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For example, this facade call and helper call are equivalent:.

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There is absolutely no practical difference between facades and helper functions. When using helper functions, you may still test them exactly as you would the corresponding facade. Under the hood, the cache helper is going to call the get method on the class underlying the Cache facade. So, even though we are using the helper function, we can write the following test to verify that the method was called with the argument we expected:.

In a Laravel application, a facade is a class that provides access to an object from the container. The machinery that makes this work is in the Facade class. In the example below, a call is made to the Laravel cache system. By glancing at this code, one might assume that the static method get is being called on the Cache class:. Notice that near the top of the file we are "importing" the Cache facade. Any calls we make using the facade will be passed to the underlying instance of Laravel's cache service. Instead, the Cache facade extends the base Facade class and defines the method getFacadeAccessor.

This method's job is to return the name of a service container binding. When a user references any static method on the Cache facade, Laravel resolves the cache binding from the service container and runs the requested method in this case, get against that object.

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Using real-time facades, you may treat any class in your application as if it were a facade. To illustrate how this can be used, let's examine an alternative. For example, let's assume our Podcast model has a publish method.

However, in order to publish the podcast, we need to inject a Publisher instance:. Injecting a publisher implementation into the method allows us to easily test the method in isolation since we can mock the injected publisher. However, it requires us to always pass a publisher instance each time we call the publish method.

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Using real-time facades, we can maintain the same testability while not being required to explicitly pass a Publisher instance. To generate a real-time facade, prefix the namespace of the imported class with Facades :. When the real-time facade is used, the publisher implementation will be resolved out of the service container using the portion of the interface or class name that appears after the Facades prefix.

When testing, we can use Laravel's built-in facade testing helpers to mock this method call:. Below you will find every facade and its underlying class. This is a useful tool for quickly digging into the API documentation for a given facade root. The service container binding key is also included where applicable. Laracon EU tickets are now available! Get your tickets today! Sustainable change. Middle East. Southern Africa. Spain and Portugal.

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