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Fifth, keep your focus on the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit uses them to change ladies hearts. Dont be afraid of wrong answers. Gently use them to clarify and teach by directing attention back to 12 Introduction. If ladies go off on unhelpful tangents, direct them back to the question and address the tangent later one on one or with reading material. However, if the tangent is on a vital question that goes to the gospel, take time to talk about it. These are God-given opportunities. Sixth, be sure you focus on the gospel. In your prep time, be sure to ask yourself what the text has to do with the gospel and look for opportunities to ask questions to bring out the gospel.

Hopefully, your church members will invite unbelievers to your study who will hear the glorious good news. But, even if your group is made up of all believers, we never get beyond our need to be reminded of Christ crucified and what that means for our lives. Lastly, enjoy studying the Scriptures with your ladies. Your love for the Word of God will be contagious, and you will have the great joy of watching your ladies catch it and rejoice in the Word with you.

Paul and the Church at Philippi Paul identifies himself as the author of the letter to the Philippians. Paul was an apostle, which means he was an eyewitness of Jesus and was specially sent of Christ. You can read in Acts about how Paul then called Saul met the risen Lord Jesus in an extraordinary way while he was traveling throughout the region of Palestine persecuting the church. Acts and After Pauls conversion, he traveled widely in Asia and Europe, proclaiming the Gospel he had once tried to destroy and planting churches. Philippians is one of thirteen New Testament letters he wrote.

Enemies of the Cross of Christ—Philippians by Martin Luther

Paul planted the church at Philippi. After receiving a vision of a man urging him to come to Macedonia, Paul set sail to preach the Gospel in the city of Philippi in the district of Macedonia. After hearing Paul preach, the Lord opened the heart of a prominent woman of the city, Lydia, and she became the first Philippian convert. More conversions followed, even or perhaps, especially after Paul and his companion Silas were thrown in jail. By the time Paul and Silas left Philippi, there was a Philippian church.

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Read Acts for the account of Pauls first visit to Philippi. Paul returned to the city to encourage the church on at least one more occasion.

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Acts This first day we will do an overview of the entire letter. When the Philippian church received this letter from Paul it would have been read aloud to the entire congregation.

They didnt have printing presses in the First Century, so a scribe would have to painstakingly copy every word. These letters were thus carefully preserved, and written copies would have been distributed to other churches to be read aloud to those congregations. Reading through the entire book in one sitting is valuable to us, not only because it gives us a feel for what happened in the First Century, but also because it gives us an overview of what the letter is about as we notice certain themes repeated throughout the letter.

Begin by praying, Lord Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law. Psalm Read through chapters 14 of the letter to the Philippians and do the following: Write down any repeated words, phrases, or ideas you notice:. Answer the following questions: What are the circumstances in Pauls life when he writes the letter? What is going on in the lives of the saints of Philippi the church when Paul writes the letter? Remember: Observation: Figure out what the text is saying. Get the answer from the words of Scripture. Interpretation: Figure out the meaning of the text.

What did the writer intend to convey? Application: Prayerfully apply the passage to your own life. Read Philippians Read verses Jesus had appeared in a vision and said, [Paul] is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel Acts Why would these church leaders call themselves servants instead of asserting their impressive credentials? What would be different in your interactions with others in your church if you thought of yourself, first and foremost, as a servant of Christ Jesus?

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Saint means holy one or one who is set apart. It is a word the Bible commonly uses to describe those in the church. See Romans , Colossians , and Jude 3. What does in Christ Jesus mean? Read John and Galatians Why do you think this letter is written to saints in Philippi as well as to the overseers and deacons?

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It could have been only written to the leaders of the church. Do the truths in this letter only apply to the saints, overseers, and deacons in the First Century church in Philippi, or can and should Christians apply these truths to our lives today? See 2 Timothy Grace means a gift that is not earned or deserved see Romans Peace occurs when two or more parties are reconciled to one another. What do you think it means for grace and peace to come from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ?

If so, what difference has it made in your life? If not, go back to the verses that explain what in Christ Jesus means and think through what it would mean in your life to accept grace and peace from God. Day 3 Pray that God would make you like a tree planted by streams of waterthat your delight would be rooted in his law Psalm Having greeted the Philippians, how does Paul begin the rest of his letter?

Day 4 Pray that God, who begins and completes his work in our hearts, will use this Bible study to work in your heart. Read verse 6. Of what is Paul sure? To whom does the word he refer? Who is beginning, bringing along, and completing the good work? See also 1 Thessalonians Do you ever despair over your own sin? Do you ever feel far from God? If you are a saint in Christ Jesus considering this verse, how should you handle these times and emotions?

The Greek noun rendered affection in English was used often of Jesus in the Gospels and indicates deep emotion. Paul writes of his joy in relationship with and having this affection for the saints at Philippi. What can you do to have more relationships like this in your church? Pray for the Lord to increase your partnership in the gospel, your affection for sisters and brothers in Christ, and joy in relationships with others in the church.

Day 5 Pray that your love would abound more and more with knowledge and all discernment as you study the Scriptures. Read verse 9. What is Pauls prayer for the Philippians? What do these verses tell you about the kind of knowledge about which Paul is writing: Jeremiah , John , Galatians , Colossians , 2 Timothy Read verse 10a. What will result from the Philippians love abounding with knowledge and all discernment? How would your life change if you only approved what is excellent?

Read verses 10b What is the ultimate goal of the Philippians love abounding with knowledge and discernment? What is the day of Christ? It is also mentioned in verse 6. In addition, read Revelation Out of his great love for the saints of Philippi, Paul prays these God-honoring, powerful prayers of thanksgiving and supplication in verses His prayers are targeted to encourage and build up the church.

Examine the focus of your prayer life. How do you tend to pray for yourself and others? Use Pauls prayers to shift your prayer focus from temporal desires to spiritual needs. Think through how you can pray for the saints in your church to have love that abounds more and more in knowledge and all discernment. Week 2 Philippians Joy in the Advance of the Gospel Day 1 Rev iew Pray that the Lord will make known to you the path of life and that he will fill you with joy in his presence, with eternal pleasures at his right hand. Psalm Begin the week by reading through Philippians chapter 1.

Review your notes from week 1. Remind yourself of the main points of Philippians and jot them down:. What relationships in the church can you focus on to increase your partnership in the gospel? What do you need to do to make sure that these relationships are characterized by affection and joy?

Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. A Bible Study on Philippians for Wo For Later. Related titles. Draft Foreword, Introduction, and Chapter One. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Keri Folmar To my husband: by Keri Folmar. All Rights Reserved CruciformPress. Psalm Read through chapters 14 of the letter to the Philippians and do the following: Write down any repeated words, phrases, or ideas you notice: Jot down any questions that arise in your mind for later study: Joy Joy!

What is the overall tone of the letter? Why did Paul write this letter to the church at Philippi? Day 2 Remember: Observation: Figure out what the text is saying. Who wrote this letter? What do Paul and Timothy call themselves? What does it mean to be servants of Christ Jesus? To whom is the letter written? Who are overseers? Read 1 Timothy Who are deacons? Read Acts and 1 Timothy How does Paul greet the church at Philippi? How do you make sense out of verses and verses ? So, we need to remember Jesus as we discuss these verses.

With a vague understanding of a middle verb, can you reconcile the two verses together any easier? Who is working? What does it mean to "work out your salvation"? The answer is outlined by Paul in the text: don't complain, be blameless and pure, shine your faith, sacrifice yourselves for the Kingdom's work, etc. Why do you think verse 12 asks us to work out our salvation when verse 13 states that God works in us?

But our work is the act of letting God do His thing and giving Him complete control of our lives. Humility is hard. It means giving up what you want or desire for what someone else wants or desires. What is the ultimate goal in verses 14 through 18? What does Paul want us to become? Right living that inspires others--"shining like stars. Verse 18 seems to indicate that despite the sacrifice of humility and servitude, joy is the result.

How can humility result in joy? What is Paul getting at? Drink offerings were when something was poured out on the altar as a sacrifice to God. Paul means that we should pour ourselves out to God. It is a humbling, sacrificial thing. It will not be easy, but it will result in our being exalted by the Father in the end. This was added last and completed the sacrifice. Paul is not thinking in this case of a literal libation of blood such as was poured out in some pagan cults, he is thinking of the willing yielding up of his life to God.

Philippians 1:12­-26 Study

Start by sharing an embarrassing story that happened to you. Everyone has at least one. If not, you can use the story below. Back then, everybody had to rotate positions to make it fair, so although I was a fairly decent ball player, I found myself in the outfield. It was there, in left field that one of the most humiliating things ever happened to me. Before the inning had even begun, I had to go to the bathroom. He is perfect. Jewish teachers taught that disobeying one law was equivalent to disobeying them all. The smallest infraction was problematic. Jesus reminds them this is true of the Law.

The smallest letter in the Greek alphabet is the iota , in Hebrew it is yod about the size of an apostrophe. Changing the smallest of these letters could change a meaning. This would have been unsettling to hear, because to common Jews the Pharisees were the epitome of righteousness. But Jesus wanted His followers to realize that God was far more concerned about their hearts and true righteousness than their ability to follow rules.

In what ways can your presence in your family, church, and community make it better as you are salt and light there? What effect does the declaration that Jesus came to fulfill the Law and not abolish it have on the way we should act as His followers? Lesson in Our Society. We have forgotten the purpose of the light. Like the Pharisees, we often want our own glory. It is normal, even understandable. But wrong.

How can we be like lights that shine in our communities but point to God and not ourselves? Daily Bible Readings. Achtemeier, Paul J. Harper's Bible Dictionary. NET Bible. Biblical Studies Press, Blomberg, Craig: Matthew. Brown, Raymond E. Fitzmyer, S. Murphy, O Carm. The Jerome Biblical Commentary. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, Inc. Dummelow, J.