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Those rules, first adopted in , provide companies with a safe harbor from securities-fraud liability if the pricing and timing of buyback-related repurchases meet certain conditions. After experience proved that buybacks could be used to take advantage of less-informed investors, the SEC updated its rules in , though researchers noted that several gaps remained. These rules as updated in for share buybacks are easy enough to meet. They include:. The periods normally restrict buybacks from shortly before the quarter ends until two days after the results are released.

For example, the company can schedule in advance heavy share-buybacks on the three days following its earnings releases. It must specify a minimum and maximum price and the number of shares. And then no problem. Nevertheless, Wall Street gurus keep expressing their fervent believe that massive buybacks would kick in after the blackout period and bail out these rotten markets.

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Alas, companies have massively bought back their own shares in October, even during the blackout period, most likely by following the rules to the T. The WSJ lists some candidates:. Semiconductor-equipment maker Rudolph Technologies Inc. This week, International Business Machines Corp. IBM has been buying back the shares it issued its own executives as part of their stock compensation plans, and the shares it issued to buy other companies, including minuscule privately-owned startups for billions of dollars. Buybacks covered up the dilutive effects from those actions.

IBM could have spent this money on research and invented something cool. But that would have been too hard. Far better to farm out much of the work to cheap countries like India, shut down US operations, waste money on share buybacks in a vain effort to manipulate up its shares, and instead watch them go to heck. Despite their miserable performance record, these share buybacks have been the only thing that was — if barely — holding up the stock market.

But where are they when you need them the most? Another share buyback queen is GE. But its shares have collapsed, and it is now in the process of dismantling itself. Using ad blockers — I totally get why — but want to support the site? Click on the beer mug to find out how:. Sign up here. The linked WSJ article describing the amount supposedly spent on stock buybacks in October is from mid-September, before October even started.

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My bad. I accidentally inserted a link to an old WSJ article from Sep. I now inserted the correct link to an article from today. Also, there is the problem that many half? The corporation gives some lame excuse, or just says nothing and hopes that nobody notices.

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Whether or not you think that buy-backs are a stupid idea, this sort of thing comes very close to securities fraud. I thought the different rises in Oct were short squeezes, particularly the last 3 days. If so, it smells a bit desperate. Well, the share buyback maroons are only following what the greatest philosopher in human history had to say:.

Since there has been a high correlation between stock index levels and innovation in financial fraud, exceeded only by the correlation between innovation in financial fraud and severe market corrections. Between them a speculator can grift beyond the dreams of avarice, which should be denied unequivocally under oath. He is actively promoted to become a MacArthur fellow.

Whitehead believed all philosophy to be mere footnotes on Plato, which ruined my estimation of Whitehead. I myself am content with my settled status as chopped liver. Unamused… i have NO words no words…!!! Financial engineering is all they know. I read somewhere this week that Dell is now looking to do an IPO.

As for poor GE, that company is one slowly dying piece of work. That a US President actually chose him of all people to lead the economic turnaround of the US is very revealing. This same us President, who cannot give a five-minute speech without mentioning himself multiples of ten times, now claims he is the one who caused the recently increasing U.

However, with warrants, convertible bonds and executive stock options the fully diluted share price should reflect the underlying value of the stock. A corporation may also recycle their treasury stock by buying it back and reissuing it, hopefully at a higher price. The buybacks and executive stock options can be used for tax aversion. Not to be confused with tax evasion. Boosting the PE ratio through a buyback rather than raising the dividend allows the shareholder to build value without that value being taxed immediately, like a dividend would be.

Corporate Lobbyists write our laws, why would they allow a law that would stop stock manipulation. Here in Washington state we have a corrupt Senator for life, Maria Cantwell, she is currently running non-stop campaign adds showing cute contraband sniffing dogs at the airport — people up here go gonzo for dogs and will give a thumbs up vote to anything with a cute dog — nothing to do with lawmaking she just wants to show cute dogs to win votes. As long as lobbyists pick up the tab to run cute-dog campaign adds Maria will vote for any laws she is told to. Welcome to the lowest common denominator.

The market always wins. Good luck getting this administration to enforce it, except maybe as leverage to extract a campaign contribution. Yes, these restrictions are the difference between buybacks being legal or illegal. They have admitted it. It would be interesting to see statistics on buybacks vs their various restrictions. They were legalized regardless of how they manipulate the markets. Lord knows the Japanese have tried every trick in the book. Plenty of new serfs to be got, that way?

Very good article. I was drinking the cool and listening to MSM thinking buybacks would potentially help prop up the market. Nice to see some data and numbers. Also, really sad to see companies waste money on financial engineering like IBM, as interest rates rise, this will not end well for some companies. Buybacks should not be allowed, the original rules served a purpose. US corporation have been eating their seed corn for decades. The main problem with modern capitalism is the reliance on financial innovation as opposed to making things world markets wanna buy.

Most new innovation is really just making what already exists better. I watched a Peter Thiel video where he says something similar, at least to my ears. Indian Bowel Movement would rather lay off most of their smart people in Western countries and hire cheap people in Asia with bogus degrees, because it looks good on a spreadsheet. Having expelled almost everyone who cares about products and services, manipulating financial numbers is their number one mission now, and it shows.

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Can someone explain to me how the book keeping records for share buy backs are carried out. Are the repurchased shares bought by the SE quoted Company itself and cancelled?

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Bought with money from fresh interest bearing loans to the Company where in most cases the loan interest is less than the dividend? Or are the shares repurchased by a separate or subsidiary Company that is funded from the Holding Company and hence the total shares on issue remains unchanged? In the latter case the subsidiary Company could even resell the shares if the share price continues to rise. Then repeat the process ad infinitum.

These differing accounting methods would greatly influence the publicly available balance sheets. This is partially due to the legal system; the EU requires proof a product is not harmful from the vendor, where as the US allows use of products and later deals with consequences. With the ever-increasing income disparity and increasing cost fo loans, this market which is the main driving force of US innovation will stagnate making innovation harder to reach the market. The more time a product needs to reach market the higher the development cost.

There is no checking up on grant receivers, no going to their labs looking at the devices, there is no nothing…just reports written by the grant receivers. I guess we can only speculate as to whether the latter is in order to fiance the former; however, this myopic focus on short-term stockholder returns driven by the fact that investment funds have become way too large and powerful is not the way to order an economy which generates general prosperity. Novartis revenue peaked in at a little more than ChF 59 billion and have been declining ever since. This year they are estimated to be in the ChF billion range.

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In the same time share price has gone from ChF 45 to the present ChF So how do we justify that obscenely bloated stock price? The answer is buybacks! All backed by that pillar of monetary soundness and integrity, the Banque Nationale Suisse. The highest yielding ChF denominated bonds Novartis issued will pay you all of a massive 1. Perhaps Netflix should consider moving to Zurich. Santa Clara traffic is not so different…. Very interesting analysis, MC Same for your contributions on the shipping industry and other transports.

Thanks for sharing your perspective s. But in these circumstances, where our shareholders have a kind of a benchmark share price, what they think this company is worth, it is very difficult to say that we can deliver this. Thanks Wolf.


This is a great article among your many great articles. Congratulations Wolf. Similarly, no one got off the couch for Warner Bros. Hence, their inability to perform. There are plenty of comparisons to other romance movies that did not work and questions about the story. Further, Sun is earning about new Facebook fans daily, while a teen drama usually adds 1. Finally, the film is clocking about 7. And we hear it could go higher. The pic opened on 3, screens. This is a franchise that has grown with age thanks in large part to its play in the home ancillary market.

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