-than-comics media - like "First Flight" the other year. He's half-rehabilitated in the comics themselves; as the founder of the Sinestro Corps he's portrayed as verging on tragic and definitely a guy with ambiguous motives. There's just something so appealing to him for a lot of the writers, I guess, that they can't just leave him as a moustache twirler - despite the fact that he's got the 'stache for it.

Admiral Buzzkill , Jun 9, Lost Periphery , Jun 9, Joined: Nov 13, Location: Manchester, England. Servo , Jun 9, Lost Periphery , Jun 10, Servo , Jun 10, Joined: Mar 25, Location: Lost Vegas. Mike Farley , Jun 10, JD , Jun 10, Joined: May 22, Location: Warren, Pa. He seemed to be like "it" but am not so sure. Captain Mike , Jun 10, Joined: Feb 27, Location: Gotham. It's not stupid when one realizes that the DTV's have had a mandate to have separate continuities.

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  • The creators of the upcoming "Green Lantern" animated series have teased that we could see the formation of the Sinestro Corps as well as Blackest Night down the road. This is why they've not fully touched on this story in a DTV.

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    Th closest we have got of course was the aforementioned "Flight Flight". I've not seen this yet.

    Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

    Will probably rent it next week. Joined: Nov 17, Location: Atlantic Canada. It was good, very enjoyable. After seeing First Flight, the appearance of Sinestro did throw me off for about half a second, but then I just thought to myself, "Self contained story in the GL universe, doesn't really need to fit in with an established continuity". Totally forgot about Mogo!

    FordSVT , Jun 10, Joined: Mar 15, It was good. Not a great introduction to Hal Jordan, if one is looking at this as a promotional tie-in to the upcoming movie, since Hal was basically just a narrator for other people's stories.

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    By the same token, it wasn't a great showcase for Nathan Fillion. But the stories were pretty good and pretty eclectic. The "First Lantern" story had a nice idea -- that it was will and imagination rather than just warrior training that made for a true Lantern -- but it didn't quite sell it well enough, given that the outcome of the scribe's imagination was just bigger weapons. The Kilowog story was okay, but I just don't care for that "abusive drill sergeant" cliche, and the training was taken to rather ridiculous extremes. And the problem with the Abin Sur story is that it made him look like a fool, given his conviction that Sinestro wouldn't turn on the Corps.

    I mean, sure, Abin's whole role in the Green Lantern mythos is to fail, to die so that Hal can inherit his ring and his job, but surely he doesn't have to be made to look ineffectual, especially in a story that isn't even about that event. The standouts were the Laira story and "Mogo Doesn't Socialize.

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