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Estes representantes trabalho. There, teachers and Julia M. Miller H. Apart from the aforementioned, there are a lot of people who we have to thank for their collaboration. Their work has really enabled this Summer School to take place. This railway became soon, by Ruth M. Along it, warehouses, Junta de Freguesia seat town council population.

This is the context where our Summer and the customs, the church, dedicated School could contribute beyond its to Nossa Senhora do Carmo, the Once both the border and the railway main educational purpose. The many parish house and the station restaurant, line disappeared, the initial driving possible architectural and urban design beautifully designed by Raul Lino, force of this town also vanished. Today, challenges to meet those opportunities are found. The school and the public most of the railway facilities remain brought up from the earliest meetings washing facilities were instead located in abandoned, including the former train and discussions before the Summer the streets climbing the northern heights station.

Most of the previous commercial School till the very last days of it by of the town. New place. In doing so, a new of this environment. This new of them nicely reusing the old station stripe of them, ready for a hypothetical development stands today partly restaurant building. The opportunity future return of its lost activity, was also detached from the original core of the for repurposing this town, embracing pointed out by all of them.

In interrupting the intense daily work, for the design challenge being undertaken. Section elevations, plans and views, as Centro, Mercado, Ribeira, Bairro Alto and well as studies of particular details, were Arrabalde. Centro is the former central Being so, the Summer School program drawn on site on each of them. Our the place, its landscape, its territory, its all of them dealing with the Alentejo Mercado, or Market, area was the former history, its culture and heritage and its region, its history, its landscape and town hub around the train station and current situation.

The Bairro to life during those two weeks, turned Alto, or Upper Town, is formed by the into a classroom first, full of boards and streets climbing the northern heights drawing tools, and in an exhibition hall from the old town, nowadays topped later, welcoming a good representation by the public washing facilities. The of the local population, which so warm Ribeira, or Riverside, is the area currently and kindly hosted us during those separating the old town and the railway days, and joined us, to our joy, for the facilities from the most recent extensions final public presentation of the work of the town, and it is partly occupied by done.

The conferences and debates orchards which should remain in this that accompanied this work were hold advantageous location. Nevertheless, in the building that formerly housed infill is needed also here to generate its restaurant and today houses the a consistent urban fabric. Finally, the Train Spot Hotel. Apart from it, a member of each group was designated to coordinate with the other groups. These representatives met to coordinate the edges of the neighborhoods and the diverse connections among them.

The aim: to produce a comprehensive design for the possible future development of the town, allowing it to change in a successful, beautiful and socially integrating way, but also in a respectful manner to local culture. Todas ellas parcialmente reconstruidas. Los efectos negativos de por Matthew Hardy y publicado Es Coordinador en iban a reflejar esta nueva sensibilidad. Semes Richard H. Century, editada por Matthew Hardy Esses contrastes motivaram uma Muitos autores referiram os efeitos e publicada em Semes H.

The structure and constructive solutions of a building are thought out to work together and in a complete way. Therefore, these fragments, very often, tend to be susceptible to suffering greater damage both because of the effects of the passing of time and by any catastrophe they might undergo. On other occasions, apart from being technically convenient, it is also so for its better understanding, appreciation, usage and consequently, once again, more effective for its preservation. The ruined fragments of buildings and urban complexes are frequently those which have had no minimum intent of reconstruction difficult to interpret.

We can find several examples modernity, those who particularly However, the unavoidable myth throughout the world where, after the happen to be the least interested in the concerning the fake historic architecture devastation caused by earthquakes, preservation of that same heritage. At was reflected in two international bombings or the mere pettiness or the same time, these same specialists documents of great repercussion: the the lack of morals of their destroyers, a and these same fundamentalists who Athens Charter and the Venice Charter1.

Proof of this has to be substituted for new inputs. However, whatever reconstruction, is the acceptance of the many works by These absences are known as lacunae. They or partially reconstructed. The Athens which states that any reconstruction Besides that, it is clear that the Charter postulated that these lacunae, necessarily leads to what has been materials, the technique and even, on once filled or restored, should be clearly named, in order to vilify it, as falso occasions, the structural functioning differentiated material-wise from the historico fake historic architecture.

Any intervention buildings and parts of buildings even if that was the will of its author. On the scarce complete rupture. Heritage however, Archaeology of Architecture and its occasions where the increasingly generally needs to be alive to be able to stratified vision of the material culture rare preservation of constructive be preserved, it has to be permanently has already dismantled the assumptions tradition enables to replicate them renewed, updated and used.

He regretted the network in The of the famous Charter, was precisely long-lasting, as can be the case of that Venice Charter, dating , reflecting to make sure that any added elements built out of wood. However, the legacy of this Houbart , This controversial and Mileto , Likewise, prior document can still be seen in its article has resulted in endless debates there is no great dissention within the much-debated ninth article, which, in and attempts to revise it, the first of field of garden restoration, where the its final version in English, once again, which having its own authors as the material is essentially ephemeral, and it incoherently, and going against the protagonists of such attempts, not long is even almost nonexistent in the case of will of at least part of its main authors after the adoption of the Charter.

The negative effects published in Semes for Authenticity, dating , reflects. In , to be able to understand the unknown it aims to include in this way other on the occasion of the XVI ICOMOS controversy the final draft of the Venice realities and sensitivities, transcending General Assembly, which took place in Charter arouse among its own authors. Since , of information. He has been a visiting diverse conceptions of authenticity and administrations in charge of scholar at the University of Notre would end up directly reflected in ensuring the well-being of heritage, Dame School of Architecture and many further international documents thus, the transmission of the new guest lecturer at many national and that would generally give the exposed concepts both toward the fields international universities, workshops aforementioned Ninth Article of the of the preservation of heritage and the and conferences.

His professional Venice Charter a series of nuances. He is the Coordinator in problem of authenticity. Driehaus toledana, The Arquitectura. Updating Excellence Award for Community 21st Century. Century, editado por Matthew Hardy. Lemaire — Scholars Publishing. Change Over Time, 4, 2, Vegas, Fernando y Mileto, Camilla. Monuments and Sites in 21st Century, publicada en www. Larsen, Knut Einer. Conservation of historic timber structures: an ecological approach.

Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann. Lemaire, Raymond. Fait-il revoir la Chartre de Venise? Si de la guerra. Hasta el construir los asentamientos urbanos y curso sorprendente. Esta siniestra Rekonstructions Watch sufre de un punto ciego considerable, sin embargo, que exculpa las restauraciones conservadoras y reconstrucciones de monumentos modernistas, como las de los de la Bauhaus y de sus casas de maestros en Dessau o la de la Weissenhof Siedlung en Stuttgart.

Hasta entonces, la belleza era un valor indiscutible, compartido por todas las razas, todas las clases y edades, todas las religiones y naciones del mundo. Pero el propio excepciones de Dankward Guratzsch en en un futuro optimista y mejor. Los artefactos de Botticelli? En cuestiones de objetos incongruentes, de piezas manipularse.

La Guerra Civil en Color: La toma de Madrid

En siglo. Stern visiting professor en Helmut Kohl. Driehaus Prize en No dia 12 Mundial. Durante toleradas. A cidadania de que era suposto ser de acordo com automaticamente. Mas de Estugarda.

The Resident newspaper February by Manilva Media Workshop SLL - Issuu

O facto de, futuro optimista e melhor. Os ou fraudulentas. O trabalho em locais de arte e arquitetura serem declarados, e sem acabamento, despidas. Os Wochenende Os dogmas morais e vamos. O Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Following urbanista e assessor de projecto. Deu aulas Richard H. Driehaus Prize em Os seus numerosos Gentleman, goes decidedly too far. The 12 of June the first stone was laid and the reconstruction of the Berlin Palace is nearing completion as I write.

I It gained in over that devastate German cities since objected that the area represented signatures for backing the traditional WWII. The brain-storming session Henselmann, the former Chief architect pre-war traditional architecture, skyline, organized by Jorg Krichbaum in the of the defunct GDR, personally materials and colours. Despite Otto, Christoph Sattler, Karljoseph piece—, he literally insulted the citizens the enormous popular success of what Schattner and Albert Speer Jr.

I was the only do, you forget that you are no longer selective process. It controls minds to foreigner of the round-table and the in command. I ask you in the name of this day and puts the fear of modern only one to promote the reconstruction everyone here to please be silent. This fetishist Modernismusfeindlichkeit und crime, at best sneered as obsolete and opposition of true vs. The flagellum, which so the material substance of monuments Modernism-hostility and Architectural scandalously spared Nazi modernist into relics choosing to ignore that it is Populism.

In reality they are facing architecture and engineering, spread its immaterial symbolic and cultural a broad weariness with built ugliness the doctrinarian ban from Germany significance what has made them and a popular longing for architectural over Europe and its colonies and monuments and that throughout beauty. In the social media their parallel dominates hence forth, unhindered, history every single outstanding building campaign Rekonstructions Watch calls cultural policies and education word- has been constantly repaired and adapted to identify and denounce nationwide wide, independent of regime, religion, to new needs precisely to preserve it, all attempts to rebuild any part of economy or climate.

Whoever is to be the recipient of these catastrophe not only for Germany, but denunciations is not specified. With the also for the world. The isolated attempts to principles which were laid down in events in Germany seem to be taking a escape the modernist one-party diktat are the Charter of Venice for dealing surprising course. The ominous Rekonstructions Charter of Athens for deconstructing supported by the citizenry with Watch suffers a considerable blind spot traditional urban and rural settlements.

The unconfessed goal is to ensure that the ubiquitous and routine modernist rapes of traditional buildings and ensembles remain publicly unchallenged. Above all, the modernist brainwashing of the collective mind by mass-media and -education must continue undisputed.

All possible resistance is to be suffocated in the bud. They arrogate universality for a sectarian view. They equal this view with progress and imply fallaciously that to practice traditional art and architecture today is backward Detalle de una ventana en el and hence anachronistic. Now that the charming things, beings, events.

The natural gift the debased built environment of today. From onwards countereffects. At long last the news the historic center, the founding fathers beautiful was not what it had always media and hopefully soon public of the reconstruction project are hardly been and will forever be, but what cultural policies may voice contrary mentioned in the wide media coverage.

The defiant power of for Gods or stables for animals. For including the Mayor and the public innate aesthetic feeling can no longer be millennia they fulfilled the Vitruvian administration. The extraordinary suppressed or ignored. Everyone constantly makes beholder, or as Mr. A process incomprehensible to the public. Everything which does not architecture too. It is undemocratic and Holland, Channel Islands, Norway. But no effort can make you design. One has to find mass-education, by schools of art and meaning, raw concrete.

Brutalists were methods. The fact that with left unrendered and undisguised. It building process. He duly ignores that the none is responsible for shaping our German art and architecture critics are incontestable and principle source of physical environment? Hypocrisy plays a distinctly degrade our daily lives, our public Such judgements command absolute positive, even necessary role to maintain spaces, our museums and temples, respect, inspire devotional recognition a peaceful differentiation between making our towns and landscapes look and cannot be manipulated.

We all the inner and outer world, between more and more like mere storage areas make aesthetic judgements permanently thought and words. In matters of ethics, of incongruous objects, for dislocated and wherever we move. The sum of hypocrisy is fundamental in maintaining spare parts, are met instead with our individual aesthetic judgements is good manners and peace in the daily general incomprehension and rejection.

In matters of aesthetics, promises. Moral and political dogmas Frankfurt, Dresden, Berlin and Potsdam, hypocrisy plays an altogether toxic role. The economy of modernism in unimpeded by hypocritical prejudice, confession to modernism have achieved architecture and the arts is one of fraud is publicly manifested finally again. Those have no hold over Instead of accusing those who bravely century. It has in less than years, individual aesthetic judgement which is have promoted all this, it might be by means of mass-education and mass- visceral and cannot be permanently and time for the high-handed experts to media, lead worldwide to the destruction definitively controlled.

Aesthetic hypocrisy does in fact not modernist works, for which they alone Languages and religions, social alter personal judgment, but it can are responsible. That is why you hear educated silent and accept differences of taste and immemorial times. Conversely it people say Has one ever heard anyone the fine arts, for appreciating beautiful confessing a lack of expertise when buildings, landscapes, paintings, expressing feelings about the Lincoln Leon Krier works as an architect, sculptures, furniture and music.

In those Memorial in Washington DC or the urbanist and design consultant. He fields all humanity is united in free Primavera of Botticelli? Nobody needs studied at the University of Stuttgart admiration and without the necessity of to be an expert to know what woman before becoming an assistant to translations, explanations, justifications, to love and in what landscape to feel James Stirling in London and Project impositions or excuses.

The meaningless at home in. True love makes pure, Partner with J. Kleihues in Berlin, artefacts and artless dwellings which radical and irreversible judgements. Krier has Urbanism in and he was the lectured at the Architectural Association inaugural recipient of the Driehaus School of Architecture , Prize in Stern visiting professor in A mi entender la respuesta en ambos casos es negativa. Sin embargo, no podemos dejar de lado este aspecto, aunque sea minoritario.

No me cabe duda de excesiva. Por ella un deben utilizarse de forma puntual, acontecimientos y avatares. Su propia edad y el ninguna o desconocerse otra. Termino con el aspecto urbano y del entorno. Es parte fundamental de sus valores y, como tal, debemos conservarlo y mantenerlo. La belleza de estos Madrid, , p. Ha centrado su Rafael Manzano de Nueva Arquitectura ou totalmente. Podemos realmente assumir o Europa Nostra Podemos justificar esta desaparecido 2.

Contudo, devo insistir Reino Unido, Alemanha e Espanha, fatores. Entendo esta capacidade como uma qualidade altamente positiva. Num quase totalidade dos casos se trata de a sua contemporaneidade. Fundou o seu comprovem a sua capacidade de garantir exposto. It is evident, that I cannot many books and articles relating to The theories of restoration, with its choose between a minor intervention this issue.

However, it is necessary to multiple variations and examples and a complete reconstruction, since stop for a minute to look at the current from different countries France, Italy, each case depends on a wide range of moment and expose briefly the aspects United Kingdom, Germany and Spain factors. What I do intend to convey is which affect these interventions: the in a very significant way , created an how convinced I am about the fact that regulations to be followed, the use of extremely interesting debate on the humbleness, respect and rigour are the materials, the value of the works, the criteria of intervention and even gave best tools we can use for this purpose.

In the landscape or even the translation this 21st century, there are many more Is it possible that we want to be above of all of that to society, outside the interventions regarding restoration these buildings which are hundreds professional fields. Moreover, it does not only what we add to them? Are we that vain distancing between the professionals in refer to complete buildings, since that we believe we can excel the best charge of the interventions on protected reconstruction is also what we do when technicians, masters and artisans who buildings and those who use them or retrieving parts of these, an element worked on these buildings which even visit them.

Can we really assume the or even a decoration that could have today do not cease to amaze us? It does disenchantment that is clear in many disappeared. It is not infrequent to not seem an easy task to shift a whole people if not disbelief or even aversion reconstruct, for example, a collapsed guild into the no box to give answer to when seeing some recent interventions cloister, a fallen vault or a disappeared these questions but it definitely sets an carried out on heritage?

Can we spire 2. To my understanding, between two limits: the intervention for materials and masteries of construction. I base different contributions as possible. I in its intervention, the identification of my theory starting from an almost anti understand that, in those cases where priorities and, finally, the planning of Ruskinian approach of avoiding the new interventions are required, these its corresponding financial mechanisms.

In these cases, lines of reconstruction, as far as the of setting compatible aims with the to make feasible the preservation of the architectural or historical quality of common good, analysing it from building or its values, frequently it is the building remains untouched, and different points of view and levels, not enough simply to carry out a repair eliminating whatever temptation of making the property and its memory as or a consolidation of the ruin, but, at overlapping any elements of discord important as the project, or promoting least some of its missing parts must also or which can alter its perception or the conservation as an integrated be retrieved.

It is true that legislation historical interpretation. And, in that humbleness less true that reconstructions with structural rationality is worth studying, of course I include the acceptance of traditional materials and techniques can and after that, being able to suggest the other. I consider there is no sense be proposed, and, even being so, that interventions oriented towards whatsoever in extreme and excluding these intervention can be clearly legible, retrieving the balance related to the positions which only accept the part of identifiable, and without leading to building, its environment and its the restoration process dedicated to the mistakes.

The exact same is applicable use. More often than not, when the conservation or restoration, ignoring to the site and its close surroundings primitive conditions are restored, many the rest. Consequently, I understand that give us a set of arguments capable of balance is always possible on the explaining coherently the proposals Any element which is part of these fundamental premise of preserving we aim to carry out for a common buildings has an irreplaceable value the historical architecture, respecting good.

This is valid even in the cases in the historical and architectural all its phases we can document, and where reconstruction takes place in heritage. We will be able to consider maintaining and even boosting its buildings, or parts of them, which have it in terms of its richness or cultural, main constructive characteristics.

This disappeared. Today, thanks to this type of a sum of different generations , we are the most adequate in each case3. However, whatever other nature which are capable interventions. I understand this capacity industry are not applicable, but that must incorporate new materials and as a highly-positive characteristic. The building from the past can be adapted building and avoiding excessive extreme positioning which considers and reinterpreted in different times.

I impact or overlap. I do not suggest that these additions always falsify the am completely certain that this must any amendments nor corrections monument is inadmissible. I do not intend to enter those of the Autonomous Regional without it meaning the substitution of in any sort of confrontation with other Governments, in terms of the legibility the first architect or his impersonation. However I advocate the Unlike a sculpture or a painting always deontological responsibility, since it is possibilities that colours, textures, conceived and developed by the same indisputable that our intervention on a materials, inscriptions, changes of level, artist , a building can be designed property will hardly ever be neutral or of plane, etc.

On the contrary, whatever the observer with the sufficient elements another, and therefore, new proposals the position we adopt is, it will have a to discern the new contributions. The reconstruction of this wood. The decision was to implement that remain frozen in time, as they have room has not eliminated any of these. We misunderstanding in the reading of the rafters shaping the slope. Cintas and must continue with this vision of the space.

This way we do not forget that saetinos, frequently-found elements in monument as a result of a process of this large space was once interrupted by Hispanic wooden structures, have been addition and subtraction throughout a mezzanine floor and even windows the sustaining element for the boards the centuries not only material-wise were opened at the top. Even the holding the roof tiles. I do not deny that there if that makes the building, as the large difficulty added to the different length can be some isolated case where these document it can be understood as, of the spans.

We had nothing left of conditions are so different to the eligible to have a series of pages added the roofing, not even a little piece original ones that it is compulsory to to it to ensure a better reading of it, of it, like those the master Enrique carry out important transformations without that meaning ripping out Nuere has explained to us and also in this aspect.

However, what we other or not knowing the existence of drawn, enabling the retrieval of angles, generally find is very old buildings, another. Moreover, taken that in almost one hundred percent of the cases we are talking about walls which have been thought out and which work by the force of gravity brick walls, ashlars, two-or-more-layered walls with fillings made of lime and pebbles, etc.

The masters and constructors belfries and roofing of the city were not themselves , by which a new series of of the past intelligently used what altered. I am convinced that the citizens forms were added that the earthquake nature gave them, adapting to the of Lorca, respectful regarding their had collapsed.

The walls and arches times they lived in but also taking past, have understood this intervention, were built again with ashlars, brick and care of the environment generation probably similar to that their lime, as well as the pendentives and the after generation. So much so, that our grandparents and great grandparents drum. On top of it, a roofing made out historical cities can perfectly cope with would have carried out, and that they of a wooden structure finished with our current ways of life, transport, consider it as a step further in the curved Arabic tiles and underneath, a work, social relationships…, without future of the building, which on top traditional type of vault encamonada , that altering them in an irremediable of that has helped consolidate the city extremely popular in all the Eastern part way.

Therefore, protecting our and upkeep the values they strive to of Spain. Only the change of the reeds monuments is not only taking care of preserve. There is its contemporaneity. I firmly believe in surround them, the squares and streets. We must pay special environment, but on the contrary, leads attention to colour, textures, heights, to an extremely harsh contraposition. I will finish off by mentioning the urban profiles, vernacular architecture. Moreover, there is an increasing number urban and the environmental factors. Everything changes if we alter the of voices which strongly acknowledge Today it is not possible to consider silhouette of the city against the sky, the good in the techniques and crafts Cultural Heritage as an independent even its flora and fauna.

Taking this to of the past. This happens not only element from its surroundings, from the example of the church of Santiago when one analyses, for example, its landscape. It is a key aspect of its in Lorca, we suggested a drum and the catastrophic consequences of values, and being so, we must conserve a dome, exactly the same to those introducing rigid concrete slabs in the it and preserve it. The from to within the area path is the one which includes the presentation he gave in at the of Restoration and Rehabilitation. He has focussed his effort of a modern society to adapt its by these buildings when they have professional career in the retrieval of constructions to what they have close to hold a certain use.

Madrid, , p. He is the architect nominated 19th century. He is Quintana.

Efemérides, un día tal como hoy...

He has also been awarded currently carrying out the works being the First Prize in the Competition for developed at the church and Santiago y the Restoration of the Palacio de Uribe, Monserrat Episcopal College in Rome, Caravaca de la Cruz City Council, the restoration of the former Royal Murcia, and the First Prize in the Textile Factory in Brihuega and the Iberplaco Competition for the retrieval restoration of the Monastery of Santa of the plasters and the restoration of Maria de Bonaval. Tras la Panoramic view of Medina Azahara muerte de D. En esa desde hasta Outra jardins de cruzeiro de origem iraniana, vida, os pormenores eram diferentes.

I ran several tests, that are still Academia Sevillana de Buenas Letras. What I did in almost all of my integrating the new into the original Comenda da Orden Civil de Alfonso X work there was to organise, move, while also differentiating between them. Each panel of the room had of the Salon Rico, which is now used These buildings synthesise the great civil been decorated by a different master. As in the ancient Roman and motifs, generally trees of life, they intervention we did was our work on world, their poetry came from the differed in their details.

When bringing the roof of the Salon Rico, which was east: the palaces of Solomon and the together two pieces that had once installed to protect the place. This roof, but it had deteriorated to such a gardens, which had already set up allowed us to make a lot of progress in its point that a new solution was needed, roots in Islamic lands in Ruzafa, the reintegration. Furthermore, even though except for the right wing, where we last Umayyad capital, and copied by they were not exactly symmetrical, there could not replace it while I was still the nostalgic Abd al-Rahman I in the were some patterns of loops, and when supervising these works.

The Patronato of the Alhambra and the only excavation I conducted in Medina Generalife from to Shiller Azahara was in the Dar al Mulk, the Prize for Restoration of Monuments in Caliphs House, in the uppermost , and headed up the preservation area. In addition to these spaces, I also of the ancient Caliphal city of Medina worked in the old Dar al Yund, where Azahara from to He has I wanted to organise a small museum, published diverse texts on Medieval and and on the giant arches of the al- Islamic architecture. He is a member Muzara or military court.

Barrucand Taschen, , na qual se pode university. Driehaus Architecture de evocar algo que es eternamente actual. Driehaus Desde , trabalhou evocados. In short, it is a tribute rather to continue, as Ingres exhorts, from various sources, the evoked to everything that makes the city both to compose, while also recomposing, models somehow return to life, taking unique and universal, to that what it when necessary, new buildings based a new form to build a new building teaches by itself and by reflecting others, on pre-existing or evoked fragments.

The vanity of standing the University of the Basque Country borrowed. It is also a tribute to its most out is overcome by the desire to be where he is currently developing his unique and personal nuances: to its integrated into the place; the insatiable PhD on the contributions made by corner windows, to its chimneys, to its thirst for originality is overcome by the the great architects of the First Italian compact cylinders that fill in corners or serenity of familiar models; and the Renaissance to the development of rise up from other protruding angles, never-ending quest to be in a ephemeral bastioned fortifications.

Since to the traces of Mediaeval shapes still fashion is overcome by the desire to he is teaching assistant of the Chair smouldering in a setting later forged persist. Since he is teaching the Basque Country and since assistant of the Chair of Architectural he is a lecturer on Urbanism in the Design of the School of Architecture of same School. Since he has the University of the Basque Country. Since , and since he works with he has worked with the architects Imanol Iparraguirre Barbero.

Among his most for the Imperial Fora of Rome, and notorious projects are the project for the competition for the Restoration the Imperial Fora of Rome - finalist of the Palace of the Earls of Grajal of the Piranesi Prix de Rome de Campos which was awarded the - their proposal for the Restoration first prize at the Richard H. Driehaus of the Palace of the Earls of Grajal Architecture Competition in and de Campos, which was awarded the their proposal for the surroundings of first prize at the Richard H.

Driehaus La Coria, Trujillo, first prize at the same Architecture Competition in , and competition in La propuesta del modelo Sevilla antiviolencia escolar. Inclusiveness of identification among farmers in The Netherlands and Galicia Spain. In this paper we discuss inclusiveness of identification among farmers in Galicia Spain and The Netherlands.

Identification with three nested categories - farmers in the local community, farmers in the country, and farmers in Europe was assessed among Dutch and Galician farmers at three. Spatial distribution of human-caused forest fires in Galicia NW Spain. It is crucial for fire prevention policies to assess the spatial patterns of human-started fires and their relationship with geographical and socioeconomic aspects. This study uses fire reports for the period in Galicia , Spain, to analyze the spatial distribution of human-induced fire risk attending to causes and underlying motivations associated with fire This study concerns the petrology of the Mellid area, the SE portion of the outer zone of the Ordenes Complex which is one of the upthrusted Precambrian complexes in the axial zone of the Hercynian orogen in Galicia , NW Spain.

An eugeosynclinal rock sequence is found containing units with different. Used data bases to adapt the technical code of the construction CTE to the real climatology of Galicia ; Bases de datos utilizadas para adaptar el codigo tecnico de la edificacion CTE a la climatologia real de Galicia. The paper explains the data base used in the research on the variables solar radiation, air ambient temperature, air ambient relative humidity, and rivers surface water temperature, that was realized to analyze and adapt the Spanish Technical Building Code TBC to the real climate of Galicia.

Desarrollo territorial en la Vega Media de Sevilla : Elementos de un tejido empresarial urbano-rural. Training courses on radiation protection organized by the radioisotopes service of the University of Sevilla Spain. Mateos, J. The University of Sevilla Spain through its Radioisotope Service has been organizing bi annually since Training courses for Supervisors and Operators of Radioactive Installations for university investigators that use radioactive sources or radiation equipment. The courses are imparted by professors from the university radioactive installations, hospital physicist specialists from medical physics services and medical doctors from prevention labour health service.

The students are postgraduate students or professors that need operate, with ionising radiation in their research laboratories. Up to date, it has been organized 4 courses series with an average of 30 students per course. The courses are homologated by the Nuclear Security Council and let the student obtain the license for Supervisors or Operators of Radioactive Installations in each of the following applications fields. This last one includes equipment such as X-Ray apparatus for diffraction studies in physics chemistry and art sciences, or Particle Accelerator for atomic physics research in the National Accelerator Centre.

The practical sessions of the courses are imparted in the radioactive installations of the Seville university. In this study it is described the details of the organization of the courses. Author 4 refs. Soil Properties Database of Spanish Soils. Volume VI. The soil vulnerability determines the sensitivity of the soil after an accidental radioactive contamination due to Cs and Sr In order to achieve this aim, a bibliographical compilation of soil profiles has been made to characterize the different soil types and create a database of their properties.

Depending on the year of publication and the type of documentary source, the information compiled from the available bibliography is very heterogeneous. This volume presents the criteria applied to normalize and process the data as well as the soil properties of the various soil types belonging to the provinces of Jaen, Cordoba, Sevilla and Huelva of the Comunidad Autonoma de Andalucia. Author 67 refs. Full Text Available Work on five underground parking sites in Madrid was initiated in September The engineering, design, and traffic and construction planning of these parking sites was allocated to Viales y Estacionamientos, S.

These projects are of special interest, since each design represents an advance with respect to the earlier ones in regard to their structural and functional arrangements, with a view to achieving easier construction and less interference with road and pedestrian traffic. In the present article a description is given of each the five parking sites, following the sequence of their construction, which corresponds to the order in which they were design and planned.

The hydrogen refuelling plant in Madrid. This station is located at one of the EMT 1 bus depot premises. Ruta Geomonumental por Manzanares el Real Madrid. El granito es la piedra d This document contains the proceedings of the workshop which took place on December in Madrid to discuss both the physics reach as well as the experimental requirements for this proposal. General and biochemical properties of forest soils on serpentinized areas of Galicia ; Propiedades generales y bioquimicas de suelos forestales en areas serpentinizadas de Galicia. Pena, Wagner; Briceno, Jorge A. Edafologia y Quimica Agricola Spain.

The use agricultural and forest soils is normal in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Galicia for submitting the physical, chemical and agroclimatic optimum. The region has areas by the characteristics of the environment has been impossible to use agricultural and forestry. Serpentinite soils developed on frequently drew attention to the high degree of infertility, caused by nutrient deficiency and excess toxic metal content.

The results of general physical and chemical properties have been analyzed of the total metal content and biochemical parameters of 28 soils on serpentinite in A Coruna Galicia , Spain. La region tiene zonas que por las caracteristicas del medio ha sido imposible el uso agricola y forestal.

Los suelos desarrollados sobre serpentinita es frecuente que hayan llamado la atencion por el elevado grado de infertilidad, provocado por la deficiencia de nutrimentos y por el exceso contenido en metales toxicos. Los resultados de las propiedades generales fisicas y quimicas han sido analizados del contenido total de metales y de parametros bioquimicos de 28 suelos sobre serpentinita en A Coruna, Galicia , Espana.

El contenido de MO. The objective of this study is to assess the prevalence of psychiatric comorbidity in patients under treatment within the addictive disorders assistance units of Galicia Spain. Material and Methods A total of 64 healthcare professionals performed clinical diagnosis of mental disorders on DSM IV-TR criteria in patients treated throughout March in 21 addictive disorders assistance units.

Results Mood and anxiety disorders and borderline and antisocial personality disorders were the most frequent disorders in both axes. Conclusions A high comorbidity was found between mental and substance use disorders SUD in patients seen at the addictive disorders assistance units of Galicia. Full Text Available The objective of this study is to assess the prevalence of psychiatric comorbidity in patients under treatment within the addictive disorders assistance units of Galicia Spain.

A total of 64 healthcare professionals performed clinical diagnosis of mental disorders on DSM IV-TR criteria in patients treated throughout March in 21 addictive disorders assistance units. A high comorbidity was found between mental and substance use disorders SUD in patients seen at the addictive disorders assistance units of Galicia.

Characterization and differentiation of monovarietal grape pomace distillate from native varieties of Galicia. Monovarietal grape pomace distillates orujo of six native varieties of Vitis vinifera L. Albarino and Loureira distillates showed similar profiles of terpenic compounds, with the Loureira products having higher contents of monoterpenols.

Native Torrontes distillate from Galicia is principally characterized by marked levels of some sesquiterpenes such as cadinene isomers and epizonarene. On the other hand, Treixadura, Godello, and Dona Branca grape pomace distillates seem not to have any marked terpenic content, and their single separation is difficult. PCA data treatments showed a good separation among the terpenic-rich varieties. Also, the p-menthenal isomers, typical flavors in honey citrus and dill herb derived from 8-hydroxylinalool , are reported for the first time in grape pomace distillate.

Se observa una tendencia descendente de la incidencia desde Full Text Available The main aim of this work has been to determine the causes of stone loss small particles and one larger piece and mortar loss in the coffered vault of the Capitol Room in the City Hall of Seville. The analyses and assays carried out during the course of this research have revealed that this masonry comprises a covering of oil paints over mortar-stucco of calcite, quartz, gypsum,and lead white with linseed oil when the walls were not covered.

In addition, it was confirmed that the installation of air-conditioning caused a change in the humidity and temperature in the vault, aggravated by the elimination of the cross-ventilation that the structure had since it was built. The combination of these two circumstances likely triggered the pathology in the masonry. Prestige oil spill information and assessment Galicia , Spain January , : Meeting summaries.

In mid-November , an oil spill occurred off the coast of northwest Spain when the tanker, Prestige, broke apart and sank. The vast majority of the heavy fuel oil it transported was released into the sea along kilometres of Spanish coastline. More than 20, people were affected as bans on fish and shellfish harvesting were issued. A delegation from Newfoundland left for Galicia , Spain in December , to learn from the experience in an effort to enhance spill prevention and response for the Newfoundland and Labrador coastline.

A brief overview of the Galicia region of Spain was provided, followed by general information concerning the jurisdictional complexity of Galicia. A number of issues and topics were discussed, such as: marine traffic corridors, safe havens; communication with the public; oil recovery operations; compensation; spill prevention; ban on fishing and shellfish harvesting; and, fishing industry's role in response operations. Tours of the areas affected were organized for the delegation. Upon return to Newfoundland, the delegation shared their acquired information and initiated discussions with the federal government concerning intergovernmental issues on oil spill prevention and response.

To assess the interactions between weather and the impact of each individual meteorological parameters in the incidence of acute myocardial infarctions AMI in Galicia. Retrospective study analyzing the number of AMI diagnosed and transferred to the hospital by the Emergencies Sanitary System of Galicia between and The correlation between minute meteorological variables temperature, humidity, pressure, accumulated rainfall and wind speed recorded by Meteo Galicia and the incidence of AMI was assessed.

A total of 4, AMI were registered No seasonal variations were found. Correlation between atmospheric pressure and incidence of AMI was significant P Cross-border mobility of workers between Galicia and north of Portugal. Full Text Available In this paper we deal with cross-border flows of people within the Euroregion Galicia -North of Portugal, paying particular attention to those led by workers. Based on data for daily mobility between the places of residence and work commuters, it can be defined, within this territory, the so-called Polycentric Urban Regions PUR of Vigo and Porto.

These regions should constitute significant referents of cross-border mobility, whose importance we begin to realize by estimating the movement of passengers across border crossings linking the south of Galicia and the north of Portugal. The evidence demonstrates the quantitative importance achieved in the territory analyzed by this interesting phenomenon of cross-border work and allows a description of its characteristics that shows the difficulties faced by the process of construction of a European labor market.

De Madrid al cielo: La importancia de enfermar y morir en Madrid. The collecting and recycling of organic and inorganic garbage; Situacion de la recogida selectiva y reciclaje de vidrio y papel en Galicia. Galicia has made in the latest years some intents to a costume people to separate and recycle the different urban solid garbage. There has been different results depending on areas and the population of each village.

In the future, Galicia has to improve the quantities of the organic and inorganic garbage that they recycle. Author 12 refs. Full Text Available The public transport, as we know it today, originates from the end of the 18 th and beginning of the 19th Centuries. Initially a privilege for the aristocratic and bourgeoisie classes, public transport saw a surge in development once communication between Madrid and others distant urban centers became a necessity that demanded a more economical and accessible transport system.

The increase of these services, along with the diversification of the means of transportation, quickly caused congestion problems at transfer points. Throughout the last century, these same problems have been confronted with a variety of diverse strategies and solutions. All in all, the history of intermodality in Madrid tells the story of an evolution that has allowed the urban web to unite all of its branches extending from the main gates that are now being converted the interchanges in relation with the city.

From its creation in , the CRTM transport authority of Madrid , considered the intermodality to be a main priority within the following different fields of action: infrastructure, ticketing and whole image and information. Within the interchanges is where the integration efforts of the different transport modes best become a reality. At this moment, interchanges are the gates to the cities of the 21st Century. Los donativos de la ciudad de Sevilla durante el reinado de Carlos II.

The request for an extra amount of money, called donativo, in order to meet the expenses originated by the maintenance of troops during military campaigns and the suppiying of the Navy, was a practice held from Philipp ITs reign and continued by his sucessors. In Charles II's reign, a lessening of tax pression was intended, by means of removing the requests of extra money.

But, in the occasion of war conflicts, the only possible resources were the donativos, because the other taxes had been already used for other needs. Full Text Available This lightweight pavillion is a provisional design, until the permanent Social Headquarters of the Nautical Club of Seville is built. Its plan layout is L shaped, and it faces south and west, so that its main frontage has maximum sunshine during the colder months. As it was anticipated that this building should have multiple uses, so that it could serve as dining room, meeting, and lecture hall, etc.

An ondulated canopy and screens, which gyrate about a vertical axis, have been fitted on the outside. These are covered with cane material. Inside, the walls are white, except for a number of lines made with tiles. There is also a picture, and a stand with the sporting trophies; this being the only ornamentation.

The Galicia industrial activities request a big amount of raw materials energy and water, generating several kinds of residues. Most of them directly spoil the environment, causing important damages. Furthermore, the primary energy self supply capacity doesn't exist at this moment, being substituted by high levels of energetic resources importations satisfying industrial demand without decreasing the electricity and petroleum products exportations. This article tries to develop a complete analysis of this kind of problems, making an approach to the environmental situation of the Galicia manufacturing industry through materials, energy and water flow models.

It focuses in those sectors which have a remarkable production within the Galicia industry, analysing their situation in two different years, and This will allow to identify possible tendencies of the industry as a whole, like a relative dematerialization, followed by a complete rematerialization. Los inicios de la crisis del bachillerato tradicional en Galicia The crisis of the traditional model of Secondary Education in Galicia The peculiarities of the direct method usage in teaching speaking Foreign languages in Galicia and Bukovina — Full Text Available The given article researches the peculiarities of the usage of the direct method in teaching foreign language speaking in Galicia and Bukovina — It analyses the preconditions of appearance of the direct method of teaching of foreign languages, the influence of contiguous sciences on the methodology of teaching of foreign languages.

The peculiarities of realization of the direct method of teaching of foreign languages in Galicia and Bukovina is observed in the article. The methodology of teaching of foreign language speaking in the process of realization of the direct method in the west of Ukraine is described. Imported malaria in pregnancy in Madrid.

Full Text Available Abstract Background Malaria in pregnancy is associated with maternal and foetal morbidity and mortality in endemic areas, but information on imported cases to non-endemic areas is scarce. The aim of this study was to describe the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of malaria in pregnancy in two general hospitals in Madrid , Spain. Relevant epidemiological, clinical and laboratory data was obtained from medical records. Results There were 19 pregnant women among malaria cases 5. The average age was 27 years. All but one were multigravidae. Three were HIV positive.

None had taken prophylaxis nor seeked pre-travel advice. Presentation: 16 symptomatic patients fever in fourteen, asthenia in two, three asymptomatic. Median delay in diagnosis: 7. All cases were due to Plasmodium falciparum, one case of hyperparasitaemia. Outcomes: no severe maternal complications or deaths, two abortions, fifteen term pregnancies, no low-birth-weight newborns, two patients were lost to follow-up.

Conclusions Though cases of malaria in pregnancy are uncommon, a most at risk group is clearly defined: young sub-Saharan mothers visiting friends and relatives without pre-travel counselling and recently-arrived immigrants. The most common adverse maternal and foetal effects were anaemia and stillbirth. Given that presentation can be asymptomatic. Infections associated with Vibrio parahaemolyticus on the coast of Galicia in northwestern Spain were reported to be linked to large outbreaks of illness during and Little information is available about the ecological factors that influence the emergence of V.

We carried out a 3-year study to investigate the occurrence and distribution of V. Salinity was the primary factor governing the temporal and spatial distribution of V. Higher occurrence of V. Characterization of the isolates obtained from the study resulted in the first identification of two pathogenic tdh-positive strains of V. These isolates showed serotypes identical to and DNA profiles indistinguishable from those of the clinical clone of V.

Full Text Available The potential impacts of negative events that may affect tourist destinations have multiplied in recent years. Tourism is a fragmented and diverse sector so is difficult to establish the form of crisis management should be carried out. Different models make this task easier with particular focus on the preparation and planning for better coordination between the various actors involved in resolution of the crisis.

Collaborative planning is a form of crisis management rarely used and generates a culture committed to solving problems in times of crisis. A series of interviews with responsible tourism in Galicia seems to confirm this insight. Rey imaginario y revuelta en la Galicia bajomedieval. El trabajo se basa en las 12 Relaciones conservadas en la actualid A contribution to the characterisation by electrophoresis of grape plant varieties cultivated in Galicia NW Spain.

Full Text Available Electrophoresis was employed as the method of study for the characterisation of Vitis vinifera varieties cultivated in Galicia Spain. Mature dormant shoots were used for the study. Eight groups of phenotypes were obtained. Each one of which had clearly differentiated characteristics from more than one varity, except in the case of Garnacha. Las mujeres inmigrantes en Sevilla : salud y condiciones de trabajo.

Una mirada del profesional que intente comprender con la finalidad de reducir las desigualdades en salud evitables. Aspectos jurisdiccionales, comerciales y fiscales. Antonio Ricci en Madrid : Ricci worked in the Palace of Madrid and was involved in the birth of the Academy of Painting. La nueva embajada alemana, en Madrid. Full Text Available This embassy involves two buildings, which, because of their style, appropriate aspect, the fine taste of their design, and the highly efficient manner in which the volumes agree with the building site, constitutes a singular ornament to one of the best zones of Madrid.

All the materials are traditional in Spanish constructional practice, and were carefully chosen: their full plastic and chromatic quality being well utilised. The first part of this research is devoted to its justification and basis, whereas the second part puts forward the research methodology suggested, which has a new nature within the history of Sports.

Finally, the research conclusions are expounded, which are based on its results and on other contributions from previous researches. Bread market was the most important provision markets, so the complexity of intervention system. The aim of provision policy was to guarantee the continuous supply of bread at moderate and stable prices. The means included the regulation the price, the direct provision by the public granary and, in the case of the court, the named registered bread. This paper examines the tax policy, the government requirements and the movement of bread prices in Madrid and wheat prices in the markets of origin.

Full Text Available This paper is part of a lexical research, providing an analysis of the semantic-lexical variation in Galician and Bahia areas and has as more latent benefit the comparison of data in Brazilian Portuguese and Galician, cognate languages within the linguistic genealogy. The high prevalence and mortality of stroke has consequently brought about a wide presence of this pathology in the Galician pre-scientific folk medicine. A new interpretation of stroke, linked to the local tradition around the figure of Saint James the Apostle, is presented in this paper: stroke is considered to be the result of the evil influence of a dragon.

In the Codex Calixtinus, a xii century manuscript containing various materials around the figure of Saint James, a dragon is also mentioned as an obstacle for the translation of the apostolic body. The third book of Codex Calixtinus containing the narration of the translation of the dead body of James the Greater from Palestine to its likely current location in Santiago de Compostela Galicia , Spain , also holds the major written record of the dragon of the Pico Sacro mountain.

The pagan symbol of the dragon has remained in the orally-transmitted Galician folk medicine as a direct cause for neurological diseases such as stroke. For the first time, in our knowledge, the symbol of a dragon as the magical explanation for cerebral vascular disease has been described. Moreover, this mythical explanation, found only in the Galician folk medicine, is strongly linked to the legend of the translation of James the Apostle to Galicia. Such a link supports the originality of the narration in the Codex Calixtinus as opposed to other versions of the apostolic translation which can be found in other manuscripts.

General and biochemical properties of forest soils on serpentinized areas of Galicia. Modelling spatial patterns and temporal trends of wildfires in Galicia NW Spain. Full Text Available Aim of study: The goal of this paper is to analyse the importance of the main contributing factors to the occurrence of wildfires. Area of study: We employ data from the region of Galicia during ; although the similarities shared between this area and other rural areas may allow extrapolation of the present results.

We also conduct an econometric analysis modelling both, the number of fires and the relative size of afflicted woodland area as dependent variables, which depend on the climatic, land cover variables, and socio-economic characteristics of the affected areas. Fixed effects and random effect models are estimated in order to control for the heterogeneity between the Forest Districts in Galicia. Econometrics models show that climatology, socioeconomic variables, and temporal trends are also important to study both, the number of wildfires and the burned-forest ratio.

Research highlights: We conclude that in addition to direct forest actions, other agricultural or social public plans, can help to reduce wildfires in rural areas or wildland-urban areas. Based on these conclusions, a number of guidelines are provided that may foster the development of better forest management policies in order to reduce the occurrence of wildfires.

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Integrated pollution prevention and control for heavy ceramic industry in Galicia NW Spain. The heavy ceramic industry building materials and refractory products manufacture is an important source of pollutants to the environment. For this reason these industrial sub-sectors are included in prevention and control pollution policies, specifically those of the European Union.

The IPPC Directive pays particular attention to the mineral industries, not least to the ceramic industry epigraph 3. In this paper, a methodology which is being applied to support IPPC installations and the competent administrative authority in Galicia NW Spain is presented. For that, the Galician heavy ceramic industry is analysed, as also are the ways to study the Best Available Techniques BAT with a view to establishing the emission limit values ELV for each specific case.

Hence, a technological state of the art has been carried out for both sub-sectors, from the point of view of implementation of the IPPC in Galicia. Following this, the processes are described briefly and an analysis of the consumption and emission levels of the main pollutants is made. An inventory that includes the best environmental practices and the preventive and abatement candidate techniques as BAT was elaborated for both considered sub-sectors.

An information data sheet for each candidate BAT is presented as a method to help both the industries and the competent authority to identify a candidate technique of the inventory as BAT. Three illustrative examples of the application of this procedure are presented for different emissions to environmental media for Galician installations. Prevalence of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke is a valuable index to assess the impact of the laws for tobacco control. Environmental tobacco smoke exposure decreased dramatically in Galicia between and Decrease was greater in workplaces in and in leisure time venues in After an initial decrease in , exposure at home remains unchanged.

Nevertheless, one in four of the population aged 16 to 74 remained exposed in Published by Elsevier Espana. Full Text Available Not available. In order to evaluate the vertical distribution of the heavy metals Pb, Cd, and Zn in sediments associated to Rhizophora mangle plants, potentially bioavailable and not bioavailable concentrations of these metals were determined in three sediment cores collected in the Sevilla River, Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta.

Measurements were carried out by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry. The results showed that in Sevilla River mangrove ecosystem these metals are accumulated principally in non-bioavailable forms, this means that a great part or them are retained in the sediment. The retention of Pb, Cd, and Zn in the sediments of this mangrove ecosystem is strongly related to the physicochemical parameters pH, salinity, and redox potential, and to organic matter, and silt and clays contents.

New Madrid seismotectonic study. Activities during fiscal year The New Madrid Seismotectonic Study is a coordinated program of geological, geophysical, and seismological investigations of the area within a mile radius of New Madrid , Missouri. The study is designed to define the structural setting and tectonic history of the area in order to realistically evaluate earthquake risks in the siting of nuclear facilities.

Fiscal year included geological and geophysical studies aimed at better definition of the east-west trending fault systems - the Rough Creek and Cottage Grove systems - and the northwest-trending Ste. Genevieve faulting. A prime objective was to determine the nature and history of faulting and to establish the relationship with that faulting and the northeast-trending faults of the Wabash Valley and New Madrid areas.

The Social ecology of Madrid : Stratification in comparative perspective. This paper examines the characteristics of residential zones in Madrid , Spain. The primary difference between zones is found to lie in a new bourgeoisie life-style dimension. Working women are found to be the best indicator of this dimension, which also involves servants, natives of Madrid and high degrees of literacy. Fertility-related considerations, however, are unrelated to working women, and this is explained as due to the availability of domestic help and "women-oriented" working arrangements.

Fertility and socioeconomic status are found to be interrelated and constitute a second dimension of residential segregation. In conclusion, Madrid is examined in relation to both more and less industrialized cities, leading to a further modification of social area theory contentions concerning the ecology of stratification in developing cities. CERN Multimedia. Each chamber is composed by three or two independent units called superlayers, with four layers of staggered drift cells each.

The assembly of a superlayer is a succesive glueing of aluminium plates and I-beams with electrodes previously attached, forming a rectangular and gas-tight volume. These pictures illustrate the various processes of material preparation, construction, equipment and assembly of full chambers at CIEMAT Madrid. Madrid en el siglo XXI. Transformaciones y retos de su realidad social. La Realidad Social de Madrid Vol. Attitude of ukrainian left Galicia institutions to church and religion late nineteenth century — the first third of the twentieth century.

Nevertheless, sometimes, frankly erroneous judgment, theoretical and practical heritage activities Ukrainian Galicia from the left end of the XIX i in the first third of the twentieth century church religious sphere remain valid and instructive. Violencia rural intercomunitaria no sueste de Galicia. Un caso concreto: Moialde contra San Pedro de Pousada. Full Text Available The objective of this work is make an approximation to the research about the rural violence across the analysis of the conflict between two villages in the southeast of Galicia Santa Maria de Moialde and San Pedro de Pousada, by economic and social causes, means of a cualitative research and the interview of several witness, with the design to determinate the most probable causes of the conflict between the communities, in economic and social nature.

With the obtained dates, we reach to the conclusion that the most part of the rural conflict in the studied ambit begin in the competition to access to the single women and to the comunal goods, needful to the daily survival. Volumen I. Author 30 refs. Transfer knowledge and technology in Madrid ; La transferencia de conocimiento y tecnologia en la comunidad de Madrid. This paper aims to establish a typology of business behaviour patterns related to Knowledge and Technology Transfer KTT , as well as an assessment of the situation of the transference process from the Madrid Region companies point of view.

Working with data obtained from a survey designed and carried out by the authors to the companies registered in Madrid database and, as a consequence, knowing KTT, we have built groups of enterprises with different behaviours. To obtain the groups we have used cluster techniques over the factors resulting from a correspondence analysis. Author 24 refs.

At the time, it re-mained a low-profile labour union lacking a clear organizational structure. Keywords: Political change, trade unions, socialism, Seville. Sevilla es un lugar de calor en verano y de humedad en invierno. El aire acondicionado de la sala se distribuye por la espina dorsal de la cubierta.

El retorno bajo las gradas se conecta y hace funcionar de nuevo la vieja chimenea. Una serie de entrevistas realizadas a responsables del turismo en Galicia parecen confirmar esta idea. Una crisis es un suceso inesperado que influye en la confianza del visitante en un destino y afecta a la capacidad de seguir funcionando con normalidad. Las estrategias de turismo rural cambian integrando las estrategias de turismo en la naturaleza y cultural.

Full Text Available With the present article, we try to expose a general vision of the muslims, converted or not to the Christianity, in the Galician territory during the Middle Ages, from the first preserved news dated in the 8th century until ends of the 15 th century; paying special attention to presence of Muslims who have turned themselves to the Christianity in this time. Training infant education teachers in the understanding and didactic use of music in Galicia Spain. Full Text Available This study is part of a wider investigation on the inclusion and use of music at infant schools years of Galicia Spain.

It presents the main findings and conclusions as regards the training of the teachers at these schools in the understanding of music and its didactic use. This study has allowed us to extract relevant conclusions about the preparation that the teachers have on music and its teaching as well as to determine their specific training needs. The conclusions drawn should, from our point of view, be necessarily born in mind in the design of the future Infant Education Teacher Training degree, which should lead to a suitable professional training for the integration of the music in the curriculum.

La IED en galicia. A model of analysis for the euroregion Galicia -Northern Portugal as a single tourism destination. Full Text Available The new configuration of the territory in the Euroregion Galicia -Northern Portugal is in neeed of a debate on the problems related to its development,such as organization and planning of common tourist destinations.

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The model presented here is a systemic design construct of this Euroregion as a common tourist destination and provides a formal structure of its elements that may be useful to administrators and planners in their analyses and decision-taking process. Volumen VI. Madrid Spain.

Training courses on radiation protection organized by the radioisotopes service of the University of Sevilla Spain ; Curos de formacion en proteccion radiologica organizados por el servicio de raioisotopos de la universidad de sevilla. Fund of the Historical Provincial Archive of Seville. The Law of Political Responsibilities of agglutinates the regulation that the general rebels applied from the summer of It was necessary to ruin the defeated one and for it this special jurisdiction, an investment was created in the repression to create and to support a regime full followers'.

In the rural world one wanted to recover the hegemony of the agrarian oligarchy and to support the situation previous to the agrarian reform. Mapa de usos potenciales de la tierra de Galicia. Full Text Available A digital version of the map of potential land use of Galicia is here presented, adapted to a reclassification of three types of potential land use, established using historical criteria.

An analytical procedure is developed to select the land-types and the system used for their digitalisation. In the final part the map is used to critically revise the possibilities of using this record for territorial characterisation in archaeological research. Prevalence and geographic variations in asthma symptoms in children and adolescents in Galicia Spain.

To determine the prevalence and geographic variations of the symptoms associated with asthma in Galician children and adolescents. The study sample included 10, year-old children and 10, year-old adolescents, all of them from Galician Health Areas. A logistic regression model was used to analyse geographic variations. In the year-old group, wheezing in the last 12 months varied from The distribution by gender showed a predominant significance in year-old males Pchildren and 2. The estimated prevalence of asthma in the Autonomous Community of Galicia was The prevalence of wheezing in the last 12 months in the different areas of Galicia is considerably higher than the rest of Spanish ISAAC cities in the years group and very similar in the years group, except in Vigo where it is considerably higher.

We found a clearly defined geographic pattern in the adolescent group, with higher prevalences in coastal areas than in the interior. This article deals with some specially representativo cases of Franco s repression carried out in Seville against civil people. These people werejudged by Military Courts between and and accused of infringement of current legislation trough political facts occurred after the Civil War.

It must be highiighted the severo punishments to prison penalties charged, in relation with the apparently few importance of the actions carried out. Thus we must consider that with these penalties they tried to restrict the creation of a significant opposition to Franco s rule. De Palacio a Monasterio.

Founded in , it became the oldest second one in the city after that of San Clemente, which is located in the same northwestern area of the old Almohad wall. The comprehensive study of the building, as part of the rehabilitation project, has allowed knowing its evolution and the survival of structures previous to the granting of the land where it is sited.

We analyse the results using an adapted version of the READ scale. Los resultados se analizan en base a la escala READ adaptada. The Madrid Basin geothermal potential was evidenced in thanks to an oil exploration well drilled by Shell-Campsa which showed temperatures of 88 degree centigrade and degree centigrade at 1, mts and 3, mts depth respectively.

The latest well, Geomadrid 1, was drilled in by the Madrid Regional government. The afore mentioned wells have identified a dependable geothermal resource, hosted in a tertiary, clastic, consolidated sandstone reservoir consisting of a thick multilayered sequence m , with temperatures ranging from 70 degree centigrade to 90 degree centigrade and depths of 1, to 2, m. A medium temperature reservoir was also identified at the contact between Mesozoic Cretaceous limestones and fractured basement granites at 3,mts depth, with measured temperatures of degree centigrade, that could be developed and exploited in view of a combined power and heat production CPH within the Madrid suburban areas.

Author 7 refs. Full Text Available Spain, in general, and Galicia , in particular, stayed away from the Grand Tour, major exponent of the modern tourism born in Great Britain. The ignorance of the land and the poor ground transportation contributed to this distance, among other things. In this way, the paper focuses in the analysis of both obstacles in the first tourism development in Galicia , between the late eighteenth century and the mid-nineteenth century, before the railway construction. On the one hand, it analyses the image that some foreign travelers offered about their travels in Galicia , and, on the other hand, it studies the state of the ground transportation during the period.

The foreign testimonies about the Galician region were short compared with other parts of the peninsula. Although they relieved in certain degree the ignorance about Galicia with the marking of some points of future tourist interest. At last, several and partial improvements in the ground transportation were made in the last third of the eighteenth century. El desconocimiento del territorio y el deficiente estado de los transportes terrestres contribuyeron a este alejamiento, entre otros factores. The objective of this study was to describe the factors involved in biological exposure-related injuries occurring in worker from a health system in Galicia , Spain.

The study was conducted in a health system of the Health Service of Galicia , that included four hospitals and 72 primary care centers, with nearly workers. The study used occupational injury data available o in the injury registry of the Health Service of Galicia for the year We identified biohazard-related injuries.

Exposures, locations, devices, tasks and causes of these incidents were analysed. The most frequently recorded causes were lack of training and information, together with lack of biosafety devices. Worker training and information should be promoted along with the implementation of biosafety devices, as the latter measure alone does not seem sufficient to reduce the number of injuries.

Full Text Available The special relationship between Portugal and Galicia during the Middle Ages is widely reflected in historiography. Both territories also maintained trade relations and had some populations in common. These close ties, however, sometimes led to clashes and rivalries. Prevalence of heartworm in dogs and cats of Madrid , Spain.

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Dirofilaria immitis causes heartworm disease, a chronic and potentially fatal cardiopulmonary disease which mainly affects dogs and cats. It is present in most of Spain, due to favourable climatic factors. Madrid , located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, is the most highly populated city in the country. There is a lack of current data on canine heartworm and there are no published epidemiological data regarding feline heartworm in this region, therefore the aim of this study was to assess the prevalence and current distribution of canine and feline dirofilariosis in the province of Madrid.

Serum samples from dogs and cats, from animals living in the metropolitan area of Madrid and adjacent areas, were studied. All the samples, either from cats and dogs, were tested for circulating D. Furthermore, to establish the seroprevalence of heartworm infection in cats, serological techniques for anti-D. Prevalence of D. The presence of heartworm in the city centre could be influenced by the presence of Urban Heat Islands, while the positive dogs from metropolitan and adjacent areas were mainly located under the influence of rivers.

Regarding cats, 0. Seropositive cats were present in the same areas where positive dogs were found. Infection was found in 2. Notes for a Biography. After a brilliant career in Seville and in the Court, he would become chief accountant of Castile and, consequently, one of the most influential individuals of his time.

Edificio Foster Wheeler. Full Text Available This article describes in detail the characteristics of a building in Madrid whose structure, in reinforced concrete, is set into the foundation with individual footings. Services are found in a nucleus made up of a concrete element, designed to stabilize the whole of the structure with respect to horizontal forces. All parts of the building have been designed and constructed in accordance with existing regulations. Todos los elementos del edificio han sido realizados de acuerdo con la Normativa Vigente.

Actitudes autoritarias y violencia en Madrid Authoritarian attitudes and violence in Madrid. This article examines the relationship between attitudes and two components of violence: its justification and its actual occurrence. Data were collected in Madrid between October and. Residencia para personas mayores en Villa del Prado, Madrid. Full Text Available Basic faci lities fo r socia l serv ices. The design lends particular auention to zoning and spatial distribution based 0 11 a specific organisational chart as wel!

The choice ofmaterials and colours is in keeping with the intended use ofthe building and the characteristics ofits users. Computerized tomography in Community of Madrid. Reference dosimetric measurements. A total of about 43 computed tomography scanners were operating in the Autonomous Community of Madrid during A sample of 14 facilities was selected to perform dosimetric measurements in order to obtain characteristic dose profiles. From these, some quantities as the computed tomography dose index and the enhancement factor were calculated and analysed for the most common technique settings.

Relations were established between the dosimetric results and technical characteristics of the scanners. Characterisation of the nitrate contamination process in the Seville-Carmona aquifer system; Caracterizacion del proceso de contaminacion por nitratos en el sistema acuifero Sevilla -Carmona. Gonzalez Vazquez, J. The aim of this work is to characterize the aquifer Sevilla -Carmona by a graphic treatment, in order to determine the environmental problem owing to high concentration of nitrates because of the fact that there are an excessive agricultural fertilization. There is a relationship between the highest nitrate contamination and the crop of the area, mainly cotton and potato.

Two factors have been observed to have an influence on this aquifer: excess doses of N- fertilizers and irrigation devices whose excessive water discharge results in leaching of nitrate accumulated in soil and finally toward saturated zone because of rain. Author 18 refs. Since it was discovered in , many researchers have analysed this building from an architectonical, archaeological, artistic and even symbolic point of view, providing several different interpretations of it.

However, there is still no consensus about its chronology, its utility or its constructive evolution. It intends also to reflect on the outcome, to propose a commitment for the future, and to point out the necessity for professionals from different researching fields to work together. The Madrid School of Neurology The emergence of neurology in Madrid between and had well-defined characteristics. On returning to Spain, he studied glial cells, including rod cells. He fled to Mexico at the end of the Spanish Civil War Just after the war, Alberca Llorente eruditely described inflammatory diseases of the neuraxis.

Manuel Peraita studied "the neurology of hunger" with data collected during the siege of Madrid. Dionisio Nieto, like many exiled intellectuals, settled in Mexico DF, where he taught neurohistological methods and neuropsychiatry in the tradition of the Madrid School of Neurology.

Los atentados de Madrid en la prensa francesa. The analysis centres on the intense days between the terrorist attack and the polling day on 14th March. Fourteen head-boards have been used, among French newspapers and magazines, with different tendency and different diffusion rates. Review of compliance with EU targets on renewable energy in Galicia Spain. Miguez, J. Ingenieros Industriales de Bilbao, Alda. The use of renewable energy offers a range of exceptional benefits, including: a decrease in external energy dependence; a boost to local and regional component manufacturing industries; promotion of regional engineering and consultancy services specialising in the use of renewable energy; increased R and D, decrease in impact of electricity production and transformation; increase in the level of services for the rural population; creation of employment, etc.

To achieve these benefits, a series of actions are required, among which the following are particularly important: creation of a suitable climate for performing R and D; training of technicians in design, production and maintenance of equipment; motivation for establishing a new market; proper financing; fostering of appropriate technologies; practical demonstration of results, etc. According to this claim, reference is made to two significant anniversaries in the dissemination of the work.

The first one corresponds to the commemoration of the third centenary of the birth of the Cuisse. In this Establishment one would organize in the year , in the free School of blind persons and poor children of To Corunna. A very complete festival as appears in the content of the program, which has recovered of the historical municipal file of the above mentioned city.

The second event, refers to the presentation of the novel by Cervantes, written in Braille. Quite a challenge for teachers in special schools of the time, as the College of deaf and blind from Santiago de Compostela, the first school for the teaching of these students, which is established in Spain for the purposes of the law of public instruction of , will assume early. Barren Forests. Full Text Available This analysis focuses on the disappearance of the Indian villages during the colonial period in the town of Purification belonging to Nueva Galicia.

The natural physical characterization of the region was first addressed in order to make the historical man-nature relationship relevant since pre-Columbian times. This relationship highlights the importance of the loss of population during the colonial period as a central research topic. This research not only analyzes historical demography, but also addresses the consequences of the disappearance of these entities from the geographical area in which they were located; furthermore, it is an analysis of the relationship of the people as geospatial entities and their environment.

Based on the theoretical premise of so-called "nodes" and "networks" for the construction of a territory, this essay argues that as the indigenous people were disappearing, they failed to socially articulate the emergence of spaces that in theory became part of the government. These areas were ultimately "nobodyareas"; areas not controlled by survivors or new settlers who took centuries to settle in the region of study.

Short- versus long-term radon detectors: a comparative study in Galicia , NW Spain. As reported in previous studies, Galicia NW Spain is an area of high radon concentrations. This study was sought to analyze the correlation between short-term activated carbon and long-term alpha particle track detectors in this geographic area, and ascertain whether there were differences in their readings that might be influenced by other variables.