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Be assured, I will be a member of parliament that works for all of you regardless," he posted on Facebook. The Victorian Greens have fended off the major parties to retain the inner-Melbourne seat of Prahran and maintain at least three MPs in the state's lower house. The Victorian Electoral Commission is yet to finalise counting for Prahran, but the Greens hold 57 per cent of the two-candidate preferred vote against the Liberals' 43 per cent. We gave it all we had, and I'm so proud of everyone who was part of our campaign," he wrote. Preferences also favour independent candidate Ali Cupper in Mildura, who looks set to unseat Nationals' incumbent Peter Crisp.

Home News National. Since creation in the seat of Caulfield has never been held by Labor.

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I think in my group ppl are more apt to not rsvp and show up. My caterer asks for a close number one month out and then an exact number 10 days out. She did ask that the numbers be fairly close to one another. One month out is pretty standard round here might be due to it being rural so deliveries aren't as frequent.


Most of the venues we've looked at have final payment and final numbers due 30 days prior to the date. My venue needs a count 2 weeks out for the kitchen, but doesn't need final numbers and payment until the Tuesday immediately before the wedding. I think we had to give a rough number 30 days out, then a solid number the week before. And we couldn't be more or less than a certain amount, for the final number.

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We were married on a holiday weekend and the venue had to plan for staffing and such. We had to have the final number of centerpieces 4 weeks before and the number of chair covers, too.

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It's totally doable if you send your invites out weeks before the wedding and set your RSVP date 5 weeks before the wedding. I say 5 weeks to give yourself a week to track down people. I have a contracted minimum for a Saturday night wedding during peak season adults , and my final count is due 5 days before.

My venue's deadline for a final headcount is 3 days prior!!!

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So knowing that the guest list can change at any moment in time, I don't think that's a good investment. I'm sure it's gorgeous, but that's too much stress and pressure on you that you wouldn't be able to control because people will do what they like.

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Our venue was our caterer, and they also needed final count 30 days prior. We didn't even think about extra lol. Thanks so much ladies I had been to 7 or 8 other places and they all were saying final count the week of so I was surprised by a month ahead of time but it sounds like that is somewhat common. Thanks rjmargo for the timeline ideas that was going to be my next question! As a venue that caters, we also ask for the entree counts 30 days prior to the wedding day.


There are many factors that go into those decisions but it seems to be a common practice. However, I did have someone book their wedding with us 34 days before the date.

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In which case, exceptions were made to change the counts to 20 days prior. It is also pretty common for the chef's to prepare a few extra of each entree since some guests want to change their mind the day of or they forget what they RSVP'd for. One month out was what most venues required that I saw around here And the one we went with also requires it, but luckily everyone has responded on time! Log in Join now. Expert July Saved Save.

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June I don't think it's fair, but it's pretty standard here. Master May Master September VIP February Super October VIP August Eta: clarity.

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VIP October Master October My caterer and the bartending vendor require the final headcount one month prior to the event.