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Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview After a wild night of demons invading his home, teenage slacker Ash Kaplan finds himself taken to Hell by a devil named Goddard. The devils of Hell live in fear of constant demon attacks, and Ash is recruited to help fight. The boy is teamed up with Shiva, the feisty daughter of Satan, and Aura, a pervy man with a dangerous curse. The team's first mission is to track down King Satan's stolen pendant, which might just be Ash's ticket back to Earth as well.

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Harbor Springs, an idyllic resort town in northern Michigan, has always drawn visitors. However, hundreds However, hundreds of years before it was known for sailboats, cottages, and fudge, it was known for its hunting, fishing, and tribal conflict. Kylie Branson thought she was Devil's Plaything. This is a story of love, lust and betrayal. All they have in common is passion All they have in common is passion and secrets. Sir Giles Moncrieff was betrayed by his family and his country. He now makes his fortune out of an exclusive club, where men can First Days.

Sang Sorenson used to be the invisible girl in class. Ash vs. Evil Ash Prime and his many mutants and monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. It was a four-issue story arc. A four-issue story arc that will follow the aftermath of Ash defeating Evil Ash Prime and his quest with Sheila by his side to repair the damage done to the world.

Ash heads back to A. The Necronomicon transports Ash to Mexico, against his will, where he is forced to stop an ancient god who has been revived. A special self-contained story from writer Mike Raicht, joined here by artist Pablo Marcos. This storyline was originally untitled, but got named in Army of Darkness Omnibus Volume 3.

Ash finds love with a woman named Georgia, only to find she is a murderous succubus and that there may be other Chosen Ones. Ash leaves her and prevents a deadite outbreak.

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In Europe, Ash meets a werewolf named Brad, a Protector, and learns that there are a line of Protectors, who protect the areas of the world. He also finds that many of the Chosen Ones before him have been taken over by Hell's Prophet, and have been the cause of many disasters throughout history.

The only thing that has stopped Hell's Prophet is the League of Light. Ash and Brad set out to stop it before Hell's Prophet takes him over. Ash travels to different continents of the world, recruiting other Protectors to help him defeat Hell's Prophet, which has possessed him. Unbeknownst to him, the very people he is gathering may end up being his undoing, as it is foretold the Protectors must kill him.

Ash dies and his new League of Light fails to stop Hell's Prophet from taking over, causing the world to go to Hell. Five years later, a time machine is made by the last surviving members of the League of Light, as they go back in time and stop Hell's Prophet from taking over Ash. The ghost of future Ash warns his past self in a note on what to do, and he saves the world; causing everything to snap back to normal.

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Ash has become a Deadite hunter for hire, fighting the evil all across the world. He also meets his female counterpart from another universe: Ashley K. Williams, saves his younger self from Deadites in the s, and avenges his grandfather's death at the hands of 's gangsters.

Dynamite comics announced a reboot of their Army of Darkness line in , starting with this new series. The story involves Ash and his entire S-Mart department store teleported to A. After defeating the Deadite Wise Man, Sheila is then possessed and leads her own "Army of Darkness" to take over the world. Picking up from Ash and the Army of Darkness 8, Ash prepares for his wedding with Sheila by battling the Faceless Man, the most powerful monster he has ever fought.

Ash misses his honeymoon because he is sent back to the present day to stop a Deadite threat from taking over the International Space Station. Although it is officially labeled as Volume 4, the story is not set in the same continuity as the first three volumes. In , Space Goat Publishing announced that they had acquired the rights to Evil Dead 2 and would begin producing comics based on characters from that film.

This story follows Annie Knowby and a copy of Ash Williams on their journey through Hell to not only find a way out, but to free the spirits of the Knowby family. Six months after escaping Hell and accidentally unleashing demons upon the Earth, Annie and the copy of Ash are accidentally sucked into the mirror dimension, where the Dark Ones were banished by the Chosen One.

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An anthology series about people in various times and places using the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis for their own personal gain. Space Goat announced that alongside of the ongoing series, there would be a series of one-shots where Ash would battle both real and fictitious villains, the first being Evil Dead 2: The Revenge of Hitler published in March A jumbo-sized sketchbook published by Devils Due Publishing.

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According to writer Elliott Serrano , it is not just a commentary on the many Barack Obama comic books but also "all the other trends that have occurred in comics over the decades. Ash is told by the Necronomicon that one of the three candidates in the Presidential Election is actually a demon known as "the Great Darkness", and it needs Ash's help to discover which candidate it is.

Although this was a crossover, it served in the mainstream continuity of the series and shall be credited as part of the actual series. Takes place after Shop till You Drop Dead. A five-issue miniseries crossover with Marvel Comics set in the Marvel Zombies universe, also doubling as an origin story for that universe alongside the interlinked prequel Marvel Zombies: Dead Days.

A crossover with another Sam Raimi film character, Darkman. It ran for four issues from August to March and the trade paperback was released in late Peyton Westlake's former love Julie accidentally reading the incantations of the Necronomicon , which unleashes a Deadite infestation throughout the city and transforms Julie into the Deadite Queen. Helping her friend Brynne Kelly escape with the book, the pair use it to open a portal and summon the 'Legendary Hero' to them - which turns out to be Ash Williams.

Teaming up, the trio take on the army of Deadites - led by Darkman's deceased enemy Robert Durant - as they plan to use the book to help rid Julie of the evil inside her. The trio succeed in reversing the effects, freeing Julie and destroying the Deadite army. Ash and Brynne share a kiss before he disappears, while Darkman watches over Julie and her boyfriend Tony, understanding that his desire to save Julie cost the lives of others and that he will have to live with it. Based upon an unused script to a possible film sequel to Freddy vs.

Devil Ash Days

Jason , Wildstorm Comics and Dynamite co-published the story in comic form as the six-issue miniseries Freddy vs. Jason vs. James Kuhoric and Jason Craig returning to write and illustrate, respectively.

The story picks up where Freddy vs. Ash left off and featured cameos of known characters from the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises.