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I am trying to write my thoughts but I can't. This is a book that everyone, believer or non-believer should read. Ace French. Suddenly and without warning, a loud screeching noise caught my attention, as if God had just scratched an album with a needle. A voice was suddenly inside my head, and I had no doubt this belonged to my heavenly Father, 'You are not going to get away that easily!

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After a failed attempt to take his own life, a voice finally broke through. It took Ace's complete self-destruction and the loss of everything he held dear for him to come to Christ. The Romans Super Highwayis a story of unconditional love and forgiveness that gives account of how God miraculously changed Ace's life into one of joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

This book is for anyone who wants to experience life as it is meant to be lived. I couldn't put this book down. Ace's style is inviting, readable, and real.

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It is a vivid illustration of how far God will go to reach one of His children. It took a stay in solitary confinement for God's voice to finally come through.

Roman Superhighway

Constructed by the Roman invaders as part of a route from London Londinium to Exeter Isca , the 85ft wide earthwork stands more than 15ft high and consists of a sweeping road with deep ditches at the side. It was so densely covered by trees, however, that although its existence was known about, it simply could not be found until now. Mr Addison said it was the biggest Roman road he had come across and that it was probably designed to make a statement.

It is thought that it might have been built shortly after the Roman conquest in the first century and its scale would have been chosen to intimidate people living nearby.

The sight of a Roman legion marching along it would surely have had the desired effect. It is thought the road would have been made from layers of gravel and the fact it still exists is testimony to the skills of the builders. It has been known about but when the Forestry Commission wanted to find it, they struggled. But they called me in and I managed to find it.

Artist's impression: The Roman road being built in the Dorset forest 1, years ago.

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It is absolutely huge and unlike anything I have ever seen. Here you have a large road with huge ditches either side. It is raised very high which is unusual. It is only speculation, but the height might have been to make a statement. If so, then it would have been incredibly impressive to the local people. They built ditches on either side to act as soakaways to prolong the life of the road.

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