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The full disclosure principle is a concept that requires a business to report all necessary information about their financial statements and other relevant information to any persons who are accustomed to reading this information. Debitoor invoicing software helps maintain the professional accounting practices of a business. Try it free for 7 days!

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As a business, there are a number of accounting principles you are required to follow and oblige, including the full disclosure principle. This way you assure stakeholders such as creditors and investors that they are aware of the any relevant information and are fully informed about the company when making business decisions concerning the company.

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The main purpose behind the full disclosure principle is to avoid managers or accountants not disclosing any information that could be of great importance and affect the businesses financial situation. Shortly after, while trying to transition to directing music videos, Daniels meets Glendon Crain the drummer for the band Hollywood Undead. Crain and Daniels embark on a whirlwind romance and eventually decide to marry and have a child, though Daniels tells Crain that he must do porn before she will agree to a pregnancy in order to ensure that her career in adult entertainment will never be used against her in a custody battle.

Shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Daniels learns that news about her night with Trump has leaked. Still recovering from a traumatic birth and with her husband suffering from postpartum depression, Daniels denies everything. In she is once again approached by In Touch Weekly and decides to give an interview relating her sexual experiences with Trump.

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Daniels agrees but the story is killed. Sometime later she is approached and threatened by a stranger telling her to leave Trump alone.

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In Trump announces he is running for president. Daniels repeatedly struggles with whether to come forward or not and is instead offered money to sign an NDA which she accepts. In the Wall Street Journal publishes a story about Daniels and the hush payments she received.

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After Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen , begins shopping around a memoir using her name, Daniels decides to hire a lawyer, Michael Avenatti , in order to release herself from her NDA. As she prepares to come forward she is repeatedly threatened with death and hounded by the paparazzi. To protect her daughter, Daniels pulls her from school and hires private tutors.

Her marriage also suffers as a result as her husband is angered that Daniels never told him about the encounter with Trump. Daniels comes forward and speaks about her experiences with Trump in interviews with 60 Minutes and Rolling Stone.

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She is invited to appear on Saturday Night Live as herself. In an epilogue she reveals that she is still struggling with her newfound fame and that, while her husband filed for divorce acrimoniously, they are now co-parenting in a mutually supportive way.

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The memoir drew positive reviews. Slate praised Daniels as "a witty, scrappy underdog" [6] Kirkus Reviews called it "lively, candid". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. September 12, Find out how she has managed to balance her hectic working life with being a single mother and remain grateful for life's experiences.

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