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It can help ensure you do everything necessary to create the best book possible. On a primal level, fear is an adaptive response that helps us survive by motivating us to protect ourselves from danger. It is both natural and helpful in many cases. You evolved to fear things that can hurt you, and fear works to help keep you safe. The problem with fear is when you let small or irrational fears stop you from doing something you should be doing.

Then fear is destructive, not protective. Some of the fears you face will make sense, while others will seem ridiculous if you rationally analyze them. Even if the reason is irrational, the feeling of fear is still real, and you have to address it in order to move forward with your book. Every author feels the same way including me. I get it. You can win this fight against fear. How do you do it? And, even more important, how do you prevent this fear in the future? You train your emotional brain to reframe the fear you feel and then use it as fuel to action, instead of inaction. Ask yourself, what are you afraid might happen if you write a book?

Write down the fears you are feeling. Write down every fear or anxiety. Really take a moment and pause to think about your fears and identify them. If you are having a hard time articulating your fears, this post discusses the most common fears—that should be a pretty good guide. It should have at least a few fears, and if it has a bunch, then so be it. In fact, the more you list that are true , the better. Many times people are anxious about vague and undefined fears. There are so many ways to publish now, anyone can do it. This being said, most fears will be based on reality. For the fears that are unrealistic, disregard and cross them off the list.

For the ones based in reality, keep going. For some of the fears, the consequences will be minor. For other fears, the consequences could be larger. If you articulate the worst thing that could happen, then you at least know what it is and can now move forward with a clear understanding of what there is to lose.

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There is nothing wrong with this—being realistic is a big part of defeating fear, so write down what the consequences are. To start moving past your fear, you need to lay out precisely what the plan is to avoid or minimize the consequence.

This is because fears often partly originate from a subconscious reaction to a poor plan, or a lack of a plan this is also where procrastination comes from. The plan might be as simple as having a professional editor and two colleagues review the manuscript before you decide to publish it, to make sure you look good.

Fear can actually help you, if you take the right perspective on it. Think about the physical symptoms of fear. What are they? Your fight or flight response kicks in, you get jittery, break out into a cold sweat cortisol surge. Think of it like a rollercoaster. You cannot choose your physiological response to a rollercoaster, but with some practice, you can choose how you interpret that physiological response.

You can be afraid or thrilled, but the body treats it the same. This means you can reframe fear into excitement, and retrain your brain to not be afraid of writing your book, and in fact to harness that energy to help you write your book. That should give you some guidance on what you can do.

You can rethink each physiological response as excitement that benefits you. For example:. Your heart rate raises adrenaline increase : this helps you get the energy needed to sit down and write for an hour or two. Your fight or flight response kicks in, you get jittery, break out into a cold sweat cortisol surge : this helps you take this seriously and really put your best effort forward.

I know this sounds hokey, but saying it out loud has a very different impact on you than just thinking it. Without going too deep into the psychological explanation, saying it out loud makes it more real to your brain. This is about using your anxiety against itself. Who will suffer, and how? This works because of the peculiar way that human brains work. Once you imagine yourself with all these benefits, and then you imagine yourself losing them—things shift in your brain.

It just takes a back seat to loss aversion. This is one of the most replicated findings in social science; people are far more motivated by losing something than by gaining something. By already picturing yourself with benefits and gains, you now want to keep them.

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Fear puts you into survival mode. Fear makes it impossible to see outside of yourself. I am scared and alone.

LET GO of Anxiety, Fear & Worries: A GUIDED MEDITATION ➤ Harmony, Inner Peace & Emotional Healing

Feeling curious. Hej Anonymous. Say to God in pray from the heart: God please help mee. God is divine love and his way, is the right way. Then your heart and your spirit guides. In light and happiness. I'm not sure how this page was on my phone.

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I jus clicked on my internet pages and this was on. I'm in a tough struggle in life Bt I am in one big battle against my love ones about my purpose. I wish so much I had someone to speak with who truly understood and accepted me for me. N who knew exactly how to guide me. If so, where r u, n most importantly wen will I finally meet u?? Hello vail, Email me anytime if you like.

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Kesh gmail. They love you and you are blessed. Just ask for some guidance God blessed. Great post. Thanks again Joanne! Good insight True inspiration and guiding Joanne, thank you. You are doing a wonderful job by been there for us. You are an earth Angel. This is not an easy question To find your answers:. Listen to your intuition. I don't believe it is any coincidence that I will be in Egypt for over a third of the month. Source and our guides work in the most fabulous ways. The waves of energy coming in around the 2nd week of the month are a terrific opportunity to harness the energy - just intend it frequently and then take leaps of faith, taking action in the direction you want to go if it feels good to do so.

Ask that the energies help to r The next energies like these are not expected to arrive until September, so decide to take advantage and ride the waves. As always, remember the best part is that raising your energies and vibration also raises the energies of the collective and our beloved planet, Gaia.

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So it's win - win. Wishing you much love and spiritual growth in March, Leslie. This really resonated. While many healers naturally feel out of place in other professions, even those of us in modern healing professions lik One of the best Matt Kahn segments ever. This should be a must listen to for everyone, whether on the spiritual path or not.

For me, messages from my guides and the Masters come through a lot while driving. I've had some profound experiences connected to this song, but mostly just a great sing along. This time, I instantly received the warm, loving, gentle energy that comes with Mother Mary. She expressed that the time has come to embrace the Season. To take on our Christ Consciousness. Not just acknowledge The energies around the winter solstice, the coming full moon and the celebration of Christ's birth are perfect times to step forward and into who we've come into this life to be.

To quiet our minds long enough that we truly feel the love from our creator, that we allow that love to lift us, and that we feel it moving through us and out to others. Mother Mary asked that her words be posted to those in my community. So please take a moment and feel the love that is all around you, that is you. Blessings and Season's Greetings, Leslie. Before I offer an energy update evaluating the new wave of consciousness for the benefit of those who are getting to know li As I stated nearly two years ago, would signify a day where one-third of the planet would be aligned in 5D consciousness.

While some had already become aligned far before that day occurred, it was a date given to me by the Universe my Guides to ease the fears and uncertainties of those who have spent years in the trenches of endless shadow work. What was offered as an insight about the collective energies soon exchanged fears and worries for lofty expectations. Was there a global shift in consciousness? Did everyone feel it? Are you required to feel differently in order to know that you are at a brand new frequency? Not at all.

Just like in the path of awakening, where some experience the dissolving of ego and returning to their true nature without a mind-blowing cosmic aha or earth-shattering realization, there are those who have been shifted into higher frequencies while being totally unaware of it. The question remains, what blocks the recognition of this new consciousness? Primarily, it is a belief that you will know you have shifted once you feel something different. Although shifts in vibration can be noticed by the changing of emotional states, often going from one side of polarity to another, the awareness of subtle energies can occur no matter how you seem to feel.

Just as waves are not required in order for the ocean to be seen, emotional changes are not necessary in order to notice the ever-expansive spaciousness that signify a shift in consciousness. If you are always anticipating the arrival of different feelings, while judging your current climate of circumstances along the way, your journey of exploration becomes tainted with expectations, which can only result in frustration, disappointment, or suffering of some kind.