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It is possible to separate bones by animal class because each animal class is different, and can be determined visually by zooarchaeologists. After the animal bones are sorted by class, the next step is to sort them by skeletal element if possible.

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These first two steps allow for easier use of comparative collections for specific identifications. Zooarchaeologists then take the sorted animal remains one item at a time, and based off of their initial evaluations compare each bone to the bones of previously identified species within the comparative collection. Conducting zooarchaeological research at MSU is a little more difficult than you would expect because there is not an established zooarchaeological comparative collection.

While it is not finished, we have selected complete skeletons that have been reviewed and deemed fit to be included in the comparative collection. Below are some photos of the bones that I will be analyzing in the coming months! With these identifications, we are able to estimate the number of individuals that are found, the seasonality of the resources exploited, meat cuts based off of butchering methods, or even how different pieces of meat from the same animal are distributed.

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Stay tuned to learn about the results of the animal bone analysis and the methods we use to make our interpretations! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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    Melanie Fillios is a consulting archaeologist, faunal analyst and lecturer in archaeology at the University of New England, with a special interest in the relationship between humans and animals throughout history. Natalie Blake is a consulting archaeologist and a PhD student at the University of Sydney interested in the archaeology of the late prehistoric period in the southeast Solomon Islands.

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    To request a different format or if you experience technical difficulties, please email us now. A free PDF version of the book can be downloaded here. The Tom Austen Brown Studies in Australasian Archaeology series publishes significant research into the archaeology of Australia and adjacent regions — particularly the archaeology of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people during both prehistoric and contact periods. Series editor: Prof. Introduction Bone identification 1.

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    Mandible 2. Scapula 3. Humerus 4. Radius 5. Ulna 6.

    Pelvis 7. Femur 8.

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    Tibia 9. The extremities: hands and feet Theoretical and practical applications in zooarchaeology.