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Are you ready to take back the financial dominion that belongs to you? Or does it seem far off in Old Testament times, and not relevant for you here and now?

This is what so many Christians get hung up on in the area of finances, which is exactly what Satan wants them to do because it keeps them from receiving! The covenant you have with God is much more than a promise—it is a sealed and irrevocable agreement. God first established it with a man called Abram later called Abraham. He promised to make Abram the father of many nations, give him a great deal of land as an inheritance, and much more Deuteronomy To make sure Abram knew this was absolute and unbreakable, God made a covenant with him, which was considered very serious in his day.

You may be thinking, I know the covenant was meant for Abram, but how do I know it was meant for me, too? God sealed His covenant with you through the blood of His Son. That agreement is binding and forever. You can count on one thing: Every covenant of Scripture is reliable, dependable, guaranteed and binding on God for delivery. However, He is only obligated to deliver if you complete your end of the agreement by loving Him, which means you love Him with all your heart, soul and mind Matthew and by keeping His commandments 1 John The book of Proverbs gives us a very basic principle of success.

God considers the tithe crucial to your financial success Malachi In fact, you will find that all testimonies of financial blessing in the Body of Christ begin with consistent tithing. Watch this video with Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis as they explain how tithing puts you on the increase.

Should we be praying for miracles like they did in Acts 4:30?

No—we were talking about tithing. So, how are tithing and giving different? Giving is bringing an offering that is beyond the tithe, not instead of the tithe. It is a freewill gift to a person or organization. It can be in the form of money, clothing, food or almost anything else God prompts you to give. It is sowing seed for a harvest.

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The covenant we have with God is one of financial prosperity or financial dominion. Our giving is the gateway to financial dominion and all-around favor. The greater our giving, the greater our access to financial increase. Each type of giving is considered sowing seed for a harvest.

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When you plant a seed in good soil, it will always reap a return! He has no intention of allowing you to prosper and advance the Kingdom. The good news? Because of Jesus— you win. All you have to do is believe it. How do you resist the devil? You resist him with the words of your mouth. Keep in mind, you also submit to him with your words, so watch what you say!

Refuse to give thought to anything the devil throws your way. Have bulldog faith, and keep the Word of God in your eyes, ears and mouth no matter what. Finally, count it all joy when Satan tries to attack James I do believe in the covenant. I tithe, I give and I speak words of faith.

However, we have to consider our context in redemptive history when praying for these miracles; the frequency with which God was performing miracles in the first century is different than the frequency with which he performs these signs and wonders today, as there no longer are Apostles.

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The Holy Spirit still works miracles, but less often than when Peter and Paul walked the earth. Sometimes Jesus heals people on the basis of their faith Mark , sometimes he heals people despite them having no faith Luke , Matthew , and sometimes extremely faithful people are not healed and continue in their suffering.

I remember when one of my good friends was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer when we were 18 years old. Ethan ended up passing away. He more than anyone of us understood that if God healed him of his cancer now, that was only a temporary healing; he would certainly die later on anyway. Permanent healing only happens at the Second Coming of Jesus. Even Jesus, whom we claim to follow, was not healed from his wounds until after he died.

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Jesus is critical of the Pharisees and of Herod when they demand signs Mark , Matthew , —4, Luke How they voice their concern here shows us that healthy doctrine is of more eternal importance to God than a healthy body. Many in Acts see signs and wonders and remain unconverted, showing that the obstacle to conversion is a hard heart, not lack of proof Acts Mature faith rejoices in what signs it perceives, but does not depend on them. God still performs miracles today, but he does so differently. Rather than being located within a particular Messianic or Apostolic authority in the flesh, they are now accomplished by the Holy Spirit through prayer as God wills or even spontaneously as God wills.

John Stott summarized this well:. Instead, we will be entirely open to the God who works both through nature and through miracle. And when a healing miracle is claimed, we will expect it to resemble those in the Gospels and the Acts and so to be the instantaneous and complete cure of an organic condition, without the use of medical or surgical means, inviting investigation and persuading even unbelievers.

Children of Genesis (The Gateway Series, #1) by Toby Minton

Why does God perform miracles? To serve as a foretaste The miracles performed by the Spirit though Jesus and the Apostles were true and faithful samples of the coming Kingdom. Does God still perform miracles today?

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Does he perform miracles in the same way today? Should we be praying for miracles like they did in Acts ? In Acts , the church prays: Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness, while you stretch out your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus. Related Posts. Get Directions.